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What is the GMA?

The Geo Magic Arts Academy or GMA is a magical institution based in the city of Esperia that prepares and instructs hundreds of students based on their affinities. The academy is sectioned off into affinities where each section has hundreds of people on them. This with the objective of using the correct metal and gem that would fit the students affinities the most. Each students has two bracelets with two different spells of their respective affinity but they can exchange them any time with other bracelets that have different spells.

This academy only allows students to focus on their strongest affinities making them masters on their field.




  • It has been said that a lot of graduates form this school go to the CAF while the others work for the Esperian royalty after graduation.
  • Jeremiah Wordsworth a graduate of GMA mentioned that gems used in the bracelets from the GMA had to be acquired by the students and later the school will help them enhance them.