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The following contains a Season 2 spoiler!
"Garth Gun" was originally Rilely Knox (season 2) an intern at Masaru. Riley was accused of treason and executed by Lord Qroak (it is uncertain whether this was attempted execution or not). Riley had his head bitten off, and was partially digested by Lord Qroak, his Lazarus Protocal kicked in and he was revived at Avalon, before escaping to the wasteland. It is likely that he does not even know his real identity any longer, after his extreme circumstances of revival. (The circumstances of his death and revival are confusing as both players had different interpretations as to what exactly happened, but Garth Gun is the result).

"Garth Gun" claims he escaped from a Avalon mental hospital and has been drifting around in Scrap Town for a couple of days. He shares an eerie resemblance to "Jimothy" Jimmy Young though says that this is entirely coincidental.




  • Major - Immune to Mind Affecting Effects
  • Minor - Head Immunity - his head is extremely tough due to nanites and runes. could potential regenerate his head if it was removed. His memories would be maintained in this event due to his runes.


  • Major - Magic Dependency (most likely)
  • Major - Corporate Paranoia - Can't trust corporate.


  • His "Head Immunity" edge hints that his memories and brain are pristine, but traumatic events he went through lead to his current mental state.
The following contains a spoiler!
  • His true identity is actually the damaged Riley Knox.
    • Thought to have been killed after being marked as a traitor by Masaru, he was actually saved by Avalon medical professionals but unwittingly escaped from their care before they could complete the procedures and treatment.
    • It is likely that he does not even know his real identity any longer, after regrowing his entire head via the Lazarus Program.


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