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GU1D3-B0T is a robotic tour guide and manager of the hotel within Callous Row. He usually is the one who guides the newer denizens around the street. He knows information about all the places of Callous Row... if they have paid for the appropriate advertising space.

GU1D3-B0T works for the sole purpose of keeping his product line from dying out. As the last of "his kind," he wishes to bring back their former glory on his ancestor's release date. He is portrayed by Hat Kid.

Being assassinated in the Atlantis headquarters his personality core and voice modules was all that was saved. He was rebuilt, repurposed, and renamed to FL0UND3R. He now serves Atlantis and Miss Money.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Unit 0994 (Designation GU1D3-B0T) was a high-class assistance A.I. developed for the sole purpose of carrying out any demand its master requested. As the years went on, newer robots were developed with features that rendered the GU1D3-B0Ts obsolete. The higher class, seeing them as mere chump change, tossed them to the gutters or scrapped them to make room for their new assistants. Arriving in Callous Row, Unit 0994 vowed to work hard to get enough upgrades and show the higher classes that his product line still holds merit.

Guidebot and Static, another synthetic.


After the quarantine in Callous Row was lifted, he offered a very detailed guided tour to Rook, the owner of a bar named "The Grindstone". He was paid to advertise for the bar.[1]

After falling down a flight of stairs he was damaged and had to be repaired. His plight was recognized by Rook who explained him that synthetics such as himself ought to be treated like people, not just machines, and he was invited to join Rook's organization named "The Shattered Legion", sworn to fight against the mega corporations. Rook's ward Faye checked his programming and found traces of foreign code inserted by someone unknown. They wanted to tinker on him further, but he was hesitant at first, being dependent on spare parts from his original manufacturers, explaining that his life expectancy is only 5 years otherwise. To this Rook countered that they had spare parts, showing the hidden factions storage stash. Confused that this had never been shared with him previously, he still considered it after having an emotional outburst so strong he had to reboot himself. After accepting he was tasked to be in charge of operations and keep the legion's teams in contact with each other.[2]

Guidebot and Duncyn spotted by the synthetic slaver trader Vart.

The synthetic slave trader Vart showed an interest in purchasing him and looked for his owner. As he is an unbound synthetic, which is in violation of corporate code, Duncyn stepped in and told the slave trader that Guidebot belonged to him. As this was only to avoid having Guidebot stolen away, he didn't actually claim ownership over the synthetic, but ever since Guidebot has been known as "Duncyn's boy". When the slaver returned to look for Guidebot and possibly retrieve him, Duncyn had hidden him away and the slaver left empty handed.[3]

Season 2

 Episode 1

Guidebot exits the reception desk of the hotel and stands outside to greet people. He meets Wrench and a brothel worker who seems to be running late. Shortly afterward he spots Tynan, followed by an armored knight loudly sneaking through the streets, and a red, synthetic cat who he previously sheltered in the hotel. He, along with Tynan witnesses the knight jump off the balcony. They quickly run to see if he's hurt, to which he stands, unscathed. The cat starts to claw and scratch at Guidebot. As he pushes her off, she gets into a pouncing position. Tynan suggests that he runs while he can. Following his advice, Guidebot flees back into the hotel and shuts the door on the cat. As he reopens, the cat stands, aiming a rifle at him. She snatches Guidebot's ID card and dashes off. Luckily, Rook was nearby and chases her down to get the ID card. The cat claims she was just playing and returns the card. Guidebot hears metal clanking around the corner and goes to investigate. He sees nothing but a statue and disregards the noises. The synthetic cat asks Guidebot to take her to the arena. When the two arrive, they decide to give each other their names. She introduces herself as Verlassene, or Vee for short.

Guidebot and Vee begin to explore the row, passing by the knight, getting dragged out of the noodle shop by Big Conk, and Dagu and Ryder, who offer him an oil change. After his oil change, he arrives at the bank and drops Vee off. He wanders around the Row until he meets a group of Warren, Dr. Cell, and Cap. Rook briefly joins, but asks to speak to Guidebot alone.

Rook leads Guidebot under the Grindstone and into the Shattered Legion HQ. He activates Guidebot's war mode and commands him to search Sonitii's network for salvage reports, specifically, missiles. Suspiciously, there is nothing to be found.

Guidebot exits the Grindstone and is pulled away from a conversation by Johnny. He informs Guidebot that "she is back," referring to BR-16. Guidebot acknowledges this and continues strolling through the row. Ciara talks with Guidebot and asks him to inform any magic users that she is starting classes in the Undercity.

Later on, Rook gathers Guidebot, Loch, Warren, and Charles. He takes them into an alleyway to talk in private. Rook informs the group that a couple of corporates are looking for fighters for an arena fight. Skeptical, he requests that they join the fight as an excuse to get into the Uppercity and spy on the corporations. They head to the Grindstone to meet with the corporates and get more information. As they head to the second floor, they meet with Mars Agent Razz, WOTO guard Manyu, and none other than Becky. Manyu warns that Guidebot stays away so he doesn't accidentally hurt him. Everybody exchanges names and further information about the fight. The meeting ends and Guidebot returns to the streets.

Johnny returns and leads Guidebot to a garage next to the hotel. He meets Celeste along the way and Static inside the garage. A feminine, robotic voice is heard next to Celeste. Johnny assures that they are all friends and that she can show herself. A purple hologram manifests in front of the group, revealing BR-16. According to Johnny, she has lost all memory from the past year. However, she recognizes Guidebot as an "old project". Guidebot asks if BR-16 can tap into Sonitii's database for missiles. Unable to, she explains that the data is encrypted. He suggests talking to Faye, but BR-16 rejects, replying that she only trusts synthetics and Duncyn. Johnny reminds them that BR-16 had reset and taken a new name. She lists off the 15 previous names she had. The group spends the rest of the time trying to figure out how to restore her memory and help her find the path.


  • "Replaceable" - Given the low quality materials his product line was produced with, replacement parts come relatively cheap!
  • "Go To Your Happy Place" - GU1D3-B0T always sounds pleased, REGARDLESS of the request.


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  • He has a limited life expectancy of only 5 years and is dependent on parts from his original manufacturer.
  • Guide Bot uses a CL4P-TP model and voice inspired by Claptrap from the Borderlands series.
  • He thinks Lange Pliskin's name is "Lame" and doesn't seem to accept otherwise.



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