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GEB is one of the ruling mega-corporations of the galaxy and is specialized terraforming, food processing, and general construction. It is the largest of the corporations and is responsible for feeding most of the sector.

On planet Hellion, their HQ is situated in the Upper City section of Salvation City



GEB contains technology focused on food production, water purification, and nearly the entirety of the chef profession. Without them the galaxy does not eat, and this has made them a serious force to contend with.


GEB prides itself in being the largest of the mega-corporations, a reputation it flaunts with its impressive number of defense arrays, synthetic planets, and space stations. Although its weapon systems are not on the bleeding edge, the strategic placement and sheer amount of weapons makes them difficult to combat.


GEB is a ruthless but fair practitioner of business. To make a deal with GEB is to make a deal with someone who won't betray you, but they will always get their due. To betray GEB means you starve, no matter whether you're a person, a faction, or even an entire planet.


GEB is the only corporation that has a charitable side. It is unclear if this is done for humantarian reasons or simply as a publicity stunt.

Notable Lore

GEB supplies food and fresh water to the citizen on planet Hellion, including The Row because of a deal with the Mayor Coach Eric. Since the murder of one of their archeologist scientists Dr Shlam, they threatened to withdraw their support of the region unless the guilty were brought to justice within a week.

Directly after the murder of their scientist, they sent an attack team to find the one responsible, but they were all killed, going MIA. They were dispatched by Big Conk and Jack Montagne.

They are the producers of their heavily marketed product "GEB Cubes". A synthetic food with various flavors. Their origin and production is shrouded in mystery with accounts of their production causing sentient beings to appear in their residual by-products.

GEB Characters

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  • The GEB Cubes pull subtle references to the movie Soylent Green.


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