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Friend (Arya/Noira/Luna) is just a cat who was changed into a Familiar by magic. She was secretly contracted to former TALARIS Asset Manager, Norman Flint, who is now deceased. Although most see her as a naive and stray cat, Friend is TALARIS property and now works as Asset Manager alongside Cornelius Crown in the Undercity.

Friend's original goals when she arrived at the Row was to find a home, and a master that would not do her or others harm. Due to the deaths of those Friend held dear in the first season, Friend found herself back in TALARIS clutches. She wishes for her freedom silently, whilst carrying out the duties and orders delivered from her new master, Damien Masaru.


Friend is a born familiar, at first she was just a simple cat. Nothing special, nothing unique to what she was.. That was until she awakened and transformed into her humanoid form. She was absolutely shocked by this revelation, with hands - with a voice?! She was more then just a simple cat, and it was hard to get up on her new two feet. With practice and time, she got the hang of it. With the help of a family that found her, she learned to speak common. The family that had found her never got her origin story, so they weren't aware of what she exactly was. It wasn't until a TALARIS Corporation researcher came through their district before trouble arose. They quickly realized what she was, and the researcher whom found her took advantage of that quickly. She was threatened at gun point to go into contract with that soldier - to bind her soul to his until the day he died. Friend did not wish to die, she had no other choice but to submit and become the TALARIS Corporation researchers pet. In the five years that she was stuck to his side. It was the worst period of her life.. It wasn't until he found his untimely demise that she was finally free - so what did she do? She ran. She ran to somewhere they would not find her. That is how she came to callous row, although she brought the memories and the pain from those long five years.


In season 1 of Callous Row, Friend started her journey after fleeing from the TALARIS Corporation. She was found by Alfons who was under the alias Alexander and soon met Cap. They called her "Friend" as she had no name. She lived with them at Caps' apartment, and did her best to avoid TALARIS. Although she failed, and was bound into contract with Norman Flint, who gave her the name "Noira". Due to Normans fear that the name may be used to break the bond, Friend still went by the name given by her 'family'. Soon after she was attacked by the undead during the necromancers attacks on Callous Row. Alfons ended up dying during the season which caused distress in the household. Cap suffered a heart attack and Friend went to TALARIS (off season) with Norman to be reclaimed as TALARIS property. She then returned with Norman to the Undercity to assist him with his and TALARIS's goals. Friend still wishes for her freedom, but silently suffers as she cannot disobey her masters orders.



  • Familiar magic: Inherits magic from her master:
  • She is a cat: She is extremely cautious and careful when it comes to moving around. She is hyper vigilant and moves silently. She has the ability to switch between her feline form and humanoid form at will due to being a familiar. As a cat, she has great hearing and a very easy time seeing in the dark. Although shades of pink and red are confusing.
  • Regeneration: Due to her being solely a magical tool, she has great regeneration. Although her body is organic, fatal blows have a high possibility of killing her due to the regeneration being slow. If the bleeding is too fast she will perish.


  • Please... no: She has PTSD from her last contracted owner. Aggression towards her makes her freeze up. If she is yelled at by someone, attacked by someone, even certain mannerisms may trigger an episode. When she has an episode she either becomes immobilized or she runs away. Regardless of which thing she does, she shuts down almost immediately afterward. By shutting down, it means that she suffers from panic attacks, lashes out at those attempting to touch her, or just zones out in her own memories.
  • Bound: Friend is a familiar, she can be bound by contract to one person whom she will obey all orders and live for until the day they die. The contract must be agreed upon the two parties, but she can be forced into making it. Once in contract, she follows all orders by said person. Forced commands will make her unhappy although she will obey regardless of what she feels or thinks about it.
  • She’s a magic user: Since she is a familiar and vocal magic user, she gives off a magical aura at all times making it impossible for her to be undetected. This causes those who do not trust magic to avoid her, and TALARIS Corporation, who investigate magic, to take notice to her.


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