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Fred was a child that grew up around scientists as that was his parents professions. His father was a head researcher on the beginning of magic and his mother was an alchemist. He became enthralled by it as he was one of the first to witness it.

One day when his parents were both working on a specific project, they bit off more than they could chew and the experiment went out of control. The magic they were working on became unharnessable and chaotic, resulting in an explosion that killed them both. But all of this raw magic, the impressive power that Fred saw from that failed experiment, made him obsessed. He saw the peak of magical power.

His ultimate goal is to become immortal through the use of magic.


In session 2, Fred sent Paprika, his familiar, into The Wasteland to "count sand". Perhaps to Freds surprise, the next day Paprika returned not with their mission completed, but with a potential new ally named Sheila. Fred and the Talaris President Damien Masaru form a mutual acquaintance with this Wastelander, as she seems to have powers connected to the crystals embedded in her staff. In return for help finding more crystals, Fred bestows Sheila with the power of literacy.



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