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Frankie was once a wastelander, always a wastelander. Born to a relatively normal family. A homemaker of a mother and a hard working blue collar father, Frankie learned quick that it didn’t matter how pure hearted you were, or how hard you worked; you were fucked. Frankie quickly abandoned any pursuit of higher knowledge or status, finding it came to easily to him to be an interesting venture, instead developing merely an instinct for survival. Frankie found that he was pretty damn good at slinging drugs on a street corner. Not good enough to go anywhere, not good enough to make a lucrative living, but good enough to eat. Frankie’s spent a considerable amount of time in gambling dens - monitoring who’s on the up and who’s on their way down, picking successful, moneyed up marks, to buy his bullshit; and downtrodden losers looking for a dangerous loan.




  • Major - Brutal Butterfly - Once per day, Frankie’s augmented arm is capable of one single high caliber, gunpowder fueled, supercharged punch. After this punch is used, Major Flaw Fatigue is triggered, the augmented arm/fist is pushed to near destruction, and needs to be healed and recharged - forcing him to rely on his bodyguard Bill.
  • Minor - High on your Own Supply - Frankie has made sure to more often than not avoid the drugs he peddles, so when the rare time comes to utilize their benefits, his tolerance is as low as possible and they’re hyper effective. Strength/Agility/Cognition boosting substances will affect Frankie more than the average customer.
  • Minor - Grandma’s House - Due to lengthy experience with all sorts of pharmaceuticals, homemade and otherwise, Frankie is capable of healing a variety of ailments caused by life in the Wasteland. Patching up Bill’s bumps and bruises, removing bullets, supplying counteractive drugs to prevent overdoses etc.


  • Major - Fatigue - Upon using his Major Edge, Brutal Butterfly, Frankie is barely able to protect himself and must rely on Bill to get him out of serious situations. If Bill is not around and Fatigue is activated, Frankie will be susceptible to incapacitation caused by just about any attack beyond a punch.
  • Minor - Alcoholic - Somehow able to avoid dependency on the mountain of drugs he peddles and occasionally uses, but becomes increasingly irritable when deprived of alcohol. Longer time without alcohol leads to increased chance of activating Hot Head by more minor infractions.
  • Minor - Hot Head - Does not take kindly to people questioning his product prices or attempting to negotiate. Will fly off the handle and start fights he can’t finish.


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