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Fractured Thrones is a medieval-fantasy era VR roleplay that streams on Twitch as a series. The RP is directed and hosted by Mr. Brunswick.

This roleplay project is supported by a cast and community of passionate and talented DM's, player characters, dedicated NPC cast members, map makers, asset makers and more.


Season 3 holds regular streams, scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST with occasional Mission Sessions, Workshops, and Special Episodes on additional dates. Mr. Brunswick hosts the main POV at twitch.tv/mr_brunswick.

Fractured Thrones is currently on a 4 month Summer Break from Main Episodes, but additional FT sessions like workshops and other in-character sessions are planned during the interim.


Greatly inspired by aspects of Lord of the Rings and Warhammer fantasy, the Fractured Thrones project features a heavy storytelling focus where player choices have weight and consequence upon their world.

S1MainShot ccLowhren

While entire kingdoms go to war and horrors gather in the shadows, the focus of Fractured Thrones centers upon a small group of characters from varied walks of life, who find themselves forced to rely on wit, choices made, friends made, and sword arm to survive.

Player choice is the primary determinant of how a scenario, and future events, play out. There are no "main characters" in this roleplay; all are vulnerable to the disasters of this world. The actions of the player characters of Fractured Thrones have already wildly diverted the events of Auzera, for better and for worse.

Since the first session in the Fall of 2020, Fractured Thrones has went on to create over 250 episodes spread across it's three seasons, with it's first 100 sessions being created and streamed in under a year.


Fractured Thrones is set in the world of Auzera, currently in the Fourth Era.

This unique setting is home to many, varied kingdoms, races, and horrors that compete for their hold of conquest and survival.

Kingdoms of Auzera[]

There are eight known Kingdoms of Auzera.

Far beyond the ocean shores of Auzera lies The Old Sea.


The world of Fractured Thrones is populated by many, many unique on-screen characters, who are given life thanks to the efforts of the Player Character, NPC, and DM cast which are collectively over 100 strong.

While the story is driven by the passionate and talented Player Character cast, the many and varied personalities portrayed by the NPC members give a deeper layer to the world and make each town, tavern and battleground come to life on every episode.

Fractured Thrones Player Characters
Fractured Thrones NPCs

Seasons and Episodes[]

Latest Episodes:

Previous Sessions:

Season Main Episodes Missions Spec. Sessions Workshops Started Ended
Season One 35 10 0 0 Nov 10th, 2020 April 15th, 2021
Season Two 80 22 11 3 June 3rd, 2021 April 21st, 2022
Season Two Midbreak 3 0 7 10 April 28th, 2022 Jan 10th, 2023
Season Three 112 17 0 3 Jan 31st, 2023 On Break
Season Three Midbreak 1 0 0 2 May 30th, 2024 Ongoing

FT Episode List
Overview by Season

Cast and Members[]

The people of Fractured Thrones make the project possible by filling in the various roles needed to push the story forward, and make the world come to life. DMs, Player Characters, the dedicated NPC cast, Asset Makers and more - all work together to achieve this.

Fractured Thrones Cast


Fractured Thrones is 'closed cast' project, and new arrivals are vetted through Mr. Brunswicks public Discord server, where there is a channel for NPC recruitment.

Despite the breadth of passion and talent among the existing cast members, one need not be a professional voice actor or storied thespian to meaningfully contribute to the VR RP. All that is required is a sturdy VR setup, with a full or half body headset, and a good-faith ability to follow directions from the DM team.

Many hands are needed to help facilitate the modules and stories of the project so new cast members are taken in at various times when needed.

Combat and Roleplay Workshops[]

Cinematic battles with weight and structure are a pillar of what makes Fractured Thrones special and memorable. Over the past three seasons, a dozen sessions have been dedicated to teaching cast members how to portray the FT brand of fantasy combat within VR!

Latest Workshops:

List: Past FT Workshops - all VODs and alternate POVs.

Audience, Artists and More[]


While they don't always inhabit the realms of VRC, the fans of Fractured Thrones are an integral part of the project and the support they provide must not be left unmentioned.

FT Stream Example

Chat watches a heated battle that may determine the future of Nautis (Season 3, Episode 50)

Part of the unique experience of VR Roleplaying projects like Fractured Thrones is the presence of live observers in the stream chats that run during each episode. The audience reactions and commentary made during the live streams are an integral part to the communal and unique experience of seeing a VR RP 'live'.

In past forms of roleplay, such as MMO's or text based projects, this was largely not possible to this scale.

Fans give their time to watch lengthy sessions and VODs, then spend time on various Discord servers to theorize and comment with each other about what they witnessed of Auzera. They donate to and support cast members, and sometimes become cast members themselves.

Without the fans, there would be no Fractured Thrones.


The Fractured Thrones project has inspired and enabled the creation of many works of fanart, made by several artists including Faukk, Olive, Ariceisgood and others.

These works of passion and talent have been featured in roleplay promotions, stream presentation, as well as filling Discord servers with many depictions of several characters from the story.

At a future date, a curated gallery of selected fanart will be on display here.