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"You are being trained to open the sealed gates of Elysium. To see their false prophets brought to heel... and to serve me..." ― Arcadum, when asked the reason for being brought here

The School of Forbidden Knowledge was a structured roleplaying group in VRChat hosted by Arcadum as the game master (GM) in 2018. As the game master he created the story, setting, scenarios and built the concepts and rules of the world.

WiFiPunk & other currently unnamed map creators assisted in building the world, items and various other assets for the game.


The Headmaster Arcadum runs a twisted type of school where selected students of certain powers find themselves trapped and at his mercy. Here they are gathered and taught lessons and secrets of Forbidden Knowledge. Arcadum's demands are very high and the punishment for failure is usually death. The students find themselves in a difficult position tempted by his knowledge and acceptance while fighting for their own survival when attempting to live up to his demands.

According to Arcadum, his domain where the students find themselves is positioned somewhere deep below the abyss of what others refer to as 'hell'. They are trapped in this place and there are only a few select places they can visit. When the students are not receiving lessons they share living arrangements in dormitories.

The game rules

Players create their own avatars and build their own characters themselves according to the rules set by Arcadum.

Arcadum switches avatar and goes out-of-character in order to narrate a situation and presents the players with options.

The game is structured into game sessions or lessons (when DM Arcadum is present) where players face different challenges. During the lessons players are allowed react and come up with their own creative solutions to these challenges.

If a player succeeds in a satisfactory manner they may gain certain abilities or items. If they fail a challenge they may gain permanent disadvantages or risk death. If their character dies, they have to create a new character and reapply in order to participate again. In some rare situations previously dead characters can be resurrected.

Between the game sessions when Arcadum is absent players are free to do 'light' roleplay with the other participants without being able to gain new abilities or risk death.

The game features turn-based combat using dice where the participants roll an action and an opposing reaction. Each player is assigned abilities and spells to fit their character by Arcadum.


This is a rough list of current living students attending the school with short descriptions. The first link is the character taking part in the RP, the second link in parentheses is the main character who portrays that character.

Also see: Forbidden Knowledge Characters

Class 1

Class 2

  • Qyr - (Qyr), Dragon
  • Henri Andrepont - (Yuuhi) Human, Priest
  • Winter (Winter) - Human
  • Lander Galanis - (TheRealLevy) Celestial
  • Liara Silverfang - (SilentOne) Werebeast
  • Leyla Cait - (LeyLey), Cat (Transformed human)
  • Aurala Wildcrest - (Faelyix) Harpy, Wind-shaper
  • Eden - (Nanoade) Human, Sonicist
  • Alue Sequoia Arcacia - (Miss Universe) Human, Wizard
  • Medea Feriro Velymis - (Oblivious) Human, Wizard
  • Erevan - (Azreal) Human with Feline attributes, Telekinetic
  • Artrius - (Beedle Vaughx) Human Lizard-man, Shapeshifter

Class 3

Dixo, the maniac

Wang Tao, the Martial Artist

Deceased or past students

This is a list of past students who attended the school.

  • Xander Snakebones (Roflgator) Human, Brawler - Killed on the first day
  • Sloth - (IrratatedSloth), Human, warlock - Killed in the final challange of Class 2's test, Walked of a ledge.


  • Hobbert - (Hobbert) Arcadum's familiar, magic user.
  • Inkwraith - (unknown) Book/Library keeper, Water magic user.
  • The merchant - (Arcadum) Tinkerer/Merchant, French.
  • Unnamed ghost - (unknown) Wanders the halls (Seems to be separate from the inkwraith)
  • Bard - (Unknown) appeared during the 3rd session at the end. Playing a tune briefly. mostly hid from sight.
  • Odin all father (Arcadum) - Aesir, Leader of Valhalla.

Notable Sessions

Before splitting into 3 classes

  • July 18th - Student orientation (and Xander's death).
  • July 25th - Questionary elimination game. Answer the wrong question and you die.
  • Aug 1st - A lesson in conjuration and the resurrection of some past students. They release The Trickster.
  • Aug 8th - The students study in the library and get to answer Arcadum's questions.
  • Aug 15th - Arcadum teaches the students combat in the arena. The students will be split into 3 rivaling classes where one class will eventually be eliminated.

Class 1 Sessions

  • Aug 21st - Orientation, students study in the library and answer Arcadum's questions. Due to mistakes, Exzio loses a horn and Hobbert loses his other ear.
  • September 4th - Arcadum takes the students to see the new expansions of the school: A forest full of materials and other things And a rune forge. The class was taken to a new plane that connects a multitude of worlds and realms. He spoke of the history of a number of them before quizzing the class. Due to the class failing the questions and laughing, Arcadum plans to kill half of the class during next week's session.
  • In Dec class 1 got known as the "Disappointment" Class out of the 3. Arcadum having left a majority of their sessions angry with their lack of studying or "taking it seriously".

Class 2 Sessions

  • Aug 22nd - Orientation, Older students taught the new ones, who answered all of Arcadum's questions without error. As a reward, Class 2 will be housed in a new dorm complete with 'amenities.'
  • Sep 11th - Arcadum show's first signs of sickness/damage as he brings all students to a fallen celestial world brought to its demise by their laziness. All students are shown to a tear in the dimension and Arcadum calls them in to help them learn their True Name. Bringing up a portal to the academy Arcadum attempts to give them a test but fails due to his failing health, instead they are given a riddle and told that should they answer it right he will spare Class 1 who had earned his Ire. Artrius (Beedle) stands up to the challenge and for his courage is granted the aid of his classmates to help him in the riddle, (If I am gold I am good, If I am stone I am evil, If I am glass I am fragile, I have many forms but it changes all the same) Artrius answers with heart and class 1 is saved from death. (When I have the time I'll make a new page for all this new stuff like Bloodlines, elements, weapons & True Names)
  • September 26th - The class succesfully walked through puzzles with relative ease, they killed the minion with ease and did the trap's puzzle, However they came close to death during the riddle. However after solving it. Sloth walked off the side and died. His legs and body breaking from the fall, Killing him. The celestial nearly fell for this same thing but was saved by Qyr. The rest of the precarious walk down (Sloth had the only torch) was incident free. And they finished,

Class 3 Sessions

These are short summaries.

  • Aug 24th - An unknown entity attacks the school and nearly kills the entire class. As the only student unaffected, Elise saves her classmates before orientation. Elise earned a bar of gold from a miniature roflgator by pleasing him with a dance. Hobbert is revealed to be fully healed.
  • Sep 7th - Arcadum speaks about souls, demons, daemons, and devils. He answers questions on what the classes are fighting against. The class is tasked with learning about each other; however, they fail to fully learn the names and stories due to a desire to keep secrets. Elise is asked of the components a soul. If she answers wrong the entire class will be killed. Helmet provides the answer when Elise fails. Due to her failure, Arcadum revokes her home in the graveyard and her "Leniency" (Mute's grace).
  • Sep 13th - Arcadum shows each of the non-magi of class 3 their elements, the magi help to bring it out. Wang is revealed to have the ability/talent to hold 2 elements. They are then taken to Odin in Valhalla by Arcadum for new weapons. All of them receiving weapons and the Magi receiving rune stones. Elise Is given another test and answers all the questions correctly, Bringing her into Arcadum's good books again.


Archived Streams


The gallery serves as a short intro to what the RP is about. Tune into Arcadums stream or any of the respective players for a first hand view and experience of the game!

July 18th 2018

July 25th 2018

Student, teacher questionary elimination game.

Aug 1st 2018

Aug 8th 2018

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