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Foobar is a repair bot by design who thinks he is the penultimate warrior that scours the wastes looking for scrap to keep himself running.

He strives to be the “penultimate warrior”, though he is held back by his lack of intelligence, money, brains, and common sense and the constant threat of water.

Partially loaded with corrupt files of a long since past veteran arena fighter, he has a passion for the fighting ring, though he lacks the knowledge needed to win a fight against even the weakest of foes.




  • Major - "Handy Handless Man" - Able to self repair lost limbs as long he has half an hour, has access to his junk, and is able to move.
  • Minor - "Handless Handy Man" - Has inserts for tools where his hands should be.
  • Minor - "Handy Hand Bag" - A bag of collected tools retrofitted to be slotable. For now he only possesses a blowtorch and a holo projector.


  • Major - "Exposed Wires" - Is extremely weak to water and electricity due to its poor condition. Any amount of water touching an exposed wire or inner circuit leads to loss of control of the affected areas till dried or repaired. Any exposure to an outside electrical current, even a weak voltage, leads to spasms or even a complete shutdown if it holds on for too long.
  • Minor - "Dialed to 11" - Feels extreme pain due to a botched pain system.
  • Minor - Battery "Saving" Mode - Often runs low on energy forcing him to do things “slowly”


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