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Flint has a checkered past and a record dipped in blood. That’s what happens when a colony punk believes they can escape the urban hell that spawned him. He pulled jobs for the wrong kind of crowd, the type of people who pulled out your nails for not saying ‘bless you’ when they sneezed. Life on the streets is brutal, and he learned that fast.

On a real odd day, Flint broke into a rundown church chapel just before coming across the dead body of his local pastor. They looked beaten to death worse than some horse that people called Sheesh. Words etched in wood were scrawled on the walls and pews, he etched those words to his mind the same way:

Fractured jaw, Broken nose, Shattered skull, No one knows.




  • Major - Magician’s Eye - Flint’s left eye had been replaced with an eye from a powerful mage, giving him access to several sights and spellcasting.
    • See Invisibility - Detect Traces of Magic from Spell Casts
    • Blood Hunter - Senses blood stains and trails
  • Minor - Let Me In - Flint is proficient with and carries a personalized lockpicking kit to attempt to open mechanical locks grade 2 and lower.
  • Minor - Investigative Aptitude - Flint is capable of picking up details about people and scenery most others miss; he scans for clues and tells in crime scenes and interrogations. 


  • Major - They’re In The Walls! - Flint suffers from haunting visions of shadowy creatures that seemingly attempt to tear him apart on the regular. From all his years of serving on the force and the discovered existence of magic and the supernatural, he cannot pinpoint the exact cause, thus he reacts to these events as if they were real.
  • Minor - Exterior Interior Monologue - While in deep thought or in stressful moments, Flint tends to speak his thoughts openly even while others are around. The area around him desaturates more towards grayscale while it happens.
  • Minor - A Pack’ll Do Ya - Turns out smoking is bad for you, and Flint enjoys it quite a bit. Periodically throughout the day he is wracked by bloodied coughing fits. Needless to say, he’s contaminated a couple of scenes.


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