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Fik Tich is an elderly half-moth demihuman that recently moved down to the undercity in Callous Row.

A weaver by trade, Fik has lived almost half of his life in the shadows of the lower parts of Saviour City - unless there was a neon sign nearby, in which case he was directly underneath it, flailing wildly.




  • Minor - Hide Your Sweaters - Though he does usually prefer normal foods, Fik is perfectly capable of acquiring nutrition from eating animal-based fibers like wool and leather.
  • Minor - Self-Supplied Silks - Fik produces his own high-quality silk, comparable to spider silk, in the form of his hair and beard. He produces enough extra to make around half an article of clothing per week. He will not eat his own silk. Gross.


  • Major - Like a Moth to Flame - If Fik sees a light in a dark place, Fik will take a direct path to the light in an attempt to touch it, even if it is a naked flame. He will generally take the most direct path, but has enough sense to walk around basic obstacles like pits. While in this daze, Fik will ignore all danger, even active gunfights.
    • This daze will end if he touches the lightsource, it leaves his view, or if he’s unable to touch it for two minutes. Additionally, direct prolonged exposure to extreme amounts of light, like the sun in the Wasteland or the Uppercity, gives him headaches after ten minutes, and weakens him after half an hour.
  • Minor - Can’t keep up with these young’ins - Fik can no longer run (slow movement), and his wings can no longer support flight without magical assistance.
  • Minor - Arachnophobia - There were giant spiders on Fik’s homeworld. They ate people.


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