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What is the Feywild?

The Feywild is the plane of the Faeries. It is highly magically charged and is the homelands of all Fey beings. Very little is known about this plane, though it is said to be a vast enchanted forest. Paths weave and twist around hills and creeks, making it a treacherously easy place to get lost. Fey play tricks on those that are lost, often cruel in nature, through deals. The Feywild is also said to be protected to an extent, with darker beings being weakened while within- even up to Dark Deities. Time is a fickle thing in the Feywild- the deeper you venture the more time dilates, making keeping track of oneself even harder.

Notable Locations

Some pockets of space have been utilized in the Feywild, either being made more stable or carved out completely by various individuals to create safe spaces.

The Akiyama Grove

The Akiyama Grove.

Headmaster Kareeda Akiyama carved out his space within the Feywild roughly 252 years before the Ascension Academy RP, at the end of the Dark War, as a safe place for his daughter Uriel Akiyama. His daughter, along with dozens of Elementals and Spriggans, are Planar Bound to the Grove. This allows Kareeda to summon any of them to him at any time. The Akiyama Grove features a river running through the middle as well as a large house made of a large tree. As time passes the home grows with the tree, giving the small family more living space.


  • Powerful emotional moments created through music, which occur within the Feywild, sometimes result in the birth of an Ichirod such as Zabson. Just one example of magical energy being heightened in the Wilds.
  • The Feywild is ruled by the Archfey Council, composed mostly of elder Fey. What sway they have is mysterious and often confusing to outsiders given the naturally tricky chaotic nature of most Faeries.
  • The Feywild lore in Metaverse and Ascension is based on the Feywild from Forgotten Realms. The lore may not translate one to one however.
  • There is a route into the Feywild in the Whispering Wood.
  • The Shadowfell is a mirror plane of the Feywild. Little is known of this plane, but it is considered dangerous.