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Fenris Agnar is a Lupine who runs the food stand in The Undercity's Fire District.

Fenris was part of a small independent organization to start a colony away from the eyes of the corporate overlords. However, no place is safe from corporate eyes and traitors are abundant. The colony was raided, and the inhabitants were captured and enslaved as labor to mine and destroy their once beautiful home. Surviving using his surroundings, Fenris did the best he could until he developed Black Lung from mining and knew he wouldn’t survive if he stayed. During a slave transfer, the transport ship crashed and an escape attempt was made. Fenris took this opportunity and disappeared into the slums of Corvanis 3's Savior City.

Now Fenris is looking to create a new home and pack to call his own.




  • Major - Animalistic Qualities - Fenris has an enhanced sense of smell and hearing compared to normal humans. Additionally, due to his build, he can leap great distances, as well as use his increased strength to lift heavy things. His claws and teeth both act as natural weapons in a pinch.
  • Minor - Improvised Survivalist - Fenris learned how to make due with what was in his surroundings, and his own creativity. He can improvise field medicine to help stabilize people who are badly wounded or locate herbs that can be used for their medicinal effects.
  • Minor - Living Off the Land - Fenris has honed the ability to scrounge food from unlikely places, but prepare typically unpalatable foods into something that can be consumed by even those who don’t have strong stomachs.


  • Major - Black Lung - Due to damaged lungs a daily inhaler from a Nirvana medical bay is required. Physical exertion of the body will lead to ill effects ranging from coughing to heavy fatigue and collapse depending on the amount and severity of the activity.
  • Minor - Once a Wolf Always a Wolf - Desperate for a new pack, Fenris is quick to upgrade friends to ‘packmate’ status with people who are able to earn his trust and respect. Additionally, if Fenris is caught off-guard or lets his guard down near someone he trusts, he can slip into more docile canine behaviors without thinking.
  • Minor - Panting - Fenris' canine nature prevents him from sweating to cool down. As such, he cannot stay in areas of extreme heat for long periods of time or he will get heat stroke.


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