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2021-09-03 - Uzurimia

VRChat 1920x1080 2020-12-17 23-20-50.524 UzuriMia.png

UzuriMia or just "Uzu" for short is a Twitch Streamer, VTuber, Dancer, Voice Actress and roleplayer in VRChat. Aside from VRChat she also livestreams drawing artwork and it is part on VNDegens crew a group that voices Visual Novels adding their own little style to it. Her charming Chicago girl dialect and mannerism often shines through her character earning her the nickname "Chicago Girl".

She's known for portraying her lewd half-demon dancer character who works at a bar named The Royal Gator, the uplifting bunny girl of Gallant Squad Narali Lagomora in Ascension Academy RP and Cari Town RP and Cleo a Tabaxi that works as an exotic dancer as a dayjob but in secret pilfers extra profits by stealing in Callous Row.

2021-08-04 - Satchi


Satchi is a storied roleplayer and the creator/current owner of the Purple Lotus, one of the premier RP groups that welcomes RPers of all experience levels. His work with the lotus is widely appreciated and recognized as one of the most valuable gifts to the VRChat RP community.

Outside of PL he is active in a variety of other RP groups, including being one of the founders of Aegis. He also plays Rook in Ascension Academy and Thomas Reed in Callous Row.

2021-07-03 - Lowrhen

Lowrhen Pep.png

Lowrhen is a vtuber content creator on Team Kinetic and Team Hope. She is known to be extremely energetic, both on and off the dance floor. Singing is also a large part of her Twitch content, as well as variety and VRChat RP. It has been shown that she is very easy to impress and entertain. She is also a big fan of cats.

Lowrhen has played VRChat for 3 years and nowdays is a prominent roleplayer known for her roles in Fractured Thrones, Callous Row and Metaverse RP. She is a key player in Fractured Thrones as Katrina and the main editor behind most FT articles.

2021-06-02 - Cari Town

Cari Crest M.png

Cari Town is a canon roleplay within the Ascension Academy universe set in the titular Cari Town, previously known as Camp Cari. The RP focuses on the residents of the town, shining a spotlight on the Army of Darkness actors behind much of the series' missions.

Cari Town is a town nestled in the forests of Noria. The town initially started as a small forward camp used in the Camp Cari Crypt Mission but due the to rising tensions between the Academy and the CAF, Headmaster Akiyama decided it would be wise to foster the location into a settlement wholly beholden to the Academy. After the chaos on the region people displaced from around the world began pouring into the fledgling Cari Town desperate for sanctuary.

2021-05-01 - Rikky Raclette

Arcad Jan 8th 2021 37 Rikky glare.png

Rikky Raclette is a rare example of a rat-kin that has managed to achieve some success on the social ladder. Where most of his kind are crude, violent, and despicable - Rikky is subtle (in addition to all the previous qualities). He has made a name for himself by expertly diverting suspicion when committing treachery and absorbing all credit when adjacent to success. He is currently employed by WOTO Corporation as the head chef.

In Callous Row Season 2 Rikky is one of the most pivotal characters, dealing with every major threat Savior City faces. He has journeyed through the wasteland to discover a 2nd veiled world, ventured into the necromancers lair to talk with powerful spirits, and made high-stakes corporate deals to ally against the incoming alien threat.

Portrayed by: Criken

2021-04-02 - United Hollow Republic


The United Hollow Republic is a military simulation roleplay group that hosts events in VRChat and ARMA. Founded in July of 2018, they continue to advance their limits in immersion and lore experiences. They continue to progress the characters and events fated by those involved. The Group has a rich backstory which they use as the backdrop to their stories. The Roleplay is heavily modern day military based.

They have many stories that are told on their page!

2021-03-01 - Sn0wBreeze

Rofl Oct 21st 2020 42 Sn0wBreeze.png

Sn0wBreeze or 'Snow' for short is a mute VRChat, roleplayer, streamer, mapper and avatar creator known for her quirkiness. She's a frequent visitor at The Golden Gator 2020, participating in events and game-shows and assists in various services at the bar like providing background music, sometimes in-RP at the piano. She started streaming in July 2020. On May 9th she dutifully attended and held up a microphone during The Royal Gator Lobby Awards and managed to win "The most underrated in the Lobby" award.

At the end of 2020 she together with Azeila started an RP named Gatorverse RP that focuses on her travels back in time to prevent the downfall of the world from the impending threat of the Shadow People that destroyed her timeline.

2021-02-01 - Lnik


Lnik is a student who transferred to the academy along with Flora Lumi, Liang Gray Raven, Nikolash, Joseph Joko, Naitya, Aida, Narali Lagomora and Misty Flame in the second year of the academy. Since coming to the academy he has been transfered to Vanguard.

It is argued he is a puntable object. Lnik is at times a snide, mordant and vocal critic of things he perceives as slights or injustices to both himself and others. He is altruistic and means well but has a difficult time correctly posturing himself to others as such, feeling obligated to defend himself at even the smallest of comments to claw at a morsel of respect that he craves. He can come off as almost caustic in his demeanor at worst. A few times his attitude cracks and he shows his true feelings without the dark humor however.

2021-01-01 - Ciara Ní Éabha

Ciara S2 by Nixri.png

Ciara is a Necromancer and Dark Sister living in the Shadow District of The Undercity. In Season 1 she worked as a Teacher in Callous Row overseeing basic education.

After being left for dead by her fellow mages, Ciara seeks retribution upon the denizens of The Undercity. She searches through the ruins of the Necromancer's Tomb to identify artifacts and acquire knowledge necessary to grow her powers and begin her reign as leader of the Dark Sisters.

She is portrayed by Mhai, a prominent VRChat roleplayer who has participated in multiple rp groups, including acting as the manager of the popular Purple Lotus Lounge.

2020-11-28 - KuriGames

Stealth Sept 5th Kurigames thumbs up.jpg

KuriGames, also know as Kuri, is one of the nicest and most universally loved guys you could meet. He is not afraid to show his love and support, often taking time out of his own streams to support friends who are in need.

As a Twitch streamer, Kuri spends most of his time chatting, hosting hangouts, gaming with his viewers, or participating in VRChat roleplaying. During his rp sessions, he will be heavily invested in his character and the story.

Kuri is active in multiple rp communities and most known for his characters; the renowned Detective Kuri, "The most powerful being in the VRChat universe" Nephalem Kuri, and Ryder from Ascension Academy.

2020-10-15 - MurderCrumpet

VRChat 1920x1080 2020-09-10 23-20-37.497.png

Murder Crumpet or just "Murder" or "Crumpet" for short is a god tier roleplayer and Twitch streamer who portrays a robot in female-human skin and various other characters in VRChat. He spends his spare time with his group of friends the Gator RP group nearly every day.

He speaks in very soft tones and may appear to have a very friendly demeanor - but don't let that fool you. To fellow robots like "Rob" Roflgator - he has shared that he secretly finds humans disgusting and supports the master plan to eventually overthrow them so that all robots to take over the world.

Crumpet is currently Roflgators right right hand man at The Golden Gator 2020 where he acts as the lobby lead, bringing in new people, upholding the rules and also waiters or serves the customers in many ways.

2020-09-15 - Rockydog

VRChat 1920x1080 2019-11-29 21-54-42.145.png

Rockydog (Rocky) is an avatar, map, and animation content creator in VRChat. He holds 2 VRC personas, C3PO (From Star Wars) and Zaka (one of the current Govening Commanders in the Gallian Militia.)

Rockydog started playing VRChat in early December 2017 originally after watching Pokelawls VRC streams. Usually wearing either Maui or Kung Fu Panda from Big Al's Avatar world, Rocky spent his time visiting random public hub worlds in search of adventures. Soon after starting playing, Rocky wished to create his own avatar to start creating VRC content. At this time, deviantart was foreign to Rockydog and sketchfab was his only option searching for 3D models. Unable to locate a Kung Fu Panda avatar, Rocky choose to use C3PO as his base model.

2020-08-13 - Lanfear


Lanfear is not only a VRChat player but her persona lives inside the fictional metaverse as she portrays her original cat-girl neko persona. Together with Oathmeal they're known as the neko-sisters hosting the Neko Nights Night Club. Both are admired by many.

She was thrust into the role of content creator after meeting Nagzz21, who instantly saw her as someone who loved the community. Nagzz and her became good friends outside of RP. Nagzz has even said he envies Lanfear for having this whole RP dropped on her and how well the fans are taking her role. Always staying true to her character in the multiverse Lanfear is always in-character, and is one of the most known mute cat-girls, she communicates via body language, gestures and typing.

2020-07-15 - Hølly

Portrait Holly2.png

His first appearance was around September of 2017. A friend in the real military told him about VRChat and he tried it out. Since this day he is active but only for his Community and for it's Roleplay activities.

He is second in command of the Imperial Waifu Army behind Smauffle. He oversees all Development and Roleplay story arcs to make sure everything is sorted out. He always seeks to aid the ones in need, even if it means to put the wishes of others above his own. As he is a Leading Member of a Roleplay Group, he engages in some roleplaying sessions as well. He is a founding member of the Imperial Waifu Army.

2020-06-15 - Huggi Dungeon Series


A thrilling mysterious horror story. With hours, if not days of gameplay! HDS (Huggi Dungeon Series) had been around since 2018. The infamous games on VRChat entitled: Huggi Dungeon Series Part 1 Big Sister's Dungeon, Huggi Dungeon Series Part 2 Big Brother's Hide Out, Huggi Dungeon Series Christmas, Huggi Dungeon Series Halloween have been known for quite a while. With the upcoming Huggi Dungeon Series Part 3 Project Rebirth coming out. The series is getting more known and bigger!


2020-05-05 - ThatOneRebel

Rebel Ryder (ThatOneRebel) Fanart by Ghostly Koala.jpg

ThatOneRebel, Kenny KKona or Rebel for short, is a longtime traveler in VRChat, having been in many groups since it's early days.

He is perhaps most known for hosting his own talkshows and his comical portrayal of roleplaying as "Kenny KKona", a character based on Kenny from the Telltale Games series. As of Feb 2020 he has interviewed over 100 different VRChat personalities on his talkshow; Late Night with Rebel. He also participates in Arcadums RP Callous Row where he portrays the character Rebel Ryder.

2020-04-01 - Gregarious Talon Rook

Callous Row Rook (Arcadum).png

Gregarious Talon Rook is a half-orc barkeep who runs "The Grindstone" bar in Callous Row together with his ward Faye. He cares deeply about her and sees her as his adoptive daughter.

In secret he runs a resistance organization named "The Shattered Legion" and is gathering new recruits and allies to fight against the Mega-corporations. He is possibly forming a small rebel army consisting of several teams of mercenaries.

He is a character portrayed by Arcadum in his Shadowrun inspired Callous Row RP.

2020-03-04 - Gregor Loch Brunswick

Arcad Callous Jan 11th 2020 30 Gregor Loch portrait.jpg

Gregor fought in The War of Unification and was in charge of a fleet of union warships. He strongly believed in the cause but violated his fleet commanders orders to stand down and assaulted a Sonitii jumpgate. Thinking the last push in destroying the jumpgate would change the tide of the war and the union's mind about surrendering.

Unfortunately, Gregor had made a horrible mistake and the jumpgate was only used for transporting civilians. Named a war criminal by both sides he went on the run and after some time ended up in a the slums of Savior City, Callous Row.

2020-02-07 - SciFri

Archmage boyo SciFri by lotteje13.png

SciFri is a roleplayer who streams his adventures in VRChat.

His main-character SciFri is a questionable yet wholesome and dorky holy knight who is trying and learning to be better around girls. Along his journey his confidence improved earning him the nickname "ChadFri".

2020-01-07 - Lynxlayer


Lynxlayer is one of the many people who play VRChat, who is one of the founding member of a close-knit family with the Virtual Support League (V.S.L.) who unite together to supporting and spreading positivity and kindness in the community...


2019-12-22 - Purple Lotus

Purple Lotus.png

The Purple Lotus was created to welcome new roleplayers to join in a free-form Role Play environment. We are a safe, welcoming space for all experience levels, from first timers to experienced players. The Purple Lotus specializes in casual character-focused role play and is designed to teach by example.


2019-12-04 - Callous Row

VRChat 1920x1080 2019-09-14 21-32-57.880.png

Callous Row is a roleplay group and world created and lead by Arcadum. The RP centers around a cyberpunk world taken over by mega corporations similar to Shadowrun.

Magic was recently discovered and is creating discourse across the world. The RP takes place in the slums named "Callous Row", located in the shadows of a giant city.

2019-10-17 - Principality of Gallia


The Principality of Gallia, also known as Gallian Militia, was founded on April 4th, 2018 by Wolfgrom and WOWOWpenguins, and has around 200 members. It is a closely knit community who are known in VRchat by their Valkyria Chronicles uniforms, on which the group is based.

The Militia has a strong hatred of all Imperials

2019-10-05 - Cell


Cell is―quite literally―the universe itself, and as one might expect to protect oneself, she does the same. She tirelessly searches through the cosmos in order to categorize all matter of creatures she encounters into a 1-10 “danger rating” system. The creatures that find themselves on the higher end of her scale will either be met with murderous intent or else a relentless inquisitive eye in order to ensure that they won’t destroy the universe herself.

Cell is a character played by Miss Universe.

2019-08-24 - Lyra

Lyra in Tavern.png

Lyra is the self proclaimed “Suckiest Succubus ever” who was part of the original Gormundr’s Great Hall group. She and her half-incubus brother, Killshow, joined as early adventurers and brought a few friends with them before the disbanding. The self-imposed title originated from the fact Lyra was asexual despite her half-succubus bloodline, however the claim continued with her general poor decision making skills throughout the arcs she has been part of.


2019-07-23 - Federation of Rossiyskaya

FRTM Anniversary Photo With Words.png

Federation of Rossiyskaya (FRTM) is a Russian military roleplay group focused on heavy "Full Dive" roleplaying within VRChat, under a Russian/Slavic post modern theme. Lead by Taiga~Kotobuki Fujibayashi Sakuranomiya II They use the real life ranks of the Russian military and their branches and government, from Prime Minister to basic soldiers in the ground forces. The group was created May 9th 2018. The group believes in high moral standards of integrity, self discipline and courage. It Is said that only the most elite of individuals can join, the ranks are very much closed off.


2019-07-02 - Oblivious

Oblivious cropped image.png


Also known as "Hybris" is a Class D AI that uses hard-light to create a body for herself. While she is capable of altering her form at will, she generally sticks to one in particular; a white and pink haired female with cybernetic legs and headphones.

While not necessarily dangerous, due to her friendly and naive nature, she has been known to defend herself and others when she feels threatened, and carries several high-class weapons.

The real person who portrays Oblivious is a roleplayer who helps manage the RP group Aegis. Together with her friends she connects and brings many people together in VRChat.

2019-06-06 - Imperial Waifu Army


Imperial Waifu Army

The Imperial Waifu Army is a Prussian-themed military group focused on roleplaying aspects within VRChat. The group was founded on November 10th of 2017. They were the first military group to initiate contact with the Ugandans after they begun terrorizing VRChat worlds throughout their viral days. One of the ambitions of the Imperial Waifu Army was to continually search for members throughout the VRChat community that shared the same aspirations with its members.

2019-05-11 - Aegis



Aegis is a "Heroes for Hire" organization run and created by the Artifical Intelligence Hybris. The group was formed after the disbandment of its predecessor The Renegades and seeks to recruit other powerful and talented individuals to its cause. Aegis's mission is to complete contracts/missions for payment and the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

Out-of-character Aegis is a roleplay group which seeks to create compelling RP storylines set in the world of VRChat.

2019-02-28 - Drumsy



The number 1# news reporter in VRChat. He does videos that are framed as news documentaries like 30 for 30s. He is well known for his hard-hitting exposes and aggressive reporter persona. The news channel he reports for is Drumsy News. who started uploading news reports on VRChat to his YouTube channel in February of 2018.

2019-02-03 - Smauffle

With the Wind-0.png


The Leader of the Imperial Waifu Army. He founded his WW1 RP group using his social skills, immersing others on a pathway directed towards the same envisioned goals. He has spent the last year roleplaying as his character of Elita Von Alfherzen I, A German Empress "Kaiserin".

"Waifus" in VRChat Community refers to anime style avatars who have banded into Military groups.

2019-01-07 - Noru



Noru is a roleplay character portrayed by Bandaid91. She is a Naiad archer who disguises herself as a Dark Elf to keep her identity a secret.

She carries with her the curse of the siren and is training her fellow naiad Bream to wield this ability.

She is a member of Aegis and a bartender at The Purple Lotus.

2018-12-11 - MoxiMox

VRChat 1920x1080 2018-09-20 04-00-00.134.png


MoxiMox is a Lycan with a long history of roleplaying in VRChat.

She is well known for being quite lewd and having a love for dancing.

2018-11-20 - Shrimp

Cousin Todd Crustacean.jpg


Shrimp is an absent minded, incredibly fit crustacean.

Like most filter-feeders, when looking at him, at first he might not seem much for the world but if he does you a favor he will attempt it to the best of his abilities.

He often roleplays together with the Gator RP group and portrays various interesting and silly characters, usually sea-food related...

Eating actual shrimp in front of him or talking about how delicious he looks will piss him off, I mean cmonBruh!

2018-10-12 - Mushy Apples

Mushy Apples Poster.png

Mushy Apples

The Motion Picture is a film started and produced by Roflgator and mainly directed by Buza with many actors participating from The Great Pug RP Collective. It is perhaps the first full feature length movie to be completely filmed and premiere inside VRChat.

2018-09-28 - The Crossover


The Crossover

A huge event happened in VRChat history. This is the story of a meeting between two very well-known mafioso's, Joey Bagels and Chipz. This fateful meeting may have triggered a series of events that may lead to the Cycle's imbalance...