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Faye is a young woman who was once in charge of cyber security at her bar, "The Grindstone", located in the slums of the futuristic Salvation City, otherwise known as The Row. While physically weak and mute from an injury, she is skilled with electronics and computer hacking. She works as an inventor, building devices in exchange for money, and has recently gained ownership over the bar itself.

Through her adoptive father, she was once a member of a group called The Shattered Legion, however with the death and disappearance of most of its members, Faye is now the sole proprietor and owner of whatever remains of the old group.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Born and raised in a town on the planet Cyphus I, Faye studied computer technology at an early age under the guidance of her parents.

She was separated from her parents during The War of Unification when her home planet was attacked by the Trident corporation. She was able to escape together with a soldier named Rook who fought for the Union, the losing side, against the corporations. Though little did she know, Rook was behind the destruction of her home town and whatever fate befell her parents. Together they made their way to The Row on Hellion, the slums she describes as "a dump", in the shadows of the massive Salvation City, with Faye being none the wiser about what truly happened that day.

Working on setting up a security system to monitor all activity, she aims to attack the corporation Trident to figure out the location of her parents - if they survived.

She lived with Rook in his bar "The Grindstone" and now she runs the establishment, trying her best to survive in the cold and unforgiving place that is Salvation City along her synth Assistant Rivett and her new bar workers.


Season 1 Rundown

Faye spent the first half of the first season aiding Rook's objectives and being herself. Due to some unfortunate timings of the death of certain people, Faye began feeling like people died the moment she got close to them and she began getting depressed. Not much of interest happened to her until the Avalon infiltration.

After finding out Bo had been kidnapped by Avalon , Faye volunteered herself to be the decker for the rescue mission. The mission resulted in them getting caught, but they managed to escape with Bo. As a result of the failed escape attempt, Alfons was nearly executed and Desmond was nearly killed protecting him, but with Faye and the other decker's aid the clinic managed to save their lives. However, this was not the only thing to come from that as there now was a bounty on the heads of everyone who participated in the rescue mission, and a particular bounty hunter had set their sights on these bounties.

Kaiphus The Collector began hunting down the people responsible for the mission. He managed to kill Felix Dolore who Faye had just begun befriending. As expected, this added to her mental state.

Besides almost getting the touch of death from a Shadow elemental, Faye didn't have any major involvements until the Shometsu raid. Lange Pliskin, after getting his shit kicked in by the Row, decided to lead a kill team in an effort to get revenge. Faye tried to aid the Row, but that was quickly stopped by Kaiphus, who picked just the right time to show up and look for other targets. He intercepted and shot Faye, struck her in the head, and after fending off Conk in his effort to protect her, took her to the incinerator.

As he was taking her there, he began taunting her. He placed her right at the edge of the incinerator and began mocking her, telling her that if she told him to spare her, he would. Faye responded with a yawn which caused Kaiphus to be impressed by her defiance. After this, the Collector offered her a deal: Sell out Rook, and live. Right when she was indicating that she wasn't taking that deal, the announcement system played as Lange was delivering a message to the Row. Faye took this opportunity to crouch down and shoot Kaiphus with her sniper rifle, but the shot seemingly did nothing but annoy the bounty hunter, as he shot her in her legs and hands and left her to die.

She, however, was saved by Leilani, who used her healing magic to keep her alive at a price: The fall of the magic barrier keeping Shometsu from entering the grove. This allowed Shometsu to plant a bomb and blow up the entire Undercity. Something that Faye, of course, blamed herself for.

After taking a short trip to the med bay, Faye had a sentimental talk with Rook, and he found out who was responsible for injuring her. He was missing the entire next day, until Faye received a signal and headed down to the basement with Gregor Loch Brunswick, Charles Rask, and some others. In there they found a terminal which showed that Rook had endured critical damage and had taken a dangerous amount of drugs to keep himself going. He had left her a message indicating that he had gone to kill the person that harmed her and that he had left her a gift. The young girl took this as hard as expected. After a short talk it was decided that she had to go with the group that planned to go to the Retribution ship, as they could use its scanners to find Rook and Faye was the only one capable of doing so. She then went to investigate the supposed gift and found The Rebel's Yell, a hand cannon built and ornamented by Rook for his daughter. The hand cannon was engraved with orcish runes with poetry and the weapon itself was high caliber. Faye would become heavily attached to this gun.

And so Faye went with the Retribution group to the infested ship and hacked, fought, and sneaked her way into the command center, where the group commanded the ship to self-destruct while flying into the system's star. On that same center, Faye used the ship's scanners to locate Rook, and after a quick and stressful retreat back to the ship, they were on their way back to Salvation City and prepared for the next step.

After arriving, treating their own wounds, and making sure they weren't infected, the group prepared itself to head up to the upper levels and find Rook. They headed up and entered the Astral Corp headquarters that Rook had mowed through. As they walked by the corpses that filled the facility, they noticed that some of these were missing. But this was not their biggest concern, as when the crew decided to split off, Kaiphus the Collector made his presence known.

Faye, now on high alert, started looking around with her scanner and was quick to realize that it allowed her to see through Kaiphus' invisibility, as she noticed he was standing right behind her. Quick on her feet she snapped backwards, grabbed her sniper, and shot the man point blank, but his armor was able to withstand the blow and he retreated. This was followed by the Collector playing cat and mouse with Faye and the rest of the group. Faye continued to use her scanner to get a read on the Collector's location and fire at him, after which Loch would unload his rifle at the area where she shot. This did not stop the Collector from managing to get some hits in and laughing cockily afterwards.

After they rushed their way to the terminal where they saw Rook on the scanners, they realized he was gone. He had been taken. Faye's scanner ceased working momentarily and after getting all the information they could, they opened the door to exit the room they were in, only to find zombies. Now they had to deal with the infested AND the Collector, as he continued to strike and shoot the crew, and even managed to deliver a knockout punch to Faye. Luckily, they managed to take her and the rest of the crew out of there into the Row and to the brothel, where the medical team was taking cover for matters of safety. They made sure everyone was okay, and after some time and the Necromancer presenting himself technically for the first time, Faye received a signal on her now working scanner. She discovered that Rook's signal was now underneath her. Following this discovery she and the Retribution crew descended into the ruins of the Undercity and entered a cave system which led them to the Necromancer's Lair. And so, after the magic users arrived, the team got ready to charge in.

During the mission, Faye did not have many points of interest. She shot the zombies, let people know whenever she saw enemies so they would keep their guards up, and continued to aid in any way she could. Eventually, Faye witnessed R.G.-2's death, as he sacrificed himself to save Leilani. R.G.-2 was part of the Retribution crew, and given that, this only worsened her mental state.

Eventually however, a group of mercenaries was killed, the hordes were pushed back, and the magic users killed the Necromancer and his most dangerous creation. With that, Rook was set free. The two of them were reunited and they returned to the bar, safe and sound.

Season 2 Rundown

For a detailed description of what happened in each session, go Here

Faye realizing Rivett said something dumb

These weeks were a lot more action packed than the last. Faye started this new season with a couple tools up her sleeve. She had her Rebel Yell, a custom sniper rifle and a synth assistant called Rivett that could hear her thoughts and speak for her.

Faye registering Rivett to her

On the second day of this new period, Faye went up with Rook to the uppercity to watch Valkyrie's arena event. Rook eventually ditches her and tells her to group up with Loch and Warren. Eventually, it is revealed that the individual they will be fighting is none other than the Collector. The slummers struggle to fight him during the event but he ends up getting discualified, clearly on purpose. After the fight, he gives the people of the row intel, for whatever reason.

Two corp guards interrogate Faye

The day directly after that, Faye recieved a message from Rook while in the undercity. He wanted her to go up to the TraVerse offices and steal some data. So she did alongsie Rivett. She easily hacked her way into the building, but eventually she was caught while inside it by Bobken Zavakian, Blayne Penn and Damien Masaru before she had the chance to steal the data. As the corps decided what to do, Faye hacked the cybersuit of Blayne and took control of him, forcing him to fire at Masaru, however the man was unfazed, and he eventually knocked Blayne out. While Bobken went to get the QRF, Damien spoke to Faye and made her a couple of offers, telling her to go with him to the Masaru corp. Sadly, she was caught by the QRF and restrained, having her Rebel Yell and sniper taken from her. Rivett escaped to get people to rescue her, however there was no need as Faye, while fully restrained, hacked into the helmets of the QRF and disabled them, also releasing herself in the process. Once she escaped back to the row, she ran to the bar and got some disguise items from Dash.

Faye's new disguise

The next day, she had dyed her hair yellow, used darker versions of her clothes and used a face mask as part of her disguise. She eventually got a fake ID from Coach under the name of Baye Luk. She spent a whole day inside her room without leaving until the sixth day when Rook asked her to spy on a Shometsu party. She and Rivett had several dificulties getting within the sector before realising that she was compromised. To which she responded by leaving back to the row. In the row she was given a job offer by Dr. Cellulose Universe, headed to the undercity with Becky Cantuckit (which probably destroyed her reputation with most new undercity members) and headed back up to the row, getting a job from Ciara which she would never have the chance to complete. She managed to get drunk and high on energy drinks before shooting herself on the foot by accident, calling it a day shortly after getting help from Dash.

Faye and Rook were warned the next day by A2 that they were compromised, so Rook, Loch and Warren headed up to the corp sector to clear things up. He made a deal with TraVerse to get them to not hunt Faye and another deal with Trident, though nothing came of it. They were eventually approached by A2, who wanted to be in her father's good graces, and she agreed to help them get a sniper rifle eventually. The duo eventually headed down to the undercity to explore before being caught in the grove by its guardian who chased them out and warned them to not enter again. After getting a shower, she went to the row and called it a day.

The next day she went with Becky to the uppercity to make deals with Masaru. They met Calliope Keres and Riley Knox who gave them a tour and entertained them before Damien arrived. The man was surprised to see her and given the offers he made to Faye in the past, he was very peaceful towards her. He agreed to help Faye make a magic gun if she helped them go to the Necromancer's lair. Sadly, nothing ever came from this deal. She also got info from TraVerse that the QRF had her guns. Also sadly, she would never be able to get them back, as they were destroyed. She went back to the row after this and spoke to the Doc, giving her the info she asked for and eventually heading back to the uppercity and getting a magic crystal.

After this, she helped the residents of the row on an operation to a crashed ship in the wastelands called the Golden Lance. She supplied the team with intel, removed an id lock from a gun Greasepalms owned and eventually headed down to help them, as she was an incredible decker. As part of the op, she was given the runner nickname of Crane. Faye was instrumental to this mission, as she opened every door in the ship, allowing the team to discover some unknown alien mass, eventually getting to the core of the ship where they intercepted a GEB team. This team was very quick to open fire and the slummers returned it, having higher numbers and better tactics, they easily won the encounter and discovered a Wastelander team they basically merged with. They didn't have much chance to do anything afterwards, however, as a giant group of bandits broke into the ship and assaulted them. Eventually the group was able to retreat and thanks to Faye, escape the ship through a GEB dropship the girl hacked, though directly after that, she was shot in the arm by a sniper. The ship was programmed to take them to the Uppercity and it did exactly that, but the team was able to smooth things out and allow their injured to be treated by Avalon before running back to the row.

Faye did some smaller things after this for three days. She was going to celebrate with Rook her first major injury after getting her arm in a cast, before realizing that they were making her a coming of age party and getting a new Deck and a Hoverboard from Rook. The next day, she went with Rook to her birthday party. Rook put her through an orcish ritual of Womanhood, and she got a box of women stuff from Doc U and a box of bones from Charles, who wanted her to make something out of them by herself. After some minor paranoia, she was grabbed by Xia who requested her decking skills to help Greasepalms. She did her best to assist, but was out lucked by a newbie decker called Maia Seren. Eventually she left after the matter was resolved before going to the bar and being met outside of it by a man with a mask. The man wanted to talk to Rook and revealed himself to be Loch in disguise. Loch tipped her off that her father was in danger before telling her to call him Silas and get her a meeting with Rook. This was the same day she met a strange decker from the wastelands who was looking for people to upgrade his security. This decker was known as Horizon. The decker took her to the scraptown and had her compete with another decker to upgrade their security before leaving. Though this would not be the last time these two worked together.

Faye's new look being compromised immediately

Faye stayed inside and kept a low profile for two days, after which she got a job with Phil who wanted her to get some information from Trident. She got on a new disguise and headed up. As soon as she got to the uppercity, a paranoid Masaru team began chasing her believing her to be responsible for something else and eventually restrained her. After realizing she was not who they were looking for, they took her to Avalon and payed for her treatment. In Avalon however, she was identified as someone who was not in any corporate database, which made the Avalon executives suspicious enough to put tracking nanites in her bloodstream before Shometsu took her to their HQ after Ikaruga Mitsuyami, the real identity of A2 identified her. In there she was questioned and eventually allowed to do her work for Phil, but instead for the whole of Shometsu. To this effect she was given a cloaking belt so she could infiltrate the corp. She succeeded, but not before putting Trident on high alert before bailing out. She was escorted back to the row, but the cloaking device was never taken from her. Once she made it to the bar, she charged the cloaking device and disabled the nanites in her blood.

Faye's new disguise, with actual footwear

During the night she sent messages to Horizon and Charles, asking for their help in relocating her. Horizon ended up offering her a home in his business, the Arcadia Radio Tower in Scraptown. She got on a new disguise which involved her outfit from the Avalon run last year, a yellow helmet with Rivetts mind installed into it and to the absolute shock of everyone who knew her well, actual shoes. The girl left with Horizon who took her to his new home and gave her the nickname of Dawn. After this the girl stayed there without doing much of importance for several days until she saw Rook in the infirmary. After Rook realized who she was, they had a heartwarming reunion and Faye went to the row with a gun to retrieve some things she left behind. She got her Hoverboard back and arranged some things for her father. Once in the wastes, she was distracted by a series of events. TraVerse orbital blasted the Golden Lance into oblivion, which in turn caused the alien mass to send a message through Horizon's tower to space, damaging the tower. However, things went worse when a heavy storm rolled in and caused lightning to strike down the radio tower, destroying it entirely.

Faye testing out her Hoverboard

Faye and Horizon woke up the next day in the undercity home of a friend who granted them a roof over their heads while they fixed the Radio tower. This friend was Voxine Machinae, a black market selling synth who the duo had helped by installing some software updates. This friend would eventually become part of the Arcadia crew alongside Faye and Horizon. The trio spread out, with Voxine following Faye after asking for her help in removing an ID lock from a Valkyre rifle. After helping her she went on her way and flew around the row in her hoverboard. Faye had checked the security camera recordings of the bar and found out Verlassene, Duncyn Kuiper and BR-16 had broken into it while she was trying to hide from the corps, so she went to look for them to talk to them. She witnessed some sketchy stuff in the sewer system, being seen before leaving and entered the bar again. Faye was bored, so she hacked into the Row's systems and caused a streetwide blackout that would last 10 minutes, just to see if she could do it. She also delayed its happening so she could leave the bar before the power went out. It worked. During this time she spoke to Warren in his new identity, harassed some people and right as it was ending, spoke to Duncyn. She basically revealed who she was without stating it out loud and warned him that she had her eye on him before leaving. After getting harassed by an associate of Loch, who was one of the people that she saw doing sketchy stuff, she eventually went down with Charles to the wastelands before going back up as what they planned to do was currently impossible. After this, BR-16 intercepted Faye and apologized, explaining that a virus was going around and they needed the computing power in the Basement of the grindstone to fix it. Faye forgave them.

Faye, planning the blackout

Outside of vandalizing a couple of businesses with spray paint and revealing herself to Coach, she didn't do much for a few days. Once she was up, she went to the wastelands to assist Horizon with some matters. After a small altercation with Trident, they went in and began working. They decided to use the new fancy Trident tech to hack into the mercenary bounty board and check Faye's bounties, with the hopes of removing them. They failed to hack into Trident but succeeded with the general merc board. Sadly they were unable to change anything, just see. Shortly after this, Voxine and Ryzy went inside and Horizon informed everyone of Duncyn's passing. This hit the young lady, as was to be expected. She helped Voxine with some software updates and eventually left to the row, as after finding out no one had taken her bounties, she felt safe enough to drop the disguise. She eventually witnessed a shootout between her wasteland crew and Shometsu, as they were investigating the circumstances around the death of Duncyn. She met up with Horizon and informed them that Ryzy was very injured, but alive. She later got together with Charles and Reyna Ryder to hack some doors in the sewers and check out the different areas hidden bellow. Eventually she called it a day, but not before hacking into Duncyn's shop, paying her respects and coming back home.

Horizon checking up on Faye after revealing Duncyn's fate

The next day, Faye showed Loch and Warren one of the places she had hacked in the sewers, proceeding to hack its terminals and gain full ownership of the spot. She eventually attempted to hack into the Power grid of the row again, probably to get more control over it, but she failed right before A2 approached her. She began to follow A2 and eventually Greasepalms and her father, Captain William 'The Wall' Vossler, alongside some armed hands. She got sidetracked a little, but eventually let the team into the bar and got them drinks before going to assist in a memorial for Duncyn. Afterwards she saw people reinforcing the Dirty Diamond, as they were trying to prepare for an attack. Faye, realizing that something like the undead assault was happening again, decided to help the group with scouting, sometimes alone and sometimes with others, helping direct people to the DD for their safety. At one point she went to get some things from the bar and through her tablet, she saw several beings she could only describe as aliens charging down the street and shooting people. She stayed inside, of course. She was alone and had no way to help in the fight, so why risk her own life just to end up with more holes? Eventually the fighting stopped, the row residents successfuly repeling the assault before Faye grouped up with Rook who showed up just as the assault ended. With him, Coach and the owner of the DD, Kee’ra Diamond, they went to the uppercity to use intel they had extracted from Faye's surveilance systems. They warned the corps and Damien agreed to let them assist in delivering an explosive to the alien ship.

Faye and Rook talking to Damien

Coach and Faye went back down the next day and broke off to manage their personal affairs. She spoke with J.I.M, a synth that had been working for the bar for a while before opening a package from Shometsu. A2 delivered the promised Sniper Rifle, with a few limited mags. During a town meeting, Faye offered the grindstone as a new bunker area for the row and offered herself to assist a fellow decker with some anti alien security. She was sidetracked with Horizon and ended up mediating between him and A2's crew, managing to get the man off their wanted list. After this Loch had a talk with Faye about her needing to compromise the basement for the safety of the row. Faye agreed to let it happen and helped set up explosives for an anti alien trap shortly after showing several people the bunker were they would be staying when the aliens attacked.

Faye and Loch, discussing plans to save the row

The next day was one of preparation. Faye updated the security of the bank and medbay of the row with the permission of the proprietors. She set up an explosive trap with Charles, attempted to investigate an alien gun before giving their test subject a shotgun in return, and eventually as people began to settle and form defenses on the bar, she assisted in surveilling and scanning the newcomers to ensure they were not alien impostors.

The following day, she was drafted among some others to be a part of the team going to deliver the bomb to the alien ship. Not before receiving an automated message that informed her of Horizon's passing, of course. Faye, at this point, had really bonded with the man, more so than probably anyone else she had met so far, so this combined with the stress of the mission made her have several flashbacks and PTSD attacks within the mission. Faye proved herself to be valuable as the only decker skilled enough to open the major doors, and received several injuries during this mission among which sit an electric shock from a trapped door panel, a crushing blow to her ribs from a giant alien that snuck up behind them and being flung around by a kinetic weapon from the aliens. These injuries took their toll, and in the end, Faye passed away. However, Dash wasn't ready to let her die just like that and he used one of the Avalon pods on the station to revive her. Although traumatized and grieving, Faye would get to live another day.

Faye's return to the row

The last day, she didn't do much. She checked on the bar where the row bunkered down during the assault, she fixed up Rivett, spoke to her friends and family, and recieved a message from Rook saying he was stranded on hostile territory and would need to be extracted. This would be the last Faye ever heard from her dad. After hearing some of the memorials for one of the synths that died during the mission, Faye went down to the wastelands, entered Arcadia and went to sleep in Horizon's bed, while playing a cassette which contained his will and last wishes.

And so, this marked the end of this part of her story. Her future unclear and being more alone than ever, Faye drifted off to sleep in the wastelands.

Season 3

Episode 1

Faye and the bar staff hanging out from 0R14N4's view

Faye woke up in the newly reconstructed bunker due to the constant nagging of her assistant. Rivett began hassling her like an exasperated father to get off her ass and leave the bunker, as she had been down there without ever leaving for the entirety of the year after the alien assault. Rivet stated that she couldn't keep looking for someone who's dead, as she had apparently spent most of the year trying to track someone who might already be gone. Who this is, we don't know. Eventually, Rivett convinced Faye to leave and "touch grass" as he said, stating that he had hired new workers for the bar.

Shortly after she left the bunker, the previously mentioned staff arrived. Sasayaki introduced herself and her synth 0R14N4 before stating that she didn't know they were working for a kid, however seeing Faye drink a glass of alcohol in a single go like it was nothing took away her reservations. Faye eventually went to her room to grab some things and told Rivett that she had been using the computer in her room to mine cryptocurrency. After he reprimanded her for using so much electricity, he asked her how much she had. We don't actually know how much she got, but the amount she stated was enough to shock the synth and make him suggest they open another bar somewhere. Eventually she left the bar, letting her new staff to do their work and meeting up with some old friends. Charles, Coach, and eventually Ryder as she wandered around the row. She went to the noodle shop to get some food and met up with Warren, spoke to him for a bit and then left. She also got some work trying to get a cash register working for totally not Rylee 'Cherri' Ryder before returning to check on the bar staff, going to the sewers and checking on her control room. As she did, she found out it had been picked clean of any valuables. It was still a room she owned so she could get some use out of it, but not as useful anymore.

Faye went to the arena, Ryder and some new person called Bat doing some target practice. They waited for a bit and eventually, a person from Wyvern arrived and introduced themselves to the group. Proteus presented themselves and pitched their organization before leaving. After showing Ryder and Bat around the sewers as well, she went on her way. She came back to the bar where she spoke to her staff for a while before telling them that she wanted to make Synth drugs. This causes Sasayaki to become agitated out of fear of a corp squad coming down on them before scolding her and telling her off. She left the bar shortly after and went to speak to Dash to get help from him to make said drugs. She spoke to him for quite a while, talking about drugs, the way they work, possible treatments, the existence of flavor sticks and possibly hacking and modifying the nanites in regeneratives or stim packs to work as performance enhancers instead. They also spoke about the alien threat, about how they basically saved the world and no one else knows, and eventually left with the plan to get a regenerative from Dash to experiment with, alongside setting up a way for her to get more of them without arising suspicion.

Faye wandered into the church of light after hearing they had free pasta. They met the church priest and an associate of them, Rachel Faust before Rivett took a bunch of the food. Eventually Rachel went to look for them so she could get it back, as they had taken the whole supply but they agreed to divide it. She let them inside the bar, gave them half the food and then went with them to take the rest back. As she was leaving the church, she saw and had a conversation with their old friend Loch, still in disguise. He told them of possible work he needed from her and she agreed to help his associate as long as they had something she wanted, as she was interested in explosives, for whatever reason. Loch agreed to this and went on his way. Eventually he had a long talk with Charles before Marceline Rey Key came in alongside her synth worker S.E.R.A. Key. Earlier in the day, Faye and Rivett had spoken to Sera about getting a churro vacuum, for whatever reason. The duo had actually gotten materials for it and they told Faye it was almost ready. A little later, she met with Marceline in Duncyn's old shop which was now owned by someone named Kuiper. They gave Rivett the giant vacuum cannon, and eventually after seeing it was too heavy for Rivett, they agreed to get him some thruster upgrades. They also took this as an opportunity to ask for flavor sticks, and Marceline got someone named Kuiper to try to find some for Faye.

After this, they left with Dash to have the food they got from the church of light tested for weird shit and took this as an opportunity to get her first regenerative for experimentation before going back home. After a final conversation with her employees, she headed into the bunker with Rivett, got seen by Vessa Chernelle and Bertram, who responded by saying that they didn't see a thing, and then went to the med pod in said bunker to sleep in it.

Episode 2

Rivetvission, at the right corner of her field of view

Faye woke up and immediately went to the bar. She and Rivett headed up to the dj booth while they waited for the rest of the crew, and in the meantime, Faye installed an update to Rivett's systems which allowed her to see through him, at the corner of her vision. Eventually the crew arrived, and they very quickly stated that they wouldn't have much time to work that day as they wanted to go to the undercity. Faye and Rivett also planned to go there and they agreed to go together. While the duo explored, the staff was quick to find a merc to manage the bar while they were gone, this being Sable Berchard. Shortly after, the bar crew headed down to the undercity.

After meandering and exploring for a bit, eventually losing track of Oriana, Sasayaki and Faye went to the hotsprings per Faye's suggestion. There, with the help of Rivett, they spoke about their past, the things they've seen and gone through. Faye told Sasayaki about her status as a decker, and that she made Rivett. Sasayaki found out that Faye was still planning to make drugs for synths, and after trying to convince her otherwise, she suggested she could make a drug that simulates emotions like happiness for the synths. Eventually they left the hotsprings and as they were exploring around, they found Oriana talking to Shale, the grove guardian. After a small talk Faye and Sasayaki were allowed into the Grove as long as they left their weapons and synths behind. They complied and went inside.

Faye, throughout the trip and specially now in the grove, managed to begin convincing Sasayaki that magic was in fact real. Eventually they walked off and reunited with their Synths, who had gone on an adventure Faye could see due to Rivetvission. The synths had found the drug dealer of the undercity, who also had cream for coffee and they had also found some people in distress. The crew followed the synths to the two odd individuals, and after helping and harassing them for a bit, they all went on their way to the drug store. There, Faye bought herself and Sasayaki some drugs and they spent a while just resting in the beanbags of the drug store, getting high and talking about the world. Due to Faye revealing some stuff about the Necromancer two years ago, Sasayaki returned to thinking that magic was not real, though she did seem somewhat conflicted about some things. Eventually they got up, bought some more drugs for research and went to the tavern. There, Faye got chocolate milk and shortly after more magic talk, the crew returned to the row.

Faye sped off to check on the bar and make sure merc guy didn't fuck with her systems. After finding out everything was clear, the bar crew caught up with her, and after some small talk they split off. Faye wandered around for a while, got a sandwich and finally got Rivett the upgrades and the churro cannon. Afterwards, the two of them went on their way and found Proteus, who they took to their home and hired to spy on the church leader. Afterwards, they had a talk with Dash about a new drug he might give to Faye for analysis if he finds out it is made of nanites. He also told Faye that he might want her to program a life alert for one of his employees in the medbay before heading on his way. After this, Faye called it a day and went to sleep in her bed, for once.

Episode 3

Sasa checking up on Faye

Faye got forced up by Rivett and they began their day as usual. They got some noodles, opened the bar and spoke to their staff, and eventually they went to collect the churros for Rivett's cannon. They gave some churros to the bar crew before Sasa stated their interest in getting a shotgun, which Faye decided to collect. She bought one from the gun shop and tested it in the gun range, getting knocked over by it. After this they went to get it unregistered at the grindstone as Sasa had asked for it to be unregistered. They did so, but Sasayaki was mad because Faye bought it registered and with her personal account. This caused Faye to meander about the row with the shotgun doing silly things to make it more untraceable than it already was. Eventually they managed the bar and tried to get Rachel to drink alcohol with mushrooms, and later on, Chester Ire and Gustavo Gusman arrived asking for software experts.

After Sasayaki referred Faye to them, Faye took them inside her room to speak in private. There they revealed that they were hired to increase the security of the Arcadia Radio tower, which lay abandoned. The mention of the tower placed Faye on a sour mood, though after Gustavo mentioned that they needed her to upgrade said security and also teach the guy some things, Rivett encouraged her to agree. And she did. They left shortly after and Faye had a talk with Dash. The guy had apparently spoken to Yaki about the same events she mentioned, such as the Necromancer and the Aliens, apparently having convinced her that she was telling the truth in some regards. The two of them had a talk about several things including the life alert he commissioned before heading on his way. After going out for a bit and saying a few things to Yaki the duo went back inside to try to create some drugs that Rivett could use. Making the USB wasn't a problem, however the drug itself backfired, with it delivering a powerful electric bolt which disabled Rivett. For the rest of the day, Faye is voiceless.

Faye returned to working in the bar, attended to Sable and made a new drink involving alcohol, an energy drink and mushrooms, which from now on will be called The Faye Special. Afterwards she headed out Rivetless and stood by the entrance to the wasteland. Standing there, they didn't pay much attention to one of the people trying to talk to them and their heartbeat was fast and loud. Eventually they took some deep breaths and left. They wandered around and reencountered Vee, who recognized her as well. Vee spoke to her about how Faye had changed and Faye proceeded to pet the catbot before heading back to the bar. There, after meeting back with Charles, she made another Faye Special and Charles convinced Jimmy Young to drink it. Shortly after, some union folks including Rhapsoidia went inside. Looking at Rhapsoidia, who was an alien, freaked Faye out and triggered her PTSD of the Space Station, and after trying to get Charles to notice and failing, she ran to the upper segment. Yaki went up to her to scold her for drugging Jimmy but once she realized Faye was in a bad state, she kicked out the Union folks and went back up to talk to Faye.

The talk lasted a couple of minutes. Sasayaki talked about vices, trauma, about everyone being the same, about her having to face her fears, and about her offering to be there for Faye whenever she needed to talk about these things. Faye tried to be distant, and Sasa picked up on her wanting to seem like someone people should fear and respect. Eventually Faye left after seeing that Sasa had kicked out the alien and receiving a message from Proteus. After a short break, she returned to her gremlin demeanor, tended to the bar, and went out to get a status report from the Wyvern. Proteus stated that they would continue to to look at the church for a couple of days, that the church prayed on the weak minded, that the leader was not actually a synth, and that there was a lot of suspicious stuff about the church. After the report was done, Faye headed back and after speaking with Charles and him offering her to sleep in his apartment, she went to sleep in his bed while he took the couch.

Episode 4

Faye talking to Rachel

Faye woke up in Charles' home. At some point during the night, she moved from the bed into the bathroom probably to puke out her insides and she woke up right besides the toilet. After getting woken up by Charles and getting some water, the two headed out to the Grindstone. After getting in, Faye went to the bunker, got some new clothes, and headed to her room to look at herself in her new clothes. While she waited for the people that were gonna take her to Scraptown, she got a lot of things done. She delivered the heart monitor and got anxiety meds, got two car batteries from Ryder and promised to help her in return, rigged one of the batteries to the door of the bunker with surprising ease and efficiency (Natural 20), with surprising success to ensure that whoever failed to hack that door would get electrocuted. She also commissioned some heat resistant clothes from Rylee. Shortly after the very productive hour, Faye met up with the wasteland folks and headed down to Scraptown.

Faye had a hard time making her way to the tower. Once inside, Rivett disclosed to the group that the two of them had lived here as they had gone in hiding and were friends of the old owner. Faye attempted to upgrade the security, but it wasn't meant to be (Natural 1). She was too distracted, too held up by her memories. Eventually she started freaking out and the two who wanted her help went to get her a cheesecake and the current owner of the tower gave her a piece of paper with the codes to the tower to make her feel better. She tried to calm down, hearing ominous noises and the voice of Horizon, but it eventually subsided. The group returned with a "delicacy" that was definitively not a cheesecake, and eventually Gustavo and Rivett attempted to link the Radio tower to Faye's bar, with a critical success (Natural 20). Eventually the group decided to work together in a way, though they did not come up with an official name. As Faye was leaving back to the row, she stumbled upon a mural of Horizon and heard their voice once again before running off.

Back on the row, they quickly met up with Rylee who had something for them. After nonchalantly revealing to Charles that she got Anxiety meds, they went to the tailor to get whatever Rylee wanted to give them. Just after they went in, a corporate announcement went off stating that the corps were around the sector and warning people to stay inside or they would get shot. The three of them decided to heed the warning. Rylee gave Faye a heat resistant enchantment for her shirt and asked her to hack into a certain place in return. After letting more people in and waiting, the corp presence ended and the trio went to attempt to break into an apartment. Faye tried, but quickly realized the door was not program based, so she was unable to help and then left. On her way out she "spoke" a bit with Rachel and then went back to the bar to try to make synth drugs once again. This time, she actually succeeded in making LSD for synths. It wasn't the best, but it worked. (Nat 10) They gave it to Ori to try it out before going back in to set up Rivett for charging. Once outside, she was asked by Sasa and Charles to hack Rachel's synth, as she had gotten into trouble and her mother had been kidnapped by Trident.

Faye had no trouble hacking into the synth and relaying to the trio what it did, and afterwards, Sasa asked her to go with them to check Rachel's house for bugs and her computer. Faye did so, found no bugs, and relayed the contract in Rachel's computer and the missed request for a meeting. After this and some arguing between Charles and Sasa, they went back to the bar. Charles and Sasa discussed with Rachel what to do next, and eventually decided that Rachel should try to set up a meeting to work things out. Eventually, Rachel was sent out and once she was gone, Sasa and Charles went on a heated discussion about the row, the struggles of the people and having to work with corps, with Sasa being very hostile towards anyone who made any sort of corp deal, and Charles defending those that did. Eventually Charles left and Sasa asked Faye if she thought she was a monster. Faye did not respond and Sasa left as well. Faye went back to the bunker and slept in the medpod that night.

Episode 5

It's unclear what happened today, but it seems that aside from helping Gus and his new synth R0n with a virus Gus got after attempting to deck into Masaru intel, Faye remained in the bar attending to any customer that walked in.

Episode 6

Faye's new mask

Faye woke up on her room shortly before hearing the sounds of Rivett struggling. After finding him locked inside a microwave and releasing him, she got a small tablet with some intel for Coach before going to deliver it to him. She then wandered around, got a burger from the restaurant which was being managed by Rachel that day, and returned to the bar where three gang members walked in asking for strong alcohol and a doctor, as one of them got shot. After giving them a drink and arranging for them to see Dash, she just wandered around and found Ryder, who requested payment for those batteries. Faye took her to the bar, had a small interaction with Vee, attempted to infuse an Autodecker for Ryder before realizing that she had to use a crafting table, and so Ryder took her to the garage where she infused the Autodecker. After this, Sasa asked for Faye to help with cleaning the video feed in Rachel's bot from anything incriminating. She did, though apparently she decided to add monkey pictures to it. Not sure how that's gonna go. After wandering around for a bit, she was informed by Proteus that their contract had reached its conclusion and that she could extend it, meanwhile Rivett got an upgrade to his churro cannon, doubling the launch distance.

Shortly after the upgrade, a wandering trader showed up selling an Autolockpick, and Faye bought it, but she was suspicious about whether or not it was safe, so she proceeded to look for people to examine it. As Rivett was getting Bertram to check it, the two of them were held at gunpoint by a gang and robbed. Faye tried to get Proteus to help them, but he didn't understand. After those two got robbed, they still gave Bertram the Autolockpicker after a small talk with Loch. Faye went back to the bar where Xia proceeded to ask her in Coach's behalf to basically audit the row and form a list of who owns what buildings. She agreed to this. After attending to Bertram in the bar, she took a small break and wandered around. As she did, she found Charles and got some crafting materials from him. After this she went back to the bar where Gus and Ron came back to get some fake IDs from her and get her to go down to the wastelands. After convincing Ron to try some synth drugs from her, they grouped up with Chester and made their way down to try again.

Once inside, going back to the tower was a little easier, and immediately once inside, the group received masks that Chester had made them. Rivett's looked like a helmet, and could make him pass off as another synth, assuming they didn't look at him from the sides or behind. Faye's mask looked just like Horizon. Shortly after, Faye went straight to work and with an unknown roll, she finally made some progress in protecting the tower from corp interference. As Faye wasn't certain if it was enough, the group went to get some money to try a shitpost that could work as a test of the security, right after talking about many things in the past. After getting Henderson McCuldger who lend them 100k credits, the group called a pizza joint in the Uppercity and bought 65 pizzas, with the intention of making sure they'd be unable to deliver them in less than 30 mins, and as such get the pizza for free. Shortly after this, Faye headed back to the row. There she spoke with Bat and Qwinn and offered to sell them synth drugs, however nothing came of it as Qwinn's systems crashed (Disconnected from map). After this, Faye went back to her home and made some new synth drugs, but these were worse than the last (Nat 2). After this, she went back to sleep.

Episode 7

Faye slept through the day. (DNA)

Episode 8

Faye and Ryder discussing fortifications

Faye woke up, annoyed that Rivett hadn't woken her up. She checked the news on her PC and eventually, a message was transmitted to all devices in the row by Trident. The corp speaking claimed that they would begin humanitarian efforts to save the row. After this and a short talk with Sasa, she left to listen to a row meeting in the DD. Eventually she wandered around and began trying to deck into the train system of the row from the church, to no avail. She returned but the meeting was over, so instead she sold Bat some synth drugs for Qwinn. After doing this, they began going to people and telling them about electrolytes in the water and it being dangerous to synths, for some reason, and they got back to wandering.

Eventually, Ryder came to talk to her about using the Bar as a safety point if the row ever gets assaulted like the last few times, and she suggested reinforcing the doors and walls. Faye agreed, and they began their work by setting up another shock trap at the entrance to the sewers. At one point during the day, Rivett called it, but Faye stayed active. Some Trident dude came to the row to talk in behalf of peace, and she eventually came back to the bar. After a little while, she went to take a break in her room, and when she returned, Ryder needed to talk to her. They went into Faye's room and Ryder told her that Xia had mentioned the bunker/hangar Faye owned. She then proceeded to guilt trip Faye into letting the row folks stay in there, though this backfired and Faye refused, even going as far as to remove Bunker access from every single person in the row, except for herself. Even Rivett got excluded.

After this, she got an offer from Xia to hack into Avalon, but declined, she got a Masaru PDA from Rachel, made some inquiries online of what Avalon and Lazarus are, and after a short talk with Sasa, she went to get some dinner treats from Rachel. After eating some of it and resting in her room for a bit, she went with Sasa to look for an Arena dude to hire him and get some target practice but they were unable to find them. However, something interesting happened during this trip. Faye received a message sent to the private Grindstone servers. The message, sent by an individual known only as Jolly Roger, said: "Hey Legion, you still active? You've been dead for far too long.". Faye responded by saying it depends on who's asking and the individual replied by inquiring about their ship. Faye confirmed they had it and Roger responded by asking her if she wants to make some credits. When Faye inquired, he stated that the local node was back up and running, and they needed a ship they could rely on, so they requested to rent the ship. The "Local node" statement must have meant something to her, as she agreed to letting them rent the ship. Roger responded by saying they would not regret it and that they would begin transferring funds, offering to give her more details later and saying "Yarr Harr and shit. Peace."

After this, she found Gus and Ron, who had a new chassis, she went to the bar, updated Ron's ID and was informed by Gus that Titan was probably back and that Horizon objective was being completed by the crew. After some hits from her PTSD, she went to sleep in the bunker.

Episodes 9 to 13

Sasa learns Faye isn't just an immature decker

This day was one of many in a series of relatively slow days. In day 9, Faye confirmed her deal with Jolly Roger, being a you get me a ship, I give you money when I use it. She kept working on her drugs, running the bar, gathering info on the election and nothing much happened. She did get a crate of shock grenades from Chester though. The next day, she got her first request for her ship. The ship automatically made its way to the undercity, took the runners to their mission and returned safely. She tried doing some minor things for Coach, hacking into some bombs the row folks found to disable them and went to the wastelands to watch Dash race. He didn't win. She did more drug work and called it a day. The day after she stayed inside.

On day 12, she tried to get Proteus to do some smith work for her but the man was drunk out of his mind and shot at Faye one time. She gave Bat some decking lessons and stole more info of the election, confirming that Coach got 10 votes won, by one vote, as the closest runner up was Xia, with 9 votes. She asked him if he had any work for her and gave her some minor things to do. He also told her about getting some information and keeping it to herself, without even telling Rivett. We don't know what this information was. She did eventually give Proteus some iron so that he would melt it for her. After running around some more, helping Rachel by clearing out her drone of anything incriminating, and tasing Charles for fun, she called it a day.

On day 13, she got some minor missions from Coach, got the offer of being brought up to the Uppercity (though she didn't go through with it), collected her smelted Iron, donated blood to the medbay and had a talk with Sasayaki. The woman told Faye that the upper booth leading to the bunker had been rented by some runners. After some prodding, Faye name dropped Jolly Roger and Sasayaki admitted to knowing him, showing some surprise to her knowing him. She said that Roger had a ship, and she had no idea where he got it. After Faye asked if Sasa was connected to the network, she led Sasa to the bunker at long last, and showed her the ship. Sasayaki in shock asked Faye what her runner name was, but before Faye could answer, she was called away. Faye set up some bugs in the booth the runners were using, but nothing valuable was said. She eventually went to the wasteland to see if anyone over there could make things for her, and upon return, she decided, for some reason, to give Rivett split personalities. After doing this and having a weird interaction with some girl that looked like a child and was followed by what could only be described as a synth ghost, she went back to her room and called it a day early.

Episode 14

Faye began her day by talking to Sasa, and going to Kuiper's Cybernetics shop. There, she bought 20 wireless cameras and placed them back in her home. After running home and having a small talk with Coach, she headed to the noodle shop and got herself some food. After hanging out in the bar for awhile with Charles and Sasa, and after Rachel joined the trio, they headed down to the Undercity to check the place out. Faye however, did not stay with the group in the undercity, as she received a notification from the wastelands. Horizon had gone online. She quickly ran out of the undercity and into Scraptown. Once there she ran straight to the radio tower, and when she didn't find him there, she went out to look for Gus and Chester so they would take her to him. She found Chester eventually, and once she asked for Horizon, Chester called over Gus to talk to her. Gus revealed that Horizon wasn't alive, but they sort of were. Their decker implant had an AI they made, for whatever reason. This AI basically gave Horizon DID and served as part of him. While the fleshy Horizon was dead, the AI was not, and Gus was working on a means to make them capable of communicating with the other folks. Faye ordered him to hand over the AI to her, and he refused, saying that he was invested in this and he had to do this. He wanted her to let him finish for everyone's sake. However, before the talk could finish, a blip in reality erased everyone from existence. (VRChat broke, session was suspended.)

Episode 14.5

Faye inquiring about Sten's wares

After the blip was reversed, Faye and Gus finished their conversation and Faye and Rivett headed to Sten Berglund's gunshop where she bought two shock grenades he had on stock, and a nail gun. She then went back to the row, tested the nail gun in the gun range and went back to the bar. She eventually went back to her room to work on a defense program of sorts, and after going back to the bar for a bit, she received a notification that someone tried to break into the Grindstone's sewer access. After finding out it was some random Wastelander folks just snooping around, she went with Rivett and the box of cameras to set up a surveillance system in the sewers. She eventually received a call from Chester, were he requested his help for hacking into the "big decking doors" in the sewer. And so the duo went off to look for them. They got the one under the gun shop first, she broke into it and Chester went in first in case it had explosives. After confirming it was picked clean, he checked the upper segment of it and it did have explosives. The duo left shortly after. They also checked another big door in the sewers, but Faye was unable to break into it. During this period, Chester gave Faye an adrenaline shot that would increase her defenses and a regenerative shot. After this, he left and Faye finished the surveillance rig on the sewers, being the first person to have eyes on what lies bellow the row. When she came back, she walked in on Sasa talking to a dude with a pirate hat.

The dude recognized her rather quickly and after confirming that she was Legion, he confirmed that he was Jolly Roger. After this, he continued his talk with Sasa about "The big one" and how they needed to rescue a VIP from a Trident "Reeducation Facility" After Charles arrived, Roger went on his way. After some small talk, Sasa offered Faye to join this run, and she agreed. After some ptsd hits and seeing people crowding the gun shop after it detonated, she called it a day and went to sleep in the bunker's medpod.

Episode 15

Faye decking into the helmets of the Trident guards after blocking their radio system

This day was the run day. Rivett was lost in the undercity somewhere, so he was gone for the day. After talking to Sasa for a bit, Faye went to her room and made six fake IDs with a roll of 17+5. After a bit of talking to Sasa and her convincing Faye to give her access to the HQ for the day, Faye went out to the hospital to get some Anxiety meds. Afterwards, she spent a bit of time hanging out with some row folks and having a card reading session with them, which helped calm her nerves. After this, she went back to the bar and spoke to Chester, who gave her a life alert. Press the button, and he will show up wherever she is after some time. Afterwards, she got on her runner outfit, the outfit she used as Dawn and the Horizon mask, and went out to join the runners, but not before giving Charles a hug. After all the runners gathered, Faye showed them to the HQ and the runners got on the ship and went on their way. Eventually, they arrived on the Trident site.

Despite them having a pretty skilled combat decker, Faye's superior decking prowess made her a life saver on this run. She decked a synth that was able to detect invisibility to get it to not detect it, she hacked the cameras to track the location of their VIP and allowed the runners to know exactly where they were going, she blocked the soldiers from using their radios when the group got caught, and also completely blinded them through decking to allow the runners to kill them swiftly. This girl was instrumental to the runner's success. Eventually, they made it to the VIP, released him, and he began telling Faye about how he worked at the facility that had complete access to the city's cameras, and could teach the runners how to get in. As the crew was running away, Faye got shot twice. Once from a small weapon, after which she took the defense booster Chester gave her, and a second one, which she responded to by taking a regenerative after they were in the clear and waiting for the ship to return. And so, they were discovered, but the mission was successful and no one died. After Sasa threw all the runners out of the bunker and Charles checked up on her, the two took Faye to get her checked out at the clinic. Faye was fine, however one of the bullets she took was stuck in her leg, and due to her using a regenerative, the doctors couldn't remove the bullet from her body that day without the risk of inducing cancer in her, so they made her stay in the clinic and scheduled surgery on her first thing in the morning. And so, after her first run in a year, and after caressing the ears of the new doctor, she went to sleep in the medical bed.

Episode 16

Faye laying down on Rachel's couch after her surgery

Faye's day began in the clinic, with the bunny synth showing up early to treat her leg. Faye had a few anxiety attacks as she was not being knocked out for the surgery, but reaching for and touching the doctor's ears helped her stay calm. Eventually the surgery was completed and Faye was given some time to rest. After waiting for a bit and hearing some weird stuff happening with Jimmothy, Faye left the medbay to go to the bar and get her hoverboad. After being intercepted by Charles and Sasa who both asked how she was, she was asked by Rachel to help her with de-chiping and reprogramming some sweepos. Faye helped with a small one in her room, and a big one in Rachel's apartment, though the work on the big one didn't go so well. After some galivanting around and returning to the bar, Chester arrived once again bearing gifts. He supplied Faye with a truth potion and a shield grenade. After this, the two of them went out to find Rivett, who was lost in the Undercity somewhere. They found him, and after wandering around for a bit and talking to the undercity residents, they headed back to the row.

Once back in the Row, Ryder asked Faye for the codes to the Grindstone again, as they were supposedly still working on reinforcing the bar. After giving them to her, she went back to the bar where Sasayaki asked them to release a synth called ERR from their gang overlords. Faye assisted as best as she could, and Sasayaki told the synth to return to their gang for a while, to act as an informant. Eventually Rachel asked for Faye's help to set up a trap for more Sweepos. After going to Ryder and getting her to modify one of Faye's shock grenades into a landmine, they set up the trap right as a Sweepo executive was walking by. The exec was none the wiser and went on her way. After this, the two went on their way and Faye went to sleep in the bunker.

Episode 17

Faye being questioned by Kuiper as to the status of the synth

Faye started her day by running around with Rachel and hiding the Sweepo they captured. As they were doing so, Faye received a signal from ERR near the scrapyard, and after looking for a bit, she found a severely damaged ERR. Faye was quick to find people to help take him to the Second Hand shop, where with the help of Kuiper and Clayton "Wrench" Brohdey they fixed up the synth and found out that they were broken down by their gang. After apologizing and telling him that if he wanted, he could work in the grindstone and live there, Faye went back to her bar, where she found Qwinn and got them a new batch of synth drugs. These however did not work out so well as Faye had to clean up their code later due to them having a breakdown and being forced into a shutdown. As this was happening however, Faye received a notification that someone was trying to hack into her systems, so Faye quickly finished up and checked up on the bar, only to find a stranger inside.

Faye tried to question the individual, but they acted non-chalant. After quickly checking the bar for more intruders and seeing one, she picked up a revolver from the backroom and chased the intruders into the sewers alongside Rivett. However as she was looking for them, she found a group of Bull Gangsters with a combat synth. Faye quickly scrambled to get back to the bar and pick up a shock grenade while the gangsters messed with and damaged Rivett before going back up to look for them. She found one, activated the shock grenade and tossed it at them after firing two shots, however these seemingly did nothing to them and as such they ran back to the bar. After a bit of freaking out and shaking, they saw the sewer door be broken down by the synth and ran out of the bar to try to find help. People converged on the bar very quickly and took down the assailants without even realizing that Faye was aware of the situation. After a bit more of freaking out, checking the cameras, and just wandering around, Chester showed up once again, this time with a custom made Sniper Rifle and five mags for Faye. After supplying her with these things, Faye helped clean up the bar, showed Charles that the sewer door was broken down, waited around some more and went to sleep on her bed.



  • Tech savvy: Faye is capable of building complicated Gizmos and Gadgets for whatever she may require. (+2 to Technician/Mechanical Crafting.)
  • Eye augmentation: Enhanced sight, night vision, scanning and recording.
  • Hoverboard: Access to Haste, falling damage reduced while using board.


  • Nintenwhoa: Decking Tool.
  • Xray Tablet: Currently attached to Nintenwhoa. Can be used to locate individuals through walls if Faye has camera access and invisibility if on direct line of sight through heat detection.
  • Fly Drone: Small, can fly, needs full focus to be controlled properly, can see/hear through it.
  • Flashbang: Will blind you.
  • Taser: Shocking, isn't it?
  • Attuned Heat Resistance: Attached to her soul and business shirt.
  • Gas Mask: Vizor included.
  • Extra mask: Quite familiar, isn't it?
  • Row Shotgun: For the back of the bar.
  • Shock Grenades: Four left.
  • Shield Grenade: Forms a Hardlight dome shield around explosion site.
  • Nail Gun: Better for crafting than fighting.
  • Row Pistol: Not the best, nor the worst.
  • Row Revolver: Solid and accurate.
  • Row Sniper: Custom made for her. 5 mags left.
  • Chester Life Alert: Press the button, and he will come.
  • Truth Potion: Where does Chester get all these things?
  • Scrap: 4-5 pieces.
  • Tech Part: Three regular and one higher grade.
  • Iron: 3 regular, one other.


  • Physically weak: Is less durable, tires faster, can't hold up weapons heavier than a size accurate Shometsu Sniper. Struggles with weights that even people of her size or smaller can manage with ease. Her punches feel like a kitten's soft paw on your leg. (-90 Mundane resistance)
  • Mute from injury: Self explanatory.
  • Anxiety: This girl has been through way too much for someone of her age. She sometimes suffers from mental breakdowns and separation issues. She is also defensive with relationships.


  • PTSD: Unsurprising given the collection of trauma inducing events the girl has gone through. The only confirmed triggers are the wasteland, Horizon and strange aliens.


  • Faye used to get separation anxiety if she was ever separated from her computer tablet. The separation anxiety seems to have transferred itself to her Nintenwhoa.
  • Faye's current decking level is 6, which makes her second best PC decker in ND behind BR-16, however she also has MechTech 2, which is enhanced to MechTech 4 for the purpose of crafting due to her Major Edge.
  • Ever since getting nearly touched by a shadow/death elemental, Spaz's twitch chat has made a running joke where after every traumatic even or less than nice thing she does, she gains corruption. If I remember correctly, last I heard her corruption score was at 25000, whatever that means.
  • As part of her first disguise in S2, Faye has a face mask which belonged to another character made by Spazkoga, called Five. It is not stated how she got this mask, but we assumed she picked it off of Five's severed head.
  • Faye's full name appears to be Faye Luk, and in the fake ID she made to disguise herself after getting compromised for the first time, she renamed herself to Baye Luk. A safety hazard if you ask me.
  • Faye has got a certain obsession with magic that has led her to steal several magical items from the sanctum, even if she doesn't know what to do with them.
  • Faye's official runner nickname is Crane. It's unclear whether she likes it or not.
  • Faye was surprisingly careful and afraid during the Golden Lance run. In the past, we didn't know why, but now, its not hard to figure it out.
  • The fact that Faye didn't wear any shoes had made her significantly more recognizable than any other feature of hers. If you saw a mute decker that didn't wear anything on their feet, it was Faye. At least before getting compromised at Trident.
  • Faye now has three bounties on her head from three different corporations, all of which have a reward of 1.5 million credits. Meaning that whoever kills her will net themselves a whooping 4.5 million credits.
  • Much to Spaz's dismay, in session 17 (S2), Faye's 2nd and newest disguise (as of the time of writing this) was immediately compromised and now Spaz needed to make yet another avatar.
  • Both Faye's voice and Rivett's were done by WifiPunk. He waited for Spaz to tell him what to say for Faye before switching to her voice and saying it.
  • Faye seems pretty intent on having most jobs she does for favors instead of money and vice versa. Spaz's twitch chat jokingly calls these Fayevors.
  • Faye is currently the second character in ND that carries a helmet of one of the members of Daft Punk.
  • It appears, though there is no proof or statement to back it, that the Hoverbike Rook was gonna give Faye was retconned and swapped for her Hoverboard instead. She might have both, but it seems unlikely, as no effort has been made to extract/retrieve it.
  • Faye's hoverboard has an art piece of another character of Spazkoga, which is Spazkoga's original character in the world of VRChat. The PC in the terminal above the bar has a background photo of Spaz's current hangout model, a character called Liak.
  • For some reason, Spaz's chat was shipping Horizon with Faye. The official ship name became Horizon zero Dawn. Some people were so dedicated to it that the death of Horizon hurt them immensely.
  • Given that Faye disabled the nanites she got in episode 17 within the Shattered Legion Headquarters, the location was compromised. However, with the death and trauma most Avalon personnel endured, it appears she might be safe for now.
  • On session 21, when Faye and Horizon wake up from having taken refuge in Voxine's home, the two were sleeping on the same bed. Have fun, degenerates.
  • One of the most liked comments in one of the latest episodes of ND in Spaz's Youtube (as of the time of writing this) is about Faye's Cake. Just thought this was something that should be known.
  • Most, if not all of the times Faye has been in trouble due to luck. It appears her luck wants her to suffer, but survive, like most of the twitch chat does. (This did not age well.)
  • Faye doesn't know much about her past, but others do. While she believes Trident is responsible for what happened to her family, it was really Rook who caused it. As he was the one who ordered the bombing of the city Faye lived on when she was a little kid.
  • Due to the pod that was used to save Faye's life, she had been infected with an alien mutation. However, it seems like this has been pretty much retconned. Is it really a retcon if it was never revealed though?
  • In the recording Horizon left behind for their friends, they stated they had developed feelings for Ryzy, which means the ship would have never happened, Emma.
  • Faye has lost many guns over her life, like Rebel Yell, which was destroyed, but what she has lost the most has been sniper rifles. The list so far is: One standard corp sniper (S1), One customized sniper (S2) and one Shometsu Sniper (S2).
  • Faye has a deadman switch. Apparently, if her vitals go dark for a long enough time, automated messages will be sent to some people. The only confirmed person to receive such message is Charles. There is no information as for the content of these messages.
  • For most of the existence of ND, Spaz himself had no idea what Faye's major edge (Tech Savvy) actually did. It was only during the in-between season break after season 2 that they decided to solidify the major edge as an excuse for Faye being able to create her gadgets. It was only less than an hour before session 3 of season 3 (S3S3) that Spaz received word that Faye would be allowed to craft gadgets two levels higher than her current Mechanica/Technician levels. Better late than never!
  • Faye used to own a cloaking device she had been given by Shometsu and never returned. However, she seems to have misplaced it for this season. The OOC explanation for this is that with S3, the crafting system was introduced, and as such any loot that isn't job important or edge relevant was removed to reset everyone and allow the new system to shine.
  • Spaz's twitch chat went absolutely ape shit when they saw the new model for Faye. Never seen so many people get horny so quickly over just thighs.
  • Rivett ships Faye with pretty much anyone she spends some form of interaction with and is also male.
  • We may learn more about them soon, but this individual Jolly Roger messaged the Grindstone directly and referred to them as Legion, which means that whoever this individual was, they must have been one of the organization's old connections from S1 or perhaps even before that.
  • Due to her deal with Jolly Roger, the Undercity Shadowrunner manager, Faye has now become the Undercity's Flight Master, and the Shattered Legion HQ has become a Shadowrunner Hub Area (Currently inactive) with the hangar becoming a Fast Travel Point. We're using ALL the game terms on this one.
  • Spaz has confirmed that Faye goes to sleep on the bunker's med pod whenever she doesn't feel safe, and that the pod can be programmed to make the person inside feel things. Good things.
  • Faye is afraid of needles. Not enough that it stopped her from donating blood, but still worth noting.
  • Spaz did not show up to session 11 because his dog, Vin, had gotten out of the house and lost. They retrieved the puppy in about three days.
  • Faye, despite her anxiety and PTSD, did an actually wonderful job during the run. Even with all the trauma, she is still an expert on her field.
  • Due to the ability modifiers being capped at +5, Spaz has decided to diversify Faye into Mechanica after all.


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