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Faye is a young woman in charge of security at her mentor Rook's bar, "The Grindstone", located in Callous Row the slums of the futuristic Savior City. While physically weak and mute from an injury, she is skilled with electronics and computer hacking. She works as an inventor, building devices in exchange for money.

Via Rook she is a member of "The Shattered Legion", a secret organization out to fight against the mega-corporations.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Born and raised in a town on the planet Cyphus I, Faye studied computer technology at an early age under the guidance of her parents.

She was separated from her parents during The War of Unification when her home planet was attacked by the Trident corporation. She was able to escape together with a soldier named Rook who fought for the Union, the losing side, against the corporations. Together they made their way to Callous Row on Corvanis 3, the slums she describes as "a dump", in the shadows of the massive Savior City.

Working on setting up a security system to monitor all activity, she aims to attack the corporation Trident to figure out the location of her parents - if they survived.

She lives with Rook in his bar "The Grindstone" and aims to protect him in exchange for the shelter he gives her and access to information to achieve her goals.


Season 1 Rundown

Faye spent the first half of the first season aiding Rook's objectives and being herself. Due to some unfortunate timings of the death of certain people, Faye began feeling like people died the moment she got close to them and she began getting depressed. Not much of interest happened to her until the Avalon infiltration.

After finding out Bo had been kidnapped by Nirvana, Faye volunteered herself to be the decker for the rescue mission. The mission resulted in them getting caught, but they managed to escape with Bo. As a result of the failed escape attempt, Alfons was nearly executed and Desmond was nearly killed protecting him, but with Faye and the other decker's aid the clinic managed to save their lives. However, this was not the only thing to come from that as there now was a bounty on the heads of everyone who participated in the rescue mission, and a particular bounty hunter had set their sights on these bounties.

Kaiphus The Collector began hunting down the people responsible for the mission. He managed to kill Felix Dolore who Faye had just begun befriending. As expected, this added to her mental state.

Besides almost getting the touch of death from a Shadow elemental, Faye didn't have any major involvements until the Shometsu raid. Lange Pliskin, after getting his shit kicked in by the Row, decided to lead a kill team in an effort to get revenge. Faye tried to aid the Row, but that was quickly stopped by Kaiphus, who picked just the right time to show up and look for other targets. He intercepted and shot Faye, struck her in the head, and after fending off Conk in his effort to protect her, took her to the incinerator.

As he was taking her there, he began taunting her. He placed her right at the edge of the incinerator and began mocking her, telling her that if she told him to spare her, he would. Faye responded with a yawn which caused Kaiphus to be impressed by her defiance. After this, the Collector offered her a deal: Sell out Rook, and live. Right when she was indicating that she wasn't taking that deal, the announcement system played as Lange was delivering a message to the Row. Faye took this opportunity to crouch down and shoot Kaiphus with her sniper rifle, but the shot seemingly did nothing but annoy the bounty hunter, as he shot her in her legs and hands and left her to die.

She, however, was saved by Leilani, who used her healing magic to keep her alive at a price: The fall of the magic barrier keeping Quixote from entering the grove. This allowed Quixote to plant a bomb and blow up the entire Undercity. Something that Faye, of course, blamed herself for.

After taking a short trip to the med bay, Faye had a sentimental talk with Rook, and he found out who was responsible for injuring her. He was missing the entire next day, until Faye received a signal and headed down to the basement with Gregor Loch Brunswick, Charles Rask, and some others. In there they found a terminal which showed that Rook had endured critical damage and had taken a dangerous amount of drugs to keep himself going. He had left her a message indicating that he had gone to kill the person that harmed her and that he had left her a gift. The young girl took this as hard as expected. After a short talk it was decided that she had to go with the group that planned to go to the Retribution ship, as they could use its scanners to find Rook and Faye was the only one capable of doing so. She then went to investigate the supposed gift and found The Rebel's Yell, a hand cannon built and ornamented by Rook for his daughter. The hand cannon was engraved with orcish runes with poetry and the weapon itself was high caliber. Faye would become heavily attached to this gun.

And so Faye went with the Retribution group to the infested ship and hacked, fought, and sneaked her way into the command center, where the group commanded the ship to self-destruct while flying into the system's star. On that same center, Faye used the ship's scanners to locate Rook, and after a quick and stressful retreat back to the ship, they were on their way back to Savior City and prepared for the next step.

After arriving, treating their own wounds, and making sure they weren't infected, the group prepared itself to head up to the upper levels and find Rook. They headed up and entered the Astral Corp headquarters that Rook had mowed through. As they walked by the corpses that filled the facility, they noticed that some of these were missing. But this was not their biggest concern, as when the crew decided to split off, Kaiphus the Collector made his presence known.

Faye, now on high alert, started looking around with her scanner and was quick to realize that it allowed her to see through Kaiphus' invisibility, as she noticed he was standing right behind her. Quick on her feet she snapped backwards, grabbed her sniper, and shot the man point blank, but his armor was able to withstand the blow and he retreated. This was followed by the Collector playing cat and mouse with Faye and the rest of the group. Faye continued to use her scanner to get a read on the Collector's location and fire at him, after which Loch would unload his rifle at the area where she shot. This did not stop the Collector from managing to get some hits in and laughing cockily afterwards.

After they rushed their way to the terminal where they saw Rook on the scanners, they realized he was gone. He had been taken. Faye's scanner ceased working momentarily and after getting all the information they could, they opened the door to exit the room they were in, only to find zombies. Now they had to deal with the infested AND the Collector, as he continued to strike and shoot the crew, and even managed to deliver a knockout punch to Faye. Luckily, they managed to take her and the rest of the crew out of there into the Row and to the brothel, where the medical team was taking cover for matters of safety. They made sure everyone was okay, and after some time and the Necromancer presenting himself technically for the first time, Faye received a signal on her now working scanner. She discovered that Rook's signal was now underneath her. Following this discovery she and the Retribution crew descended into the ruins of the Undercity and entered a cave system which led them to the Necromancer's Lair. And so, after the magic users arrived, the team got ready to charge in.

During the mission, Faye did not have many points of interest. She shot the zombies, let people know whenever she saw enemies so they would keep their guards up, and continued to aid in any way she could. Eventually, Faye witnessed R.G.-2's death, as he sacrificed himself to save Leilani. R.G.-2 was part of the Retribution crew, and given that, this only worsened her mental state.

Eventually however, a group of mercenaries was killed, the hordes were pushed back, and the magic users killed the Necromancer and his most dangerous creation. With that, Rook was set free. The two of them were reunited and they returned to the bar, safe and sound.

Season 2

Season 2 Episode 1

Faye realizing Rivett said something dumb

Not much happened here. Faye woke up with her new haircut and Sniper Rifle. She spoke to Rook and some people and then activated Rivett, a robot which is apparently capable of reading her thoughts, which makes communication with others much easier, if the robot decides to cooperate. After this she attempted to take the bot to the bank to register it to her, but after the bot's voice malfunctioned and several heavy headaches from Faye, she decided to call it a day early.

Season 2 Episode 2

Faye registering Rivett to her

This day was eventful, in heavy contrast to the first day. Faye got Rivett registered, bought some parts to upgrade him, and got herself ready to go to the Upper City with Rook, as they were planning to set bugs and generally spy on people during the arena event. After an initial interaction from these two with some of the corps, Rook left and told Faye that she should meet up with Loch, Warren, and the people that planned to participate in the arena fight. After this however, she met a very familiar person, as the Collector appeared right in front of her and said "Hello again" before disappearing.

She quickly informed the crew and found out that they were gonna fight against the Collector for the event. After some quick interviews, everyone but Faye got down to the arena and began the fight. The crew was obviously outmatched by the bounty hunter, but the man purposely got himself disqualified by appearing right behind the announcer, Mey, and stating that they were doing quite well. In a moment of anger as the battle was over and Mey began singing, Faye pointed her gun at her, a woman who had a full posse of Valkyrie soldiers hired to protect her. Nobody noticed this, which speaks volumes about Valkyrie's ability to be bodyguards. After this the group got to the GU elevators to leave when Loch informed them that the Collector had given them useful information and a warning, for whatever reason.

After heading back down, doing some general galivanting around, and scanning the IDs of as many people as they could, Faye and Rivett called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 3

Two corp guards interrogate Faye

Faye went on an adventure to the Undercity, wishing to explore the place. After having some concerning moments with some of the more creepy looking individuals and reuniting with some lost friends, she received a signal from Rook.

Per Rook's request, Faye headed to the Upper City to gather info on TraVerse. After sneaking into their office and attempting to hack a PC, she was caught by Bobken Zavakian, Blayne Penn, and Damien Masaru. Damien attempted to take her to the Masaru office for interrogation, but on the way Faye ran off and was intercepted by the QRF, commanded by Ian Carthwright Du Pont. After getting restrained and having her Rebel's Yell, sniper rifle, and fake ID taken away from her, she was surrounded by three of the QRF soldiers waiting for orders from their commander who had stepped away. Faye took this as an opportunity to demonstrate her superior decking skills and hacked the soldiers' gear while having her hands restrained behind her and having no contact with them. She then obscured their vision and made them feel sick, which allowed her to make her escape.

As she had a fake ID from X that named her as a Shometsu ghost, her true identity was presumably safe. Even so, just to be sure she acquired a blonde wig from the brothel which was delivered by Dash Spacer. Right as Dash was about to leave, however, Hatsune Shinohara and two armed Trident grunts appeared at the door to the bar. They were looking for Faye and Rook for unclear reasons. The corps headed into the bar, but Faye and Rivett were quick to run into the basement. They acquired guns and waited until the residents of the Row converged on the bar and made the Trident people leave before going to sleep.

Season 2 Episode 4

Faye's new disguise

After getting her new disguise which was comprised of a facemask, black versions of her clothing, and dyeing her hair blonde, she wandered around the bar and drunk some energy drinks while listening to Loch and Rook talk about the situation. Eventually Rook noticed her, and after being surprised about her new looks, he asked her if she had been compromised and told her that everything would be alright. He thereafter talked to some associates and told Faye to help Warren set up his helmet to record stuff for her. Rook then left with Kee’ra Diamond for a date and warned Faye to stay low and manage the bar, since she needs to keep a low profile.

After a while of just running around the bar, she went out slightly to talk to certain people. She spoke with Loch and Warren and asked them if they had snipers on sale, and she talked to Coach Eric to get her new fake ID set up. She also drank a dangerous amount of energy drinks. Eventually Faye and the also disguised Rivett decided that "staying low" meant going as far down as possible and entered the undercity. There she spoke to some old friends, FINALLY got a magic lesson from Ciara Ní Éabha, and acquired some smoke bombs from Bethany Esda, after which she headed back up and called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 5


Season 2 Episode 6

Faye started her day by talking to Rook in her room. Rook asked her to head up to the Shometsu party and try to spy on the people. With a gun and Rivett in tow, Faye headed up to the uppercity.

Once there, she began making her way to the Shometsu sector, and once there, she bought a toy. As she was doing this, a member of the Shometsu corporation, Daitus Obrellum found her and started asking her questions about why she was there. Eventually, she and Rivett managed to come up with an excuse to leave and headed back to the Union tower. Once there, she began thinking of ways she could make it in there. She eventually headed to GEB, and in the way there, she came across a couple of GEB guards. Quickly, she crouched down, and began playing with the toy she bought. The guards approached her, and after a small talk, they left her alone, after which she headed back to Union tower. Lastly, she attempted to get into the Shometsu sector from the TraVerse area, and she was once again intercepted by a guard, which caused her to once again bullshit her way out of there. Eventually, She decided to use her small flydrone and sent it to the Shometsu area. After a small bit of spying on the Shometsu people, she realized that they were sending some security to look for her at the Union Tower. This caused her to quickly fly her drone to her, decide it was too risky to continue, and leave back to the row.

Once back, she was intercepted by Xia, who told her that Dr. Cellulose Universe needed to have a word with her in the medbay. After arriving and talking to Static (CR); Rivett, Cain and her headed down with Doc U. to have their talk. Doc U. made her a job offer. Help her find information on a specific doctor and facility relating to Cain's past, and get paid in the process. Faye accepted. After this she talked with Becky Cantuckit and agreed to help her find shadow crystals in the undercity. After a few run ins with the magic users and Rebecca successfully acquiring a crystal, they headed back up. Once up there, Faye was once again intercepted for a job by Ciara, who needed the help of a highly skilled hacker to find information that could help Anna. Faye agreed, although a little bummed about having to go to Scrap Town. After this, Faye got drunk and took some energy drinks, started galivanting around, and accidentally shot herself in the foot. She then headed back to the medbay, got a regenerative and a crutch from Dash, and then got a ride back to the bar where she called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 7

Faye began her day planning to go to the wastelands to complete her task with Ciara, but as she left and got an energy drink from the bar, A2 approached Rook wishing to talk to him. He took her to the elevated platform and told Faye to come along. Here, A2 revealed that Faye had been noticed going around the Shometsu offices, and informed those two that they were compromised. After finishing the meeting and having a talk with some other members of the row, Rook decided to head up with her to the Corporate sector and attempt to clear their name.

After meeting with Loch and Warren and asking them to join them, they waited for a while, spoke to some mercs, and Rook walked off to attend to some business. Faye was then approached by the Mayor who was frantic about her being compromised, but she shrugged him off, and after he spoke to Rook and left, Faye and Rook met up with Loch and Warren and headed up to the corporate sector.

They first approached TraVerse, planning to clear their name with them and, at the same time, set up a bug on their computers. Rook approached Blayne and Ian about business, and after storing their guns, Faye and Rook went in while the others waited outside. Rook cut straight to business and tried to convince them to clear their name from those allegations in return for some information and/or aid on jobs. After some time and Rook throwing Shinohara under the bus, TraVerse offered their help, at the cost of Faye doing some work for them from time to time. After deliberating for a bit, they agreed to the terms and headed out. They then approached Trident, planning to use the fact that they and TraVerse knew about Shinohara to get the corporation on their pocket, under the guise of wanting to protect Faye from Ellek Myth and setting up a bug at the same time. They were seemingly successful and headed out, returning to the row.

Once in the row, Faye attempted to reach the Doc to give them the information they requested, but they couldn't find her. They then walked into the brothel where A2 approached them and took them to the Red Garden. There, they expressed their desire to have a good relationship with their father, and inquiring about how they planned to deal with the corps being after the duo. They informed her they had resolved the issue, and A2 then warned them about trying to mess with Shometsu again, as they were waiting to apprehend her. She then told them she would be willing to do stuff for them to get on her fathers good graces, after which Faye inquired about acquiring a Sniper Rifle. She told them she would inform them on the price and then headed on her way.

After a small talk with Dagu, they headed down to the undercity to talk to Ciara, and after failing to reach her, they wandered around into the grove. She was then spotted by the groves guardian and ran out. They hid beneath some mushrooms, but they were found nonetheless. The guardian warned them to never come into the grove again, and after leaving, Faye began trying to clean herself out, realizing she now had a rash, probably from the mushrooms. After dumping herself in the sewer and then the Hotsprings, she wandered around, talked to Loch, had a talk with the Runemaker, stared at some Shometsu folks, and then headed back to the Row, came into the bar and called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 8

Faye began her day by immediately having a talk with Rook, who told her to stay in the bar and to let him know if a red jacket corp went to look for him. She, however, didn't listen as she immediately found Rebecca, asked her to help her and left to the Uppercity with Rivett to make a deal with Talaris and get her old stuff back from TraVerse. Once in the Masaru sector, they met Calliope Keres and Riley Knox, who after a short introduction, guided the trio into the offices. The objective of this meeting was to make a deal with the Masaru corp to manufacture a magical gun of some sort, and they wanted to speak to Damien about it. As they wandered around the offices, Rebecca and the Masaru corps left Faye alone near a terminal. She used this opportunity to hack into the terminal and gather information. After a bit, the Masaru people found her, but she was already done and the corps were non the wiser.

After a bit, Damien arrived and acted with surprise to seeing Faye again. Given that Damien had told her to come to him during the initial TraVerse scuffle, Damien did not act aggressively. As they were talking, Faye made the offer to Damien, and after some discussion, they agreed to help as long as Faye helped Masaru with access to the Necromancers Lair. After this, she left the Masaru offices, went to TraVerse, talked with them about her old guns, came up short and left, with the knowledge that if anyone has her guns, it's the QRF.

After this, she headed to the row, finally delivered the intel to the doc at the med bay and received information that a gang of sorts was attacking people they thought had deals with corps, and then headed out into the undercity, as she wished to acquire some crystals. After even more scuffles with the mages and agreeing to owing a favor to the mages in exchange for a shadow crystal, Faye acquired her own and left. She then stored it in her room, went to the bar, opened it up for a bit and then called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 9

Faye immediately left to the bar and stood by Rook, as he and the lads were planning the raid on a stranded ship in the wastelands, known as The Golden Lance. She aided Cap'n Angelina Greasepalms by removing the ID lock on the Corporate grade Sniper Rifle she scavenged, showed some intel to the team and linked their coms. Eventually, Faye was asked by Rook if she wanted to be a part of this run, and she almost immediately agreed. And so, "Crane", as Rook codenamed her for the run, went with the crew to the wastelands, into the truck, and to the Golden Lance with a couple of social stops before leaving the city.

Faye proved herself to be a Major asset during this mission, as the best decker in the row as of that time. Faye hacked into several terminals, opening the way and extracting information for the crew that they would have been unable to get otherwise, however she had to endure the pain of being the only info gatherer while also being a mute. A truly unfortunate fate, as it was very difficult for her to actually relay her intel. Eventually the crew encountered a strange living biomass, that was luckily not the undead. At one point, the crew arrived to a reactor room where they intercepted two different crews. Some wastelanders, and GEB corps. The GEB corps immediately opened fire on them, but they were outnumbered and outgunned, which resulted in their deaths, and eventually the wastelanders and runners melded together just in time to begin repelling what seemed like an endless line of raiders/bandits.

The assault seemed never ending, and eventually the runners managed to get to a control room. Outside the window, there was a GEB ship and Faye immediately began hacking into it to get her crew an escape route. Loch ordered everyone to protect Faye, as she needed complete focus for this to work. Eventually she succeeded, even fending off a counterhack, but a sniper from an unknown location shot her with a power rifle on her arm, shredding it. The runners managed to retreat to the ship and left that hell, but sadly, Faye was unable to redirect the ship and it instead took them to the Uppercity. Fortunately, Loch and Athologoth managed to bullshit their way into getting their wounded help and being let free.

After taking the injured to Avalon and getting her arm in a sling, Faye left and was intercepted alongside Charles by Ian. The man told them that he's trying to protect Faye for Rook's sake but that there's only so much he can do, and she needs to be careful. Afterwards, they left to the row. Faye went directly to the bar, entered the basement, scanned herself in the medbay to make sure Avalon didn't put anything weird in her, and then called it a day.

Season 2 Episodes 10 through 13.

It is difficult to gather information on what happened in these episodes (As Spazkoga was unable to stream them.). We know that in episode 10, Rook saw her with the cast and wanted to celebrate her drawing blood. At some point, she went with Coach to the uppercity, before breaking away and going to TraVerse to introduce herself to the corp, after which she ended her day early (Computer crashed). Faye stayed in on episode 11 (Did not attend) and what she did on episode 12 is unclear, although it appears nothing of true importance happened. On episode 13 however, we can see her and Rook talking in the bar before Jim accidentally reveals her birthday party, after which Rook, annoyed, pulls his daughter aside, reveals that theres gonna be a party for her soon, has an emotional moment with her, and gives her the birthday presents. A new deck, and a Hoverbike, which is not finished yet. Eventually Faye is tasked by Rook to get information on the BR series from TraVerse.

It is unclear what she did after this and on what order. We know she reached Dash to attempt to set up a distraction for the new task, spoke to some people, saw the gang members fire on a Valkyrie Convoy and at some point stole a Mars rifle from said convoy. Other than that, however, we are unsure what happened

Season 2 Episode 14

The Glorious Nintenwhoa

Faye began her day by showing Rook what she had done with her new Deck (Turning it into a gaming/decking tool called Nintenwhoa) and shortly after was told to watch over the bar. After a little bit, she gathered up with Rook again and after some wandering around, she was lead by Rook to her party. In this party, her father made an orcish blood ritual on her as part of his culture and celebrated her, while some of the people got her presents, namely she got one box full of women stuff from Doc U and one box of bones from Charles, who tasked her with making something out of them with her bare hands. After a bit of enjoying the party and watching her father leave to do some business, Faye watched as gang members came in and out of the diamond, as if watching them. Paranoid, Faye, followed by Rivet went to investigate, not learning anything of true importance before talking to the Med Bay synths and then heading to the bar. Shortly after a while, the drow courier Xia got to her and informed her that her decking experience was needed, as a virus was making synths go haywire.

Faye went with a small group to Greasepalms who had her leg and arm hacked by the virus to see if she could help her or learn anything. As she attempted to gather information alongside Maia Seren, Faye rolled a 1 on her skill check while Maia, a lvl 1 decker rolled a 20, which resulted in Faye being unable to do anything while Maia gathering all the info necessary. A thing that frustrated Faye to the point where she gave up trying. After that annoying situation, Faye went back to doing what she always does and spied on people for a bit before heading to the entrance of the bar. There, she was approached by an imposing man in a mask, who requested to talk to Rook. Shortly after, he took off the mask for a couple of seconds before putting it back on, revealing himself to be Loch.

Loch instructed her not to say anything about his identity, warning her that he was gonna clean the row of the corps and that she should keep her mouth shut and her allegiances in check if she didn't want to end up like Desmond and Alex, who had died in an explosion the prior day. He told Faye to inform Rook that the corps were gonna try to kill him and to be careful, that if she saw him like this, she was to refer to him as Silas, and that he was an ally both to her and her father, before leaving to check what some gunshots were. Immediately after he walked away, another man in full techy attire who would later be identified as a Decker called Horizon walked into the alley with their synth. Faye, with curiosity began scanning the man, not sure if it was a synth, and after she stopped, got questioned by the decker about what she tried to do. After the decker asked for who she was, she pulled out her ID, and after he read it, he said that he had been looking for her for a while.

After his bot ran off and a corp came and went, she let him into the bar where he introduced himself and made her a job offer. To go with him for a couple of minutes to Scrap Town where he owned a radio tower. He wanted her to increase the towers security and make it harder to hack. She agreed, and after some more talking, meeting up with a wasteland decker and some more talking, they left to the wastes. Once arriving, they entered his home and operation center shortly after arriving. The two deckers then made separate attempts to improve the security of the tower in their own ways. After she was done, she was asked if she wanted to be credited for the increase in security by Horizon. She said yes before heading back up to the Row.

Season 2 Episode 15


Season 2 Episode 16


Season 2 Episode 17

Faye's new look being compromised immediately

Faye began her day by getting a coat and a mask from the tailor in the row, before going to talk to Rook and meeting with Phil before going to the Uppercity. However shit immediately hit the fan as the Masaru corp was at the entrance into the Uppercity. Once they saw Faye and saw her running away, they immediately started running after her, driven by paranoia. Eventually one of them reached her and burned her to get her to stop. After the corp and some Union reps gathered around her, they eventually realized that this was all a misunderstanding, and as such, after showing annoyance at being told to fire on a civilian because of what seemed like stupidity, Jeremiah Cromwell offered Faye to pay for her medical fees in Masaru's name. This did not go well as while Avalon attempted to id the young lady, they were quick to realize that she was not in any corporate database. Eventually her tablet was taken away from her which led her to become frantic and get drugged. At one point Shometsu arrived at the scene, and once Ikaruga Mitsuyami identified her as Faye, she convinced Avalon to let Shometsu take care of the young lady.

In Shometsu, after some minor interrogation, the corps and Faye came to an agreement. Extract information of the BR series from Trident (Which was the whole reason she was up there in the first place) and be let free as a result. To aid with her mission she was given back her tablet and she was handed a Shometsu cloaking device with a duration of 7 to 10 minutes before needing to be recharged. After Ikaruga went to talk to one of the Trident reps, she herself went into the labs and hacked their tech, however, she ran out of cloaking before she could finish, so after getting the information, she was forced to run the fuck away through a unhacked gate, uncloaked. Whether that was the best way to go or not, it doesn't matter. The young lady managed to get into Shometsu, administer the info after getting reprimanded for just bolting out like that, and then left being "escorted" by Ikaruga while invisible.

Once back in the row, Faye immediately ran to the bar, went to the basement, stored her gear and her new cloaking device (which was never taken from her), and scanned herself on the medbay, discovering tracking nanites in her bloodstream before ending the day. They disabled the nanites as well, though its unclear whether they did this during the day or during the night.

Season 2 Episode 18

Faye's new disguise, with actual footwear

Faye immediately activated Rivett and began packing all of her things. Prior to the day beginning she had sent a message to both Charles and Horizon to ask for their assistance on her relocation and they arrived shortly after Faye began her day. She packed weapons, bullets, decking equipment and all matter of things. Shortly after, she got changed into a different attire, reusing the suit from the Avalon op in season 1, cutting her hair short, and adding a helmet to cover her face. She also added shoes, this possibly being the first time she has not been barefoot. She then pulled the chip out of Rivett's chassi, causing critical damage to it and lighting it on fire, before inserting it into her helmet, which allowed Rivett to see and hear everything that happened, comment on things, and also directly synthesize a voice for Faye.

With her new attire and her things packed up, Faye left with Horizon to the Wastelands where she settled in on the Arcadia Tower under the new name of Dawn (Dahn?). During the trip to the tower, she and Horizon encountered Ryzy on their way there, and let her tag along for the trip before convincing her to give them a tour. During the tour, she encountered some Trident folk and engaged in casual conversation, her disguise working just well enough for them to not identify her. After the tour and meeting the Wastelanders, Faye got herself more properly settled in and bought new cameras for the inside and outside of the tower with Horizon before going back into the tower and setting them up by herself. After this, she took out a new tool from one of the boxes she took. A mini Sweepo that she can control and see through with her tablet. After playing with it for a bit she went on to wander around and talk to the people until she was asked to come along for a hunting mission.

With a small wastelander group which included Mercury and Ryzy, she got on a truck to attract a sandworm to them and kill it for food. However, the attempt was very unsuccessful, as not even with lures, the worms never appeared. After a while, the crew gave up and returned to the town. After that failed attempt, Faye wandered around, spoke to some more wastelanders, wondered in confusion about a sudden rain that rolled into town out of nowhere, and then went back home. As she was getting in, Sheila Faires Dinkum and Toolbox entered the house to ask her who she was and why she was coming into Horizon's house. She informed them of her situation and after Sheila expressed wanting to make sure no one was breaking into anything she and the bot went back out. Faye expressed the possibility of returning to the bar to grab a Hoverboard she apparently has before calling it a day.

Season 2 Episode 19


Season 2 Episode 20

Faye testing out her Hoverboard

Faye began her day in Arcadia. She hung around while Horizon gave the morning announcements and spoke to some folks before heading down. Once there, she began wandering around the town before coming by the clinic. There, she saw Rook inside the clinic, standing by a scorpion man. Rook looked at her and pointed a rifle at her, clearly not recognizing her through the disguise. After raising her hands and looking at him from outside, she pulled out her Nintenwhoa, and started fiddling with it, clearly trying to show her father who she was. He recognized it immediately and signaled her to come in. After she was inside, he told the medical guy to lock the place up and went to the bed where he was resting. After a hopeful question from Rook, Faye removed her helmet and was embraced by her father.

After the heartwarming reunion, they had a talk about their future and Faye was tasked with finding out who is looking for them to see if they can work something out. After this, Rook offered Faye some weapons, among which was a rifle and a revolver. She only took the Revolver, to our disappointment, before leaving, talking to Charles about getting him to find someone to go to the Uppercity and gather the intel or let her go with him on a trip after she's done in the row before leaving to said row.

Once there, Faye went into the sewers and immediately got to the bar. She checked the security intel and found out Duncyn broke in with some synth and a Corp bot, did something on the Shattered Legion terminal, and then left. Faye shortly after headed down to the basement and picked up her hoverboard. She ran around the row for a bit, at one point even going to the training grounds and practicing firing her Revolver while on the move with the board, and got two visitors. One being Mercury and another being Dash and Static. Faye attempted to show herself to the latter two, but couldn't remove her helmet (VRScuff Babyyy). She eventually headed back to the wastes before meeting up with Horizon who was trying to get people to safety before the corps glassed the Golden Lance. After it happened, an alien transmission went through the signal tower shutting it down and notifying something in space. Coincidentally, a heavy rain rolled in afterwards which resulted in a lighting strike destroying the tower. Horizon would now have to rebuild. Faye ended up sitting around, looking at people and talking to a few, before calling it a day.

Season 2 Episode 21.1

Faye began her day on a room in the undercity, where a friend of Horizons, Voxine Machinae, had let the duo stay. They spoke about the Golden lance, and about the alien threat heading to Savior city. Horizon told Faye to copy the contents of a chip for herself, containing corp info and Golden Lance intel before taking it back. After some talks, she offered to help Voxine by removing a chip and id lock on a corp rifle she had, going to the row to make it happen. After getting a little sidetracked, the two got to the row, into the bar, and the hack was made. Voxine took the rifle, thanked Faye and was led out by her. After the synth left, Faye went to the basement and was about to do something in the terminal before reality folded in on itself for a moment. (The session was cut short due to more VRScuff, however next session will be a direct continuation of this last one.)

Season 2 Episode 21.2

Faye, thinking about trying to cause a blackout with the terminal

After the blip in reality, Faye rechecked the security footage, tried to find a little more information on what Cain needed, and then began wandering around the row for a bit. They started speeding around on their hoverboard getting a little too close to people and even jumping over or by them, before blasting some music while they were at it. Eventually they stopped, talked to Verlassene, or at least attempted to, with either Rivett or Faye messing up and revealing more than they should before speeding away, and after talking to some more people, they returned to the bar. On her way back through the sewers, she saw a concentration of people leave from a single door. One of them seemed frazzled about her seeing them, but she didn't give them a chance to react, as she immediately bailed out after they acted weirdly. They shortly after went into the bar, got in the basement and attempted to test their skills. Using the terminal, Faye hacked into the systems of the row and took control of a payload, with the intention of causing it to detonate in 3 minutes and cut out the power of the row for 10 minutes. After setting up the hack, they bailed out of the bar to avoid getting trapped in there for 10 minutes and went to the general store, where they bought a banana shortly before the lights went out.

During this time, they didn't do much except put a banana peel on the path of some random bystander and running around. Eventually they spoke to a man with black and red armor, who was wondering who they were. The man, after a short time, recognized the lady and revealed himself to be Warren. After speaking for a short amount of time about their situations, they each went on their way, but not before Rivett blurted out that they caused the blackout. As the blackout was about to end, she found Duncyn Kuiper and tried to do something to his tail, however as he has night vision, he saw and stopped her on her tracks. The lights returned in the middle of this interaction. He told her not to touch his shit after which she responded with "You touched mine first". After he showed confusion and disinterest, and was in the middle of leaving, she asked him "Why were you in the basement?" And told him she had her eye (and then corrected to helmet) on him. After the basement comment, he showed some realization, but both of them went on their way. She found the med crew, asked them if they needed work and they showed interest in hiring someone to find out what the blackout was about. She saw Sylas and Warren talking down an alley, (Fun fact: Sylas was gonna shoot her, but Warren told him it was Faye.) wandered around and saw some weird shit and some corps shoot what seemed like moving mannequins, and just did nothing of major interest until Horizon showed up with GEB on his tail.

He expressed that some of WOTO were redeemable and spoke to her about the situation. She saw a Masaru man asking about the bar owners and told them they were all dead, which distressed a mechanic lady, who was listening to the conversation. She stood around, listening to her friends speak before a woman in grey armor with a weird visor spoke to her, got her by an alley, and tossed her down the sewers.

Here the lady pushed and pinned her to a wall and then tried to threaten Faye, however any intimidating aura was executed as soon as either Faye or Rivett using Faye's voice said "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!". When the lady asked for her ID one of the two responded with "Harder!" and nothing of value was gained from the conversation. As she radioed in that she had caught the suspect, she was told something which caused her to let go of the lady and be on her way. After that extremely awkward exchange, she returned to the bar for a moment, and then met up with Horizon and Warren who introduced himself as W after Faye told Horizon he was trustworthy. They spoke about the importance of finding Sheila and dealing with some guy called Thaddeus.

After this talk, she wandered around some more and did some more minor things. At one point she got in the middle of a talk with Sylas and Horizon, but was unable to hear Sylas for some reason (VRSCUUUUUF) and so she left, then she got into a race with Dash that she lost, dropped off an empty datapad on Cain, as she was unable to get new info, played with her toy, and so on. She eventually wandered down to the undercity, met up with Charles and an orc lady and agreed to help them search for someone in the wastes, got sidetracked because they received a message saying the corps were raiding Arcadia, witnessed an exchange between some Trident dude and Horizon before meeting up with the orc lady, where they found out that the people they were looking for were impossible to find due to that Thaddeus guy, and that they were gonna do something but they needed weapons, ergo, Rook. At some point during this, Rivett shut himself down, and so she was unable to speak for the rest of the day. She eventually left back to the Row, wandered around once again and was intercepted by BR-16. The bot apologized in her and Duncyn's regard, explaining that they broke into the basement because they were trying to stop Titan and the only way to do it was using Faye's supercomputer/terminal. She expressed that they didn't mean to break in but had no choice, and she called her security "rude". Eventually she thanked Faye for being understanding to which Faye responded to with a bow, and the synth returned the bow before Faye left, entered the bar, and called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 22

Faye layed low and wandered around the row for this day. She acquired a spray paint can and spoke to Charles, decorated a wall in front of Coach who told her to stop, and later on took off her helmet to reveal her identity to the Mayor, who said he had received the message that same day and was glad Faye had managed to find help without him. He then told her to be careful and stop writing on walls. She then used her paint and drew the Arcadia symbol on a wall. Other than this though, not much of importance happened.

Season 2 Episode 23

Faye did not leave the HQ for the day, luckily enough. (DNA)

Season 2 Episode 24

Horizon checking up on Faye after revealing Duncyn's fate

Faye began her day in the basement, having slept in the medpod once again. She sent a message to Horizon to find out how he was and went out to the weapons shop to see if she could get something better. When she got there, Warren was nowhere to be seen and instead there was a guy with sunglasses. After a short talk and asking him to tell Warren she was looking for him, she went on her way and after receiving a response from Horizon, headed back to the wastelands. Once there, she met with the man back at the tower, which was newly repaired by Trident.

Faye and Horizon decided to work together and use the tower to their advantage. With its computing power, they attempted to hack into Trident to check the status of Faye and Rook's bounties. Faye failed to hack into it, but then attempted to go through the mercenary board. She succeeded in breaking in, and found out that none of her three bounties have been taken, so she wasn't being hunted. However, Rook had an exorbitant amount of bounties on their head, given that he is considered a war criminal. Faye then attempted to hack in and change/remove the bounties on both of them, but no luck. She did plan to try again some other day though.

Eventually, Voxine and Ryzy got in and they began talking about things. Among other things, Horizon informed the other three that Duncyn was dead. Faye was clearly hit by this revelation, as after stepping back, she sat down on the floor, looking down. Eventually Horizon drafted her to help Voxine, as she needed some software updates installed to make sure she wouldn't be fucked with. Faye did all she could and then headed back to the row, as Horizon and Voxine had a meeting with Shometsu that could turn bad, an she wanted to make sure they were ok.

Despite failing to remove the bounty on her head, Faye decided that she didn't give a fuck and so got off her disguise, returning to her usual attire, and also relocating Rivett to a spare body. She wandered around, waiting for the meeting to start before getting Rivett to keep an eye on them and heading on her way. As the meeting began, Rivett would keep Faye updated on the matters. Eventually she saw Charles who requested her decking skill. The young girl headed down to the sewers with him before Rivett started screaming about Shometsu shooting them down. After running around and being informed by Rivett that everyone got away, she messaged Horizon asking for a status update and went with Rebel Ryder, who also needed her decking for, coincidentally, the same thing as Charles.

Once back in the sewers, they were about to hack a mysterious door before a large group of people walked up to them. The group didn't seem very interested in them and went on their way. Faye hacked the door with ease and went on her way. They discovered that the door led to the tea shop before backing out and seeing some guy be jumped by a defective synth before Vee destroyed it. Faye eventually broke away from the group to look for Horizon. She headed down to the undercity after recieving a message from him, looked for him in Voxine's spot, didnt manage to find him, and then asked some people to let him know she's looking for them if they find him. However, out of curiosity she used her xray tablet to see if he was in the medbay only to find him talking to the doc who said he didn't see him. She hacked her way in, and after Horizon told the doc it was ok, she had a talk with him before heading back up.

Up there, she opened the bar for the first time in weeks after some customers told her to, and after closing up, Faye was told by Charles to hack into a door the large group from before had gone into. They made their way in and found a decking terminal. Faye wanted to try and get information from it, or possibly use it for another attempt at hacking the bounties before deciding she would do it another day. After heading back home and shutting down Rivett, she went to Duncyn's old shop and hacked in. She closed herself in and sat on the floor, probably reminising about her friend, then sat on the chair where he would play with his gameboy, hit by more memories. Eventually she left, bowing to the shop and paying her respects to the kid.

After quietly going back inside the bar, she laid down on her bed, with no joy or annoyance in her mind. Just memories.

Season 2 Episode 25

Faye and Rook talking to Damien

Faye began her day in her room, got Rivett up, and walked around the row doing her usual galivanting and spying on people. Eventually she spoke to Warren to try to convince him to come to her to the strange terminal. He agreed, followed by Sylas. After wandering around they found it again, got inside and investigated the terminal. Here, Faye discovered that the terminal allowed control over the row's environmental systems, allowing her to make the environment colder, or hotter, whenever needed. She reset the security, set up new passwords, and disconnected the computer from any outside networks before going back to the surface and breaking away from the other two. After wandering some more, having small talk with some people, and then trying to hack the power grid again before getting locked out, she met up with A2, who recruited Faye to follow her to the undercity alongside her crew and Captain William 'The Wall' Vossler. As they were about to leave, they grouped up with Greasepalms who just came back from the undercity before wandering around the row some more.

Faye broke away from the group and wandered for a bit before going to the bar and messing with Rivett, overloading him and forcing him to shut down for the rest of the day. After this she regrouped and allowed the crew into the Grindstone, serving drinks for all of them. Eventually she broke away after assisting setting up a memorial for Duncyn. She wandered around some more before she saw people reinforcing the Dirty Diamond and getting ready for an attack from the aliens.

After realizing this Faye assisted the people organizing the defense by scouting. Looking for both things out of the ordinary, threats, or stragglers. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other people, she wandered around using her scanner to try to find anything of interest. Eventually she wandered into the bar looking for something, but as she was leaving, she used her scanner to see if there was anything outside, and saw Aliens moving around.

Faye was lucky. She was in the bar, alone. There was no activity, no interest towards the area, no one around the area and no one looking for her. As such, she was able to stay low and remain safe during the entirety of the attack. Eventually, after hearing a supersonic scream, she headed down to the basement to hole into it until the firing stopped. Eventually, the sounds of gunshots came to an end, and as Faye resurfaced from the basement, she saw Rook walking down the streets with some other people.

Faye regrouped with her dad, took refuge within the medical bay for a bit, helped locate Johnny TAX-1, and then went to the bar with Rook to check the systems. Faye detected data leaks all over her systems, and similar problems all over the city, before seeing in a camera a giant ship coming towards Corvanis III, and obtaining schematics and info about it which informed them of the possibility of it carrying 40k or more armed aliens. After seeing this, Rook realized that they couldn't deal with this without the corps, and as such he and Faye, alongside Kee'ra and the Mayor, both of which they had short talks with and decided to help, headed to the Uppercity. They tried to reach all the corps they could but they were only able to reach Masaru and Shometsu. Masaru agreed to put their differences aside and help Rook, as they had a magic nuke and needed a team to deliver it to the aliens. They then went to Shometsu to get weapons and armor before asking them to let the group sleep in the corps apartments, as it was already very late. And so the four remained in a room together, where they called it a day.

Season 2 Episode 26

Faye and Loch, discussing plans to save the row

Faye and the Mayor arrived back to the row as soon as the curfew was over. They broke away pretty quickly, trying to organize themselves. After a short talk with J.I.M and Dagu, Faye went into the bar and was notified by Rivett of a package. Checking its contents, she discovered a Shometsu Energy Sniper Rifle, which was probably sent to her by Ikaruga/A2. Although she had very few magazines, she went to test it out in the arena, shooting two targets from far away, she did save up her ammo though, only using two bullet charges. Eventually after that, she was notified of a town meeting and went to the upper plaza of the row. While waiting for it to begin, she spoke with Johnny and Xia for a bit before Johnny suddenly realized that the Grindstone was a much better place to bunker down that the DD. After talking to Xia and Faye about it, Faye agreed to allow the people to stay safe in the bar. During the meeting, Coach discussed the absolute state of the uppercity and the fact that the row was technically alone, but reminded the people that they have been through this shit before, and suggested a buddy system, though they'd have to work something out for Faye given her "disability".

During the town meeting, a man named Bertram Manheim-Cassady stepped up and said he had a system that could help against the aliens, but he needed more deckers to finish it. Faye of course, offered herself. After the meeting ended, they stepped away. They were interrupted by several people, but in the end, Bertram told Faye to gather as many deckers as they could, as the more people working on the subject, the better. Faye was notified another meeting with the defacto leaders of the row was going to happen and she was invited, as she was the proprietor of the bar when Rook isn't around. She began waiting for it but bailed on it as she recieved a message that Horizon was in the row. She found the man and let him into the bar for his own safety. Horizon spoke to her about being hunted by Shometsu and Faye offered to help out and get them off his head. After this, she and Rivett showed him the weather control facility and gave him the codes after he considered staying there for the time being. They left shortly through the lower plaza exit after and were intercepted by Johnny who dropped off a 100 pound battery for Faye to take to the grindstone. After a test lift from Horizon, they decided they needed help and recruited two random wastelanders that were around. After going through the chore of taking it into the bar, Faye rewarded the randos with alcohol for their troubles. Eventually she and Horizon wandered around the row for a bit until they walked into the DD and found what looked like Shometsu.

Faye immediately approached A2 while Horizon retreated. She spoke to the lady, trying to get her to agree not to shoot Horizon until he had a chance to explain himself, after which Vossler and Angie went to him and told him to head in. A2 was quick to mention that he was not speaking to Shometsu, but to Cell, which he responded to by disarming himself. Horizon explained that he only shot Kraver Carabass because he shot a Civilian that was protecting a friend, and that Voxine, while she sold the explosives that resulted in Duncyn's death, did nothing more than that. Just sold mining explosives. A2's group, being more diplomatic than Shometsu, accepted this explanation and let him go, warning the duo to be careful. After Horizon lost his shit for a minute because he wasn't turned into burned swiss cheese, they broke away for a bit. Eventually she walked by the bar and saw Sylas's group standing by. Sylas requested to have a word with Faye, and after a small distraction, they headed to the storage room in the bar.

Loch spoke to Faye about many things. He told her he had to compromise several passageways to ensure the survival of Savior City, and that to protect the residents of the row, Faye might have to compromise the Shattered Legion Headquarters. Faye was fine with this, saying they could always make a new bunker. He also told Faye that he was thinking about setting up data traps for the aliens. Basically setting up a high power terminal, rigging it and its surroundings with explosives, and then detonating them once the aliens get close. Both Faye and Loch had enough explosives to set up one each so Loch told her to look for good spots, and also suggested that they could set up explosives around the entrance to the bunker itself, to make it harder to gain ground, and as a last resort, get on the ship and blow the entire place to high hell. Shortly after, he told her to be very careful before leaving. Faye, fully embracing this plan, showed Horizon the bunker, and after a failed decking attempt from Bertram, also allowed him and some associates of Coach into the bunker, so they could help secure it. Eventually Bertram gave Faye a program that could help resist the aliens and she installed it into the terminal.

Not much happened after this. Faye gathered up her recourses, wandered around looking for ambush spots and spoke to some people before Rook arrived. A short while after his arrival, representatives from the Undercity, Uppercity and Wasteland entered the bar to speak with Rook and discuss the future of the planet.

Season 2 Episode 27

Faye mocking Sylas after his request

It is unclear what happened through the first portion of this day. We know Faye woke up in the grindstone with Rivett, got up and did some bar work before talking to Dash and at some point offering her services to increase the security of the doors in the clinic. Shortly after, she went and did it, increasing the security of it and setting up sensors that would warn her and the medbay personnel of any tomfoolery. She also did the same with the bank, apparently with permission, so she must have spoken with the mayor at some point, or perhaps she has certain permissions for the bank already. Regardless, after doing this, its unclear what she did, but she eventually made her way to the arena where JIM gave Rivett shooting lessons. Here she met up with Charles who told her they should get going with the bomb thing. Faye agreed, took them to the bar, and from this point, things are much clearer.

Faye went with Charles, scavenged explosives from the reserves in the bunker, and with Charles's help, took them to the scrapyard. Mid way they were warned that aliens were already doing shit and that a bodysnatching had occurred. The three continued to the scrapyard and set up the trap before breaking away and wandering for a bit. Eventually, Faye was given a gun by Dash and was asked to see what she could discover from it, as it was used by an alien. Faye ended up recruiting FRED for this, hacking into his systems with his permission and attempting to examine the gun from afar by controlling him. Eventually, she realized there wasn't much she could interact with, however BR-16, who had been watching the situation offered to take a look, saw something and told her to be careful. Eventually she severed the connection to FRED, promised him a shotgun for his troubles, gave the gun to 16 and went to the bunker.

Faye stayed down there for a bit, but she eventually retrieved a scrap shotgun, which she took straight to FRED before the sounds of gunshots and risk of aliens broke them away. Faye ended up witnessing an alien turn back into their original form upon death, and nearly touched the body before going away. She then went into the bunker and gave Coach a tour of the establishment to show him where everyone was staying and what recourses they had available. They eventually went back up and Faye heard about how the aliens could communicate like normal people. She received an alert from the scrapyard but it turned out to be nothing. Eventually Charles offered her some water that was supposedly going to help against the aliens, and Faye of course decided not to drink it. While looking for aliens and returning to the grindstone, Faye wondered with Rivett if it was possible to make an alien scanner and looked for Doc U, to see if she could make one, only to find out the doc already made two. She agreed to give Faye one of these without much fuss. She headed out and looked around before being asked by some Undercity folk if she knew where to find or had synth drugs. Faye considered making them before being approached by Sylas.

Sylas asked her if she had a way to detect the aliens and she told him about the handhelds. Sylas requested she gave him one if they got an extra and to stop almost running him over with the hoverboard. She eventually went back to her room where she attempted to replicate the effects of mushrooms onto synthetics using Rivett as the test subject. Faye failed, as Rivett only got hallucinations and paranoia. From that point she managed the bar, played with her tablet on the grindstone terminal area, and eventually began helping the people protecting the bar, by scanning anyone who tried to go in. After a bit, she did give the scanner to one of the guards and ran around the city. After taking a small trip to the cemetery and just looking around, she eventually went back to the bar where she did nothing of much note before calling it a day in the bunker.

Season 2 Episode 28: The Final Day

It is worth noting that before the day began, Faye received an automated notification by the Arcadia systems. In it, Faye and Voxine were notified that Horizon's life signs had ceased, and that administrator rights for Arcadia had been sent to the duo. In short, Horizon was dead.

Faye was drafted to participate in the space mission, for unknown reasons. Faye, being the only decker that could open the decking 4 doors, quickly proved herself to be a necessity. She continued with the crew, following them, opening doors for them, gathering intel, and reopening doors when they suddenly sealed behind people. At one point, she realized that one of the terminals had information that would be valuable to Rook. Faye easily took the intel and went on her way. During the mission, Faye experienced several panic attacks, her heartbeat was audible and quick, and she would hear screaming where no one else would, confirming that the young lady had some form of PTSD, from one or many of the catastrophes she endured in her short life. It never got too bad. She was always able to snap herself out of it or someone was there to do it for her. At one point, when hacking a door which suddenly closed, separating their group, she was physically shocked by a security trap, and nocked unconscious for 5 minutes. Eventually, Faye woke up and continued helping, until disaster struck.

Faye was about to attempt to hack a door behind them to close it, in order to keep them from getting flanked. She had some issues getting started (was unable to use the ping system so they had to ask other people to do it for them and call out to a DM hoping for them to show up soon) and that delay costed her. As she was about to begin, a giant alien appeared from the door she wanted to close and struck her in the chest, breaking all her ribs. Dash and the rest of the crew were quick to do what they could to keep her alive and standing, but even with healing magic and regeneratives, the wound healed incorrectly, and the amount of recourses were scarse. Regardless, Faye soldiered through and continued hacking everything she could to keep her crew alive. In the end, they succeeded in planting a bomb and escaping the space station, however, Faye's future was brought to an end. With a 5 necessary for her to live, she rolled a 4. And so, that was that.

Faye never got to mourn Horizon. She never got to find out about Rook being responsible for whatever happened to her parents. She never got to deal with her PTSD and grow from it. Her story was brought to an abrupt end. Having saved the lives of not only the group she was with, but Savior City as a whole. Dying on the floor or seat of a ship full of people that ever only saw her as a recourse (except for a select few), scared, in pain, and ultimately alone. Not all heroes get happy endings, nor grandiose ones. This is hers.

Or at least it was, for a small amount of time. Until Dash used a Lazarus pod from the medbay in the station to save her life.

Season 2 Epilogue

Faye's return to the row

Faye arrived back to the row with Dash and Rebel, having been delivered by Dagu on his ship. While Dagu properly docked the ship, the trio moved into the row and broke away to manage their own personal affairs. Faye met up with JIM and entered the bar only to find it a ruined mess. She received a message from Rivett, which prompted her to move to the fountain with JIM in tow, and reboot the damaged synth. After Rivett was back operational, they wandered around and found Charles, who showed them the rest of the bar and bunker, as most of everything was destroyed. Here, the two spoke to each other for a bit, with Charles worrying about whatever happened to her on her mission. Eventually, they received a message from Rook stating that the man had gone off and he was stranded on hostile territory. The duo, annoyed that Rook just had to go an put themselves in mortal danger again, spoke about it for a bit before getting Faye some food, in the form of jerky. She ended up managing the bar for a bit while she and Charles spoke to a couple of people, including the mayor, who spoke to them about insurance and trying to help them build the bar back up.

The duo eventually left to look for Bertram who had codes to the software systems Faye owned. After receiving them and talking for a small bit in the lower plaza, Bertram and his bot left shortly after Phil arrived. Faye showed concern for the mans arm, which was missing, and he showed nonchalance about it. When speaking about her and the mission, he said she did her best, and there was not much she could do with one of those big things focusing her down. Eventually, Dash joined the conversation for a bit and exposed the medical crew's interest in creating their own Avalon before going back to the bar to give a drink to Phil. Faye stayed in the upper terminal for a bit, hearing to Charles and Phil talk before Ryder notified the row that the funeral for Johnny was about to begin. Faye heard the initial parts of the funeral from far away before moving to the cemetery and paying her respects to all the dead. Shortly after, she left to the wastes.

Faye walked straight to Arcadia and went inside, hit by emotion. She retrieved a recording from one of the drawers before going to the upper floor. She wandered around for a bit, looking at the place and remembering the times she spent with the individual that was most likely the best friend Faye ever had, before turning on the recording and going to sleep in the bed on the tower. As the recording went on, Horizon revealed their true name to be Mori Kovac, spoke about their past and expressed gratitude for the friends they had, with Faye being one of the many names they mentioned. He then asked those who listened, mainly Ryzy, to keep their mission going and to fight the corporations at every turn. To not let their death be in vain. It is unclear what Faye thought about this, but one thing is certain. She will never forget Horizon.



  • Tech savvy: Not only is she a master of all things software, she has also proven herself capable of manipulating hardware to some capacity, and creating useful gadgets like her xray tablet.
  • Eye augmentation: Enhanced sight, night vision.


  • Hoverboard: Access to Fast speed, falling damage reduced while using board.
  • Cloaking Device: 30 seconds of invisibility, 5 charges per session.
  • Nintenwhoa: Decking Tool.
  • Mini Sweepo: Remote Controlled Bot. Can see through it.
  • Fly Drone: Small, can fly, needs full focus to be controlled properly, can see/hear through it.
  • Flashbang: Will blind you.


  • Physically weak: Seemingly can't hold up weapons heavier than a size accurate Quixote Sniper. Struggles with weights that even people of her size or smaller can manage with ease. Her punches feel like a kitten's soft paw on your leg.
  • Mute from injury: Self explanatory.
  • Defensive with relationships: She will push them and annoy them till they die. Then she will feel bad.


  • PTSD: Unclear whether or not it was caused by any specific event in her life, but it is unsurprising given how young she is and how much shit she had to endure in her short life.
  • Alien Infection(?): The full extent and effects of the infection are unknown. Obtained during Space Station mission.


  • Faye used to get separation anxiety if she was ever separated from her computer tablet and is defensive with relationships. The separation anxiety seems to have transferred itself to her Nintenwhoa.
  • Faye's decking level is unclear. It appears she is currently lvl 5, but how or when she achieved this is unclear. She is the second best decker behind BR-16, who is apparently lvl 6.
  • Ever since getting nearly touched by a shadow/death elemental, Spaz's twitch chat has made a running joke where after every traumatic even or less than nice thing she does, she gains corruption. If I remember correctly, last I heard her corruption score was at 25000, whatever that means.
  • As part of her first disguise, Faye has a face mask which belonged to another character made by Spazkoga, called Five. It is not stated how she got this mask, but we assumed she picked it off of Five's severed head.
  • Faye's full name appears to be Faye Luk, and in the fake ID she made to disguise herself after getting compromised for the firt time, she renamed herself to Baye Luk. A safety hazard if you ask me.
  • Faye has got a certain obsession with magic that has led her to steal several magical items from the sanctum, even if she doesn't know what to do with them.
  • Faye's official runner nickname is Crane. It's unclear whether she likes it or not.
  • Faye was surprisingly careful and afraid during the Golden Lance run. In the past, we didn't know why, but knowing what we do now, its not hard to figure out why she was so afraid.
  • The fact that Faye didn't wear any shoes had made her significantly more recognizable than any other feature of hers. If you saw someone who was mute and didn't wear anything on their feet, there was a good chance that it was Faye. At least before getting compromised at Trident.
  • Faye now has three bounties on her head from three different corporations, all of which have a reward of 1.5 million credits. Meaning that whoever kills her will net themselves a whooping 4.5 million credits.
  • Much to Spaz's dismay, in session 17 (S2), Faye's 2nd and newest disguise (as of the time of writing this) was immediately compromised and now Spaz needed to make yet another avatar.
  • Both Faye's voice and Rivett's are done by WifiPunk. He waits for Spaz to tell him what to say for Faye before switching to her voice and saying it.
  • Faye seems pretty intent on having most jobs she does for favors instead of money and vise versa. Spaz's twitch chat jokingly calls these Fayevors.
  • Faye is currently the second character in CR that carries a helmet of one of the members of Daft Punk.
  • It appears, though there is no proof or statement to back it, that the Hoverbike Rook was gonna give Faye was retconned and swapped for her Hoverboard instead. She might have both, but it seems unlikely, as no effort has been made to extract/retrieve it.
  • Faye's hoverboard has an art piece of another character of Spazkoga, which is Spazkoga's original character in the world of VRChat. The PC in the terminal above the bar has a background photo of Spaz's current hangout model, a character called Liak.
  • For some reason, Spaz's chat was shipping Horizon with Faye. The official ship name became Horizon zero Dawn. Some people were so dedicated to it that the death of Horizon hurt them immensely.
  • Given that Faye disabled the nanites she got in episode 17 within the Shattered Legion Headquarters, the location was compromised. However, with the death and trauma most Avalon personnel endured, it appears she might be safe for now.
  • On session 21, when Faye and Horizon wake up from having taken refuge in Voxine's home, the two were sleeping on the same bed. Have fun, degenerates.
  • One of the most liked comments in one of the latest episodes of CR in Spaz's Youtube (as of the time of writing this) is about Faye's Cake. Just thought this was something that should be known.
  • Most, if not all of the times Faye has been in trouble have been due to luck. It appears her luck wants her to suffer but survive, like most of the twitch chat does. (This did not age well.)
  • Faye doesn't know much about her past, but others do. While she believes Atlantis is responsible for what happened to her family, it was really Rook who caused it. As he was the one who ordered the bombing of the city Faye lived on when she was a little kid.
  • The pod Dash used to save Faye's life was also being used by aliens. It is unclear whether or not this affected the kid in any way, but there is a chance she might be infected. Not even Spaz is certain however, as when the roll was made, all the dm said was: "Oh, well that's unfortunate". Take that however you wish.
  • In the recording Horizon left behind for their friends, they stated they had developed feelings for Ryzy, which means the ship would have never happened, Emma.
  • Faye has lost many guns over her life, like Rebel Yell, which was destroyed, but what she has lost the most has been sniper rifles. The list so far is: One standard corp sniper (S1), One customized sniper (S2) and one Shometsu Sniper (S2).
  • Faye has a deadman switch. Apparently, if her vitals go dark for a long enough time, automated messages will be sent to some people. The only confirmed would be recipient of the messages is Charles.


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