Captain Sharborough is a troll and captain of a splinter faction of The Hellbats. He still believes in their original values and cause and is the head of their presence in Callous Row, the slums in the shadows of the metropolis Savior City.

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Fandiarius, named in honor of a mage that once helped his family, grew up a troll in the Sharburough tribe on Ajax, facing pressures to excel. Rebelling against expectations from his family he became a shadowrunner in his teens, but others in his team died as a result of distrusting him. A sense of failing his friends and stinging racism drove him to prove others wrong, and improve himself. He became a determined student, and in time earned a military scholarship to a Nirvana college from a group of resident mercenaries, The Hellbats.

When Ajax was attacked by the mega-corporation Sonitii, while many of the Hellbat mercenaries evacuated, a few sacrificed themselves to give time to save those at the school. A clause in his scholarship pulled him into service as a Lieutenant, later earning the rank of Captain, which he embraced as a way to repay the memory of the sacrifices.

After the warring died down, his squad served contracts by Nirvana, where an incident occurred, severing Fandidarius from his command. Rather than removing him from service, the Hellbats posted him to a forgotten part of a city in a distant system, to fulfill a trivial clause in a contract with Nirvana. En route, fate threw another surprise at him, when the Hellbat command instructed him to set up a base and begin recruiting in this caustic, tense environment.


Before his arrival to Callous Row, the locals were alerted that mercenaries were coming, and a reputation of a group, the Shadowbats, alarmed several.

His first day in the Row, he secured an office just before The Shadowbats broke in, using records to track down and kidnap a local. Meanwhile he was protecting the nearby medical center, per his contract, while several attacks occurred outside.

Recruited by Rook he assisted in the rescue of Loch from the Shadowbats.

He recruited a cloaked figure going by the name Alexander to assist him. He was approached about another job by Rook and he along with Alexander, Felix and Faye, together they intend to rescue Bo who was kidnapped by Rana Amariah, working for the Nirvana Corporation.

After being captured by the necromancer, he was rescued by the expedition into the mushroom cave. However, during the fighting that ensued, Sharburough met his demise when he fell to his death.



  • His drill sergeant thought his name, Fandiarius Sharburough, was too long, so nicknamed him 'Plif' to 'simPLIFy' his long name.
  • The character model for Sharburough was claimed to be 'cursed' by artists, as problems kept cropping up in the weeks it took to create.



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