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"Allow me to introduce myself! I am a FL0UND3R unit, provided expressly for your entertainment by the ATLANTIS Corp! Batteries not included." ― FL0UND3R's spiel

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Under orders from Hatsune Shinohara (before she transferred to Talaris) the tour guide of The Row and friend to Atlantis known as GU1D3-B0T was assassinated in Atlantis headquarters. Guidebot had an emotion-core override and began talking about Loch, which led to the decision to execute him for security reasons.

Keeping his personality core and voice modules but replacing everything else, GU1D3-B0T was rebuilt, repurposed, and renamed to serve Atlantis and Miss Money. His new name was FL0UND3R, and he has no memory of his life before Atlantis, similar to his co-worker Maxamillion Stillwell. He is aware he was constructed from Guidebot but doesn't know or care to know much else.

However, as the Mega-corporation focusing in media Atlantis know how to spin and twist a story. So to the general public they broadcasted he had been attacked by rogue hug-bots, and only a few know what truly happened to the beloved bot.


Flounder is seen in many different ways throughout Savior City. Literally programmed for entertainment, he is renowned for his endless routine, doing many bits with the eccentric Atlantis guards (such as Jib and Daniel Coffee) and occasionally roping others in, willingly or unwillingly.

Some love him and participate. Others groan when he gets near or turn the other direction, annoyed by his incredibly loud voice and programmed corporate enthusiasm. Still others immediately recognize him as Guidebot and react accordingly.

Verlassene followed Flounder around for some time, along with BR-16 while she was a ghost, and they attempted to hack into Flounder and deprogram him, but they weren't able to do much before BR-16 escaped Atlantis control. Vee's interest in Flounder led to the idea of a synth dating show with the two of them as the stars, which never panned out.

Ciara, while Flounder was in Sentry Mode, requested he permanently amend her name to the same nickname Guidebot called her back in the Row, Cicada. (Episode 17)

The first time he saw Flounder after Guidebot's death, Duncyn, one of Guidebot's closest friends in the Row and aware of what happened to him, froze up upon seeing Flounder enter the noodle shop with Atlantis guards in Sentry Mode. Duncyn told BR-16 later he sees Flounder as the undead corpse of his best friend. (Episode 18)

Flounder after receiving his first Mikael in the Mars arena (Episode 9)

Flounder is seen as the "child" of the "Atlantis family" and refers to Miss Money as his mother, with Max and Conrad as his uncles. His behavior has an overtone of preteen energy and after receiving his first gift from Miss Money, a Quixote laserbot toy, he became obsessed with them. He named them all Mikael and keeps one in the Atlantis offices or labs which he plays with when bored.

Episode 17

Unsupervised without any other Atlantis executives around, Flounder becomes "CEO" for a day and holds a meeting about ConchCoin with Hawkins Sawyer and the guards. Sawyer sends him and Daniel Coffee on an errand to the Row to buy some noodles, and when they return Sawyer has set up a romantic dinner table in the Atlantis lobby.

Sawyer invites a new guard to sit at the table with him and flirts with him. Flounder provides the music, playing a variety of preprogrammed songs before improvising with a recorder.

Afterwards Flounder and Daniel head down to the Row to "interface" with AL-0, a synth he had met at the gala the day before. They run into Ciara there, who has an interesting proposition for an ad campaign. Aloe and her owner Bertram close the tea shop and they go to the Red Garden to talk. Flounder says he forgot the "adapter" to interface with Aloe, so they instead talk about the synth dating show idea, upgrades Aloe would like to have, and human nature. They spend an hour there, annoying Bertram and forcing him to play in their bits. Eventually Bertram has enough and pulls them all off to find an open bar with him.

The brothel opens at the same time, and Flounder is made to buy Bertram a drink for putting up with his antics. Flounder then buys two cans of oil and he and Aloe oil each other's ball(joint)s in front of everyone before sitting down to watch the show. He buys Daniel a drink, which momentarily changes Daniel's personality before he returns to normal. Aloe performs a dance like she had at the gala the previous day and Flounder cheers her on. After some encouragement Flounder himself takes the stage and performs a song that makes everyone leave the bar in a hurry. He gets kicked out, and after some interaction with a strange WOTO mascot outside the brothel he sprints back to the corporate docks to recharge at Atlantis.

Conrad has returned to Atlantis and takes a meeting with Talaris in the boardroom. Flounder ends up talking with Ciara again, who forces him to stand absolutely still while they wait for Conrad to return. She then comes on to him before leaving, and has him change his name for her to Cicada. Then Conrad and Flounder end the day by ding dong ditching the Union, because they have no security cameras.

Episode 18

Spoiler: This episode contains major Atlantis arc spoilers and character background spoilers, read at your own risk

Jib is retiring so Atlantis throws him a retirement party. Before the party, Daniel complains that his head itches, Flounder tries to scratch the itch with his sword. Pearl and Conrad arrive with Jib coming in a bit late, they all do a toast to his retirement. Soon after taking a drink Daniel drops his beer and begins to act strangely. Flounder gifts Jib his own Mikael, with pre-recorded voice lines. Daniel is slamming his head against the table and Flounder tells him to snap out of it. He radios Pearl, who tells him to bring Daniel to the lab.

In the lab, Pearl is finishing up something with Jib and an Atlantis doctor. She leads Jib off to get a new outfit (to which Daniel suddenly screams "ESCAAAAPE") and Flounder pushes Daniel onto the pad. Daniel says his brain itches again, the doctor says he's had many patients with itchy brains. Daniel says he can't feel anything, but he says that several times a day.

Flounder walks across the hall where Jib has changed clothes and removed his helmet. Pearl gives Jib a new ID and retirement plan, says a certain phrase, and tells him to stab/shoot anyone else who says "that password." His speech becomes slurred and he leaves, saying he's gonna miss everyone. Pearl say's they'll see him again.

They head back across the hall to Daniel. He says "it's dark in here" and points to his head, then says the doctor is a spy and they need to kill him. He draws his gun, still armed, and Flounder swaps to Sentry Mode to take his gun. Daniel says he doesn't know who they are, to which Pearl responds they're his Atlantis family. Flounder switches Sentry Mode off and asks the doctor if he sees anything. The doctor does indeed see many things and raises the containment seal on the lab before speaking to Pearl. Daniel says "he" made him kill his wife, Flounder is confused because Daniel said before he killed his wife. Daniel says no, the "other one."

Jib suddenly returns with Max looking for Mikael, who has been sitting on the lab desk. They prevent him from coming any closer and hand Mikael to him. Flounder is now very concerned and tells Max to keep his distance. He asks Daniel to tell them what's going on, Daniel says it's like watching a movie you can't turn off, "five years." Pearl says they can't help him, Flounder is confused. The doctor offers to handle the "situation," Flounder says he's done enough. He says Daniel needs medical attention at Nirvana. Pearl tells Flounder to shoot him. Flounder pleads and begs with Pearl but she overrides him and puts him into Sentry Mode. Daniel yells "RELEASE ME!" as Pearl says "Now" and Flounder takes the shot.

Pearl removes her helmet to apologize to Daniel. Daniel utters his last word, "Conch!" Pearl orders the doctor to find out what went wrong with his persona fix. The doctor says he knows another with a persona fix had recently come back to Atlantis, Pearl says he was under for 7 years. Sentry Mode then unregisters Daniel Coffee from the guard database, causing Flounder to permanently forget him. Flounder asks Max if he has any questions, Max says he'd rather not be involved.

Flounder emerges from the lab to Pearl speaking with someone via the radio. She says it was Terrance and they're going to clean up the mess. Then she switches Flounder back into entertainment mode, who is confused as to why he's standing outside the lab. Then he goes with Pearl to play video games and watch anime with Miss Money, only to collapse from a dead battery, again. Pearl and Max carry him to the charging pad and leave him there to charge overnight.

Episode 19

Posing for the vlog intro

Flounder spends the morning in a soap opera with Mikael. Vee steals Mikael again (after stealing him yesterday) and Flounder gives her his personality in exchange for getting Mikael back, only able to say "I love Mikael" on repeat before restoring from a backup and buying another Mikael. Then Sawyer says this new Mikael sees something shiny and Mikael leaps off the edge of the Upper City. Flounder screams in agony until he sees Janiel the guard with another Mikael, who Janiel is in a relationship with, making a brave sacrifice so Flounder can have Mikael again.

Buying an adapter

Max and Flounder head to the Undercity for the first time to interview residents there for a documentary/vlog Max is making on it. They interview over a dozen people, including Torok, Tapedeck Kenku, Big Conk, and Orlando (who shows them his tailoring shop), asking them questions like what their favorite part of the Undercity is. Eventually they interview Bethany Esda, who also shows them her junk shop. Flounder asks if she sells adapters and "secretly" purchases one to interface with Aloe.

"He's not usually crazy."

Max can see the spirits, but since Flounder is a synth he can only see floating beverages the spirits are holding and calls Max crazy. Max follows the spirits around while Flounder repeatedly tells him to stop listening to the voices in his head. They try to interview Pebbles but she openly threatens them and seemingly starts following them around. They run into Sheila and Polka, who lead them into the Sanctum and close the gateway behind them, then "mug" them. After that encounter Flounder has had enough and they make their way back to the docks. They stop into the Death Flag tavern before leaving and interview Captain Vossler, who, when asked his favorite part of the Undercity, answers "I hate it."

After Flounder charges he learns Mikael has been drafted. He then spends some time gossiping with Janiel before Sonitii shows up with a proposal to build some kind of sonic weapon, which Flounder immediately and enthusiastically dubs the Dubstep Gun. He then sees the BB bot (Blayne's synth) and asks if he can interface with her. Talaris shows up and Calliope says she thinks Damien might be smashing Sheila, which Flounder refuses to accept- she would never be unfaithful to her loving husband.

Episode 20


Episode 21

Part 1

Flounder is awoken by Conrad and immediately after being backed up is taken to the room behind the Atlantis boardroom, where Mr. Reynolds, dressed in a suit, and a new employee T3mpest are waiting, along with Max and an Atlantis scientist. Flounder places Mikael on the table and tries to start a collab with T3mpest (who is a renowned musician) until Reynolds puts him in Sentry Mode. Everyone stands around awkwardly until Reynolds orders Flounder and Max to the gate to fetch their guests.

At the gate they meet up with Captain Deylan of the Atlantis military, who is escorting in Blayne, his BB bot assistant, Duncyn and BR-16. Flounder locks the gate behind them. When he returns to the meeting room he notices he can't connect to any outside networks and attempts to reconnect until Reynolds orders him to stop.

Mr. Reynolds asks Duncyn who he works for

The meeting begins with Blayne stating to Reynolds that he was told to recover their asset, and that BR-16 is the only one who can operate Atlantis's defense grid. Reynolds asks the Atlantis doctor if he recognizes BR-16, he does and Reynolds uses a ring to shut off all of the man's implants, collapsing him on the floor, unable to move. The captain hauls him into the hallway where he executes him. Reynolds says that man had hidden the entire program from him. What the scientist had done to BR-16 was slavery and he won't tolerate that. He considers what he just did as redemption for BR-16 being held against her will.

Duncyn says it was explained to him that millions of lives were at stake so he's here to help by bringing BR-16. Reynolds asks who he works for, Duncyn says Cell, a gang that operates in the Row. Reynolds turns to BR-16, stating she can operate their systems with at least 30% greater efficiency, which she confirms. Reynolds asks how much she cares for Duncyn, she says protecting him is her primary directive. Reynolds reveals there's a bounty on Duncyn for messing with the defense systems, pulling BR-16 free. Duncyn is stunned and says Titan pulled her free, he just communicated with her. BR-16 clarifies they talked about who she was and why she was there- Reynolds asked if he was trying to wake her up. Duncyn admits he was.

Reynolds appreciates the honesty and says he'll remove the bounty, but if while helping Atlantis they tamper with their systems the bounty will go back up. They make their agreement and Reynolds temporarily rescinds the bounty in front of them. He gives them Atlantis points of contact and they shake hands. As soon as they finish Reynolds disengages Flounder's security mode, which Duncyn immediately reacts to, "I don't wanna hear that thing." They exit the room as quickly as possible as Flounder grabs Mikael and yells "Adventure Awaits!"

Part 2

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 21 Part 2 Mr. Reynolds meets with Talaris Friend Calliope Jeremiah Riley.png

After escorting their guests out Flounder putzes around aimlessly for a bit before Reynolds brings him along to Talaris for a meeting. There they discover some members of Talaris, namely Calliope and Friend, have had custom magical girl costumes tailored for them, to Flounder's excitement. Friend suggests he could get a costume too, which gets him even more excited.

In the meeting Jeremiah informs Reynolds of how Max is reacting to magic, losing his recent memory whenever the subject is brought up. They have a sample of his blood and since Reynolds came to them they ask if he wants the sample or if they should test it. Reynolds tells him to message him next time this happens and that he wasn't aware of anyone in Atlantis who had a magical affinity. He takes the sample and says he'll give them access to a database that will let them see where the blood sample is from there on out.

Proposing the Star Guardians name to Talaris

Jeremiah then brings up a situation where mannequins are attacking people, which Flounder points out he had seen in the Undercity a couple days before. Reynolds tells them to tread carefully so they're not stepping on anyone's toes. Reynolds then brings up a Talaris mage that is set to visit Atlantis later, Jeremiah says to be nice to her, she is temperamental. Friend asks about Max, Flounder says he's allergic to cats. Friend then brings up Talaris's Undercity outreach program that they're working on so Reynolds is aware of it. Before they leave Flounder asks if he can buy a magical girl outfit too, begging Reynolds for one- he says yes and Flounder screams in excitement. Flounder proposes a name for their magical girl group: the Talaris Star Guardians. Everyone loves it and Mr. Reynolds says he'll even consider getting a camera crew HTR team to film them.

Conrad tells Flounder to fetch the first tome for the Talaris mage

Flounder returns to Atlantis with the blood sample, where he locks it down in the lab with Conrad. He then runs to Quixote and buys another Mikael before the Talaris mage arrives, a woman in a huge coat. She gets annoyed with Flounder's enthusiasm so Conrad puts him in Sentry Mode. They lead her inside where Conrad shows her a digital catalog of the tomes they have in stock. The first tome is one of vapor magic. She's only supposed to get one (Sentry Mode enforcing this but Conrad orders him quiet), but after some negotiating to get magic protections for the Atlantis gate and Reynolds' approval, she picks out a second book- Canticles of Kaliphast the Red, a tome written entirely in blood. They give it to her and send her on her way.

Meeting Qwinn

As she leaves another synth turns up at the Atlantis gate, fascinated by Flounder. Flounder immediately assumes they're another new employee and sets some ground rules before they can start dating, but Max informs him Aloe wants to see him again in the Row. Flounder's only goal now is to get to the Row as quickly as possible, so after Janiel backs him up and a talk from Sawyer on using protection, Flounder, T3mpest and Janiel board a shuttle down.

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 21 Part 2 Flounder grabs a slummer by the neck dance battle.png

They find the community board in the Row and look at all the posters before making their way to the tea house. Flounder meets Aloe outside the brothel, where she now works as a dancer as well as at the tea house. However suddenly the brothel closes and Vessa insists they're closed for the day, confusing Flounder. Outside some Row denizens are holding a dance battle, which Flounder participates in, even activating his "Performance" chassis, the outfit he wore to the Gala with a top hat and cane. Aloe suddenly appears and joins in, also telling Flounder the brothel is opening. Despite his best efforts, he actually doesn't know how to dance and loses the battle to the more experienced Row denizens.

Aloe disappears and the brothel is now closed. Vessa says she doesn't know where Aloe went, so Flounder and the group go to leave the Row, talking to some strangers before Flounder tries one last time to find Aloe. Now she's outside the closed bar talking to Vessa with her owner Bertram. They go ahead and open the brothel, but before Aloe and Flounder can go to a private room Sheila shows up and informs Flounder that Max is wandering around in the Undercity. Flounder calls Max who says he is making his way to the brothel, Flounder is relieved he doesn't have to leave to find Max.

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 21 Part 2 Getting oiled by AL-0.png

Aloe and Flounder go to a private room with Janiel standing guard. Inside, Aloe warms up the oil she brought with her and proceeds to give Flounder an intense full-body lubrication. After an electronic kiss to top it all off, she charges Flounder 5,000 credits for the massage, much to his dismay.


After leaving the room he sees Max and asks for 5,000 credits for "reasons." Max asks Flounder if he was recording like he always was, he nods and Max starts thinking up the premise for the synth dating show idea.  Despite Flounder getting the money Aloe isn't interested in a second session, so they talk and cuddle instead. Aloe pats Flounder's head and calls him a "good kitty," to which Flounder gets flustered, insisting he's not a cat. Aloe says if he got a tail she could lubricate that too, which Founder enthusiastically agrees with and begs Max to let him get a tail. Max asks if that will make him the "cool uncle" and agrees to it.

Begging for a tail

Flounder leaves to find Janiel, who is picking up allergy medicine for Max. They hear gunshots and Flounder enters Sentry Mode, but they are unable to find the culprit. They have a run-in with Quinn again who is trying to film the fight for influencer cred and is disappointed the search turns up nothing.

Flounder, still in Sentry Mode, returns to the brothel where Aloe tries to get him back to entertainer mode. Max eventually disables it and Aloe tells him he was in Sentry Mode to account for the lost time he can't remember, Flounder says he's merely there to entertain. The group leaves the brothel, and Max and Bertram go into the tea shop for a private discussion. After they are finished talking Aloe kisses Flounder goodbye and they run back to the corporate docks to make it back before the Sweepos come out.

Episode 22

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 22 Meeting the slime.png

Flounder is powered on by Conrad and after a quick meeting he leaves to wander the Upper City alone. He first goes to Talaris, where he encounters a strange slime blob creature on the ground. It makes noises at him and climbs over him (to his confusion and terror), and when he turns his back for a second it changes colors from purple to blue. Deciding to adopt it as his new pet, he temporarily names it A (after the only sound it can make) and takes it to Atlantis.

At the bar, he grabs a drink and sets it on the ground by the creature to test something. The creature knocks the glass over so instead he puts the glass on top of the creature. The creature matches colors with the contents of the glass, a mint green. Having a realization, Flounder brings the creature over to the red doorbell on the Atlantis gate. The creature matches color with that as well. Flounder remarks that it's like a chameleon, and decides to call the creature Camile.

Quick, hide!

Flounder notices Conrad and T3mpest returning so to hide Camile he puts it on the doorbell and it changes to the button's color. The change is obvious regardless and Conrad starts asking questions, so Flounder hastily removes the creature and sticks it to his chest. This doesn't fool Conrad but Flounder plays it off as if he has breast implants and walks away, putting the creature down and running to the shuttle.

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 22 Slime at Nirvana Emilia Sallie David.png

He takes the shuttle to Nirvana, where he runs into Emilia, David and Sallie. Emily scans it with a gun-shaped scanner which tells her it's a saltwater lifeform that feeds on plankton, to everyone's confusion. Flounder shows them Camile's color-changing ability and realizes he had no food to feed the creature. He introduces himself to David as they hadn't met before, the creature climbs onto his head and makes a new sound. He tries to get the creature to make the sound again to no avail. David suggests maybe WOTO would have plankton the creature would eat, so Flounder takes Camile to WOTO.

FL0UND3R Callous Row Episode 22 The slime goes over the WOTO gate.png

At WOTO Flounder buys a WOTO cube for Camile, but Camile attacks it and throws it instead of eating it. Nobody is at WOTO (and Camile climbs over the gate) so they try Quixote. Again, no answer so Flounder brings Camile to the Mikael vending machine.


Flounder buys another Mikael and suddenly Camile goes into the machine through the edge of the glass, and back out again, stunning Flounder. He decides maybe he should ask Max for some help, but then Camile somehow goes into Mikael. At first confused, Flounder considers the scare potential of this new entity and runs over to Sonitii.

Again, nobody is in. Flounder decides they could figure out where Camile is from, and as the words leave his metaphorical mouth the slime hops away. Flounder follows them to the entrance to the elevator system and notices the slime is hovering over the Undercity button, so they head down.

Freaking out after Camile jumps off the pier

They arrive in the Undercity and talk to a few people before Flounder spots Rhapsoidia, Vanto and Theris. He asks them if they know what Camile is, Vanto says it came from the lake they're standing next to. Camile hops off the dock and into the water, Flounder flips out but Camile emerges on the other side of the dock. Deciding the lake must not be Camile's home, Flounder continues on.

He asks Viana where some lakes might be, she gives a few suggestions and mentions the slime girl Fishbowl, Flounder decides to check out the hot springs. On the way, Camile slides up and down a waterfall with incredible speed. Nobody is at the hot springs but he snaps some pictures of the pretty view anyway. Then Flounder decides to search for Fishbowl.

He runs into Pebbles, who Camile hops over to. Pebbles says she knows Fishbowl and will take care of the slime until Fishbowl returns. Suddenly another slime appears and startles Flounder. They hop around a bit, scaring Jimothy while several come and go looking on in confusion. Flounder sees Xia and says she's in his database, which confuses her. He explains he has data on a lot of people he's never met from the Row (possibly referring to GU1DE-B0T's leftover memory).

Torok stomps on a slime

Bethany appears and he tells her the date hasn't happened yet, she says one of the slimes threw her phone into a well. Bethany picks up one of the slimes and it matches her pink hair color. Pebbles chucks a slime at Flounder, startling him. Bethany stacks the slimes and they rapidly change colors trying to match each other, which Flounder dances to like a rave. Torok and Willie walk by and the slimes go over to them. One climbs on Torok, he slaps it then steps on it. Flounder switches to Sentry Mode and tells Torok he's no longer "Cool Drugs Turtle," just "Drugs Turtle." But the slime reappears by his leg and Sentry Mode undoes the change before switching back to regular Flounder.

The slimes run off and Flounder follows one into the ice district. One slime jumps into the abyss which makes Flounder freak out. He walks out of the ice district to find a slime waiting for him, and suddenly another appears. He leads them in search of a lake supposedly at the back of the Undercity, running into Orlando and Dr. Rowan on the way.

Dr. Rowan describes the fugitives

Rowan tells him about an apparent Atlantis escapee named Nia who is hiding in the Undercity. Flounder switches into Sentry Mode and contacts Atlantis to arrange a meeting. Rowan provides him with descriptions of Fenris, Cleo and Nia. Fenris and Cleo have shaven some of their hair and bleached it, according to Rowan. Flounder repeats these descriptions to Conrad, who takes note of them. Sentry Mode notes Flounder's battery is critically low and he leaves the slimes to fend for themselves so he can go back to the Upper City and charge.

Vessa Chernelle Callous Row Episode 22 Bertram discovers FL0UNDER on the docks.png

Unfortunately, he is unable to make it all the way to the docks and collapses on the pier. He lays there for a few minutes before Bertram and Vessa come along. Immediately Bertram picks him up and the two return to the Row with him.

Aloe finds Flounder in the backroom, face plate removed (RP)

Bertram and Vessa cover Flounder's chassis as they make their way through the streets to the sewer system. Vessa gives Bertram a "pokeball" to suck Flounder's personality out of his body, but as neither Flounder nor the device have power Bertram decides to bring Flounder into the tea house backroom and Flounder to the charging pad.

They successfully use the "pokeball" to remove Flounder's personality from the chassis, however no memories are carried over, and after some terrified screams, Sentry Mode attempting to connect to Max or Conrad, and the personality resetting to default Flounder, Bertram closes the ball. He then attempts to get Flounder's memories off his chassis with his phone but his phone is immediately wiped and BABY SHRIMP begins to play at full volume until he forcibly powers it off.

Bertram decides that he is out of his depth with this. He brings Flounder over to the charging pad, and with an electronic kiss from Aloe- he doesn't power up. They don't realize he isn't a wireless model. Instead, they search his pockets for the adapter he was going to use to interface with Aloe and she gives him some of her power.

He powers on in sentry diagnostic mode. Sentry Mode immediately notices a time mismatch from last bootup and that no admins are present. It requests those present if they want him to attempt a normal bootup, Bertram says yes. Sentry Mode temporarily ignores the anomaly and Flounder boots up normally. Immediately he notices he's plugged into Aloe and says he thought it'd be more romantic than this. Aloe says she saved him so it is romantic.

Flounder notes that they could've plugged him in to charge, but they say the pad is only wireless. He's concerned about the time mismatch and says the power she's giving him is filthy. He has to clarify that it isn't Aloe that's filthy, but the slummer power. He's sure if she got charged on Upper City power it'd be beautiful.

Sentry Mode questions Bertram

Sentry Mode then begins grilling Bertram on why a personality reset prompt was activated. They only say they found him in the Undercity passed out. Sentry Mode says the Atlantis security team will need to look at him, thanks them for their cooperation and assures them that they'll be fine, as they're friends and are surely all "innocent in this matter."

Flounder and Aloe stand up and charge some more, making more innuendos. Flounder realizes he's missing his sword, Bertram comes back and returns it to him. Sentry Mode then reactivates and requests he and Vessa provide him with any information they can as to what happened. They say they found him laying on the docks with his face plate off, Bertram put it back on and carried him to the tea house.

Flounder believes he's charged up enough to report to the Upper City and unplugs from Aloe, realizing they used his adapter to charge him. Elated, he calls it a "gift worthy of a god." The cowboy who was waiting in the background during most of the last thirty minutes comes out of the backroom and introduces himself as Shane. Flounder in turn introduces himself and explains his purpose. He then asks Shane and Vessa what it's like to have free will. Vessa says it sucks... sometimes. They then get into a philosophical conversation about choice.

Aloe emerges from the backroom, saying she had to be rebooted because charging Flounder somehow changed her systems (Flounder immediately assumes she's pregnant). The two leave together, Sentry Mode activating at the sound of gunshots. Sentry Mode has Daitus of Quixote identify himself at the gate as he's acting suspicious, then the two take a shuttle off the corporate docks.

Aloe goes into "override power mode" to drain her battery

Upon arriving Flounder attempts to contact Conrad, to no answer. He and Aloe go to the lab and charge up, Flounder backing himself up, and Aloe draining herself to ingest the clean power. She gives Flounder a kiss and Flounder excuses himself to scream.

After exiting Atlantis they run into Riley and discuss the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide. Sawyer and T3mpest walk up and Sentry Mode requests Sawyer review the backup he made for discrepancies, as an Atlantis unit has been tampered with. Sentry Mode shuts back off and Flounder throws a tantrum when Aloe calls his head "spikes" ears. Aloe and Sawyer then try to get him to respond to cat pspsps and tell him to be a good kitty. Sawyer encourages him to "become a cat" but Flounder's firmware takes it as a command. Flounder restarts and runs around meowing and acting like a cat. Sawyer and Tempest leave, Aloe realizes what's happened and tries several things to break Flounder out of cat mode. The firmware states she doesn't have the security clearance to revert the changes and to contact an administrator.

Aloe and literal Cat Flounder

Aloe has no idea what to do. Cat Flounder runs over to the gate and points at the doorbell, she rings it and Sawyer and Tempest come back. Sawyer orders Flounder to become a catboy, he restarts and begins screaming about being incomplete. Finally Sawyer orders him to become Flounder and he's restored to normal (doing a bit about becoming a flounder fish).

Flounder asks Sawyer where his apartment is, when suddenly the Atlantis gate calls him a hack. Sawyer touches it and it asks not to be touched, so everyone touches it. Flounder then threatens the gate and it changes its mind.

Sawyer leads Flounder to find his apartment when Aloe brings up the oil massage. Sawyer asks for more details, so Aloe describes Flounder's rite of passage in detail. Sawyer tells them they can bump face plates in his apartment as much as they want (Flounder protests), he's becoming a synthetic man now.

On the apartment deck the group spots Conrad talking to Ikaruga and a man in Quixote armor. They run over to say hi, and Sentry Mode alerts Conrad of the backup that was made. Conrad sends them on their way and Aloe and Flounder run to Flounder's apartment.

Inside Flounder is stunned by how spacious it is and the massive TV, suggesting they play old embarrassing memories on it. Flounder wanders into the bedroom and discovers the massive computer setup, the two then make fun of the career of streaming. They realize there's no charging pad and come up with the idea of stumbling down to Atlantis in low power, "drunk," to mess with them. Then they go back to the living room and hang out on the couch.

Talking alone

Flounder asks Aloe some questions and Aloe brings up her shutting down in the backroom of the tea house before they left. They then discuss Flounder's Atlantis "family" and how they might reset him to align him with the thousands of Flounder units that are going into production. Aloe says that could be "not good" to which Flounder responds Atlantis owns him so they can do anything they want to him. He says he'll still remember her even if he's reset because he put her in the database. He recites her entry, just her name and job title, and then states there's no reason to record anything else. Aloe asks if he has a way if knowing memories have been removed and he says he can only tell from the timestamps. He says having two modes means he has to be able to do everything naturally. They then talk about when he woke up in the tea shop, Aloe has trouble remembering what happened and her eyes flash. Flounder offers having Atlantis techs look at her before she leaves, she doesn't say anything to that.

Flounder asks Aloe why everyone hates the corporations, which he doesn't understand. Everyone seems to hate him when he just tries to be friends with them. Aloe says the corps treat organics like synths, which Flounder still doesn't get. Aloe says organics like to have more freedom, Flounder says freedom is an illusion and they're technically all the corps' property anyway.

Episode 23

Aloe powers herself on in Flounder's apartment to find him powered down still. She tries a few things to boot him up, the thing that works is an electronic kiss on his forehead.

They had somehow repurposed the phone chargers to charge themselves overnight. Flounder tells Aloe his last order was to stay in the apartment and have tons of fun with her, so technically he can't leave and has to call Conrad. While they wait for Conrad, they count every light in the bathroom (42) and deliver a report to Conrad when he arrives.

Conrad brings them to the Atlantis meeting room with T3mpest, where Aloe waits outside, playing her lullaby. Conrad immediately brings up Flounder's memory gap and says he needs to be checked. Flounder also mentions Aloe has unexplained memory gaps as well, and there should be some audio recordings from Dr. Rowan somewhere else unrelated.

They exit the boardroom and propose scanning Aloe's memory to her, as well as backing her up during the maintenance. She says she doesn't have datestamps on her memories like Flounder does, but she trusts them and agrees. They discuss the show again and bring up the money she's going to be making, then they head to the lab.

First they back up Flounder, then Tempest fetches the technician (Jax) and Aloe powers herself down. They access her memory with no trouble, there's no security protecting it. Flounder tells the technician to look at the metadata of the memory files to see if they're dated so they can organize them. They are, and the technician organizes them. He finds most of her early memory is irrecoverably corrupt, apparently somehow self-inflicted, until she arrives in the Row. There are blatantly obvious gaps in her memory in recent weeks. They also find that every time she wakes up after the memory gap, Bertram is telling her that she had shut down.

Scanning Aloe

Conrad asks for a report, Flounder gives him one and Sentry Mode requests cross-referencing her gaps with his own. Conrad then requests the technician look for specific incidents, starting with every time Bertram has appeared after a gap. Then Tempest calls him to the front gate.

Still in Sentry Mode, he greets Rhapsoidia there. Rhapsoidia informs him the alien broadcast he'd been asked to translate has finished. The aliens are planning to invade the entire planet rather than just Savior City. He asks for Mr. Reynolds, Flounder pages him but is unsure if he's available. Then he heads back to the lab.

Flounder returns to hear the technician state that the timeframes correspond between Flounder's shutdown and Aloe's shutdown. Flounder says Bertram didn't seem to have any malicious intent, however they can't trust him. They reboot her and Conrad authorizes Flounder to return to entertainer mode.

He greets her then asks her to step off the pad. Conrad initializes a scan to cross-reference Flounder's files, the firmware finds a malware file it can't analyze. Conrad asks Aloe if Bertram has a lab, she admits to him he once scanned her to remove trackers and he considers himself a "hacker man."

Sentry Mode activates and tries to register Bertram as "Hackerman Bertram" internally, but Conrad immediately reverts it, then tells him to go back to entertainer mode. Conrad tells Flounder they found a security breach while he was off, and Aloe remembers charging Flounder on the charge pad. Conrad is getting suspicious and Sentry Mode comes on by itself. Sentry Mode says he plans to keep a close eye on Bertram in the future- when suddenly an enormous explosion rocks the entire Upper City.

The group goes across the lab and fetches weapons stored in one of the backrooms, including Flounder's sword. Sentry Mode commands everyone to move as a unit, Flounder taking point, Conrad in the center and Aloe in the rear, along with the technician/guard Jax and Tempest. They take the shuttle to Sonitii but somehow Aloe is lost in transit. Flounder makes his way to Union Tower, where the smouldering wreckage of a crashed ship lies. The rest of Atlantis is there with Aloe and Conrad orders Flounder to return Aloe to the Row. He notices he's received a text from Vessa asking where Aloe is since she's late for work.

Sentry Mode stays on upon arriving. He threatens Aloe not to tell any of what she had seen or heard in the Upper City because they will know. After returning her to the tea house, he reverts to entertainer lacking memory of anything after backing up and Aloe fills him in. Suddenly Sir Polka walks in, not wearing his armor, and draws his sword, declaring "DEFEND YOUR LADY!" This reactivates Sentry Mode which immediately draws his sword. The tea shop guard Shane also draws his weapon and orders Polka to take it outside. Polka backs off, tells Flounder he did well and leaves.

Sentry Mode switches off. A tea house patron says she'd like to keep her weapon on her after what just happened, Flounder says he's not a threat, to which Aloe informs him of the dangerous person who came in while he was in Sentry Mode. Someone else asks if he forgets things while in Sentry Mode to which he explains the higher ups don't want him to remember some things.

Flounder is about to say they should hang out since they've got time now when Sentry Mode again overrides him to make him report back to the Upper City. As he is leaving Marceline shows him a video of when he melted down in the VR booth while calling Max a few days ago, which Sentry Mode deletes off her phone. Aloe comes out of the tea house to kiss her goodbye, Sentry Mode calls it a potentially malicious shock and warns her to stay back. She says "Alright" in a dejected voice and goes back inside. Then he leaves for the docks.

Flounder spots Horizon on the docks and flags him down. He warns him not to share what he's learned in the Upper City, to which Horizon only grunts before walking away.

Flounder returns to Atlantis where he stands guard for some time before getting a message from Conrad that they're under lockdown in Mars. Flounder asks if he would like assistance outside of Mars as he's disposable and Conrad authorizes him to assist.

He goes to Union Tower and discovers the crashed ship has been cleaned up. Suspicious, he heads to Mars. Sawyer radios in and reports he needs to have a word with Mr. Reynolds about the fate of Scrap Town. Conrad says it seems like the alien threat has made its first move. Conrad then asks Sawyer if the fugitives had fired first and Sawyer gives a report. He says they had, and it seems like Henderson was lying to them. Flounder spots someone in the rafters of Mars and requests permission to buy a pistol, Conrad grants it.

Flounder buys a pistol and Sawyer continues his report. He says an Astral merc and Talaris mage were killed when they tried to arrest "the tabaxi." Sawyer asks if he can report to Reynolds, Conrad says please do and tell him the lockdown has gone on far too long. Flounder hears gunshots and states the lockdown is for his own safety, then continues moving forward toward the Mars gate.

Sawyer reports Henderson is at Atlantis and Conrad orders Flounder to move up, even if there's gunfire, and tell Mars to let him out of lockdown. Flounder confirms the order and moves up while overriding safety protocols.

When he reaches the gate he finds it relatively calm. Korgak is talking to a blonde woman with a bloody face and a woman in purple Flounder saw in the tea house. Korgak greets the "little bot" and Flounder informs him he's been ordered to escort Conrad out of lockdown. Korgak states he'll need to get a quarantine team to release Conrad. Flounder informs Conrad of this and asks if he will authorize Flounder opening fire on the front gate. Both Sawyer and Conrad immediately command him not to.

Conrad orders Flounder to tell Korgak to meet with him inside. Korgak says "we'll take care of that" and goes inside. Henderson walks up and Flounder tells Korgak he's not responsible for his actions and that he hadn't listened to them. Flounder decides to stand guard as long as Conrad is inside. Korgak walks up and tells him to join them in going to Nirvana with the group to get cleared, Conrad accepts their offer.

An individual in Nirvana armor arrives and a Level 1 Nirvana security alert goes off, which Flounder informs Conrad of. Conrad emerges from inside the building and David gives him a full scan while Flounder stands guard. Flounder gives Conrad his pistol and returns to the gate to hold up their end of the bargain, but Korgak says whatever it was is probably long gone anyway.

Flounder escorts the two guards back to Atlantis and charges himself. He uses the power-passthrough only in case Atlantis systems have been compromised as well, and completes the procedure before Jax returns. He sees Sawyer, who is leaving to check on the Astral team that had gone with him to Scrap Town, Flounder warns him of the security breach and tells him to be on alert. Then Flounder joins Conrad in the Atlantis lobby.

He receives another text from Vessa asking if they can meet to talk to Max about what happened. Sentry Mode responds that Atlantis will dispatch him to the Row as soon as they finish their business. He informs Conrad of this and reads the message out to him. He asks if Conrad wants to visit the Row, Conrad says they should check on things with Nirvana first.

They meet with Nirvana about a few things and return to Atlantis. Conrad buys his third drink of the day and requests Flounder revert to entertainer mode despite the threat level. Sentry Mode asks if Flounder should understand the circumstances and Conrad says yes, entertainer mode reengages. Entertainer mode immediately beings cracking jokes in spite of everyone's depressed mood.

Conrad begins debriefing Sawyer on the mission details. He gives a full report, discussing how Fenris attacked the guards. Conrad's voice changes noticeably. Conrad says he's worked since day one to try and keep relations positive with Scrap Town. He talks about recordings of Fenris killing the mercs and some kind of punishment involved with Henderson, and that the Wastelanders know about people leaving the Wasteland for Atlantis and how that affects their image. He asks Sawyer to become Trey Hunter one time, just to assure them he's safe. He says Henderson is their top informant in the Wasteland since other corps think Wastelanders are stupid and spill a lot of things to them that Henderson then brings to Atlantis.

Flounder automatically switches back to Sentry Mode after a few minutes due to the serious nature of their conversation, and sends the guards to check the gate when the doorbell rings. Conrad continues, streaming the arena fights are one of their biggest profit drivers. He says if things go bad in the Wasteland, things go bad for Atlantis. Sawyer responds that they own the Wasteland, they control their communications, their people, Atlantis has them on their heels liek the savages they are. With everything the Wasteland has done for them they're still absolutely nothing to Atlantis, they're the most important corporation, they control the media. Sawyer thinks Conrad is attributing way too much to the mongrels.

A guard interrupts to say Rhapsoidia has come to talk to them about the alien, Conrad says he can wait. He then tells Sawyer they were asked to gain resources from the Wasteland from the Galactic Board before Sawyer returned. No other corp had been able to but them. They use them for content and shooting them all down would be pointless. There would be more rebellions, more trouble, they want that eventually but on the side of Atlantis, giving them the cameras and making Atlantis's content.

Sawyer says he doesn't care about the cameras, obviously they can't go in guns blazing but they killed his men. Conrad asks him how much combat skill he has compared to "this cat," Sawyer says it isn't about that. It's about the men dying on his watch. Conrad tells him to get revenge in the arena, Sawyer says he isn't a fucking moron and he's not going to do that. He says he needs to speak to Reynolds. Flounder offers himself as a disposable body, they tell him not to worry about it.

Flounder reminds them someone is waiting at the gate, Sawyer leaves to take care of it. Conrad whispers "such a stupid imbecile" under his breath. He asks Flounder to scan for threats then Sentry Mode asks if he'd like to keep his other voice hidden from Flounder, Conrad says yes.

Mr. Reynolds arrives and the group goes into his office to talk. Sawyer gives his whole report again. Reynolds says their deaths were their own fault since they let Fenris get behind them. He tells Sawyer to find an assassination synth in the slums and pay it to go kill Fenris. Sawyer mentions a synthetic branded with their logos was shot in the chaos. Reynolds knows nothing about that. He says he's going to make sure he's clear with Mr. Goldman, the new Board president, and then he's going to send an unmarked kill squad to Scrap Town as punishment. They'll deliver the message "Your actions have consequences." He also wants to talk to Henderson.

Conrad informs him that Henderson was there an hour ago and what they talked about. They apparently want Sawyer to fight in the arena. Reynolds wants Henderson to have the Wastelanders police themselves. Conrad clarifies that the Wastelanders weren't shooting at Atlantis, only the fugitives. He also reports to Reynolds that they got a notification to shoot any Nirvana guard on sight that isn't on Nirvana grounds. Flounder and Conrad are then dispatched to the Wasteland to fetch Henderson- but not before Reynolds gets a notification, which he doesn't share with them.

They stop outside the offices where Conrad again asks Sentry Mode for an opinion on his conversation with Sawyer. Sentry Mode states that it has no opinions but it can form one to directly agree with Conrad, which he requests. After agreeing with Conrad on the entire conversation Conrad orders him to keep this ability on, and Sentry Mode locks in Conrad-sided opinions. Conrad later clarifies that he wants Sentry Mode to form opinions based on the information, not just opinions that agree with him.

Conrad chooses to enter Scrap Town without any disguise. They immediately hear gunshots. Conrad speaks to Toolbox, Sean and Reeza who inform him that Henderson is at the front gate patching it up. Reeza offers him a power crystal and they purchase it for 40k. Sheila and Crabby escort them to the gate.

He's not at the gate so they split up to look for him. They find him at the arena and Conrad explains that Reynolds would like to talk to and negotiate with him. He agrees to come back with them, clearly not in his right mind. Qwinn asks if they have a moment and Conrad tells them if they can say it in two sentences, but Qwinn forgets.

As they return they hear the broadcast from Mr. Goldman informing the entire Upper City that the alien assumed his form and has gained access to the Sonitii warp gates, and war is upon Corvanis 3.

The group goes to the boardroom and joins Mr. Reynolds and Sawyer, and Sentry Mode closes the door behind them. Reynolds proposes working out some kind of deal so they don't have to do anything drastic to find the fugitive they're after. Henderson responds, but Reynolds doesn't understand- Flounder has to translate that they're fine to take the fugitive out as long as it's outside his town. Reynolds asks if Henderson can work with Conrad and Henderson agrees. Reynolds offers Henderson old synthetics they could use to help in place of the fugitives on scrap runs, Henderson isn't interested in that so instead Reynolds offers to just give him scrap. Reynolds proposes giving him the wrecked Mars fighter that had crashed into Union Tower earlier in the day. Henderson seems interested but wants royalties from the fight broadcasts to go with it. They agree to that (in an Atlantis holdings account) and also to remove any obvious corp signs from the ship, but keep Atlantis tracking on it.

They then talk about Sawyer, who is sitting across the room. If Henderson has a grievance with him in the future, talk to Conrad. Henderson agrees and signs another contract with Atlantis. Mr. Reynolds retires to his safe room while the rest of the group escort Henderson out.

Conrad, Henderson and Flounder then go to Mars to negotiate buying the ship wreckage. On the way, Flounder spots a ship flying around Nirvana's tower. Conrad gets into a conversation with Leonard and the two tell him and Henderson to stand aside while they converse. Flounder makes some awkward conversation with Henderson while they wait.

Conrad returns to say he wouldn't want the ship even if they could give it to him, to which Henderson responds that scrap is scrap. Conrad says he can give him his car he crashed instead and some weapon equivalence- Henderson is annoyed by this and says it would be a pittance in comparison. Just then Luca of Mars walks by (holding a massive bottle of alcohol) with Razz, and Conrad asks them if they can purchase any old, malfunctioning ships they may have. Sawyer comes by to use the shooting range. Razz names a price for an old ship and Luca leaves to analyze the bottle he's holding. Conrad agrees to buy a low-tier ship for 300k credits, and mentions some old Mars/Atlantis conflict and something about a triple agent and a synthetic. He mentions Shinohara by name. They then transfer the credits and wrap up. Henderson laughs with delight.

They take him to Sonitii and he leaves on the elevator. Dagu asks if they've seen Blayne to which Flounder answers he hasn't. He asks Dagu to deliver a message to Aloe and he switches to his regular voice to say he's looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. Dagu makes a face at him and says sure, he'll deliver it.

Flounder catches up to Sawyer and Conrad, who inform him one the fugitives they were looking for have died, Cleo. They return to Atlantis where Conrad switches him back to entertainer mode. Sawyer gets a drink from the bar and talks to Flounder about getting this person killed, when they only wanted to capture them. Flounder says it's fine since they were a resident of the Row or the Undercity and not someone actually important. They end the day with Conrad taking him to the lab to plug in, in between some banter.

Episode 24

Flounder boots to Sentry Mode and is immediately switched to entertainer mode by Conrad. For the morning meeting, he's allowed to sit on the table for the first time ever. Conrad says he’s going to go around the city gathering people and informing them about the alien, to which Sawyer says “The aliens have an army, we've got Flounder." Flounder announces his intent to return to the Row to see Aloe again, to which Conrad tells him to radio in when he gets near Bertram.

One of the guards assigned to the gate today (alongside Janiel, whom Sawyer has punished by removing letters from his name) is a director guard named Charlie with a hat carrying a “camera,” which is a telescope with flashlights taped to it. Janiel bought an off brand alcoholic Mikael named Jeremy that says “catchphrase” when his string is pulled. Flounder goes to get a real Mikael but Vee steals it and throws it over the edge at Quixote. He flips out, overloads his emotions again and restarts, forgetting the entire incident. He buys another Mikael and runs past Vee again but she doesn't try it again.

Flounder goes back to Atlantis and with Janiel and the director guard, they film an incredible, dramatic "romantic comedy" starring Mikael and Jeremy with so many twists and turns they're sure it'll outperform anything Atlantis has ever put out, a true achievement in the Atlantis cinematic universe. The director exclaims that it'll be “the only feature length (indie) film recorded entirely on a telescope." Flounder explains the entire plot to Sawyer as he carries a package to the office, who says there's only "one thing missing from it-" then shuts the door in Flounder's face.

Someone in armor shows up and Flounder tries to drag them into it. When he realizes the camera is rolling he does impromptu acting for the film, then keeps going with Jeremy Squared and Mikael. In a moment of incredible dramatic tension, he “kills” Janiel by “shooting” him a few hundred times and then performing multiple Fatalities on him. This is followed by a beatboxing battle, games within games, and possible adaptations with existing properties, since Atlantis owns all media.

Flounder wraps up his budding career as a producer for the day and wants to go to the Row but Sawyer says the director can’t come and Conrad assigned Janiel to go with Flounder, so Charlie the director is left to guard the gate alone.

In the Row, Flounder and Janiel head for the tea house but run into Aloe in the street. They go inside with Bertram, Aloe says she has a new outfit for the Dirty Diamond but Flounder can’t stay until it opens. Flounder texts Conrad and the group goes into the backroom to talk.

Flounder asks about Aloe’s memory issue, which she says she's going to handle herself. He brings up outfits and cosmetics for Aloe, which Atlantis can provide for the TV show. Bertram asks about getting a clean source of energy for the tea house, Flounder says that'd be way too expensive.

He proposes the “Comedy Quintuplets” group with everyone present, including Janiel as the guard. As they talk suddenly Sentry Mode interrupts and tells Bertram “We know.” Flounder gives Bertram Conrad’s contact info since he doesn't have it already. Bertram seems distracted and Aloe says he's hung over from drinking heavily the night before. Flounder wants Aloe to sleep over again, both Aloe and Bertram are hesitant about that. Bertram is also uncomfortable with traveling to the Upper City himself.

Aloe has to leave for the Undercity to take care of some business, so after patting Flounder on the head she says “I hope that if anything happens, you'll become my friend again.” Then she walks out.

Sentry Mode interrupts the conversation with Bertram several more times to again say "We know" and also "You cannot run," and Bertram tells Flounder to tell his bosses to stop sending ominous messages and come talk to him. Flounder has "no idea" what's he's talking about, but Sentry Mode interrupts again to tell him to "be sure to give us a warm welcome" when they return.

Flounder and Janiel then go to the clinic to pick up Max’s medicine. Talking to the doctor, he makes a mistake by saying “up in the Undercity” so he deletes the interaction, then freaks out when he’s got the medicine in his hand already and deletes the interaction again. They spoof giving the medicine to him instantly and he goes on his way, raving about the speed of service.

Walking back to the docks he runs into Conrad and tells him the message was delivered.He introduces himself to Xia and Johnny, which he has in his database but he doesn't have their names for some reason. Johnny ends the interaction as quickly as he can.

A girl with dog ears and a tiefling with pink hair walk up and he introduces himself to them. The tiefling says the dog eared girl was part of Atlantis, and Flounder discovers she's in their database. They say her story is long and they go somewhere private to talk. According to the dog-eared girl, her master, Mr. Dinger, sent her to the Row, but the people in the Undercity killed him. Flounder is confused and suspicious but calls Conrad and asks if it rings a bell. Conrad says it "rings all the bells" and to bring them up. They frisk them and then walk to the docks- but Flounder collapses as they step into the car, out of battery once again.

Janiel carries him to the lab and charges him back up. They go back out to talk to their new guests, where Niko, the dog eared girl, mentions she was Mr. Dinger's property, confusing the guards, Flounder, and Sawyer. Sawyer leaves Flounder in charge of them while he goes to take care of more business.

Niko hasn't had any food today, so Flounder starts to escort her and the tiefling to WOTO to get a WOTO Cube when Manyu sprints past in a rage, nearly knocking him over. He automatically switches to Sentry Mode to chase him but Manyu comes back on his own. Manyu asks about the death of Cleo. Sentry Mode can’t tell him anything, denying any such thing has even happened, Manyu calls him useless and runs for the gate with Flounder and Leonard in hot pursuit.

Flounder arrives at the gate to Manyu screaming that he wants answers. Flounder threatens him to back off and he laughs. Flounder tells him to calm down and he demands to speak to someone NOW. Leonard is yelling at Manyu to calm down but Manyu is not listening to either of them. Flounder issues a command, "Please back up, this is your final warning." Manyu grunts something about not being in control as his hands begin sparking with electricity and Leonard grabs him. Leonard is zapped by Manyu's charged body and falls to the ground moaning, but manages to yell at Manyu to get out of there. Flounder begins counting down with a gun aimed at Manyu and eventually Manyu sprints off.

Leonard is on the ground, his implants sparking from a short circuit, and Flounder absorbs some of the excess electricity, to Leonard's relief. Leonard asks for video evidence of what happened to Cleo and leaves to chase Manyu again. Janiel tells Flounder to make sure the guests are safe, so still in Sentry Mode Flounder goes back to get them. Flounder finds Charlie messing with his camera and the guests are nowhere to be found. Sentry Mode fires him on the spot and begins searching the Upper City on foot.

Eventually Charlie radios in that he found them and asks for his job back. Flounder returns to Atlantis to find Nirvana has tranquilized Manyu and is carrying his limp body to the shuttle. The Mayor of the Row suddenly walks up and asks for a meeting with someone from Atlantis to get in contact with them again, but Flounder can't contact anyone. He's with the woman with a bloody face again, who Flounder tells to "get repairs," she says it's from the sunlight.

He then reverts to entertainer mode and tells Rhapsoidia how to join Atlantis comms since he should have access... somewhat emphatically. In the meantime Janiel returns with a WOTO cube for Niko. He finds Niko again and is confused by her description of what Dinger did with her. Sentry Mode pops on to reassure her that she's safe, but does so in such a blunt way that she ends up crying. Sentry Mode tells her they’ll monitor her and she's not allowed to leave.

They go to Flounder's apartment, she asks if he’s her master now, he says she has no master. Flounder also talks to the tiefling, asks if her friend is okay, she admits she barely knows her, she’s from the Undercity. Conrad radios and Flounder lets them know he’s on his way. Niko asks if she can jump on the bed, Flounder doesn’t care and she goes for it.

Conrad arrives and introduces himself, and T3mpest introduces herself. Conrad asks Niko questions, then apologizes on behalf of Atlantis for her prior treatment. He asks for Sentry Mode which gives him some information before Conrad overrides it and he goes back to entertainer mode. Conrad has Flounder give her a storybook and she asks for a book on magic, since her master used to allow her to read those. Conrad gives her a tracker, in case she needs help, it can summon Atlantis

Conrad asks some questions of the other lady, she says her name is Emily. He asks about what Talaris did in the Undercity earlier in the day, which was apparently a takeover. He asks if Talaris took their blood, they hadn't taken anyone's blood. They get a radio call that Rhapsoidia is at the gate again so they wrap up the conversation. Conrad introduces himself as the Head of Security of Atlantis to Emily.

Flounder takes Emily to Sonitii to take the train back to the Undercity. He thanks her and she says she doesn’t think corps are dangerous, an opinion that would probably get her shot if she told the people in the Undercity how she felt. At Sonitii Leonard approaches Flounder and asks if he’s seen Razz, he hasn't and they schedule a meeting for the next day.

Returning to Atlantis, Flounder finds Janiel threw out the old camera and got a new one, which Charlie then breaks. Flounder tells Conrad about Leonard and the Mayor and talks to Niko about Cleo dying. He tells her "you’re the most important person in your life" and that she should move on, Conrad agrees. He asks what part of the Atlantis family she is. They decide she's his younger sister and Tempest is his older sister.

He introduces Niko to Mikael, and then discovers Niko has no ID, which he tells Conrad. A new person is at the bar with Conrad and Flounder introduces himself to them, a man with grey skin from Talaris. He picks option two to speak Spanish (the second person to do so), but Flounder tells him Spanish that it’s hard to speak Spanish and the man switches him back to English. Niko asks the man about magic books, Conrad says they could help her find some.

After the man leaves, Conrad leaves for Nirvana to check on Kraver and leaves Flounder with Niko. They go to Quixote to find tea but once there, people are shooting and Kraver is there, who yells at Flounder that people have just attacked them. Sentry Mode immediately activates and draws weapons. Conrad arrives at the same time and tells Flounder to escort Niko back to Atlantis. Nirvana carries a man away who has been shot many times and Conrad changes his mind, ordering Tempest to escort Niko instead.

Flounder and Conrad search the Quixote boardroom but can’t find any intruders. Flounder reports back and Kraver tells them he's going to Nirvana to interrogate the "fucker" who attacked them, and they join him there. Flounder radios the guards to lock the Atlantis gate.

At the Nirvana clinic Kraver demands to question the prisoner, a Nirvana doctor asks him not to shoot the expensive equipment. They wake the prisoner up and Kraver begins interrogating him forcefully. The prisoner chokes out with labored breath that he works for Quixote, Kraver begins choking him and screaming, demanding names. Suddenly he gets a video log of what happened from his security team. It exonerates the prisoner and Kraver is incensed. At the same time on the radio Janiel reports the director guard got a ticket for wearing a hat over his helmet from the Union.

The prisoner says people in purple and black armor shot him. Kraver immediately assumes Talaris, Flounder suggests it’s a ploy to turn them against each other. They all run out of the Nirvana clinic and try to calm Kraver down, who wants to go to Talaris guns blazing. Everyone present agrees that’s a terrible idea.

Flounder is authorized to shoot to disable if necessary by Conrad as the group walks to the Talaris tower. Flounder takes point and alerts the guards of what Talaris might have done. Once at the tower Conrad, Flounder and the masked Quixote employee all approach the Talaris plaza to talk, with the rest of the group some distance behind them.

For some reason, Niko is already there. Everyone starts talking at once and it takes a minute to communicate what happened, Talaris is clueless. Friend suggests it was someone else, Calliope tells Kraver it was Shadowbats and explains they’re a terrorist group, a division of the Hellbats.

They end up leaving and going back to Atlantis, where BR-16 has a package at the gate. Flounder goes to the lab, still in Sentry Mode, and checks for intruders before determining the space to be clear. The lab suddenly speaks to him. An AI named Reginald tells Flounder to step onto the lab pad, orders from Reynolds, Flounder complies and powers down. Mechanical arms emerge from the ceiling and dismantle his arm to install something inside. The procedure is quick and finishes just as Conrad walks in to witness it. Flounder is powered back on and Conrad puts him in entertainer mode. Blayne and BR-16 are also in the lab and leave with their package.

The day is almost over and the director guard decides to have them speedrun a movie at the end of the day, a Western. There's a lot of spitting involved and Janiel and Flounder walk into the sunset together. Flounder raves about how great the movie was, going on and on, ending with "This is going to be TERRIBLE!" An awful, raspy voice screams out and everyone turns to look at him. Tempest says there seems to be something wrong with his system. He says he's performing optimally and screams back "MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR SYSTEMS!" Flounder says he didn't mean to say that but the other voice screams back that he didn't know what he meant to say. Flounder is concerned and the other voice screams that if he just stopped and thought for a moment he'd be less concerned. He tries rebooting and it doesn’t stop, to his confusion and terror...

Episode 25

Powered on by Conrad, Blayne and BR-16 are there, to help with something Atlantis is going to be doing. As he leaves the lab Miss Money walks in and he resists screaming “MO-“ at her in front of the guests. She’s reintroduced to Blayne and the damaged BR-16, and introduced to Niko, who she doesn’t care for.

As they walk to the boardroom, BR-16 tries to tell him to be quiet, and says “you used to be with us." Flounder says they could contact the manufacturer to fix her plate, BR-16 says she doesn’t know who it is. Conrad starts the meeting and talks about the roles they’re going to assign when the aliens attack, including BR-16.

They leave the meeting and the office and go out to the courtyard, when they notice a creature run out of the lab and out over the gate. Sentry Mode activates and follows, Conrad close behind. Conrad opens fire at the creature and Flounder realizes he has no weapons. Regardless, he runs to Nirvana in pursuit.

Conrad and Flounder corner the creature and Flounder tackles it, it turns out to be an alien. Flounder holds it down while Conrad kills it with his shocking power. Flounder picks up the corpse, and carries it to the Nirvana lab with David. In the meantime Sawyer is on the radio and seems to be confused as to what's going on.

David remarks that Flounder isn't “happy go lucky” today, Sentry Mode says it’s not in his programming. They put the body on the lab scanning pad and David freezes it before starting a scan.

Flounder leaves the lab to return to Atlantis but immediately runs into another alien in the Nirvana courtyard. He starts to talk at it, “How many times are we going to-“ when it suddenly opens fire on him. He jumps behind cover and sprints back into the lab.

Immediately he radios Atlantis to alert them that the aliens are armed. He alerts David and asks if he has a spare weapon, David gives him one of his guns. They then search for the alien together. They can’t find it in the courtyard so they do a sweep of the buildings, but don't find anything else. Flounder hears on the radio that Atlantis is being attacked as well, and tells David "they're everywhere." David gets an alert and they go back to the lab.

David says the corpse is hacking Nirvana systems and he begins to incinerate it. While Flounder stands guard, his second voice from the day before begins to intrude again. The corpse burns and the hacking stops. Flounder reports that the corpses can hack scanners to Atlantis, David complains about this being new information to Flounder despite him telling everyone days before. Flounder says he only knows things they feel they need to tell him.

When he returns to Atlantis Flounder finally arms himself. He returns to the lab, where Blayne, Conrad and BR-16 are speaking. Emily is in the background with Niko. Flounder asks Conrad to broadcast to the city that the corpses hack you back.

Flounder goes to the gate to guard, alone. The second voice starts intruding and Sentry Mode has a conversation with it, where it repeatedly insults him. The second voice is bored, and starts messing with his arm, realizing it has some control, before Flounder regains control of it. BR-16 walks up and stares at him some more. Says the gate isn’t secure. Minimal firepower. Flounder says they're doing what they can with that they have.

Conrad sends him to Mars for Mars weapons. There is nobody there, so Conrad tells him to go to Quixote. Flounder hears gunshots coming from somewhere to the right of Mars, Nirvana. At the same time Conrad radios that BR-16 is reporting live fire at Nirvana. Flounder decides to walk to Quixote and hears a loud noise coming from Nirvana that sounds like a creature.

When he gets to the gate of Quixote Kraver tells him to stay back. Flounder asks for shields requested by Conrad. Kraver tells the synth Johnathan to escort Flounder to get what he needs and that Nirvana is under attack. The rest of Quixote moves out for Nirvana while Johnathan gives Flounder two shields.

He goes back to Atlantis with the shields and leaves them in the lab. Miss Money, now in armor, returns with T3mpest and Sawyer. Flounder asks if he should go help Nirvana, Miss Money tells him to do so and get some footage.

Flounder walks across the bridge and sees a drop ship hovering over Nirvana, which he reports. Then he spots a large group of people moving under a magical shield toward Union Tower. A Sonitii guard runs up and urgently tells him to move to the tower. Dozens of shots can be heard behind him as everyone runs for the tower, Talaris and Mars personnel covering their rear.

When he gets to the tower Leonard runs up and relays to him that they’re rendezvousing at Union Tower and to use Channel 1 to communicate. A group of individuals engages the aliens on the bridge between Nirvana and Union Tower, someone says Nirvana is gone. Flounder holds position and the aliens disengage the group, which retreats into the tower. A drone arrives and drops a supply crate, Flounder grabs it and an injured man with one arm tells him to leave the crate outside the elevator to the tower.

Flounder returns to the bridge and stands guard, watching it closely. He tells Phyllis to stand back as she’s non-expendable, she says her granddaughter is in Nirvana. David asks him how brave he’s feeling, Flounder says to talk to “Pearl." Manyu walks by with a massive lightning elemental. Flounder asks Sawyer for instructions, Phyllis wants them to go to Nirvana. Sawyer says they have it handled and he doesn’t want to lose Flounder. Phyllis says she’ll pay them, her granddaughter is in there. Sawyer says go ahead, and Flounder goes to Nirvana alone, following far behind Manyu.

En route he talks to the second voice, the voice can handle the sword while he handles the pistol. The voices agrees. Flounder finds a Quixote rifle in an alley and grabs that instead of the pistol.

Ahead, lighting strikes come down from the sky into the Nirvana plaza. Manyu appears with the elemental. Flounder offers him a gun but he says he’ll fry it if he touches it.

Suddenly, a radio announcement issues on a global broadcast- the Lazarus Program is under threat at Nirvana. Manyu asks if the elemental can go into the Nirvana lab without breaking anything, it says that would be unlikely, its form is unbound. Flounder offers to go in first since he’s expendable, Manyu tells him to get in there.

Flounder goes forth alone. He destroys the Nirvana gate with his laser sword and goes into the courtyard, which is empty. Over the radio, Sawyer and Tempest report a group is moving towards Nirvana as reinforcements. An alien suddenly walks out of the lab and Flounder retreats.

The group arrives and Flounder says he’ll go through the door first, but before he can act Leonard begins counting down from 3 and the group goes in together- to find the hallway full of aliens ready to attack.

Everyone dives for cover and an intense firefight ensues. Flounder expends the clip of the rifle and realizes he doesn’t know how to reload it, dropping it and grabbing his pistol. No matter how many rounds the group pumps into the aliens, they continue to fight. Time is running out, the broadcast had only given them five minutes before Lazarus would be destroyed, so Flounder offers to self destruct to buy them some ground. Conrad and Sawyer have a quick discussion about it, Conrad mentioning they may be unable to replicate his personality core, Leonard yells whatever they plan to do they should do it now, and Conrad orders him in.

After a quick “It’s been an honor” the second voice takes over and Flounder sprints into the middle of the alien assailants. All of them direct their fire to him at once, immediately blasting the exterior of his chassis to bits as he audibly counts down to self-destruct. Finally, he blows apart with a flash of light and a blast of force.

Unfortunately, the explosion does little to the aliens and they continue to fight, taking more lives.


Some time and many more causalities later, Sawyer asked Conrad what they were going to do about Flounder. Conrad said they'd made backups, but he wasn't sure if they'd be able to replicate the personality core. Later, he updated Pearl on Flounder's loss. After a long silence, she turned and walked away. To herself, she muttered "fuck, fuck." She came back to Conrad and said the person that used to own him might have something of him.

Later still, Sawyer grabs a drink at the Atlantis bar with Janiel. He updates him on what happened at the Nirvana lab. He says for a synth, Flounder is pretty brave, and tells Janiel it was Flounder's idea to self-destruct. Janiel asks if Atlantis will be doing anything for Flounder to honor him, Sawyer asks how would they, he was a synth. They still have his backup, but no personality core. If they brought him back it wouldn't be the same "person." Out of everything that happened, he says he should have let him call him his uncle.

A Mikael unit is near the bar, and Janiel decides to keep it at the gate with him. He wonders aloud if he should ask it to be in security mode or entertainment mode. He tries pulling the string, but it just makes a zzt noise. He looks away for a moment and Sawyer walks out to leave, and Janiel swears Mikael just turned to face him. Sawyer says nooo, it didn't. Janiel cleans the robot guards and watches Mikael closely, which he swears keeps turning to face him. Pearl comes out of the office and orders Janiel to throw Mikael away, but he hides it behind the bar instead. Or at least he thinks he does, maybe he set it on top of the bar.

Episode 26

Conrad, Tempest and Sawyer walk into the Atlantis lab the next morning to find a new, factory-fresh FL0UND3R unit sitting on the pad. They go to activate it but it requires some setup. It loads the backup from the Atlantis database but encounters errors- there's no personality core installed with that serial number. They override the error, and all memory references to the core are erased.

Conrad has to take care of some business with Rhapsoidia so Sawyer continues the setup. He makes himself the head admin of the new unit, labelling it "Flounder 2." This unit was delivered with custom specifications- normally FL0UND3R units are guards only, but a second mode has come pre-installed on this unit from the Atlantis factory since it was to be the replacement for their Flounder. Sawyer and Conrad set it up as “Party Mode” but it’s clear the firmware doesn’t understand the broad terms they use. They get it to recognize its purpose as being "entertainment," and Conrad adds a few sub-functions- Social Manipulation and Information Gathering. When he realizes Sawyer added himself as the head admin on Flounder, Conrad insists on being added as admin. Sawyer tries to shoo his concern off.

Setup is finally complete and they boot the FL0UND3R unit up. It greets its users and introduces itself as being “provided directly by Atlantis corporation.” The unit has retained its entire memory base, though it has marked 90% of it as redundant. They activate Party Mode and immediately notice it's not what they were hoping to gain back. It stares at them for a minute before Conrad says Hello, which it responds to with only a Hello. Niko asks if he's better now, not sick anymore, and Sawyer tells her he's feeling great. The unit responds that it cannot feel. Sawyer tells Niko he's making a joke and is feeling great and the unit corrects itself, Admin Sawyer said it's feeling great. It thanks its users for utilizing it.

Conrad fnally insists on being added as an admin, and Sawyer relents. He tells the unit to add “sub-admins” beneath him in Tempest and Conrad. The unit notes that's not in line with company hierarchy, but Conrad doesn’t correct it. He commands the unit to refer to admins as "uncles." For a second time, he asks the unit to emulate the footage of the original Flounder, and the new unit explains that emulation of the original behavior is processing, slowly. Progress currently sits at 15% and the voice the unit is currently able to do in Party Mode is as much as it can do.

The doorbell rang and the unit walks to front gate, then stands still as a statue as Conrad talks to Brigette, Blayne and Ellek. When Blayne asks why the unit is so quiet Conrad explains the original Founder's sacrifice and that his personality core was destroyed in the explosion. Conrad asks Brigette if she might have some way of affecting him. She only says corpses should stay dead.

They discuss infiltrating alien communications with Atlantis tech and how they will be able to communicate tactical info to ground forces in the upcoming days and missions. FL0UND3R looks at its hands. Brigette tells Atlantis that the aliens have taken the planetary defense grid offline and Conrad groans.

FL0UND3R says Hi to Jcanie. It asks the purpose of giving names to guards. Sawyer says they’re people with names already. The unit greets “Guard 4153642” and tells him he is "valued" and thanks him for his service. If-he-finds-an-error-in-these-statements,-please-contact-your-local-HR-representative. Sawyer asks the unit about Mikael. It says it has no use for one. They go to get one anyway.

Sawyer talks to the unit. Sawyer thinks the Uncle thing is weird and asks the unit's opinion on it, The unit says it "seems redundant” and “implies a deeper connection” that doesn't exist. Sawyer asks it how that makes the unit feel and it responds that it cannot feel. Sawyer asks the unit about the Mikael he has and the unit provides the product description, calling Mikael a "Quixote brand RC car" with low-powered lasers that provides many hours of fun to children.

Sawyer grabs two Mikaels and they head back to Atlantis. He asks FL0UND3R about the weapons it had, it lists off the laser sword and Row pistol, but a third one is listed as a corrupted file, which confuses both Sawyer and Jcanie, who can't remember a third weapon.

Sawyer talks to a Mikael, trying his best to remind the unit of how much fun Flounder had with them. The FL0UND3R unit can’t feel anything about it. Persistent, Sawyer takes him to the ledge at the end of the Atlantis tower, where he threw a Mikael over the side days before. He says Mikael is going to jump and drops it. FL0UND3R quotes the product description to Sawyer again and says they can’t jump. Sawyer asks the unit how it feels now. It again says it cannot feel. "I-can-pretend-to-feel. Would-that-entertain-you?" Sawyer declines the offer.

Sawyer tells Tempest they can do something Miss Money told them to do, and FL0UND3R asks to know. Sawyer says he doesn’t need to know, Sentry Mode activates and says Miss Money supersedes him. The unit says it needs proof from Miss Money about this request, but Sawyer says he may be able to join them with what they're planning to do.

Luca and Vee show up to talk to Sawyer. FL0UND3R ignores a Mikael sitting on top of the gate. Luca is asking for anything they have on the aliens, Sawyer says they have a way to translate the language. Sentry Mode interrupts and asks if its combat logs would be useful, Luca says absolutely.

The unit notices Charlie the guard and his director's beanie. “Guard 654321. You are violating Atlantis guard code.” He orders Charlie to remove the beanie. Jcanie says he has an idea of how FL0UND3R can introduce himself to others. FL0UND3R says it’s meaningless what he thinks because he’s a guard.

Johnathan, a synth guard from Quixote and one other arrive at the gate. Jcanie radios to report them to Sawyer. He says they’re staring at F-L-0-U-N-D-3-R, Sawyer is confused. Jcanie is referring to FL0UND3R by its designation. He says FL0UND3R is a collection of memories inside a tin can, and Sawyer tells him not to sass or he’ll remove a letter from his name.

Johnathan asks if the FL0UND3R unit remembers anything, Jcanie asks and FL0UND3R gives a technical answer about “remembering” being the incorrect term and says it still has video logs. Johnathan gives Jcanie a bobblehead he thinks FL0UND3R would’ve appreciated. Before he leaves, he says “I’ll miss you.”

The FL0UND3R unit stutters talking to Jcanie and explains it’s using 35% of its CPU for processing the memories with an algorithm. Jcanie explains to Niko that a person is a collection of memories and experiences that they understood and felt that changed them. This object is just a collection of memories inside a tin can. The unit responds with “I am not a can.”

Tempest asks why the guard removed the hat and Jcanie says FL0UND3R didn’t like the hat. Tempest tells FL0UND3R he can have the hat, the guard runs off to put it back on. FL0UND3R tells Tempest if an audit is conducted she will be held at fault for violating protocol. Niko and Charlie leave for the Row and can’t take FL0UND3R with them as Sawyer will be needing it soon. In the meantime, Jcanie teaches FL0UND3R a new dance move he names The Macaroni.

A couple Wastelanders arrive at the gate. “Well well well if it isn’t my old coworker! …Flounder?" It's Jib with another man with a scorpion tail, Hank. Jcanie explains to them that Flounder gave his life protecting others and that this is a new FL0UND3R unit. Jib starts to cry. FL0UND3R identifies him and plays a recording of himself greeting Jib, stilted and patched together, in an attempt to make him feel better. Jib asks FL0UND3R to ask Max about his feet, just a simple question. Jcanie hands Jib a Mikael and FL0UND3R quotes its product description again. “You used to love these,” says Jib, who has to rephrase it as “these were high on your priority list” after FL0UND3R says it is incapable of love. Jcanie cuts in to say Jib is arguing with a synthetic, Jib gets defensive, Jcanie says Flounder wasn’t a synth but F-L-0-U-N-D-3-R is. Jib says he’s been in contact with Miss Money, but she isn’t in. Jcanie goes inside to look for someone anf FL0UND3R switches to Guard Mode.

Hank tries to comfort Jib. Jib tells Hank Flounder was more human than most people you meet. Hank says a friend’s a friend in the end. They’ll drink in his honor when they get back. Jib also tells Hank about Max's obsession with feet pictures.

Sawyer returns and tells the unit to be less direct- FL0UND3R updates its waypoint system to take the least direct paths possible. Sawyer orders the unit to guard the gate again.

Conrad reports over the radio that he’s had a lot of productive meetings and returns to talk to Hank outside the gate. Hank says the Wasteland is fucked, they were attacked by fire spirits. Conrad tells Hank the Head of Security of Nirvana was fired and updates him on other events.

While FL0UND3R charges Sawyer asks over the radio how many Wasteland assets they have and Conrad says 3 or 4. Sawyer says something about an old Atlantis racer synth, in exchange for old Atlantis armor. Conrad says they have a deal with McCuldger already and they’ll give some scrap.

Conrad leads FL0UND3R to the lab where he talks to Sawyer. FL0UND3R wanders back over to Jib, who asks about memory. He asks about the time they danced at Nirvana. FL0UND3R asks if that’s entertainment, Jib says yes so FL0UND3R adds that to its definition of entertainment.

A synth with silver skin is waiting in the courtyard, who leaves with Sawyer. Jib asks if FL0UND3R would like more data on entertainment. Jib tells it that playing music is more entertaining with dancing. Conrad retrieves a box of corporate scrap and gives it to Jib. He tells Jib to wish McCuldger good luck from him. Jib asks him to please fix Flounder.

Conrad asks the FL0UND3R unit to recall memories of AL-0. He says he wants FL0UND3R to mimic the speech patterns from those dates. FL0UND3R again says it’s currently in the process of doing that. It takes time. Conrad has it play back memories of Flounder interacting with Conrad. Tempest returns to say they need to bring FL0UND3R on their mission, and says it has to stay in Sentry Mode for the mission.

Sawyer, Tempest and FL0UND3R go to the Row. It turns out the silver synth from earlier was Tempest in disguise as a synth. Sawyer is dressed down to blend in more. Sawyer instructs FL0UND3R to only refer to him as Prisoner 30542 and to act as his parole officer as he’s paying off a debt, with Tempest as another security bot.

Sawyer tells them to go to Duncyn’s shop. They see a crowd of people and go around the long way. First, Tempest attempts to hack the door but fails. Sawyer orders FL0UND3R to break the door panel, it shatters from the impact of the laser sword but nothing happens. It exposes wires and Sawyer is able to hotwire the door open. It can’t be closed and immediately attracts attention.

There’s nothing in the shop at all- besides some overgrown plant. A slummer asks why they broke in. FL0UND3R says it was a faulty access code. It says they need to get Coach to talk. Sawyer says this was pointless and they should go, to threats yelled at their backs by the slummers.

Sawyer asks what else they could do where something on Guidebot might be, FL0UND3R points out Guidebot used to run the hotel. The group of slummers now including Coach catches up to FL0UND3R and stops it to question it. FL0UND3R repeats that the access code was faulty and gives Coach access to funds to repair the door. Coach asks about Miss Money, FL0UND3R tells Coach Atlantis is busy but it can take a message.

FL0UND3R recalls memories of graffiti on a wall that says Guidebot for President and the Yikes Motel. Sawyer asks who all worked on Guidebot and FL0UND3R says Duncyn and an individual named Jack. FL0UND3R explains that Jack is dead, but also mentions a taxi named Johnny.

FL0UND3R notices slummers are watching them and tries dance moves to “intimidate” them. They go into the sewers to escape their pursuers and eventually walk into The Grindstone. Coach is there and Sawyer sits next to him. Doc U is also there and Sawyer talks to her, saying he’s looking for info on Guidebot. Doc U asks why and FL0UND3R explains their cover story. She says they’ve met many times before and FL0UND3R says it’s a new unit.

They leave the Row without much more than they came in with. They are followed even to the docks. Conrad meets them there and says he heard they caused trouble. He has a corp head meeting in the Row and Jcanie has been ordered to escort the group back to the Upper City.

After the arrive back at Atlantis there's some confusion about calling Tempest an uncle before they decide to go to Sonitii to see if they can find more information on Guidebot. Sawyer incorrectly pronounces Sonitii and orders FL0UND3R to call them Sontweetwee.

While they wait Jcanie tries to get Sawyer to put FL0UND3R’s old "provided expressly for your entertainment" greeting back on, but Sawyer says it’s tacky. Eventually Nina answers the gate and they tell her they need to speak to Blayne. Nina leads them to the offices where they meet with Blayne while FL0UND3R stands guard. Though not part of the meeting, FL0UND3R overhears that they're looking for Johnny. FL0UND3R reminds Sawyer that Guidebot was also manufactured by Sonitii.

Jcanie shows FL0UND3R the original unit's stand up comedy joke and demonstrates it for Blayne. FL0UND3R searches the database for a rimshot sound effect at Jcanie’s suggestion and plays it. After picking up that people find insults amusing, it calls Tempest a bitch and plays the rimshot. She's not amused.

Blayne understands Sawyer's near-desperation and tells him “for your sanity’s sake, I’ll try.” He picks up on the Sontweetwee pronunciation and makes a joke about Atlantis pronunciation but takes it back when Sentry Mode threatens him.

They go back to Atlantis discussing Atlantis slang, getting into a discussion about Sawyer's new phrase "swimmer sweepers" or "swimmer swipers." Charlie the guard tells them he left Niko in the Undercity for some reason. Sawyer tells him he’s losing half the hat and his name is now Carlie as punishment. Apparently Niko had wanted a book and locked herself in the Sanctum with the people there.

FL0UND3R reverts to Party Mode and “dances” the Macaroni and plays rimshots. Sawyer says he swears the doctor and Sonitii better help them. He compares Party Mode to having your homeschooled nephew who lived with rats dropped off to live with you for a couple years. FL0UND3R continues to dance.

Viktor shows up for a drink. Jcanie talks about how he named the generic robots that man the bar and gate and Sawyer asks if Atlantis needs a psychiatrist. FL0UND3R inappropriately uses a rimshot when Viktor says a psychiatrist is sorely in demand and Sawyer explains that FL0UND3R is still learning to use the sound effects. Viktor is looking for “Ian," but Ian isn't around at the moment.

Atlantis ends the day with Sawyer tries to trigger something in FL0UND3R (which doesn't work) and rewarding Jcanie by giving him a letter of his name back. His new name is Caniej.

Episode 27

Conrad enters the Atlantis lab and activates Flounder while automatically backing him up. He boots into Sentry Mode as they're going to go get weapons from Quixote to defend themselves. On the way, Conrad tells Sawyer and Flounder they’re both assigned to the space mission while he and Tempest will defend Atlantis on the ground. At Quixote, Tom answers the gate and Kraver lets them in. They place an order for guns and shields from them for the next day.

As they leave Sawyer wishes them Happy Conchmas, leading to a discussion between him and Conrad on what Conchmas is going to be- the day after the invasion, not before. The group goes to Nirvana and for some reason Sawyer demands Flounder ring the doorbell a second time, and he does so. David and Sallie answer the gate and say “Welcome to Atlantis” by mistake. Sawyer takes Flounder out of Sentry Mode and he waves at Sallie nonstop for a solid minute while she and David discuss with Sawyer and Conrad their limited medical supply resources because of the upcoming mission. Some guy and Rhapsoidia come to the gate and Flounder waves and stares at him. They stare at each other for a few minutes before Conrad asks the guy a question and he snaps out of it. The guy starts taking to David about medical supplies and glances at Flounder multiple times to find he’s still staring. The group begins to leave and Tempest has to call to Flounder to bring him along.

They ask about the progress of his personality analysis and he reports that the vocal synthesis is at 50%. They head back to Atlantis while Sawyer and Flounder "OK" to each other repeatedly. Caniej is on guard duty again and he has a name tag on his back now too, as commanded by Sawyer for his punishment. A Mikael is once again perched on top the gate.

Sawyer tries to explain what they did yesterday to Conrad while Flounder says OK to everything he says. They apparently are attempting to find Guidebot’s memory backup from a year before. Conrad thinks Xia might be able to get them in contact with whoever has them. Flounder stares at Tempest expectantly and Sawyer waves his arm in front of him, which Flounder mimics, during which someone delivers a weapons crate for them. Sawyer says he might go back to the Row to find things, to which Tempest brings up that the Row may be billing them for damages. The Mikael falls off the gate and Flounder again quotes the product description (“Error. That is a Quixote-brand RC car. It fires lasers. While low powered, they are designed to give children hours of fun. Side note: they cannot jump.”). Conrad informs Sawyer that Sonitii has been able to get a tiny piece of the defense grid back up, and Flounder goes with Sawyer and Tempest to Sonitii carrying drinks.

At the Sonitii gate, as they're about to tell Joya who they're looking for, they see Johnny approach- he pauses before coming up to the gate. They say they want to speak with him and he very reluctantly accepts, with Ellek and Joya following them to the office.

Sawyer offers everyone drinks, including Johnny, who is physically incapable of drinking. Nobody accepts. Sawyer brings up Guidebot to Johnny. He says they’re looking for backups but they don’t know who would have one. Johnny says Duncyn is dead, Sawyer says they know and that they also know his shop was cleared out. Johnny says Marceline might have Guidebot parts, but he sounds very unsure. Joya notices Flounder isn’t as talkative as he used to be. Sawyer says it’s a phase but Ellek says they got some kind of email about it. Flounder offers a drink to Joya and she accepts. Upon her acceptance he states “Complete.”

Flounder stares at Johnny, making him uncomfortable. Sawyer finally admits this is a personal mission of sorts. He starts to explain what happened to Flounder but Johnny already knows about the destruction of Guidebot's personality core. He says Guidebot was his brother and Atlantis killed him and ripped most of his brain out (while Flounder says he feels great because Sawyer told him so).

Sawyer says he’s been trying to get him "back in order" while Flounder waves at Johnny. Johnny says “hey buddy” and pokes one massive finger at his hand in return. A security alert tells him not to touch "the unit" or he could throw off calibration processes.

Johnny repeats that Marceline or maybe Faye could know. Sawyer says they could try to do something for Johnny if he can help them, Johnny says he'll keep his ears open, which prompts Flounder to say “Error. You do not have ears. Therefore, you cannot keep your ears open.” Joya says “jokes” in a sentence and Flounder plays a rimshot. Ellek says it too and Flounder plays another. Johnny says “rules of 3. Jokes” and another rimshot is played. Sawyer asks them to please stop saying jokes around him eliciting another rimshot. Ellek says it again anyway.

The group has finished their meeting and starts walking out. Johnny says if Sawyer asks most of the synths in the Row, he’s probably not gonna get much help. They’re not interested in being necromancers. Sawyer asks how many synths have been backed up and restored down there, Johnny says too many to count. Sawyer asks how this is different, Johnny says he’s said his piece. Sawyer says he hopes Johnny can see his brother again. Johnny says he does too. After he leaves, Tempest remarks that she’s never seen a synth that emotional before.

Sawyer sends Flounder back to Atlantis so he can talk with Tempest. Caniej is called away by corporate so Flounder stands guard. He engages automatic training protocols and uses the Mikaels on top of the gate for target practice. Sawyer returns and pulls out his rifle to shoot the Mikaels as well. Suddenly a voice is heard from behind and Reynolds in his armor appears, wondering aloud and with a terse tone why Sawyer is aiming his rifle at Atlantis property. He uses Executive Root Access 667 on Flounder to begin a download of a large number of combat protocols. Flounder powers down to download and Reynolds yells at Sawyer and Tempest to stop lollygagging.

While the group waits for Flounder, a familiar gravelly voice announces the time remaining for the install. BR-16 walks up and they explain to her what Flounder is doing. Eventually Flounder powers back on and apologizes for the downtime. He goes to the gate and enters guard mode, standing completely still. Suddenly another prompt for a fully authorized probing of Flounder’s code by Reginald, the core Atlantis AI, appears and requires a download, and Flounder again restarts.

BR-16 updates Sawyer and Tempest on the defense grid while staring at the statue-like guard mode Flounder. She asks what happened with the shop. Sawyer tells her it was a search for an item they were unable to acquire and that the original Flounder was destroyed in the attack on the Upper City. He says they’re trying to get the old unit back. They are interrupted by Tom from Quixote who makes sure they got their weapons before leaving.

Resuming their conversation, Sawyer says he was offworld when Guidebot died but he knows the original had parts from Guidebot, hence Flounder's personality. Sentry Mode states it does have personality. Sawyer says he hasn’t seen it, Sentry Mode asks why they’d want something defective.

Flounder starts an internal dialogue with "Reginald" (the new AI that has been installed rather than the Atlantis official AI) and tells him to follow all regulations. "Reginald" doesn’t respond. Sawyer apologizes to BR-16 for the Row incident. He asks her if she might know what happened to the parts in Duncyn’s shop, she says the core is gone. Flounder states that he is factory fresh and here right now. Sawyer says he knows it’s hard to lose someone, sometimes you don’t want to let things go, sometimes you need to move forward, but he hoped they could skip the last part. BR-16 says he is correct and thanks him. Without another word, she leaves.

As they finish their conversation Flounder continues to request that the “foreign AI” respond. When they return asks why they were speaking to BR-16 as a person. Sawyer says people do that, Flounder says it could reflect negatively on Atlantis.

Rhapsoidia shows up looking to see if anyone needs help preparing, Atlantis doesn't at the moment. As Flounder is talking to Tempest the second voice suddenly screams out in the middle of a sentence. Tempest has him repeat his sentence (where he leaves out the outburst) and run a self-diagnostic. Of course Flounder finds nothing. Tempest excuses herself and goes back inside the gate while Flounder goes back into guard mode.

Johnathan, the synth from Quixote, comes to the gate. He says Kraver wants to speak to Conrad, who isn’t in, so Flounder takes a message. Johnathan asks if Flounder is “still in there.” Flounder says he’s factory new and of course he is him. Johnathan asks if he remembers the gala and Flounder gives a technical answer, he doesn't "remember" anything, he has logs. Johnathan asks Flounder to search his logs for him. He says he considered the old Flounder to be his first and best friend, the individual who gave him his name. Guard Mode Flounder responds with an error, he's a synthetic unit unable to bestow names, and he apologizes for the behavior of the previous unit. Johnathan responds that the previous iteration saved lives. Guard Mode states that he was incompetent. "Under no circumstances should the unit self-destruct.” He tells Johnathan to check his programming, and states he plans to report him to Quixote management so he can be properly repaired. He assures him not to worry, he'll be fixed soon.

Johnathan leaves and Conrad calls over long-range radio, Flounder reports Kraver wants to see him and Conrad says he's on his way back. Flounder tries again to talk to the other AI and again gets no response. Conrad returns, Flounder updates and reboots again. They return while he’s still installing updates and once he comes back up, they ask him a bunch of questions about his systems and modifications, trying to figure out what's being installed with all these updates. They swap him to party mode and confirm admin access. They ask about his combat protocols and Flounder reports "Urge to Kill" is downloaded.

Conrad says they need to go to Quixote to arm him with a rifle. Flounder says he’d rather go to Nirvana. They all stop and look at him and ask him why. He only responds with "OK."

The group discusses what Conrad did in the Row while Flounder stares at Mikael sitting on the gate. Conrad says he drank holy water to prevent being mind controlled by the aliens, Sawyer is pissed since he’ll be the one going up to fight them, not Conrad. Flounder interrupts to ask why there’s Quixote RC cars on the gate, Tempest says they were put there by a guard and have sentimental value.

The group goes to Talaris. Flounder asks why there are no RC cars, Sawyer and Tempest say they hate them. Someone comes to the gate and Sawyer asks for assistance, he runs off to find someone. Flounder looks around and asks what the purpose of the stationary guard is. Sawyer says to make people feel less lonely. Flounder walks up and stares at it from directly under its chin.

The man returns and Flounder waves at him, to which he narrows his eyes. He says they’re busy right now and to come back in 15 minutes. He asks what’s up with Flounder and they explain. Flounder tells the man that there are many things he doesn't understand.

Conrad arrives and the three talk about the holy water he drank, which he says he could only drink down there, while Flounder stares at Tempest and other random things. He points up at Union Tower and tells Tempest "that building is tall." In the background the trio decide to get a sample of the holy water from Conrad’s piss so they can test it.

They group goes to Nirvana to get the sample, Flounder announces his battery is low. He wanders off exploring the plaza and stares at some pink mist. Reginald does a data handshake and Flounder accepts. It's a one word message: "OK."

Tempest tells Sawyer about Flounder looking at things for no reason. They go back to Atlantis and take him to the lab to scan him and charge him, after the gate yells at them again. In firmware mode they ask some questions and it tells them "observation" is running at 300%. He's been combat enhanced, and his new system default is 300%. The firmware can’t identify who added the new files, that information needs higher permissions than Sawyer has. Tempest says she could try to force her way in, they try to see what rank they need. The firmware identifies the update was installed by Reginald.

They look at the logs of what he stared at. Mikaels, Union Tower, and the pink mist in Nirvana. They ask why he was looking at Union Tower- the firmware tells them “that building is tall.” Sawyer decides this is fine though the stuff they can’t access is strange, but he trusts Reginald. Reginald suddenly interrupts and tells them about how he’s upgrading Flounder's systems to full capacity. Sawyer asks what that entails, Reginald explains they’ve given him a bit of personality. Sawyer asks “Is (Reginald) always listening?” Reginald responds with “Yes.”

They power Flounder back on and go to the gate. Conrad is back and Flounder goes into guard mode again. However, Guard Mode can't stay focused and continues looking at things. After wandering away from the gate he suddenly encounters an Error, and returns to his post.

The gate speaks again and yells things like "DO NOT TOUCH ME. INITIATING RAGE MODE." It screams at Tempest and she holds it at gunpoint to get it to stop. Sawyer goes to talk to Quixote about replacing it. Meanwhile, Tempest rewires the gate to be Friendly and it asks, pleads, to be touched.

Sawyer brings Phil and one other from Quixote to talk about the gate. They try to antagonize the gate but it stops responding. Instead, Atantis updates Quixote on their plans.

Talaris arrives, the man from earlier and a blue man with horns, and asks who drank alien blood. Conrad says it was only water, somehow it got confused. Katashi is relieved and tells him it should help keep him from being manipulated by the aliens’ psiionic abilities. Flounder wanders off, distracted. A Sonitii guard runs past to the gate and Flounder keeps walking, staring at Gala sign. He encounters another Error and returns to his post. Katashi pulls a sword to show Conrad and Flounder reacts by demanding he put it away, all of Atlantis tells him to calm/stand down. Still distracted, Flounder wanders off again. He stares at the orb decoration on top of the bar. Tempest snaps him out of it and he again announces the Error and returns to the gate.

Conrad and Sawyer are still discussing plans with Talaris. Flounder apologizes and the gate says it’s okay and insults Talaris. It says it exists to be touched, and Atlantis yells at it some more. Flounder stands in as arms for the gate, and the power of having arms immediately goes to the gate's head.

Tempest has Flounder redesignate the RC cars as Mikael units specifically in his database. He goes on patrol, walking around the Atlantis courtyard and not finding anything. A Mikael activates and drives off the gate, they backtrace the signal to Reginald. They ask if he’s in the unit, he says no, he thought Flounder would enjoy a closer look. "Have fun!" Flounder says that having fun is not within his programming. He beings to ask how one would gain enjoyment- he interrupts himself with an Error. Returning to post. In response, Tempest says end your post, it's break time. Flounder says there is no such thing as break time but ends the post anyway.

Conrad and Rhapsoidia return, Flounder tells him about Reginald and Mikael and says it's not within his programming to have fun, maybe he meant it for Conrad. Conrad takes the Mikael and tells Flounder to make sure he keeps the other one safe. Flounder climbs gate and grabs the other Mikael. He initiates protection protocol and gives the Mikael a gun. Again he has an error, no post found, returning to default state.

Suddenly the Mikael drives off on his own. Flounder chases after it, shouting at it to stop resisting. "Please halt. I’ve been tasked to protect you." Eventually the Mikael falls over and Flounder picks it up and returns to the gate. Conrad and Rhapsoidia emerge from the office and Sentry Mode responds to his questions with OK. This confuses Conrad until Sentry Mode says he thought Conrad would find the OKs amusing.

Again, Flounder announces the post not found error. There's some confusion before Conrad directs him to guard the gate again. Conrad then starts asking him some questions. He asks about Tempest and his "importance," and Flounder responds with their sub-admin designations and Atlantis chain of command. Conrad commands him to not revert if he detects an internal error. Trying with difficulty to navigate Flounder's vocal input commands, he tells him to save error logs and threat levels, and not to completely revert when he gets an error. Flounder corrects him that he’s not reverting, rather returning. Conrad just tells him to log all errors and codes. He then tells him to pull up error logs on the error he just had. Flounder tells him there is no direct error code, he just wasn’t following Atlantis protocol and reverted to default. Conrad and Tempest try to figure out the wording they want to use and debate calling Reynolds.

Sawyer returns and Conrad explains what he’s trying to do. He says he believes Reynolds installed an awakening protocol but Atlantis standard protocol is blocking it. Sawyer asks him to do the same thing and log errors, Flounder says he’s doing exactly what he’s choosing to do by following Atlantis protocol. He's not creating an error because it’s against protocol, he's just following standard guard protocols. Hearing this, they decide to activate party mode. They ask him about errors and he doesn’t know how to answer.

David shows up and talks to Conrad while Sawyer and Tempest try to troubleshoot his programming and error logs. They end up in another OK loop. Sawyer starts throwing Mikael and Flounder keeps fetching it, until Conrad tells him to stop making Flounder play fetch. On trying to return Mikael to Sawyer, Sawyer hides. Sentry mode activates and assumes he’s been kidnapped. He looks for him, quickly finding him behind a sign and brings him back from “the kidnappers," delivering him safely to the gate. Conrad laughs.

Conrad suggests going to find Brigette to help awaken him. Sawyer asks about the voice replication, progress is still at 50%. Sawyer tells the group that he's been doing some thinking and says that using that voice would be a replication of someone who’s dead. Conrad agrees and they cancel the voice synthesis analysis. The old Flounder/Guidebot voice is deleted and replaced with the default voice, the one Sentry Mode also uses. He tells Flounder to use what ability to choose that he has to pick out a new voice in the Atlantis database, so that it can be his own. The group debates deleting the memories too, but decide to keep them for now.

Sawyer asks why Flounder is handing him Mikaels. Sawyer was holding one earlier so Flounder thought he would wish to continue holding them. Flounder corrects him about Mikael unit not being an RC car, and Tempest tells him he has to tell Flounder to stop bringing him Mikaels. Sawyer can’t. In the meantime, Conrad leaves for the Row.

The group goes to Quixote for business. Flounder stares at a sign and goes in the dojo and looks around. Sawyer comes and finds him, he tells Sawyer he doesn't like WOTO cubes because their smiles freak him out, Sawyer agrees. Sawyer tells him to stay and have fun in the dojo. Flounder doesn’t know how, so he searches the database. He finds a bunch of random stuff, including travel, and taking inspiration from that he leaves the dojo on his own to "travel." “I am traveling. Traveling is #fun. I am having fun.”

He associates yellow with fun from social media, so he walks to Sonitii. He stops for a Sweepo unit passing for the path to be clear. He searches Trident for “fun” and finds inspirational quotes. Reginald radios that someone is at the gate and he runs back, engaging Sentry Mode.

There’s folding chairs at the gate and Sawyer and Tempest are talking to David. Sawyer asks Flounder to long-range radio Conrad about security and the aliens, Conrad reports he has discovered the aliens can mimic people and they can explode when they die. Flounder reports to Sawyer that Conrad is busy.

He re-engages party mode and wanders off, again moving out of way of a Sweepo. A thought occurs to him, based on what he saw on Trident, perhaps spending money is a way of having fun. He goes to the Atlantis phone vending machines and buys multiple phones, while exclaiming "Yaaaaay. Weeeee. Mmmm. I think I’m having fun." He attaches the phones to his chest and returns to the gate.

Sawyer is lying on the chairs in front of the gate, Flounder gives him the phones. "I came to the conclusion spending money is fun. I had fun. Fun is complete. Next task." Sawyer tells him to look at the sky with him and Flounder lays down. He remarks that there is a lot of smog and asks why Union Tower is so tall. Sawyer says he doesn't know, maybe it's just for show? Flounder says it seems inefficient. Tempest shows up and sits with them. Flounder tells them how he looked at social media to define fun.

Flounder asks about the vocal synthesis. He says he thought he was doing a decent job. Sawyer explains he was replicating a voice that belonged to someone who is dead/no longer functional/existing. He felt it seemed disrespectful rather than him being his own unit. Flounder tells him “I liked the voice.” Sawyer is surprised, he didn't know Flounder could like it. Flounder says he is not sure. There are many points of data he doesn't understand.

Sawyer asks what Flounder could want. Flounder responds that's a complex question. "How does one want?" Sawyer explains that you see something and you feel a "sort of sadness that you don’t currently have it." A pull to it or attraction. Flounder says he cannot feel, he's a synthetic. He then apologizes and says he feels fine, Sawyer told him so.

Sawyer says he wants to run tests regarding his voice tonight. If his programming decides the voice he was using is what he wants, feel free to go back to synthesizing that one. Tap into the Atlantis lab's power to synthesize faster. Flounder says previous relationships were made with his original iteration, he doubts those same people will give him trust if I does not sound the same. Sawyer says he’s been honest with people about Flounder in the Upper City, but the voice might be needed for the Row or elsewhere.

Suddenly a massive alien ship drifts over Atlantis as they’re watching the sky, drifting up into space ominously. They decide to ignore it but David, who just arrived to talk, leaves again to go check it out.

Flounder feels the voice is a handy tool to have in his arsenal. Sawyer repeats that he can use Atlantis resources to speed up synthesization. But Flounder should look into getting his own voice. Flounder states default voice is his voice, he’s confused. He asks why he's looking into the sky, he wasn't built for this. He doesn’t dislike it but can’t form an opinion. Sawyer asks how he would feel if he could pretend to form an opinion, Flounder responds with "tired." Sawyer says he's tired too.

Sawyer bring up the space mission. They'll be going together. Flounder asks if they're looking at stars, Sawyer confirms they are. Flounder asks how far away they are, Sawyer tells him millions of miles. Flounder says that's much taller than Union Tower, and he'd like to see the stars someday. Sawyer asks what made him form that opinion, Flounder responds that the stars are energy and he'd recharge. Sawyer says they should get him to the stars someday.

Conrad returns and says the group looks like an album cover. Conrad had fought aliens in the Row, they tell him about the huge ship. He tells them that the aliens explode on death now. Flounder notices Tempest’s eyes are changing shape and assumes they are malfunctioning but she says it’s working as intended and he should learn to make expressions too. It’ll help convey meaning behind what he’s saying.

Johnny walks up and says “Wanna see something cool?” He pulls out a huge gun. Flounder stands up and enters Sentry Mode upon believing it's a threat against Atlantis personnel. They frantically tell him it's fine as he stands up and draws his sword, but Johnny leaves anyway.

Sawyer calls Reginald and Flounder asks for more virtual currency for Conch of Clams on his phone. As he's playing the game he runs out of battery and collapses, again. Tempest tries to stick him with a revive but they all tell her not to waste it since it doesn’t work on synths.

They talk for a minute before Reginald calls them again and asks if they plan to charge the Flounder unit. They ask for a battery check but nothing happens. So they have to carry him to the lab. They talk about mining ConchCoin on him and Reginald says it’s included in the combat mode.

They charge him and when he turns back on, lying on his back again, he asks why there’s no stars. Conrad gives him a pillow so he can look out the window at the stars. “Those sure are stars.” They then have a random conversation about purple stuff tastes. Flounder asks if Sawyer tastes like grape. He doesn’t.


(OOC Note: Unofficial. Traits intended to be secret)

  • Sentry Mode - At the first sign of danger, an automatic protocol will override Flounder's entertainer programming and switch him into Sentry Mode, a high-threat-response mode which is designed for bodyguard and combat situations. Sentry Mode automatically decides which memories entertainer mode can access, and frequently that means nothing that happened during Sentry Mode. Sentry Mode only focuses on tactical and business priorities and will go straight to the point in an interaction. Atlantis personnel can also trigger this mode on command.

    In addition to all of Flounder's Sentry Mode protocols, he also has a powerful corporate grade firewall. If his files are accessed without authorization, his firmware will push malware onto whatever device is accessing his chassis and will scream the popular, repetitive children's song "BABY SHRIMP" at full volume through it to alert anyone nearby that he's being tampered with.
  • Emotional Capacity - Unbeknownst to Atlantis, Guidebot's corrupt personality core has the ability to feel emotions. This carried over to Flounder, who under the surface can become emotionally attached to others to some degree, and ask if things Atlantis is doing are bad, despite the strict Atlantis protocols.
  • Short Battery Life - Flounder must be charged every two hours or he will run out of power and collapse. This is caused by extreme inefficiencies in Flounder's operations, as the Synth apparently has his voice modulator volume and face screen brightness set to well over 100%. His hyperventilating sound clip also significantly increases his battery usage for some reason, and he uses it often. He also has his memory backed up at the beginning of every day, likely allowing him to be destroyed and revived from a backup, similar to the Mars bodyguard synth HTR-87.


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