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Esper is the Overseer of the Undercity Sect of the "Coven of the Divide", a community of mages trying to help each other learn more about magic.[1]

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Esperine "Esper" Veil is an Elf who was born to Human parents. Overprotective and afraid of her being taken from them, her parents taught her outside was dangerous and meant death. Even when she grew older, she stayed isolated from society. However, one day, her parents and their funding disappeared, forcing her into the outside world to survive.

When forced into the open, Esper locked up, unsure what to even do. Lost, she stumbled about her sector before being noticed by a hooded figure; A local magic user, who led her to the sanctuary for magic users, the Coven. In the small stay within this Coven she learned a bit more about herself. That not only did being near magic cause her pain, but casting also caused damage to herself. But the others were amazed at how quickly she grasped the concepts that she was being told of.

One day, the leader spoke to her. Their coven did not have much room to accept new adepts, but in another sector, they caught wind that another Coven was in desperate need of aid. Thus, Esper was sent to the Undercity, to establish relations and assist the Coven with whatever they needed to ensure a safe haven for magic users.


Starting as an adept in the Coven she became their overseer a year ago.

Secretly, she leads the Dusk's Daughters, a radical group of Shadow mages who seek to ensure the freedom of magic through any means necessary. Also known to the spirits as "Shrinetender," Esperine struggles to balance the anxiety of daily life with the stark morality of Shadows, all while maintaining civility with the corporate oppression of Masaru.


  • Seemingly one with Magic, Esperine's knowledge of spells are not limited like her fellow mages.
  • However, being one with magic seems to come at a cost, as casting magic harms her and being near it can cause pain.
Season 2 traits

These may no longer apply.


  • If she is taught about the components, she could explain the mechanism of how a spell functions and its elemental affinity.
  • Being a recluse, Esper is intimately familiar with technology, as it was her only gateway to the outside world. She knows how to repair consumer technology.
  • The lithe build of an elf has always been known for its agility. Dodging and running are physical strengths of Esper’s, enabling them to be able to move up and down areas easily.


  • Casting of magic herself causes the element to reflect damage on her, and being in the presence of casting causes intense pain.
  • The trauma of being forced into the outside world has caused Esper to develop a coping mechanism where she is prone to disassociation and lethargy.
  • Her diminutive stature and lithe figure are signs of her stunted growth from not living a healthy life. Physical harm causes greater damage to her.


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