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"This is not a thing of Elves." ― Erthoriel

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Erthoriel is athletic and lithe, and speaks with an airy, distracted voice, which gained her the Elvish name ‘Ei (HEK) thor(TAWrē).’ Despite her unapproachable nature, disinterest in the living, and reluctance, she is dependable when forging agreements. She will never betray those she made an agreement with, though she is clear and upfront she will escape over fighting battles. Though she is a member of House Inalamin, she speaks little of them or her fellow elves of Eshma Thalas


  • Major - Sepulcher Investigator: Visiting tombs since the Third Era, Erthoriel is gifted in identifying the languages, techniques, defenses and traps common to the hidden places in the world. The majority of her long life was spent in meticulous combing through abandoned tombs, crypts, sepulcher and secret chamber
  • Minor - Survivalist: She lives on the land, leaving no impact beyond the notes and books she returns every few centuries to deposit. Due to her centuries of travel, she is the consummate naturalist, able to sustain herself on the land. Having hunted on her own for multiple Eras, Erthoriel is gifted with a shortbow and a deadly shot
  • Minor - Whispers in the Woods: Fleet footed, gifted with Elvish grace, and living in silence for centuries, Erthe makes nearly no noise, leaves no markings or disturbances, and is exceptionally difficult to track
  • Minor - Ladles of Antiquity! - RP Attribute: Erthoriel decided her long life to all the creations of elves and ancient beings. Even the enemies of her kindred -- should they create a work that survives an Era -- are worthy of her notice. Though she is callous (see: Untouched), she will act polite to get access to study artifacts and creations


  • Major - Insatiable desire for knowledge: Erthe must investigate every unknown relic and ruin. No matter the effort involved, the time required, the safety of herself or companions, she is compelled to place herself and any nearby in danger. This combines with Untouched. She will not care for companion and leave them to die if it means she achieves her goal
  • Minor - Whittle Me This - RP Detriment: She has a secret love of hand-crafted items, and it is her great shame that she passionately covets them. Were it not so terribly improper to be a thief, this would be kleptomania. As it is, Erthe cherishes small tokens. It is the one way to garner her attention
  • Minor - Untouched - RP Detriment: Erthe cares little for the living. The war that ceded the Third Era to the Forth and brought about the dominion humanity freed her from the ‘worldly’ concerns of the living. She treats all peoples as uninteresting objects who exist only to ferry her to her next potential find
  • Minor - Derision of the Lesser Kindred - RP Detriment: She cares little for the living, but she loathes the short-lived. Erthe despises humans and humanity and sees little of value in their short-lived and worthless creations of leather and wood. By their very nature they are unworthy of notice, let-alone recording and study


The unremarkable elf ‘forgotten’ by her Kin. Erthoriel was born apart. With little personal skill or connection to others, she was the most quiet of her kind and made few friends. The only spark of life that lit her eyes was when she would discover a new object, relic, or artifact. To be handed a book and left alone was her ‘playtime.’ Not even her parents knew what to do with the quiet Lady, who was ever polite, but untouchable. Her decades at home were spent in quiet study of the one hobby that drew her interest. When her House moved North, her entire life was disrupted and she became even more insular. Intelligent as she was, her knowledge was unusable to others, for she hoarded it and only rarely displayed her learning when presented with a new object to study. Rarely would she open up and come to life, offering vivid details on what she knew or could learn from the presented offering.

After her House was attacked in the Second Era, Erthoriel’s reticence took over. The girl returned to Eshma Thalas was even more broken and silent than before.

By the Third Era, Erthoriel distanced herself from living beings and peoples. When the Drow were unleashed, she felt no further need to be with her kindred and departed to study the great history of the world. Eschewing humanity’s lands, she traveled Gradia, the West, Vurnfaldhur, and even spent an unfortunately cold few decades in the frozen Haeloth. Though the many years of her travels, Erthoriel’s light-footed nature and natural isolation led to stories of the ‘Witch of the Forest’ appearing every few decades if she settled to study for too long. Of course, the long ragged cloak helps with this impression, and over her life she has taken advantage of the natural fear. Since departing Eshma Thalas, she has never had a home and prefers to string up her temporary abode for ease of movement. Everything she needs she harvests from animals and land or does without.