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Elwin is an EX-soldier for the Valkyrie Corporation. When a dispute between Valkyrie and Shometsu Corporation took place in the row back in season one, Elwin was able to hide in fear as he watched and listened to his squadmates being burnt alive by a fire spirit.

Upon his return to the Valkyrie corp he was thrown in jail until trial and dishonorably discharged for abandonment and disobeying his commanding officer. To grieve for his pain of his lost comrades, he constantly drinks to numb his mind or memory of when he was working for Valkyrie.

When he was released from jail he moved into The Row where he tries to just survive and move on from his past wanting nothing to do with Valkyrie or any other corporation.




  • Major - Gun Expert - He is proficient with gun handling being a quick shot with them and able to maintain and keep guns in working condition with spare parts from other weapons or scrap parts.
  • Minor - On the double - Constant FTX (Field Training Exercises) shaped his body to have quick reflexes as well as being able to move decently after being badly injured.
  • Minor - Hunter's instinct - Elwin has a general understanding of the creatures throughout Hellion and knows where the vital spots to take down and where to hunt/set traps for the creatures.


  • Major - Never Forget - When magic is used on or around Elwin, he will suffer a panic attack. He will attempt to run, hide, or curl up in place for until calmed by another person or the magic effect ends and he feels safe.
  • Minor - Take a swig - Once or twice a day he must have an alcoholic drink to keep his sanity if not he gets very twitchy or seems to be constantly on edge.
  • Minor - Don't push the button - Whenever an option comes to either Open, Push, or fiddle with something his curiosity gets the better of him and he will Open, Push, or Fiddle with it. Things labeled do not push, must be pushed.


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