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Ellek Myth is a male drow who works as the Chief Jump Gate Engineer for TraVerse Corporation. He grew up as an urchin with his twin sister Eida Myth in the Knowledge District of the Undercity. Many years ago, Ellek and Eida had a falling out over which direction to go in life, both having very different ideas. The next morning, Eida was nowhere to be found, only leaving behind a goodbye letter.

Ellek studied hard and worked his way up his current position, and is still ambitious enough to want to climb further up the corporate ladder, with a secret objective of finding any information on Eida Myth.


Episode 1:

  • Ellek is currently receiving specific treatments and medication from Avalon for his condition regarding warp radiation. If he doesn't keep to a strict schedule, he begins to suffer side effects such as intense headaches, hallucinations, loss of self, and if not treated in sufficient enough time, eventually death.
  • He aided in forming an alliance between Valkyrie, Trident, and partially Masaru to establish a Deep Space exploration mission. Valkyrie and Masaru would provide highly trained personnel, TraVerse provides transport, and Trident would broadcast the mission.

Episode 2:

  • Had a discussion with the heads of GEB and Valkyrie to provide transport for the participants of the Valkyrie tournament.
    • This led to a "miscommunication" in which GEB attempted to defame TraVerse. They changed the terms of the contract last minute from "transporting personel from the Row to Valkyrie Corp" to "transporting a shipment of GEB cubes to Valkyrie Corp".
  • Along with changing the terms of the contract, Rikky Raclette sent his "personal assistant", Manyu All, to sabotage TraVerse transportation by draining the energy from the car batteries. Unfortunately (for Manyu), he was caught right outside the main entrance, which led to an interesting discussion with Ellek developing an interest in Manyu and his powers. Nothing says "Lets be best friends!" like a bit of blackmail.

Episode 3:

  • Attended a meeting with all the Heads of Corporate at Union Tower regarding the disappearance of the Board President. An interim president will be appointed soon, but the position will only go to the one whose Company makes the most profit from the Wastelands. Ellek is very interested.
    • The meeting was cut short due to an incoming S.O.S. signal coming from deep space, on a old Pre-War Union channel. TraVerse, of course, offers any and all assistance in terms of spacetravel.
  • Mr. B and Ellek begin discussing strategies on how to best extort the other companies on transportation fees out in the Wastelands. They also briefly discussed, in the event TraVerse wins the Corporate Presidential Race, which of them would take the position.
  • After a few missed opportunities, Ellek finally got in touch with "Vee", a highly advanced prototype cat-girl synth associated with Valkyrie, and together left on a "field trip" to the Undercity (forgetting to inform Mr. B or Blayne in his excitement). The point of the trip was to find information on his missing twin sister, Eida, and to visit their childhood home in the Knowledge District. As you would except, things didn't go as smooth as planned.
    • While Ellek and Vee had their misadventure in the Undercity, TraVerse HQ was infiltrated by Shadowrunners from the Row. Faye and Rivitt purposely set off a security breach alarm as a distraction to sneak into the TraVerse offices in an attempt to steal important information and upload a virus into the Corporate network. She was caught in the act by Blayne, who held her until Mr. B and Damian, president of Masaru, came in to investigate further. Faye was taken into custody by the QRFs, but not before she was able to remotely take control of Blayne's new stealth suit, making him shoot Damian then knock him unconscious. More members of Masaru, along with Shinohara from Trident, were able to assist in damage control (Shinohara, however, secretly kept the stolen TraVerse files after recovering them from Faye's program).
    • After the infiltration, Mr. B and Blayne proceeded to Union Tower to report Ellek as missing, possibly kidnapped.
  • Shortly after Ellek returned to TraVerse (and proceeded to raise Mr. B's stress levels to new heights), they were yet again alerted to a visitor at the front gates. Rook proceeds to inform them that the infiltrator earlier was from Avalon (in an attempt to misdirect suspicion from Faye and the Row). This information, of course, was not offered freely, as Rook demanded a favor in exchange for the details: TraVerse guards are to act as hired muscle and a show of force during a meeting Rook was going to have soon. Ellek agreed and accepted the documents from Rook.
  • Damian and Fred arrived to check in on Ellek's wellbeing, and to share the results of their investigation on the infiltration. Unfortunately, the meeting was cut short, and everyone agreed to continue the matter first thing the next day.

Episode 4:

  • The next day, the scheduled meeting with Masaru was postponed, but the head of QRF task force, Ian Carthwright Du Pont, was able to fill them in with the details of his investigation into the matter. He informed them that the infiltrators were, in fact, NOT Shometsu Ghost, but instead had a forged/stolen Ghost ID chips, this removing Shometsu from the list of possible Corp suspects. Once Du Pont leaves, Myth and Mr. B discuss the credibility of Rook’s information on Avalon, of which Myth instantly dismissed as absolute rubbish, as well as consolidating their resources regarding their current plans and their limited workforce.
  • Mr. B, after having had a quite successful meeting (of which he is ecstatic of. Finally, a normal meeting where nothing went wrong!) with Enzo Quintiliano and Razz Arleth of Valkyrie, mentions to Myth that they should call Union Tower and make an appointment with Madam Secretary to discuss TraVerse’s new tax on all deliveries by the Corps to and from the wastelands. While waiting for a meeting confirmation, Ellek works in his lab, running debug programs on the TraVerse network to see what info was stolen, then constructs another data collector bug to be installed at GEB. He also begins researching and analyzing of the magic items that Blayne had stolen for him from Masaru (a fire crystal and a rune tablet). He was interrupted by simultaneous visits from representatives from Valkyrie (the same who Mr. B had met earlier with) to discuss a retrieval mission with Mr. B, and from GEB (Leonard Kiani and Simon Kuzumo) who wished to speak with Myth about the discrepancy between GEB and TraVerse over the cube delivery at the Valkyrie Tournament. Both meetings ended quite successfully (again, to Mr. B’s glee), though Myth’s was cut short due to a summons from Union Tower for his requested meeting.
  • Upon his arrival at Union Tower, however, the true intention of the meeting was revealed: an in-depth and scathing interrogation about the breech at TraVerse, and the possible theft of high security, top secret information: the Jump Gate Warp codes. As the interrogation wore on, Ellek’s anxiety levels rose to a level that his nervous tick was not only visible but commented on.
    • Historian’s note: you could say that this was the start of Ellek Myth’s Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day.
  • Already badly shaken up, Myth runs into Mr. Goldman (and Damian) on his way out, whom Myth requests a small word with. Seeing as how some meetings at Union were double booked, Mr. Goldman invites him back to GEB HQ to speak in private. (Insert here: but only AFTER Goldman makes Ellek wait outside the building for 20 minutes while he runs tests on Gloop, who has just shown up.) They begin to discuss the delivery incident at the Valkyrie tournament, but it quickly escalates to a shouting match over who was in the right. Highly offended, Goldman kicks (a very shaken and twitchy) Myth out of his office, to which Myth complies.... amicably.
  • Once back at the TraVerse Offices, Ellek begins to spiral further into a full on mental breakdown as both Mr. B and Blayne (rather blatantly) cheerfully rub it in his face that they have had an AMAZINGLY PRODUCTIVE day so far. Hilarity ensues, but they do manage to plan their next step: planting the surveillance device at Trident HQ.
  • Mr. B and a stealthed Blayne head over to Trident; while Mr. B creates a diversion, Blayne (rather excellently! “STEALTH 100!”) successfully infiltrated their offices (while the Trident higher-ups are all present in the conference room even!), implants the device, manages NOT to trigger the security alarm, and escapes unnoticed.
  • Once Blayne exits the main building, however, he is surprised to see a very inebriated Ellek at the Trident Bar and decides to walk him safely to his appartment.



  • Major - Advance Engineering: Years of studying, working, and designing for TraVerse Corporation has given Ellek proficiancy to work on any type of machine. Whether its mechanical or electronic, Ellek knows how to fixing it, repurposing it, deactivating it, or even sabotage it if necessary. Examples include: overcharging a battery to make it explode; fixing the engine of a broken car; disabling a gun or causing it to misfire; and reconfiguring the wires of an automatic door so it will stay open or locked.
  • Minor - Standard Combat Training: Being a high ranking member of one of the galaxy's leading corporations exposes one to risks that can cause harm, damage or injury, and even death; it is highly suggested that standard combat training be given to all employees so they know how to defend themselves with both melee and ranged weapons if the need arises.
  • Minor - TraVerse Contact: Working for TraVerse has its advantages. Once per session, Ellek can easily call in a quick lift anywhere to anyplace, as long as that place is vehicle accessible.


  • Major - Jump Gate Radiation: In attempting to recreate a smaller version of technology used in the Warp Jump Gate, Ellek unfortunately used rather dubiously sourced materials and paid the price for it when the first two prototypes exploded in his face. The markings on his forehead and neck are not actual tattoos as they appeared after being exposed to the radiation given off the exposed mysterious raw materials after the failed prototypes. As a result, the markings tend to glow now and then, becoming stronger the longer he's off his medication. His medication, provided by Avalon, is apparently very important, as missing even a dose or two will result in headaches and hallucinations. If he goes without medication for a longer periods of time, he starts losing sense of himself and, if untreated for too long, will ultimately die.
    • His medicine consists of a pill that he has to take at noon with lunch (Start of a Session) and a shot of special medicine before bed (End of a Session). One missed dose (morning or night) will result in headaches If he misses or skips his medicine, either one of the doses, the glow on his "tattoos" starts intensifying after an hour, accompanied by a slight headache. 4 hours (One Session) after skipping his medicine, the hallucinations start, at first just sounds, then visuals. If nothing is done at this point and he skips his next treatment (1 hour into the Next Session) he starts to lose himself, following orders of what the voices and visions tell him. He was told that he would die if he spends 4 days (End of the 4th session of skipping treatment) without any medicine or treatment.
  • Minor - Nervous Tick: Ellek gets extremely nervous when he is doing big businesses or finds himself in situations he’s not used to. He starts sweating, gets clumsy, stutters a bit, and has a tic where he slightly tilts his head.
  • Minor - Ooh SHINY: Ellek can’t help buying things that look nice to him. He convinces himself “I’ll just get more money later!” If it looks nice, either object, food, or anything that he comes across and fits his aesthetics, he must have it.
    • (This has even come to covet people/living beings as well....)


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