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Having been plagued by paranormal experiences with ‘ghosts’ at a young age, losing his mother in such an attack, he now leads the life of a Supernatural Investigator hoping to prove to the world that his mother didn’t die to nothing. Because of his ghost rantings he was tossed to the Wasteland, but he ended up perfecting his craft by exploring abandoned shipwrecks and investigating supposed paranormal sightings to prove that the supernatural does in fact exist.




  • Major - Armed and ready - His left arm is completely mechanical and is able to lift double his weight. In addition to that, all of his ghost hunting equipment is built into it, allowing ease of use.
  • Minor - Amateur Techie - Works with amateur tech such as EMF, sound equipment, cameras, and various other equipment on his ghost hunts. Tinkering with such equipment helped him learn how to deck.


  • Major - Electrical Overload - Due to all of the equipment he carries and his mechanical arm, he is susceptible to electric shock.
  • Minor - Faint Voices - Randomly hears voices in his head or sees figments of his imagination due to his sanity depleting throughout the years of paranormal investigation. Could be lured down the wrong path by the voices in his head. Might be distracted in a fire fight and proceed to get shot.


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