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"RAWR" EehKayBee

About Me

I am mute player due to Social Anxiety. I may be very shy at first but will open up more sooner or later. I don't really use my voice to speak online but do have other ways of communication such as: using avatar markers, world pens, hand gestures, in-game actions, (preferably) Discord etc. I don't speak sign language nor plan on doing so since I have a little bit of a learning difficaulty, I also kinda suck at my own language (English) too lol. In VRChat, I mostly enjoy playing games, but I may seem a bit competative at times. I don't always do the best in hang out worlds so expect to see me staring into a mirror, especially when I'm not with friends. I do love exploring other worlds people have created too, especially those music partical/animation worlds. Always a blast to check out those kind of worlds with other fellow VRChatters.


  • My username is pronounced EKB (silent h)
  • Old school VRC player (since late 2017/early 2018)
  • Love vibing to music a lot
  • I do play MIDI piano, I don't usually take requests though
  • Occaisonally you may see me use text-to-speech and soundboards
  • Anime lover
  • Creative but I can be self-conscious about my work sometimes
  • Can be a tiny bit lewd every now and then, but also very cute and wholesome (nya)
  • Been diagnosed with Autism


If you want to find out more about me, then be sure to visit my website at:


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