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About EehKayBee

EehKayBee is a mute player due to social anxiety. He does communicate in other ways such as: using avatar finger markers, pens in the world, hand gestures, in-game actions, Discord etc. He also may not be very socialitive at first, but over time he will start to open up a bit more. In VRChat, EehKayBee mostly likes to play games, but also loves to explore other worlds (such as music partical worlds) with friends and other fellow VRChatters.


  • Pronounced EKB
  • Likes to play game worlds
  • Loves vibing to music (a lot)
  • Sometimes a loli user
  • Enjoys doing a bit of ERP every now and then
  • Occaisonally uses text-to-speech/soundboards
  • Diagnosed with autism and also has anxiety (mostly social based)