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The ultimate fusion of flesh and steel, Encore is a former Valkyrie' Super soldier, from the same program as the late Desmond. Injured by his own mania, he was rebuilt in a collaborative effort by undisclosed benefactors to make the ultimate killing machine. Little of his flesh still remains, all tucked away in a marching tomb of hydraulics, synthetic muscle, and reactive armor plating.

Encore is LadyTyrannus character in Neon Divide.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


"It didn't matter to the corporations whether this lucky subject was overflowing with humanity, or sorely lacking in it. Only one thing mattered to them, and so it was wired into a towering frame of literal death-metal. The show was over for whoever he once was, but now the ENCORE had begun..." - Project Aid Gordon.

Astral security hot on your tail, you slide the breaker provided by the Don into the terminal. Surprisingly truthful in his claims, the Galactic-level genetic encryption key was broken, though the shame of what it took to acquire the sample would always stain your soul. The terminal boots up, and with frantic commands, the case file for Encore opens in full display.

The following contains a spoiler!
Encore, once known as Sparticus 3, while his real name is now forgotten to him. He joined Mars' Sparticus program willingly, hoping cooperation would pay for his expenses of affording the best acting classes that money could buy. Pushing himself beyond his limits once successfully augmented in the Sparticus Program, hoping the nightmare would end soon, Sparticus 3 became their (at the time) greatest candidate. Instructors and handlers obsessed over his operation footage, rewatching repeatedly in awe at the performance of it all. Thus, he was aptly nicknamed 'Encore.' It helped that Sparticus 2 had taken Sparticus 3 under his wing, the two forming a close friendship. Once Desmond, however, began to outshine him… Encore became terrified. He feared that Desmond would be the only one given the money promised, and this thought festered in his mind- so many years wasted, only for it all to fade? Encore hated the killings, each life scarring his mind, but he did it all so that he could achieve his dream… Did he doom himself?

When the order came to kill Desmond, Encore happily obliged in hopes of vanquishing his demons with Desmond's death. Encore, alongside Sparticus 2 flanked Desmond as Sparticus 1 provided a distraction. It was then that Desmond's tactical genius showed itself, with a trap separating Encore from his friend and comrades. In horror, he watched as Desmond killed both of them… Only to be spared himself, out of pity. Encore's mind snapped as he spiraled into a breakdown, feeling as if his life was a fated tragedy. His next operation proved near fatal, for the unstable super soldier was lucky to have nearly half his body remaining. Discharged by Mars upon declaring the Sparticus Program a failure, unknown benefactors offered Encore a new chance, a chance to be the actor he always wished for.


Staring in fear, there is little time to act before a massive hand powered through hydraulics and synth-muscle clamps around your skull. Beyond your whimper and the slow squeeze of machinery, you can only faintly see the reflection of the monstrosity behind you.





  • Major - Encore - Once you have reached the edge of what humanity can be transformed into, the loss of a body no longer becomes an issue. Encore's mind is capable of being backed up, much like a typical synthetic, but requires an advanced housing suite for reconstruction.
  • Minor - Nanomachines, Son. - Encore's body is host to a nanomachine swarm, capable of repairing their host and being utilized as a shield. These nanomachines rely on breaking down synthetic and organic material to function; they cannot use magically touched materials.
  • Minor - Full Body 'Borg - Nearly the entirety of Encore's organic form has been replaced with augmentations. The resulting nightmare is much stronger than the Sparticus subjects (Maximum/Strained lift of 3k lbs), including increased agility (fast walk speed).


  • Major - Cyberpsychosis - Encore is on the fine edge of plummeting into a rampage, as his brain loses its final strand of humanity, is comparable to a needle tip at this point. He must stay supplied with a vital drug cocktail hourly that eases his Cyberpsychosis by simulating emotions, sensations, and his dream of being an actor. Initial deprival (missing of a dosage) will cause his conditioning to start fading, in which he will enter a deep depressive episode; this being near the point of no return. Afterwards, he will succumb fully to Cyberpsychosis, and the unit will likely destroy itself upon realization of what he has become. Any memories once succumbed to Cyberpsychosis cannot be backed-up in his next mind, meaning that he will have no memories of his actions during that time.
  • Minor - SUBROUTINE:// MERCY IS DISGUSTING - SUBROUTINE:// STRICT PERMISSIONS - Encore is incapable of leaving chosen targets alive unless the initial order was FOR a live capture. Encore is only obedient to John Goldman and the CEO of Trident (Reynolds). For the former, he is a strict guardian and will kill any threat to his quarry. Any order by Goldman, so long as it is not the destruction of Encore, will be followed without question. The same applies for Reynolds, who's permissions are deliberately kept secret; Encore cannot divulge this, but he will follow it.
  • Minor - CARR10N CHASSIS - Encore cannot use equipment unless specially designed for compatibility with his Full Body ‘borg model. This is due to the power of the design’s grip strength, purposefully left at a high intensity for CQC instances.




Desmond did this to you- me. Ejected from Valkyrie, what happened to me? What is this? Is this.. My fa-




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