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What is Drumsy News?

The premier news network of VRChat. Lead by Anchorman Drumsy and assisted by his senior correspondents, together they hit the streets and interview the denizens of VRChat, in response to the hard-hitting questions that no one dares to answer.

While Drumsy is the Anchorman of the news team, every so often the news gets hijacked by one of his co-anchors, who he keeps locked in his basement.

Despite coming from wildly different backgrounds, what unites them is a common love for tomfoolery and memes.


Friends and Associates

The following people are not officially part of the news team, but are occasionally brought on to perform bit parts or else participate in Livestream activities.


Drumsy News began informally when Drumsy, an independent news reporter, first came onto the scene in VRChat early in 2018. Back then he was partnered with Paymoney Wubby, though quickly the operation expanded as new crew members were added to the team. They had been joined by That French Guy and Moxification. Eventually Wubby decided to work on his own channel and appeared infrequently on the news team, while French Guy died due to a dispute between Wubby and Drumsy.

For a while the team consisted of just Moxi and Drumsy, until Brooke Bork joined in late 2018. In 2019 the team expanded increasingly; TREBLIG, who for months had been one of Drumsy’s moderators in his twitch stream, was promoted to Racism Correspondent to keep Drumsy from offending too many people. Peach and Illy, both fans of the show, later got promoted to team members as well.

Drumsy attempted to broker a merger with the Ladle News Network, but the deal fell through when Ladle repeatedly mocked Drumsy for being the inferior reporter according to Radiant Soul's stream. Ladle still appears frequently as a rival and frenemy to Drumsy, as well as being close friends to Brooke, and antagonizing Moxi over his alleged foot fetish.


  • Fans of the news team are oftentimes called "News Cucks."
  • Drumsy News is loosely associated with Team Kinetic, though most interaction is through Cece, Lowrhen and Nanoade. The Drumsy News anime intro was inspired by one of their videos.