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Dream Shelter was a family/community that KoyoRed created that used to be active in 2018-2020.

The community started off rather small, as all do - and slowly began to grow. After a while, a family was formed off of it with the help of 4 founders; Koyo, Ellie, Nutty, and Shino. The original name of Dream Shelter was Team 9, but due to everyone's concern in being viewed as a copy-cat / knock-off community (since there were so many Team # communities), the group decided to adjust the name as well as the original logo, which was just a 9. The logo became a heart named "Dream Heart", and the group was officially named Dream Shelter.

Where Is Dream Shelter?

Once a thriving community on VRChat, Dream Shelter has become an active friend group on several other platforms and servers they have created. The majority of Dream Shelter is within the Discord Server they have for all of the friends they make. The easiest way to find a member of Dream Shelter is by looking around for someone in VRChat with the Dream Heart Logo.


Dream Shelter is a consistently growing community, that can only be accessed by meeting a member of the community and getting invited to the server. However, the primary members are the likes of UDedPray, TomoVR, Leafions, KoyoRed, etc.


In the story of Dream Shelter, a hybrid-leaf eared boy named Koyo, and a leaf-eared girl named Leaf made a wish to create a new world for them to live in. After their home world was destroyed, they were lost, no longer sure where they belonged. After making the wish, Koyo and Leaf went on a space adventure in search anything nearby that could potentially be a temporary home. However, every planet refused them, as the leaf race was only viewed as pure evil after the invasion of the Winter-Variant Leaf people.

Within this space adventure, Koyo lost control of his spacecraft. They were pulled towards a dark hole that ended up warping them into a completely new part of the universe. They were warped so far, that they could literally see the universe expanding before their very eyes. However, as Koyo turned the ship in the other direction, the discovered an Earth-Like planet in the distance.

It is important to note that Koyo was holding the last living tree from Planet Leaf in the spacecraft, as he promised his people that at least one thing will remain in memory of their fallen home.

Landing on this planet, the two leaf characters find themselves in a bright, open land with a ton of water and grass. They decided this was going to be the new home they've searched so long for. Within a few months, Koyo and Leaf had invited new friends into this planet, and the tree that once belonged to Planet Leaf, grew into a beautiful cherry blossom on top of a hill at the side of the main island.

Dream Shelter grew into a family planet full of life. Events were held all the time, and visits to Roaming's small safari ranch were frequent.

However, as time went on, the world seemed to have changed. The temperature felt colder, the life started to fade. The family seemed to be in a dark spot, and nobody knew what to do. Koyo had only sworn to keep the tree alive, as it was his one promise to many people who depended on him. Unfortunately, as the family divided, and the world seemed to get colder, all life surrounding the homes died out, appearing charred. The sand's colour faded into a strange bright white, and the rocks grew bizarre colours resembling almost what looked like blood. Finally, the autumn-leaf eared boy watched outside his window as the buildings rusted away, and his beloved tree followed the same fate; charring away along with everything he worked so hard to keep alive.

Unfortunately, one individual is not strong enough to keep such a huge world alive. No matter how hard they try, the end is always fatal.

Koyo's final words as the world faded away into nothing were:

Goodbye To A World


The group itself is mostly a social circle, and the majority of the members spend their time gaming together or hanging out on VRChat. However, there are a select few members who have actually made an impact on another platform in which they are working on a Dungeons and Dragons VR project. This consists primarily of TomoVR and ChrisWarner.

Another well known project within the Dream Shelter community is a Safari World that started as a birthday present to RoamingElephants. This is the Roaming Savanna Safari world on VRChat. As of the v3.91 update, there is a scavenger hunt to do, that end with a lovely surprise for those who complete it.

Two members within Dream Shelter are "well-known" within the VRChat community as streamers. These two members are KoyoRed and Leafions. The majority of their streams is VRChat content and they often times refer back to Dream Shelter as their home, inside and outside of lore.

Dream Shelter also competes in the Whats In The Box race event that happens on Fridays every 2-3 weeks. The primary members that compete in the team are KoyoRed, Elite, Udedpray, BlueLightning, Leafions, Outis, Yulind, and Beesha.

Interesting Facts

  • In the early days of Dream Shelter, KoyoRed was the "leader" of the group. After some time, he dropped his position because he felt that the community was mostly good friends, and the majority of people didn't need a leader role to stay maintained.
  • Dream Shelter had a few variants of home worlds, starting with a floating Island Map that was named "Team 9 Islands". After a while, the world creator, Vowgan, made a new map titled "Dream Shelter. This world was a couple of islands attached by bridges surrounded by water. This world had a ton of progress, in which each member was getting their own homes of sorts placed into the world. However, due to a bug in the files, the world was broken and using seats/buttons caused a game/world crash. A couple of months later during a nostalgic revisit, some members wandered around appreciating the world one more time before it was deleted. Near the end of this adventure, the plan was to crash the world one last time by picking up the Dream Heart that spun near the fountain. As it turns out, the bug was fixed and the world was no longer broken. Now the world remains as an unpublished place members can revisit as they wish.
  • There was one final world that was released for Dream Shelter after the main world was no longer able to be updated known as Memories. This world was a bright, and nostalgic world that had every variant of all the other worlds referenced in it. It included soft and calming music from Porter Robison, to give a feeling of peace and nostalgia. However, the world slowly deteriorated virtually and now appears in a char-like state, symbolizing that nothing lasts forever.
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