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Emilia was born as the oldest of three children into the latest generation of the Cree-family. Her home planet is Ghibalb in the Orion complex. Unlike her siblings she never shared their fascination with the occult and had a greater interest in scientific means of problem solving which created a gap between her and her mothers side of the family.

After spending most of her childhood in a boarding school she entered university at the young age of 15 which made her family declare her a “completely lost cause” (other than her grandma because she is too stubborn to accept that Emilia will never become a witch). One year later Emilia started sciencetubing and over the following years turned her hobby into a job. She earned her PhD at the age of 21 and then got hired by Nirvana to assist them with fixing up their image issues and got sent to Corvanis to assist the staff working there.

Today, Dr Emilia works on Corvanis 3 as a Nirvana journalist, and due to her combat skills was also temporarily in charge of planetary Nirvana secruity matters until David Walker was promoted.


Episode 15

Dr Emilia arrives at Nirvana for her first day

Dr Emilia's first day on the job is spent getting acquainted with fellow Nirvana employees and their labs/offices. She spends much of the day helping the current head Ama Krolia repair and establish connections with other corporations in the Uppercity



  • Minor - Spent too much time with those archaeologists... - During her expeditions to exoplanets in the past Emilia was able to pick up some basic combat skills from their escorts. Not enough to fight a trained soldier, but enough to know how to shoot a gun and then run.
  • Minor - Sciencetuber - Due to her past as a sciencetuber Emilia has access to a basic in field research kit consisting of a handheld scanner device, a video camera with an attached light for in field recordings and a comms device built into her glasses.


  • Major - Unharnessed magic - While her heritage leaves her with a high natural affinity to magic she never learned to harness her power. When Emilia is exposed to strong magic (strong spells cast around her, skin contact with magic crystals) will cause her powers to break loose and cause heavy damage to her body. She additionally suffers from random smaller outbreaks that cause her minor to medium injuries.
  • Minor - Short sighted - Emilia is essentially blind without her glasses.
  • Minor - Traumatized by grandma’s work - Emilia tends to start to panic if she sees spirits.


  • Dr Emilia is a sciencetuber - a trident broadcaster with the aim of making scientific knowledge freely available to everyone
  • In her early childhood, her grandmother Phyllis Cree set her on fire in an attempt to awaken magical powers within her


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