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Dr. Rowan L. Muffet is a male drider doctor stationed within the Medical tents of the Undercity. Painfully understaffed, Rowan doesn't have much time to develop close relations with many. His spider-like appearance doesn't help much with socializing either. However, he does manage to find solace within the company of his coworker, Dr. Shaska.

Rowan is related to Nirvana, but only because he is a graduate of one of their Medical programs. He never speaks of it, not even to his coworker. As far as Rowan is concerned, the hippocratic oath dictates everything he does. He tries is best to uphold the oath and bring some semblance of decent healthcare to the denizens of the Undercity, even if they're not his primary choice of clientele.


Episode 13

Early in the day Rowan helps patch up Viktor Easmine, the governor of the Row, after he was shot in the knee by Gregor Loch Brunswick.

In the Undercity, while informing Fenris Agnar and Vanto Ruve of the threat Thaddeus poses, Rowan reveals to them the nature of the Lazarus Program, a program developed by Nirvana and embedded in all corporate personnel- if a corporate representative is killed, they can be revived via nanobot reconstruction- once. As part of the Lazarus Program, all individuals with the embedded nanites required for it to function are under strict orders not to reveal this secret ability in mixed company, and if one violates this directive the nanites immediately inform the Astral Legion of the breach. Rowan is unaware of this or that he even is a part of the Lazarus Program, according to what he tells others later.

Upon receipt of this information Astral deploys an agent to the Undercity, who goes to the highest ranking corporate representative in the area at the time- WOTO director Rikky Raclette- to request confirmation of further action under the Lazarus Revelation Protocol. The Astral mercenary informs Rikky that due to this breach and a Galactic Union representative being present (Vanto), who are explicitly on the no-knowledge list, standard procedure dictates that the individual must be silenced "via ballistic measures." Rikky, unable to know the exact identity of the individual who "spilled the beans," or who the beans were spilled to, makes the decision to have one of their "lives popped" and speak with them in the Upper City when they revive.

The Astral agent, having received confirmation, stalks Rowan until he is alone and assassinates him, informing him as he bleeds out that he is to report directly to his superiors upon revival. Bo, Xia and Big Conk hear the gunshots and see the merc leave, and are the first to find his body. Big Conk carries him away and he and Bo attempt to use healing magic to revive Rowan. It's ineffective and the Lazarus Program begins to activate. Rowan is violently revived by this process and brought into the clinic. Shaska arrives to remove the bullet while the nanites continue their work.

When the nanites are finished, Rowan makes the journey to the Upper City and reports to Nirvana. Sallie Lune admits him to the clinic where Rowan fills her in. Shortly after Vanto and the other Union members arrive looking for him. Rowan explains to them that he had no idea he had the Lazarus Program active inside him and did not know who had assassinated him or why. Simultaneously, Rikky returns to the Upper City and goes straight to Nirvana, where he meets with Ama Krolia. Rikky asks to speak with Rowan, however after learning Rowan was in the clinic Ama lies to Rikky and denies Rowan being in their care, though Rikky is suspicious. Rikky then explaines his side of the story to Ama with Leonard and Manyu.

Meanwhile Vanto and Theris Fueler debrief Rowan in an attempt to identify the culprit. Rowan is afraid Sallie or Nirvana might have put a hit on him for the work he is doing in the Undercity. Sallie returns and does a scan on him, which Rowan looks over when she steps out and sees that the nanobots had been consumed in reconstructing him but he was otherwise fine. Ama arrives and explained to Sallie and Noble Lehmann in private that Rowan had spilled the beans on the Lazarus Program to the Union and that everyone involved should be executed, possibly including the Union. Sallie tells Rowan she needs to sedate him for a vaguely defined procedure and brings him into the clinic room.

Just as the "procedure" is about to begin the Union storms in and demands the immediate release of Rowan, per orders from Viktor, as there is an "emergency" happening at the Union. Theris helps Rowan out the door and back to Union Tower, with Ama, Noble and a Nirvana guard close behind. Theris brings Rowan to the back office of the board room, where they hide while Koi Zogin makes Nirvana leave.

Viktor then arrives and Rowan pleads with him to give him a line of communication with the Undercity so he could warn them of a Talaris HTR squad being deployed, likely something to do with the Necromancer. All routes to the Undercity are closed so Viktor has to contact Fishbowl to have her warn them, however residents of the Undercity are already taking cover. Rowan blames himself for this event, but Theris assures him that this had nothing to do with him and was likely being planned for some time. Nirvana continues to ask the Union to return Rowan to their custody for talking about the Lazarus Program, the Union continues to deny their requests. Viktor directly asks Rowan if he had spoken about the Lazarus Program openly in the Undercity, Rowan denied doing so, as far as he could remember. Viktor then leaves to talk to Nirvana with Ian Cartwright Du Pont.

Rowan and the Union discuss the disappearance of Kythus Tolem, whom they presume is dead as he has not been heard from all day (unbeknownst to them he had been killed earlier in the day). Viktor returns and informs Rowan that someone at WOTO had told Nirvana that Rowan had leaked information about Lazarus. Viktor had convinced Nirvana that they should validate this information and Nirvana told Viktor they'd stop pursuing Rowan. Rowan, incredibly grateful, immediately hugs Viktor, who nervously laughs and hugs him back, saying Rowan has "already saved [his] life once today."



  • Silk Creation - Able to create silk and use it medically. As long as he handles it, the threads are sterile, durable, and absorbent. If treated properly it can be used as durable and light thread. If anyone else tries to handle the silk prior to proper treatment, they might find themselves getting tangled in the sticky threads.
  • Venomous - Rowan’s anatomy equips him with a venom gland. However, his venom is not inherently toxic. Rowan’s venom is better suited as a numbing agent. However, if the recipient is weak and a surplus of venom is given, an overdose is possible.
  • Medical Graduate - Being a fresh Graduate of Nirvana, Rowan has knowledge on standard medical procedure and access to Nirvana-grade products.


  • Brittle Exoskeleton - Damage that pierces or shatters the shell that houses Rowan’s innards is semi-permanent until he is able to molt. Until then, wounds to his exoskeleton leave him fragile, requiring periodic treatment and splints to hold it together.
  • Eerie Presence - Rowan’s appearance is frightening and borderline repulsive to most. To put it bluntly, being born with six eyes and eight legs isn't common, nor is it very attractive to non-spider folk. In fact it's quite the contrary. It's horrifying for those with entomophobia or arachnophobia.
  • Hippocratic Oath - In school, Rowan was required to swear by the doctor’s oath to uphold it, so he can do no physical harm. The most he can do is deny medical service.


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