Dr. Cellulose is the Head Doctor of the clinic in Callous Row. After losing everything and being sent to the dregs of Savior City she intends to get back what she lost by any means necessary.

Her job status allows her to afford a moderate lifestyle within Callous Row, so she's able to live a decent life. What more can you ask for when you can’t use your legs?

She is portrayed by Miss Universe.

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Dr. Universe already had her happy ending. She graduated top of her class, received her medical license, got married, and even had a child on the way. Everything was perfect, until it wasn't. Indeed, what would have been WOULD have been perfect.

One night on their way home, she and her husband were crashed into by a drunk driver. She was severely crippled, losing her legs and her eye, and her husband died a horrible death. Even though she was a doctor, she didn't have the power to save him without the necessary tools. She was forced to watch her husband slowly and painfully die before the ambulance arrived.

The cost to save her own life was enough to make her lose her house, the cost to replace her eye to save her job forced her into Callous Row, and the combination of all of this stress made her lose her child. She managed to scrape together what she needed to make a hospital of her own. She heard whispers of technology that could bring the dead back to life, and she intends to investigate it--for she will do anything to get her husband, Major Tom Oddity, back.





  • Head of Medical - Able to heal even the most extreme of wounds. She's not a necromancer though.
  • Clairvoyant Eye - A robotic eye that allows her to scan for contaminants, poisons, chemicals, and temperature. It also helps her see in the dark.
  • Laser Eye - A very precise short-distance laser that can be used to seal wounds, or cause wounds when necessary.


  • Hot Wheels - I lost my legs and all I got for it was this stupid wheelchair.
  • Jaded Bitch - Self-explanatory.
  • Bleeding Heart - If someone is truly helpless, and she knows they're not lying, she will likely help them even to her detriment.
  • Druggie Hater - Cellulose hates people wasting drugs that could be used to save someone's life just to give somebody a high.


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  • Dr. Cellulose shares her namesake with one of Miss Universe’s other characters, Miss Universe herself, nicknamed Cell.
  • To continue to work for her clinic, she wants to stay out of conflicts between the corporations, armed slummers, and various other factions in the Row, but she often finds herself challenged to try and remain neutral.



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