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Dr. Cellulose is the Head Doctor of the clinic in Callous Row. After losing everything and being sent to the dregs of Savior City she intends to get back what she lost by any means necessary.

Her job status allows her to afford a moderate lifestyle within Callous Row, so she's able to live a decent life. What more can you ask for when you can’t use your legs?

She is portrayed by Miss Universe.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Dr. Universe already had her happy ending. She graduated top of her class, received her medical license, got married, and even had a child on the way. Everything was perfect, until it wasn't. Indeed, what would have been WOULD have been perfect.

One night on their way home, she and her husband were crashed into by a drunk driver. She was severely crippled, losing her legs and her eye, and her husband died a horrible death. Even though she was a doctor, she didn't have the power to save him without the necessary tools. She was forced to watch her husband slowly and painfully die before the ambulance arrived.

The cost to save her own life was enough to make her lose her house, the cost to replace her eye to save her job forced her into Callous Row, and the combination of all of this stress made her lose her child. She managed to scrape together what she needed to make a hospital of her own. She heard whispers of technology that could bring the dead back to life, and she intends to investigate it--for she will do anything to get her husband, Major Tom Oddity, back.


Season 1 Rundown

By the time the season started, it had been years since the accident. The doctor, during her time in the row, had begun hearing whispers of technology that could revive people without the use of magic, and her initial objective was to seek it out. The doctor had personal issues and business outside the row often, as such she was unable to be within the row for several important moments, during which Dash and Cap would manage the clinic, however this did not stop her from getting her own share of drama. She treated row residents and even corporate personnel from time to time, and as time went on, she gained a reputation which was strong enough to remove the bias of "they own a fancy and clean place so they are corporate or corp related" on most of the residents of the row, or at least the important ones. During the season, the Doc's relationship with both of her main employees would improve more and more, and specially her relationship with Cap, who suffered of a heart condition, as she would begin having romantic feelings towards the man.

The Doc's first major involvement with the world was the first Mars incursion. Having received a tip from some of the row residents, the Doc hired Talus Nova as the clinics temporary security. Once they heard the announcement, they bunkered down until the coast was clear. Expecting several people to rush into the clinic, they were surprised to only have one patient, who had already received medical attention. The Doc's second major involvement was during the second incursion. After the row failed to prevent a corporate agent from escaping with valuable intel, a large attack force was sent down to the row. The Doc was within the clinic, about to treat the injured from an initial mercenary strike that happened earlier in the day. At the request of Jack Montagne, she used regeneratives and some of her best medical equipment, with Jack promising to pay it later. Eventually a group of runners used the clinic to access the rooftops and move through the row, which led the Doc and Cap to attempt to hide in their apartments. The Doc almost got in unnoticed before realizing that Cap hadn't followed her. In that small amount of time, a Mars guard spotted her and told her to stop, but as the Doc kept moving backwards saying that she was going to her apartment, the soldier opened fire without even realizing.

The soldier was a decent person and she treated the doctor as best as she could (which wasn't great) before her security bots got to her. The soldier was about to help her get to the apartments before Conk and Talus showed up, destroyed the bots and gravely injured the soldier. Eventually, they left after she convinced them she was safe there. She began to try and treat the soldier as some Mars synths arrived and were told to not harm the doctor by the soldier. Eventually one of the synths brought in an injured Mars assassin who she begun to treat before another group of runners showed up, this time lead by Jack and followed by Dash, who took medical supplies out of their room in the apartments. Jack proceeded to stab the assassin again despite the doctors attempts to get him to stop before leaving with his group. Eventually, after new synths came over to help, the doctor decided to move the injured into the clinic with the synths help, while also receiving corporate override codes for the Mars synths. She began treating the Mars personnel before, once again, an armed force of runners walked in and began threatening and attempting to injure the individuals. The Doc did her best to keep them off them despite the threats to her own life and having guns pointed at her, until Jack told them to stop and reminded them that this was neutral ground. Eventually the situation de-escalated once the Mars presence ended. She treated the row denizens and had one of the synths treat her injury properly. Thanks to her efforts, the Mars soldier agreed to help the row.

This event led her to keep one of the Mars synths she overrode, Nicknamed Celeste. For a while she stayed in the standard corporate synth shell, but after some time, the Doc made a deal with Jack, to get Celeste a new and improved body and in return consider his debt to the clinic as payed. He agreed and Celeste was given a new body, which she uses to this day.

Another important event was the hacking of several synths and the medbay itself as an attempt on Alfons's life. In the end, deckers were able to resolve the situation without much to worry about for the medbay crew. Another rather mayor event was the Shadowbat incursion. A Shadowbat crew came down to collect a bounty, which turned into an all out firefight which the Shadowbats won by taking their target without casualties on their side. This incursion resulted in the death of Jack, despite the clinic's best efforts. Subsequently, the Runners retaliated by sending an armed force to attack the Shadowbats and retrieve the kidnaped man. The clinic wasn't given much info on the matter, however one of their members, Cap, volunteered without letting the Doc know. She only found out when he was brought to her, unconscious and missing his lower jaw by the Runners alongside the rest of their injured, among which were Rook and Gregor Loch Brunswick, the man they wanted to save. This stressed and angered the Doc significantly. After trying her darnest to save Rook's life, to the point of contacting mages since some weird magic shit was happening to him, she eventually succeeded, and as such saved the lives of the entire group. After this, she had a talk with Rook, bashing him and chastising him for taking her employee and telling him to not do that again without her consent, telling him that the medbay needed to remain neutral and they didn't need Cap, a sick medic. To which Rook responded by telling her she was scolding the wrong person, and that if she didn't want him to use her people, he wouldn't, but that not only did he not know about Cap's condition, but that Cap himself came to Rook and offered to do the job, and that it seemed like she might want to get her house in order. After a slightly condescending and worry filled talk with Cap, who was writing down things as he couldn't speak with half his mouth gone, she offered to get him a good replacement for his lower jaw, and that was that.

During the events that led to the death of Jack, some individuals attempted to take some magic potions into the clinic to give to him, however per protocol Dash did not allow them to bring them in. As a response to the drama that came from this, the clinic decided to take a potion and send a sample to Nirvana in an attempt to get them legalized for use in the clinic. This backfired as it resulted in the kidnaping of Bo by the corporation. As a response to this, the Runners formed a non-combatant group to infiltrate the HQ and retrieve her. This did not go as planned, and it resulted in Alfons being brought back to the medbay after an interrupted execution and Desmond after interrupting said execution. The doctor did her best but she realized that both the injured had nanites running through their body, killing them. As such, a call for deckers was made and Duncyn arrived, with Faye following shortly after. With the aid of the deckers, they were able to begin treating the two, however they had a choice to make. If one of the nanite clusters was disabled, the other would detonate, damaging and possibly killing the other person. Despite Faye's protests and desire to save Alfons, the Doc remained impartial and flipped a coin, which determined Alphons would be the one to live, at the cost of an organ, as they would have to move the nanites there and cause them do detonate. After Faye suggesting they use his, uhh, man parts, Duncyn suggested they take one of his eyes, and so they did. Fortunately enough though, Desmond did manage to survive the nanites, as his body was strong enough to resist them. With that, the clinic managed to save more lives.

Another major involvement was the arrival of a number. As the Doc was conducting business, a man stepped into the clinic and requested to talk to her. After the Doc got to him, he told her that he was here to take one of their patients. The Doc asked for documentation to remove him from cryo and after protesting, the man went to retrieve it. After getting his hands on it and taking it to the doc, she took the man to the inner clinic and removed the person off cryo. The person the man wanted was some kid that worked in the same mercenary organization as him, named 5. He had been cryod for causing mayhem and attempting to murder one of the row residents. Due to the way the man communicated with 5 and the way 5 reacted to seeing the man, it was clear to the Doc that the man, who was named 4, was going to kill the kid. The Doctor reassured the kid, gave him things to warm him from the cryo, and once the Mayor Coach Eric arrived, they began to plan something out. The Mayor would take the kid to an undisclosed location, knock him out and then meet up with the Doc outside the clinic to remove his eye, as the group he worked for, which was apparently called Spore, could see through it. The plan went as such, and the Doc met the mayor at an unused business plot. The Doctor got to work, and gave the kid a regenerative, however due to Becky being nosy, too many people were made aware of the situation. In the end, the doctor walked away having finished her job and told Becky to move the kid to an apartment that no one owned. Back at the clinic, after some time, some of the brothel workers came to the clinic, with one of them suffering from the trauma of seeing someone's head get chopped off. The Doc and the other brothel workers helped comfort her in the inner clinic and at one point, R.G.-2 arrived, having taken part in trying to protect the kid that got their head chopped off (who funnily enough was also 5, the kid the Doc tried to help.) and suffering from similar trauma. She helped RG as much as she could before continuing with her work and finishing her day hanging out with her crew.

After this, the Doc stayed inside for two days sleeping, and her day started pretty horribly as not only did she receive news that her clinic had been assaulted by Quixote, the undercity had been blown to hell, a quarantine had been enacted by Sonitii, a giant ship was gonna crash into the planet and Dash had been named temporary head of her clinic, but she also found a hanged man in her shower. She told Loch about it and took him to her room and showed him the body, but as he looked in its direction, he said he couldn't see it, and once the Doc looked back, it was gone. She spoke to Loch for a bit before taking a small break and heading out to the clinic to talk to Dash. There, she was informed that the taxi broke the door that led to the launch pad for Dash's bike, which resulted in a breach of the quarantine and Sonitii giving up on Callous Row. She began discussing things with the people from the row until she was asked if the clinic had any rebreathers, as the people of the row were heading down to the undercity to try to dig it out and salvage it. After helping the row in any way she could, she decided to just stay with Cap and do what she could. She and Cap were approached by Alfons, who was asking him why he wasn't resting, and after a small talk about his wellbeing, he expressed not fully trusting the Doctor. Eventually the row denizens were able to open the doors to the clinic and start getting people treated again, though this did not last long as one of the bodies in the clinic became zombified and the clinic was evacuated. This would be the first time the Dirty Diamond (aka the brothel) is used as an emergency bunker.

The next day, the zombies started raising from the ground and attacking in full force. Before the strikes started getting bad, a group of Runners approached her requesting a scan to see if they were infected. Apparently, this group had gone to the ship that was on a crash course with C3 and sent it off course. The Doc scanned all of them before letting them go, as they were all clean. The people of the row attempted to hide out in the clinic, however the creatures rose from the clinics floor, so that plan was scrapped and the row hid in the Dirty Diamond. The Doc would do her best to preform her duties given the situation and sub optimal workplace. At one point, the Runner crew arrived once again, this time with injured, having gone on a mission to attempt to rescue Rook and met some heavy resistance. The Doc assisted with treating Faye, as she had been knocked unconscious. She gave her an adrenaline shot and calmed her down once she woke up before treating the rest. Eventually, after the appearance of the Necromancer responsible for the zombie outbreak, the Runners and mages left to attack the necromancer's base with Dash in tow and the doc stayed to preform medical treatment as best as she could on those that remained.

In the end, the group succeeded, the doctor treated the injuries of those that returned, and things looked calm. As the Doc returned to her home for the first time since she saw the hanged man, it was WAY worse. People were hanged on her hallway and living room, what seemed like the necromancer's magic was floating in the air and mushroom infection was around her couch. Once she got too close to something it disappeared, as it was all in her head, but this was a sign that her head was not in a good place. With a mournful reminder of her past and after singing a song in her dead husbands honor, she began dating Cap. However, things would not end on a high note this season, as she later in the night found him unconscious from a heart attack. She managed to save him, but he was forced into a coma for a year.

As for more minor things that happened (not in chronological order): The Doc had hired the Hellbat medic, Desmond and Alex to be her security, but given several breaches of security that happened during their employ and Alex's behavior towards the Doc, she ended up firing them. She hired Static and RG shortly after and never looked back. Her relationship with Cap got better and better as the season went on and the two lovebirds went through things together, and she accidentally managed to get Dash to drop his fear of her (not of other women though). As time went on she gained a really good reputation with the synths and her love for Celeste increased to the point that she considered her a daughter of sorts, and still does. She became liked and respected by the two heads of the anti-corp activities in the row, these being Rook and Loch, as she saved their lives several times.

Season 2 Rundown




  • Head of Medical - Able to heal even the most extreme of wounds. She's not a necromancer though.
  • Clairvoyant Eye - A robotic eye that allows her to scan for contaminants, poisons, chemicals, and temperature. It also helps her see in the dark.
  • Laser Eye - A very precise short-distance laser that can be used to seal wounds, or cause wounds when necessary.


  • Hot Wheels - I lost my legs and all I got for it was this stupid wheelchair.
  • Jaded Bitch - Self-explanatory.
  • Bleeding Heart - If someone is truly helpless, and she knows they're not lying, she will likely help them even to her detriment.
  • Druggie Hater - Cellulose hates people wasting drugs that could be used to save someone's life just to give somebody a high.


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  • Dr. Cellulose shares her namesake with one of Miss Universe’s other characters, Miss Universe herself, nicknamed Cell.
  • To continue to work for her clinic, she wants to stay out of conflicts between the corporations, armed slummers, and various other factions in the Row, but she often finds herself challenged to try and remain neutral.
  • As neutral as the doc tries to be, she has shown certain behavior that makes her seem significantly more aligned with the row than the corps, whether she meant to or not.
  • The Doc is a bleeding heart of sorts. While she is no pushover and wont put her life at risk for dumb reasons, she is willing to take extra steps for peoples wellbeing, even without pay sometimes. She seems to have a soft spot for people who try to survive with their family in the row.
  • Many of Miss U's viewers believe the Doc to be cursed, as anyone she shows a romantic interest on either leaves or dies.