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The Dimensional Postal Service is a casual light roleplay group loosely themed around postal work, from delivering packages, processing passports, running an office, and more. The group was initially created on July 28th, 2021, by Iroh and Gavynandrew, as the DPD or Demon Police Department, based around the Finnish Police. But, after some work, the group's theme changed to a Post Office, resulting in a fresh start, thus becoming the Dimensional Postal Service.

While the group formed on July 28th, it remained closed to the public until August 20th of the same year due to limited progress on the essential aspects remaining unfinished like a hub world, community avatars, and documentation essential for the operation of a community. On August 20th, Cappy and Derek joined the group, both renewing the project with extra vigor bringing the group out of its developmental rut allowing for a public launch on September 15th, 2021.

Due to this development rut and previous life as a police group, it was decided that the official anniversary of the community would be August 20th, 2021. Currently, as of May 8th, 2022, the community has roughly 333 members and 122 role players, with a significantly smaller active user base of regulars.


The Dimensional Postal Service's principal philosophy is all about having fun, positive interactions, regardless of said individuals' affiliation with the DPS, other role play communities, or even the non-associated members of the VRChat public. To maintain this ideal, the DPS practices a cosmopolitan approach to role play, actively becoming quest compatible, seeking and encouraging cross-community interactions regularly, collaborating with other role play communities on large-scale events, and seeking a friendly, approachable atmosphere on VRChat, Discord, and elsewhere.

Unique Offerings

The Dimensional Postal Service has several offerings that make it stand out among other groups including, but not limited to:

  • Postal Theme.
  • Quest Compatibility.
  • Emphasis on Transparency.
  • Emphasis on Casual/Light Roleplay.

The Roleplay & Divisions

The nature of Dimensional Postal Service is casual and approachable to any role player, both experienced and new. The role play can be described as improv and socialization heavy, only limited by each player's creativity. While each member is provided a basic template, they are encouraged to be creative in their approach, rather than following said template to a tea. There are currently three divisions in the DPS, each offering a different role play experience, as well as cross-division interaction.

  • Distribution - This division is open to every member who receives their introductory training accessible after their application is accepted. They are the largest and thus less specialized of the three divisions. Thematically speaking, they mimic modern-day postal workers
  • Apothecary Corps - This division is available after completing Apothecary Training accessible after obtaining the Postal Worker rank. They specialized in medicinal role play, mending, and tending to wounded individuals but also act as "snake oil salesmen" brewing up shady connections with limited to no medical benefits for profit. Thematically speaking, they are themed around the past using pre-modern medicine and even fantasy elements, like magic.
  • Bureau of Postal Safety - This division is available after passing Senior Postal Worker training and then receiving and passing Bureau of Postal Safety. They specialize in protecting couriers and the public from illicit mail-based crimes, regardless of severity. Thematically speaking, they are themed around the future, combined with secret agents like the Men in Black.

Official Events

The Dimensional Postal Services events team organizes DPS activities both on and off VRChat in the form of primary, secondary, and unofficial events. The following list can rapidly become outdated, and contain events that are either dormant or no-longer hosted.

Primary Events

These events are the main scheduled activities and are often role play events usually consisting of either Delivery, Nightshift, and variations upon the aforementioned events.

  • Delivery - The most common event in the DPS where members are organized into small groups called routes. These groups travel to various public worlds delivering mail and acting as traveling postal workers. Occasionally, the role play is carried on long enough to offer the interacting individual the opportunity to travel back to the DPS Office, which often results in an offer to Register a Passport, PO-Box, and more. These interactions are then posted on the Discord to encourage the individual to join the Discord server and potentially the community itself.
  • Nightshift - Nightshift is the second most common event, with an emphasis on Post Office role play. Participants are organized into one or more large groups and tend to a public version of the DPS Office. Throughout the duration of the event, the office is treated like an actual Post Office, where members of the public can pick up/drop off packages, get a passport, register a PO-Box, and more. In addition, in well attended Nightshifts, some participants may go out for delivery to help bring new players to the post office world.
  • Escorted Delivery - A collaborative event between various role play groups, where the armed group offers protective services to DPS mail couriers or, alternatively, couriers tag along wit the collaborative group. This event is collaboration exclusive.
  • Recruitment - A basic event aimed at informing others about the Dimensional Postal Service and its activity's.

Secondary Events

These events are the second official event and frequently aren't role play focused. The primary purpose of these events is to generate opportunities for the community to interact with itself in and outside of VRChat, and occasionally chances to interact with other communities. These events are almost always open to the public, with some exceptions. The following list can rapidly become outdated, and contain events that are either dormant or no-longer hosted.

  • R&R - This event is a very casual social gathering open to all members, with the goal of allowing new and old members to interact outside of role play.
  • Learn Together - An uncommon event where a community liaison, volunteer, or member of the DPS is sponsored by the DPS to teach new skills or information to members of the community.
Learn Together: ASL/Deaf Culture
Learn Together: Blender
Learn Together: Graphic Design
  • Movie Night: - An event where the community gathers to watch a pre-selected move determined by vote the previous week.
  • Jackbox Party! - An event where the Jackbox Party Packs are hosted and played.
  • DPS VRC Games - This event is hosted every few weeks, and gathers members together to play a voted on game like Murder 4 or Prop Hunt.
  • Gotta' Mail 'Em All - A work in progress event using the web-game "Pokemon Showdown" combined with draft league elements.

Special Events

  • Couriers Ball/Spring Festival - A party hosted once every several months with the aim of gathering the community, often in celebration, but not exclusively. These parties feature music, party games, opportunities for socialization, and more. Occasionally, other communities may be invited to attend these parties. (Work In Progress)
  • You Got Mail! - A talent show is hosted either once a year or bi-yearly, depending on community size during the organization. All talents are welcomed, with provisions made for non-VRChat compatible talents, and judges are selected from volunteering communities. (Work In Progress)
  • Open Letter - A live monthly Q&A session with Dimensional Postal Service Leadership, both serious and meme questions are answered, sometimes to comedic effect.
  • DPS Legends - A story-based event themed around the "DPSvers" with characters, lore, and more separate from the VRChat metaverse.
  • Priority Mail - A special event much like delivery, expect with unexpected and wacky scenarios included that DPS members get to experience in role play. (Work In Progress)

Inactive Events

  • VRChat Wars: - A collaboration with the Galatic Empire and Mandalorians of VRChat, styled in the form of a competitive capture the flag.
  • World Gambol! - An event where community members travel to various interesting worlds to relax and hangout.
  • Anime Night: - An event focused on watching a selected anime, usually occurring once weekly.
  • Service Off! - This event is competitive in nature, either by having two communities duke it out in a tournament or forming internal teams with a similar outcome.
Example Games:
Team Fortress 2
  • Monster Prom Improv - A group event were players add their voices to the video game Monster Prome, a wacky light-hearted and comedic dating sim.
  • Poi Delivery - A collaborative event between various Hoppou groups, where the aim is to delivery Hoppou raids and unexpected entertainment to various public worlds.


  • Postmaster General: The Postmaster General is the Dimensional Postal Services leader. They are responsible for operating and managing everything within the community, chiefly the various teams and staff members. This position is election-based, with Superintendents and above granted the ability to vote and run for the position.  Once a Postmaster General is selected, they will then begin the process of selecting two deputies that act as their second in command, advisors, and more. Each Postmaster General serves for one year, afterwards stepping down. Former Postmaster General are charged with ensuring the community follows the established constitution.
  • Deputy Postmaster: Deputy Postmaster is an appointed position granted by the Postmaster General to two individuals. They have every responsibility as the Postmaster-General, and also act as advisors to the community leader. Due to the responsibilities of the position, the appointed individuals are expected to have high professionalism, leadership aptitude, communication skills, and more.
  • Chief Delivery Officer: The Chief Delivery Office is the higher promotion based rank and is currently limited to three individuals. This is granted to particularly effective Superintendents and act as their advisors. Expectations are high, and members must be knowledgeable on how the staff team functions, as well as the community. You can think of them as Chiefs of Superintendent Administration.
  • Superintendent: The primary staff position, granted after passing the Postal Inspector trial. Individuals that are superintendents have high expectations and have administrative responsibilities like handling situations that arise in a professional and dignified manner, attending staff meetings, carrying out assigned tasks, and more.
  • Postal Inspector: Postal Inspectors are members trying out for Superintendent. These members are observed for a month, whilst they get a taste of the expectations and responsibilities of the staff team. Failure to meet expectations and criteria set forth to a satisfactory degree will result in failure and placement back down to the Communications Officer rank, which one must possess to apply for Postal Inspector.
  • Councilor: The councilors are former staff members who held the Superintendent rank and above that retire from staff responsibilities, but still, wish to act as advisors or remain in the community. They have no work requirements and may opt to chip into staff matters as they see fit. In cases of emergency, they can resume full positions as Superintendents but also have the option to reapply for staff by going through the Postal Inspector trial period.
  • Communications Officer: Communications Officers have higher expectations than Correspondence Master, which are similar to Correspondence Master, except they have increased responsibility to act as supervisors, if needed, during community activities. Individuals with this rank have high expectations and are considered and expected to be excellent community representatives.
  • Correspondence Master: Correspondence Master is the first rank that is considered to be difficult to obtain, as applicants must meet a satisfactory grade on specific criteria like problem-solving, creative thinking, leadership potential, role play capability, and more. Members who have attained this rank are considered to be knowledgeable, respected, and good representatives of the community.
  • Senior Postal Worker: Senior Postal Worker is granted to members who complete the Senior Postal Worker training, designed to enhance members' understanding of the role play. This is the last rank that gives any substantial communal benefit by allowing members to obtain and role play as the Bureau of Postal Safety. Senior Postal Workers are expected to know a decent amount about the community and be able to relay that information to other individuals unfamiliar.
  • Postal Worker: Postal Worker is a rank granted after a member has participated for the duration of two or three events; it indicates some familiarity with the community and its role. In addition, you are allowed to receive training or mentorship to become an Apothecary.
  • Volunteer: A new member of the community who has completed their mandatory training and can participate in primary events.
  • Trainee: A brand new admitted member to the community. They must complete mandatory training before participating in role play events. However, they still have access, and are free to chat in, category exclusive to DPS members and join non-role play activities.

Team Leads & Team Members

Last Updated: May, 9th 2022

  • Development: BloodDemonVR
  • Assistant Lead:

Members: Kashikuzi, Iroh, RaidShadowLily, Ruketh, Atsushi, Dannyboi, & BloodDemonVR

  • Mentors: Iroh
  • Assistant Lead: JakeTheSnake

Members: Iroh, Gavynandrew, Ruketh, DerekTM, ZillaZero, , JakeTheSnake, Nugget, Akara, & PapaPoots

  • Media: Menige Waffles
  • Assistant Lead: CallMeSalad

Members: Menige Waffles, Kashikuzi, Atsushi, CallMeSalad, Deej, & Nugget.

  • Human Resources: Ruketh
  • Assistant Lead:

Members: BloodDemonVR & ZillaZero

  • Events: DerekTM
  • Assistant Lead: ZillaZero

Members: Gavynandrew, Iroh, BloodDemonVR, ZillaZero, Ruketh, Weswes, Nugget, PapaPootOs & DerekTM

Former Team Leads & Members

Last Updated: May, 9th 2022.

  • Development Lead(s): Cappy99 (Stepped Down) & Auriio (Inactivity)
  • Assistant Lead(s):

Former Member(s): ßow & Keyyøz(Chaoz)

  • Mentor Lead(s):
  • Assistant Lead(s):
    • Bureau of Postal Safety Lead(s):
    • Apothecary Corps Lead(s):

Former Members: MidnightZero & UnForsaken Void

  • Media Lead(s):
  • Assistant Lead(s):

Former Members: Kris Kringle, Radioactive Glitch, WTF_Is_This(Waffles), & Gavynandrew

  • Human Resources Lead(s):
  • Assistant Lead(s):

Former Members:

  • Events Lead(s):
  • Assistant Lead(s):

Former Members: Radioactive Glitch & UnForsaken Void

Social Media

The Dimensional Postal Services operates, outside of Discord, a Twitter page, and YouTube channel under the Dimensional Postal Service brand. Content is produced by the DPS media team and staff, and members are encouraged to produce what they see fit, and aren't bound to produce mail-themed media.

  • YouTube/Studio Jelly - The YouTube produces a variety of videos from; promotional material to parodies, skits, short films, and more. All content produced for the YouTube channel must reach and maintain quality expectations. Larger productions like short films, films, parodies, and series that emphasize a higher production value are sometimes produced under the moniker "Studio Jelly." One notable member of the media team helping bring Studio Jelly to life is Menige Waffles, who is the current composer of several original tracks utilized in various productions and was promoted to the assistant media team leader for his contributions.

Link to the DPS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyw7B5vqxnCx7aUDNIrRocQ

  • Twitter - The Twitter posts various tweets such as community photos, postal facts, stamps of the day, and more. It isn't uncommon for these tweets to be comedic and or wholesome in nature, and often the account will interact with other users or community accounts. Because of this, the page acts like its own character, spreading humor and positivity. The page is operated by DerekTM, who roleplays as Postalina, sometimes referred to as the DPS Twitter Bot.

Link to the DPS Twitter: https://twitter.com/DPSPostOffice

  • Discord - The primary hub of the Dimensional Postal Service it's where all community activities are organized. There is both a public section and a DPS exclusive section, and often events are held that non-members can attend on a near-weekly basis.

Link to the DPS Discord: https://discord.gg/dpsd

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The leadership of the DPS, also known as the DPS staff team, consists of the Postmaster General down to the Postal Inspectors. They usually run teams, develop and maintain the various inner workings of the group. Chiefly, they are responsible for problem resolution, smooth implementation of additions, the community in their charge, and more. Most, if not all, volunteer a significant amount of time to the group, even if it seems like they participate in the role play less than expected.

Postmaster General

Deputy Postmaster(s)

Chief Delivery Officers

  • Vacant


Postal Inspectors (Trial Staff)

  • Vacant

Former Staff

  • Cappy - Superintendent (Stepped Down)
  • TeddyMedic -Superintendent (Inactivity)
  • UnForsaken Void- Superintendent (Inactivity)

How to join the DPS

If you would like to join the Dimensional Postal Service, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  • 2. Navigate to the reception category, expand, and locate the #apply-today channel.
  • 3. Fill out the linked google form and wait. You may check application status with the spreadsheet link.
  • 4. If you have been accepted, you should receive a welcome ping. There may be a time delay between applying, and knowing the status of your application.
  • 5. Applicants are free to apply again if denied, and they are also free to ask why their application was denied to make corrections to the application.


Is the DPS quest compatible?

  • Yes, the Dimensional Postal Service is quest compatible.

Is their an age requirement?

  • Yes, the minimum age is sixteen and up to join. However, fifteen-year-olds can be accepted upon showing a degree of maturity expected by all members. There is also an age requirement for any member interested in becoming staff, which is eighteen minimum.

I'm mute, can I join?

  • Yes, you are absolutely free to apply. While the role play is socialization-heavy, there are a few mute members, and all members are encouraged to include their entire group in the role play. We are also experimenting with including a pen on most of our community models.

Is there an activity requirement?

  • No, not anymore. Though if you join any of the internal teams, you are expected to be active on that team due to the limited number of slots available for each team.

Can I be in multiple groups?

  • Absolutely! We have tons of members that call other groups home.

Do I need role play experience to join?

  • No, inexperienced players are just as welcomed as experienced. The role play in the Dimensional Postal Service is quite casual and easy to pickup.


  • The Bureau of Postal Safety is based on the Postal Inspectors. One of the oldest police forces in the United States.
  • The DPS is very aware, and jokes about, it's acronyms association with other meanings.
  • Jelly Filled Donuts are the primary snack of the DPS. They are technically Onigiri, but are called Jelly Filled Donuts in reference to Brock from Pokemon.
  • The three primary divisions of the DPS are themed around the past (AC), present (Distribution), and future (BPS).
  • Its an inside joke that "Vacant" is the hardest working staff member who worked entirely in the background, but in reality doesn't exist.
  • Paul Blart is considered the chief of security for the Dimensional Postal Service.
  • The name for Studio Jelly parodies Studio Ghibli.
  • The DPS Mascot's name is Postalina.
  • The DPS Logo is based on the emblem of the Finnish Police.