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Digit is a white-furred Ratlis who hails from a bloodline referred to as "Snow Furs", a proud lineage of leaders who make up the High Council of "Home World". She has come to the Row in search of new ventures to escape the consequences of turning her people's societal norms on their head when she sought a life without the mantle of leadership. She owns a restaurant in the Row, and she resides there in hopes to bring good food and distraction from her past.


Episode 6

Digit takes her first foray into the Upper City at the request of her WOTO-employed uncle Rikky Raclette, who wants her to cater for a big corp gathering hosted by Quixote.

She tries her best to impress the high-ranking officials, but tensions arise in the party as there is suspicions of the food and drink being tampered with. Upon investigation, it is found that only the drink (supplied by Atlantis) was a problem, NOT the food that was supplied by WOTO and Digit.

Throughout the party Rikky sticks up for his niece, defending her against accusations, and Digit is safely brought home.



  • Major - Sun Inside: Ratlis spend the beginning parts of their life on their home world, soaking up heat from great sunrocks spread all across the planet that are fueled with magical heat from their sun. When ready to leave the home world, they will have soaked up enough heat to be bestowed with fire magic in the form of heat.
  • Minor - Nine Lives Lived: Ratlis live for a rather long time. In this time period, their fur changes in what seems to be random colors or patterns. This is believed to be the result of their life being made up of 9 smaller lives, each filled with slightly different personalities.
  • Minor - Swift Paws: Ratlis are incredibly swift, causing them to be much faster and more agile.


  • Major - F.R.A.C.s: Ratlis sometimes experience frantic random acts of craziness when surprised by anyone less than a close friend. This can cause them to lash out or even run until stopped by an opposing force.
  • Minor - Fiery Nature: Hot tempered and quick to lash out with claws, Ratlis can very easily have their mood changed with too much stimulation.
  • Minor - Curiosity: All Ratlis share a love of exploring. Their curiosity about the other worlds is what drives them onward. They are constantly looking for new things and often become blind to danger.


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