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Growing up in Savior City is hard. Working as a lawyer can be stressful. Clients might be easy, they might be difficult, and they might be corporate. And Corporate usually walks. No matter what they did, or how painfully obvious how guilty they are. They always walk.

Diana got tired of this. Snapped a few times, eventually (allegedly) assaulted her client. She was fired from her firm and found herself working at a Bank in the slums as legal counsel. Things can’t get worse than this.




  • Bureaucratic Chameleon - Years of working in the legal system of Corvanis-3 has left Luna with an intimate and thorough knowledge of the system. In the event of an investigation into any criminal activity, Diana is able to easily manipulate the system, altering paperwork in false or misleading ways, and such alterations cannot be traced back to whomever she chooses.
  • Total Recall - Diana offers a service to get clients away from trouble with a fresh start. With a fresh name, look, and ID, she can also offer them a safehouse to lie low for a little while. The price itself is a bit expensive, but those who need tucking away will generally carry the credits.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Luna will not feel the full effects of the first 2 hits taken until after the encounter.


  • Severe Photosensitivity - With an almost allergic reaction to sunlight, Diana prefers to be indoors, or in the dark streets of the Row or Undercity. Staying exposed to sunlight for too long will cause her to feel ill, her skin will break out into a very visible rash and she will eventually pass out. Light magic is lethal. This cannot be countered with sunglasses or coverings.


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