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Davina Poppy is Slummer in Savior City, she takes work and residence in The Undercity. She strives to move beyond her past of piracy, although the temptation of exploration, glory, and treasure seems to always bring her back into the fray.

A former crewmate of “The Death Flag” Davina was a cook and gunner for the notorious Captain William Vossler, until he abandoned her and the crew for his own self preservation.

Before joining “The Death Flag” Davina lived in the slums her whole life, and strived to help those around her, and if she ever had the opportunity to live a simple life helping others, she would take it.




  • Slimy - Davina’s body has various properties of Cephalopods, one prominent property being her skin, which coats itself with a thick slime. The slime has no special chemical properties, however it is quite useful for slipping in and out of situations. Davina’s body being more Cephalopod than human in nature, she can squeeze and fit into tight spaces to get away from trouble.
  • Thin Skin - Due to her skin being thin like Cephalopods, Davina has minor regeneration.


  • Temperature Control - As an exothermic creature, Davina is sensitive to heat and cold.
  • Holding a Grudge - Due to her past with being abandoned by her captain. If Davina bears witness to someone abandoning or leaving behind their friends or team, she will hold a grudge until they prove themselves, if they fail to do so, next time she sees them in a scuffle, they won't be able to run away from the enemy.


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