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Darrius Marrow is a wood elf demi-human who comes from the Wastelands outside of Savior City. He now lives in the Undercity along with his fellow magic users siding against the corps, the people who burned down his home. He quickly found the grove thanks to the guidance of the rats of the Row by communicating through his wildshape ability. Once he had found the grove, he set out to help it grow more. He even got a job working for Big Conk to provide naturally grown food for the noodle shop.

Since coming to the Row, he has dedicated himself to helping out the magic faction and protecting the grove. Despite his dedication to these places, he ultimately wants to look out for himself and his friend Odd, who gained a bond from one another after surviving the zombie infestation in the Row.

His ultimate goal is to survive and live a life hidden away from the corps, and, if he learns some new forms along the way, he wouldn't mind being able to fight back against them one day.




  • Wild Shape - Is able to transform into a rat after studying them and becoming attuned to nature's magic.
  • Green Touch - Has a decent knowledge of plants and can help them grow faster.
  • Vermin - Knows the back alleys well and is able to use them to sneak around.


  • Tech Disaster - Technology hates nature. He cannot operate guns, cannot take the taxi and elevators tend to break down. He’s a technological disaster, and even if he wants to use it, it likely won’t work.
  • Burn Wound - Darrius was severely burned from trying to protect an old forest. His burn wound makes him very weak and forces him to avoid frontal confrontations.
  • Forget the Past - Traumatizing memories force him to take actions to forget the past. This has only been increased by the zombie attack in the Row. Drinking, narcotics, or visits to the brothel. Whatever poison he feels like that day.


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