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Danielle Hart is a new employee of Trident. As Executive Assistant, her job is to assist her higher-ups and do the smaller tasks they don't have time for. Despite her nervous nature, she's trying her best to adjust to the corporate world she's found herself in.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Danielle Hart was born and raised in the Innercity of Salvation City. She lived a fairly standard and stable life with her parents and two older siblings. Due to being the youngest and her own naturally nervous demeanor, she often found herself lagging behind her siblings. Her parents tried to encourage her, but as she grew so did the pressure, especially from her father. He sent her off to college despite the fact that she hadn't chosen a major yet. Two years later she still hadn't decided, and her father was fed up. Influenced by the recent alien invasion, he forced her into a guard training program, stating that maybe this will finally toughen her up. It did not, and Hart was lucky that she finished her training at all. Once done, a spot as a Trident guard opened up and she was slotted for the position.


At her new job, her bosses came to call her Miss Hart, a title she ended up becoming very fond of. Despite her nerves, she handled her job fairly well, standing guard and observing the... peculiarness of her bosses. However, everything fell apart when she found herself in an actual dangerous situation. Miss Money was shot in the row, and Hart found herself unable to do much of anything about the situation. She was heavily scolded, and her job and potentially more were threatened. Now frightened out of her mind, Conrad ended up sitting her down and gave her three options: Stick with the guard job, find a new career at Trident, or be fired. She chose the second and was given the new title of Executive Assistant.



  • Minor - Professional Assistant: As their Executive Assistant, Hart is always ready to help out the higher-ups of Trident. Adds a +2 modifier to any roll another Trident member makes if she is there to assist them.
  • Minor - I'm Outta Here: Due to her panic-y nature, Hart is very familiar with running away from trouble. Grants the Sprint effect.


  • Minor - Bittersweet Smell: Hart is allergic to artificially-made perfumes. If near someone who smells strongly of one, she will start coughing and need to step away. If exposed for a long period of time, she may require medical attention.
  • Minor - Oooooo, Shiny!: Interesting things catch Hart's attention pretty easily. Be it a cool-looking person, creature, building, sign, or whatnot, her focus often slips and she is compelled to investigate what caught her eye instead.


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