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Daitus Obrellum is a cybernetics specialist for Shometsu.

He used to be a heavily augmented human before he accomplished his goal - become synthetic.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


He was born and raised in the Upper City by both his parents who worked for Shometsu. While going to school he became infatuated with Cybernetic enhancements believing it to be the next step in human evolution. He followed this infatuation into university where it became his passion. While attending Shometsu University he became top of his class in cybernetics. However, he found the rest of his classes to be trivial and he failed most of them, but this did not deter him.

Taking the first step toward what he sees as the future evolution of mankind he was fully integrated with cybernetics, becoming a synthetic himself.




  • Major - Cybernetic Understanding - After attending Shometsu University in a specialist cybernetics class, he has a general understanding of cybernetic hardware, is able to work on a variety of cybernetic enhancements, and understands how they work. He is interested in finding new cybernetics.
  • Minor - Father's son - His father, who was in the Shometsu military, trained Daitus at home in sword skills to try and make him more well rounded.
  • Minor - Cybernetics - Daitus’ helmet has an implant that is tuned to help him observe and record details of new technologies that he encounters.


  • Major - Upgrade junky - Daitus’ infatuation with cybernetic enhancements has molded into his interactions with others. Every time he sees a cybernetic that he hasn't fully explored or experimented with he's driven to understand it and find a way to integrate it into himself if necessary regardless of the risk.
  • Minor - Frailty in flesh - He sees frailty in flesh and is unable to comprehend people's reasoning for not undergoing enhancement. He looks down upon those who do not undergo cybernetic enhancement.
  • Minor - The fear of disorder - He is afraid of that which lacks order. Things that do not abide by a ruling power. Those of free will. Those of anarchy. It infuriates him and he will try his best to rectify it through any means.


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