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Cyrus is a humanoid synthetic who works as a security guard and nurse at the Row clinic, and he belongs to Dr. Cellulose Universe.

He has almost no memory of his past, as an incident involving his previous owner left him in full psychotic breakdown, requiring a full encryption of his memories to return his functionality. Remnants of this trauma persist, and his duties as a bodyguard can easily conflict with his Hippocratic oath.

Despite seeming unemotional, he carries with him a great desire to bring love and comfort to those around him, as it was part of his original programming - a strong boon to his original function of caring for the long-term ill, weak, and disabled.




  • Major - Guardian - Having a reinforced chassis, he is resistant to damage and possesses superior strength.
  • Minor - Registered Nurse - Is programmed in many methods of medical care and hospice, suitable for nursing and long-term care.
  • Minor - Vital Eyes - Can determine a person's heart rate on visual inspection and visually diagnose some illnesses.


  • Major - Integrity Compromised - Despite his trusting nature, Cyrus does not like to reveal this major flaw to strangers.
  • Minor - Do No Harm - Whenever Cyrus causes harm to a non-synth, intentional or otherwise, his vocabulation becomes more distorted, and he temporarily loses memories that he’s gained since the time of his last charge. The greater the harm, the more extensive the vocal distortion and memory loss. He must charge again to regain those memories and stabilize vocabulation.
  • Minor - Naive - Has difficulty detecting lies and might be easily manipulated by smooth-talkers.


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