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Cyr is an god-tier roleplayer, actor and content creator known from YouTube and Twitch for his improv-RP.

This article focuses on Cyr's time in VRChat.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


An eventful night at The Golden Gator

Cyr stopped by for a short visit in VRChat on Feb 14th 2019 visiting Roflgators lobbies in Bricktown.

He made another revisit together with Andy Milonakis on June 20th 2020 this time The Golden Gator. Being introduced as the guy who just makes "your mom" jokes, he admitted to giving up on his charm and just going for the low hanging fruit right away. Being the seasoned roleplayer that he is he went deep into his character speedrunning the VRChat dating scene. Picking a Devil May Cry Dante avatar he quickly agreed to have intercourse with a succubus named Blu Haze and to marry a girl named Ruthless Ruby after talking for a bit. [2]

Ruthless Ruby and Cyr

Telling Ruby that she made his life worth living before marrying they were interrupted by Roflgator who started to narrate their interactions and accused her of only wanting to get hitched for a US citizenship, being Australian. Feeling betrayed at this sudden revelation Cyr fell into tears upset about Ruby not being able to become his "dommy mommy". After the sad interaction Shimmy cheered him up again with their antics.

After the date crashed he followed TheBigMeech and Roflgator to visit Lanfears Neko Nights party at their Neko Cabin. There he met another Australian "woman" named Java and they had an intimate moment together until "she" revealed "herself" to actually be a guy, trapping him. Playing cool he pretended not to be shocked for a bit until he ran out of the room exasperated.[3]

Java and Cyr

After a night of silly RP he and TheBigMeech spent hours in a "lore-off" taking turns bragging about who had the most epic background story and various questionable exploits. For example how their parents and families died in various supposedly brutal deaths or even committing murders... It went on for so long onlookers like Sn0wBreeze and Bobe couldn't handle it any more.[4]

He had a continued after-hours RP session at The Platinum Meechler chatting with Ruthless Ruby again and meeting his seeming nightmare self, portrayed by Krispey. Repeating "chat, I'm in hell" he seemed to slowly be losing his sanity.

Moving into Bricktown

Returning the following day he participated in random character RP, attempting to blend in and understand the people he got to know. He even got to meet the legendary Belgore.

Cyr and Ruthless Ruby

Going followup dates on June 24th and continuing his horrible "lore-off" ranting with Meech, later in the night he eventually proposed to Ruthless Ruby who answered yes.[5]

On June 26th 2020 he got his own apartment in Bricktown and quickly found himself together with multiple women and adopted his own personal mute - Zager, and expressed the possibility of learning sign language. During the date night he also made a speech professing his love for Ruby on stage.


He invited Sur Lee as well as AnthonyZ aka Tony Corleone from GTA RP to join him at Lanfears hosted Neko Beach Festival on July 4th and introduced Tony to Roflgator and MurderCrumpet.

On July 11th 2020 he and Sur Lee invited many other roleplayers from NoPixel to Roflgator and MurderCrumpets lobbies at Necro Nights and The Golden Gator. Among the invited were ThaCOOP, Mekabear, CashMoneyViv, DougTheGiant, KennaSofly, Rlly, MickDaInfamous, Pengwin, JPeavy, Sodie, NotoriousNorman, Ziggy, DJHobbs101, Kiwo, AppleShampoo and Buddha.

Religion and relationship turmoil

Roache teaches Cyr "Aussie lovemaking" in order to prepare him for Ruby

Intending to stay pure to his religious convictions and save himself for marriage Cyr kept denying Ruby's advances and attempts to get him to be romantic with her. Fearing that she might injure or even kill him with her pent up sexual prowess if they actually had sex he was instead introduces to her father Roache who tried to teach him all he knew about "Aussie lovemaking" in the bedroom.

Cyr and Roache ended up having sex instead in front of a very confused audience. Java also appeared in the room, calling Cyr out for being gay all along as "she" ran off in tears for rejecting "her".

Cyr disguised as Meech approaches the robot suit and LilBunnny.

Failed robot swapperoni

A strange robot suit from Roflgators past made it to Bricktown on July 14th 2020, injuring and killing people in the process. It wanted to convert its citizens including Meech into robots because of Roflgator turning his back on robot kind and wearing human skins. Meech not finding the prospect appealing at all tried to trick Cyr into taking his place, as they look so similar. Painting a picture of all the possible benefits of becoming a machine Cyr eventually agreed but the robot suit saw through the ruse and blasted him with laser beams. Nearly fatally wounding Cyr he miraculously survived.

Kissing Sorrys forehead as a baptism of acceptance into the gator family

Further info A killer robot in Bricktown

Becoming a regular in Bricktown he asked Roflgator if he appreciated him coming around and was gladly received when he told Roflgator told him he wouldn't know what to do if he stopped visiting. He was accepted into the family after kissing Roflgator's son Sorry on the forehead as a kind of baptism of acceptance.[6]

Trouble in paradise

Arguing with Ruby

On Sept 5th he and Ruthless Ruby visibly argued outside of The Crimson Crumpet and The Golden Gato where both accused the other of having cheated on them. Ruby accused him of having cheated on her with Happy Thoughs, Appleshampoo and someone named "Rafael" to which Cyr accused her back of having cheated on him with Norman, Chuck and Flynn. Flynn also appeared to confirm it, though he might just have been seizing the moment for comical effect.

Having seemingly broken up Rob stepped in suggesting that they find Cyr some "puss" at Lanfears Neko Nights party and engaged his old wing-manning mode. While Cyr followed along cursing, mumbling and stressing out to himself Rob proceeded to wing-man him to various girls at the Neko Cabin and he made some pretty bad, although charming impressions. He told about how he weekly screws his family members and invited girls to a threesomes or foursomes, with his parents and sister among them, all very questionable things - all in true Uchiha Jones fashion. Among them were NaomiOop and Autumn. The whole wing-manning went on for hours until quite an audience started to gather to witness the spectacle. The audience included "boom-mic" holder Assassin, Crumpet, Firefox Blue, Sn0wBreeze, Java, Surefour, Iron, Momo and more.

Although having some difficulty Cyr and Ruby ended up marrying on Oct 19th 2020.

Alternate character personas

Uchiha Jones in VRChat

Uchiha Jones

"There ain't nothing like shagging your own mom, going back to where you came from, your roots!" ― Uchiha Jones

Similar to his GTA 5 character counterpart[7], Uchiha is unique in many ways with his propensity for insane acts and proudly proclaiming the purity of the act of incest.


Ghost hunter Becky

A socially awkward man trying to find love and work opportunities at The Golden Gator 2020. A defining characteristic of Becky is that he often replaces the starting letter of a word with B, similar to how Uchiha replaces random letters with G.

Highlight: Trying to give a speech to the ladies

He participated in a dating game show on September 21st 2020, and returned as a ghost hunter on October 7th where he was tasked with taking photos of a ghost haunting the bar, but sent Rob random screenshots of lobby members and Rob himself instead.

Hark Deadwood

Hark Deadwood is Cyr's character in Callous Row RP.


  • He has a thing to get up close to people when talking to them, in order to get more immersed.
  • Known for his long history of GTA 5 RP on the server NoPixel, he portrays the characters Uchiha Jones, Joe Caine, Joe Kerr, and more.
  • After getting trapped by Java and playing cool Cyr admitted that he really got him afterwards.
  • Raziel made his new custom avatar and the anime version of Uchiha Jones.


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