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Due to the public scare following the discovery and revelation of Titan to the general public, Avalon’s cybernetics team finalized their newest model for Cybernetics installation and design, Cyn-D1 - designed not only to construct and install new cybernetic enhancements to their clientele, but also capable of pre-operative consultation and post-operative counseling.

By constructing a synth capable of performing these tasks directly with clientele, Avalon’s hope is that this newest design will improve public opinion for the continued use of a synthetic workforce.

… Then she woke up.*




  • Extraction Beacon - In the event of emergencies (Unit Theft, Injured Personnel, Injured Clientele that are Unsafe for Cyn-D1 to move) Cyn-D1 can activate a personal beacon to notify Avalon Personnel of the need for immediate assistance.
  • “None of Them Want to Lift” - As an assistant to Avalon’s human employees, Cyn-D1 has had reinforcement to her chassis in order to help increase her strength and carrying capacity. In turn, Cyn-D1 can be used as a delivery robot in order to protect far-more-valuable human employees from potential harm making deliveries to more risky locales.
  • Improved Cybersecurity - In order to protect Avalon’s significant investment into this model line, they have installed extensive cybersecurity measures into Cyn-D1’s software.


  • Exposed Power Core - Upon Cyn-D1’s back plating her engine and power core are partially exposed to assist in moderating temperature. Blows struck against the glowing power core have a high chance of either destroying her completely (explosively) or shutting her down; if shut down she is unable to re-activate until significant repairs are performed.
  • Memory Database Issues - Due to wires connected improperly, Cyn-D1’s memory banks are unreliable and cannot be consistently relied upon to perform to standard.This unit has fragmented restricted memory banks from previous iterations of the model that Cyn-D1 cannot access.
  • Brand Loyalty - Orders from Avalon personnel must be followed literally.