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DISCLAIMER: Please Read 

This page is to chronicle the events of the massive crossover between the YouTube community, and the many Twitch community. Reminder, it is ALL RP (Role Play), and should be treated as such. No ill will is to be spread to the people playing characters. Keep in mind there's actual people behind the characters, and they're just putting on a show for the enjoyment of others. It is not to be taken seriously. The role players are actually good friends, and have discussed their story lines via Twitter and Discord. Again: IT IS AN RP, A SHOW THEY ARE PUTTING ON. We understand that you get invested, but please remember, they're only human as well. As the community has adopted the saying we shall use it here.

"RP, BTW." ― The Community


This is a continuation of a major story-arc set within the VR World. The foundations were laid when Oathmeal was having another of her Neko Nights  with Lanfear in which came along Chipz who was simply there to sing for the neko (what could possibly go wrong?), and when things got a little 'dicey' Joey Bagels was summoned where he met vampire mafioso in a crossover event...

The Events as followed:

To catch up, PLEASE read the Crossover Chronicle event, as much has happened. This is the continuation of an RP event, basically chapter four. SPOILERS: If you have not read the previous events.

To catch up on the events, please read: 

Subject to Change 

Right now, being posted, is what one Observer has viewed through the following people's eyes: Zentreya, Oathmeal and KimplE. Other Observers have came together to started to document for one Observer. This new Observer has offered to document things from Stealth's side. Also plans on including the events from Chipz and Joey's POV will be added to their respective episode guides.


As I was swamped with trying to keep up and felt really bad about not viewing events from their eyes. Again, sorry Kuri, SciFri, Cor Vous, VII. Sorry to Stealth's chat, as I only could see through someone else's eyes most of the time. Also, this Observer's health was being questioned, as he's been up for nine days straight trying to keep things lore related, usually with over seven hours (at the least) of typing. So if by all means, if anyone would want to come in and help from ANYONE's POV, please, do not hesitate. If you see grammar mistakes, please remember, I've been working on this for almost 12 days now, with ony 7 hours of sleep through the whole time.

Don't forget...

Please, check the vods. I've been trying to stop making it seem like a fan fic, and as such, I can't keep up with everything or everyone's streams. Also, several of Stealth's side are going to help with Chipz's POV. And soon, Joey's side and Chipz's will be added to their episode guides.

June 4th/5th

(After taking time off with Zentreya, the Observer has gone back to typing, it was a much needed break, and I think all RPers involved should take a little me time. RPing everyday can be very taxing.~ Lamango)

Zero and Ashu (II)

The two discussed how Zero wanted things like they were. Ashunera, thinking that this was a cry for help, threw her knife into her table, and claimed Lanfear will be her target. (Sorry for no being able to be there for the whole thing, but Zero Guilt will be uploading videos of these, so we'll update accordingly~Lamango.)

Chipz in the Forest

Chipz, Lanfear and Minerva explored a forest, finding a 'Love Temple'. (Details of this will be added at a later date.) They explored for a while until heading back to Club Rogue.

Rob Roflgator came in, inviting Chipz to Jor Rilla's wedding, and Chipz asked if he could bring a plus one. (Lanfear) Zero the Maid was walking around, for some unknown reason.

Minerva egged Chipz on to dance with Roflgator, but Chipz just wanted to cuddle. (With Lanfear.) Ashunera and Satchi flirted in the corner, as Prophet and VII joined Roflgator in the cage. After Rob tried to talk to the strippers, Chipz tried to get Lanfear to climb the stripper pole. 

Chipz took Lanfear away from the public, into the Red Room, where he once again, admitted he loved Lanfear, and refused to take no for an answer from her. Chipz suddenly began to inquire about KimplE and Lanfear, wondering if everything was OK. Lanfear nodded. The vampire expressed that KimplE's been weird lately. 

Chipz suspected KimplE didn't 'approve' of him, to which Lanfear shrugged. This confused Chipz immensely. Lanfear mentioned that her and KimplE speak about something she can't share. "It has nothing to do with your heart...Right?" Chipz asked, to which Lanfear paused, and nodded.


Chipz found out that KimplE and Lanfear speak of Joey, making him 'feel insignificant', to which Lanfear hugged him, apologizing. Lanfear wanted him to be happy, but he wanted to be happy with her. Lanfear expressed her concern for Chipz, how she's worried about him. Chipz said he isn't going crazy, 'yet', and he won't wait long for an answer from the elder Neko. 

Rolfgator snuck in, with Chipz telling her to close her eyes, before Chipz began to spy on them. Roflgator offered Lanfear a job, (despite her being one of the richest people in the VRChat world.). Roflgator told Chipz his eyes were black, (the same thing that caused Oathmeal to freaked out.)

Chipz mentioned that he'll get Lanfear's Kitty one day (LOLWUT), causing Chipz to run out of the room, panicking. R3dz came to comfort him. 

KimplE emerges

KimplE Appears

VII came to warn Chipz about KimplE's entrance. Chipz and Kenny spoke about how to turn Roflgator away from stealing Kenny's dancers. (Loli furries.), as KimplE went to Lanfear's side. Kenny and Chipz began to speak about Joey, at which point, Lanfear became sad, running into the Boss' suite. KimplE followed her, where she began to write.

Lanfear's Fear

"Things are not good between Joey and I..." The Neko wrote. KimplE asked for an explination. Lanfear went on to explain, how she talked to her friend Zero, who told her about Zenand Joey.  "That he has feelings for Zentreya and that she kissed him..." Lanfear sadly concluded. 

KimplE mentioned this is coming from a third party, and they had confirmed information about the feelings. Lanfear mentioned Zero overheard them. Lanfear sadly wrote her heart is breaking, and that Zen is going after Chipz as well. 

"The situation is rather complicated right now it seems." KimplE stated. Lanfear began to write once more, how she doesn't know what to do. Zen lied to her, about her and Joey, and her intentions. KimplE told her it's time to make a stand.  The Kittybot told Lanfear she's just been holding back up to this point. "To earn the love, you have to be able to fight for love."

Lanfear simply wrote she's afraid. KimplE told her to fight, she can't stand still. "I try to be with you, as much as I can. But my pressence can only be so Limited. Then I'm not around. You must be strong when I'm not around." Lanfear wrote she will try, with KimplE telling the neko, she has to try and get back.

KimplE's Encouragement

KimplE told her she has to try, as it's the only thing she can do right now, with Lanfear thanking her, before the two embraced. KimplE told her to stay strong. "Your heart can not fail." KimplE stated. Lanfear simply wrote that she's worried that is what Zentreya is trying to do, with KimplE speculating that could be a possibility.

Chipz and Kenny were talking about something, as KimplE and Lanfear entered the Red Room. Chipz played with Lanfear's ears, asking if KimplE and the Neko spoke about their 'mysterious things' and if he sneaks her away to somewhere, she won't have to follow. 

"That depends." KimplE said. "It always depends." Chipz began to get creepy (Note: This comment came from KimplE's "kittens"), mentioning what could possibly trigger KimplE to rush to Lanfear's side.

Bigger Picture

Chipz tried to explain that it's a simple thing, he loved Lanfear, not knowing that Lanfear is very important, (not just to him.) Scifri kept trying to jump in, explaining it to Chipz, who, oddly, coldly, turned him down at every chance. 

"It's simple, very fucking simple, two people love each other.. The rest of it doesn't matter...Right?" Chipz stated, crouching down near KimplE.

"Do you even see the full picture? By that logic... No..." KimplE explained, as Chipz claimed Lanfear was the full picture. KimplE called him blind. SciFri suddenly stated he agrees with KimplE on this one. Chipz went onto rant about how he could see it all, and the other guy just used Lanfear, to which Lanfear sadly looked down.

"But do you understand her heart?" KimplE asked. "Can you fully understand her heart?"

Her (Cat) Heart

"I can only understand if she tells me." Lanfear nodded in agreement. "Something tells me you're elluding to something outside the realms of love here...Enlighten me."

KimplE told him it maybe a talk he may find boring, but Lanfear was important. For the Cycle. Chipz explained the Cycles are going to make him Psycho. SciFri tried to butt in, getting a cold glare from Chipz. SciFri ignored his stare, but the Angel kept speaking, finally telling Chipz he doesn't understand her heart.

"So SciFri speaks for Lanfear now?" Chipz backed up. 

Chipz threatened violence on Joey if he enters the club again. KimplE stepped in. "To understand her heart, you got to love her.


Chipz stated he could be patient, but when stuff keeps piling up, saying that he will fight for Lanfear since Joey 'mistreated her'. Chipz tried to confront Lanfear, as KimplE comforted the Neko. In the background, Zero Guilt spied, as Ashunera slowly walked into the room. 

KimplE speculated the situation had too much pressure on her, as Lanfear gave Chipz a hug. Lanfear began to cry, pulling away from Chipz's embrace as KimplE comforted her once more. Chipz began to back away. 

"Can you still understand?" KimplE asked him. "I understand...in an extended manner" KimplE told Chipz, as Lanfear continued to cry. 

Straight Answer

Chipz demanded to know an answer to something, claiming the question is Shitty. "I need to know... I'm getting pulled in all these directions, AND IT'S GREAT!" Chipz laughed. "Are you using me?"

Lanfear suddenly broke down again, shaking her head rapidly no. KimplE grasped the sobbing cat's hand. "Stay strong." KimplE encouraged her.

Chipz seemed to think Lanfear was using him, saying she abused him, as he left the club. SciFri, KimplE, Zero, Ashunera, Fae, and Satchi ran to Lanfear's side, comforting her. 

Lanfear suddenly ran upstairs into the Boss's room. SciFri went to KimplE, saying she was right "He is unstable.

KimplE stated that she has seen this multiple times. 

Lanfear's Lament

Lanfear suddenly rushed out of the Red Room, to the Boss's quarters, but SciFri's interuption of KimplE, allowed her to leave the Club completely. Zero, Satchi, and Ashunera began to rush around, looking for the Neko. KimplE noted her life signs weren't in the club, so she attempted to locate her. KimplE hopped on the top of the Ship, claiming that, once again, it is never different, as a shuttle flew by overhead. "It will always end like this...Our cycle seems to repeat, what ever I do. How many times I have to live this again and again.."

Back in the Club

SciFri confronted KimplE. The arch angel apologized, as KimplE stated "You finally see past his heart..."

The two consulted with each other over the outcome, how Chipz wasn't originally like this, as SciFri was in tears. "We must take care to fully understand the full heart."

"I need to understand what Lanfear really wants..." SciFri said sadly. They went to talk about KimplE's own heart. KimplE later met Zero, who asked if Lanfear will be OK.

"I hope." KimplE response was to the short maid.

KimplE met with Mimika to discuss the Cycle, Azreal, and SciFri. (At this point, Observer Lamango's minimum sleep started to take him, and he began to get 'loopy'. The rest has been omitted.~Lamango)

(The RP card was dropped.)

June 5th/6th:

Rad's Nightmare

(For full event, please see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJfVXV97Mbg)

Rad, asleep, started to have dreams, in the Grassy Field, where she first met Joey. Her dreams slowly recalled the times she spent with Joey, as he slowly vanished from each one. Stating he's gone, she started to cry, remembering her wedding with Joey, as he too, vanished once more, before he could kiss her. 

Rad's fears started to take over, repeatedly saying she's alone, not knowing what to do. Since Lanfear, she felt so alone. 

Rad's Awakening

Rad suddenly awoke, with Zero standing by the bed. Rad seemed relieved that it was all a dream, but Zero dropped the bomb, talking about Joey and Lanfear. How recently, Lanfear disappeared, going to another person, hurting Joey a lot, and how Zero got bad news.

Zero went on to say how he didn't want to be with MaTSix, Lanfear, or Rad. Tears welled up in Rad's eyes. In his drunken rage, Joey admitted he wanted to be with Zentreya, as Rad broke down completely. Zero tried to tell her she deserved to know, as Rad began to think about the future of her family. Rad expressed that they wished they didn't exist anymore. Her concerns went to her only daughter, Ribbon, as she sobbed. She stared at a picture of herself, MaTSix and Joey, asking herself "What did I do." She expressed how she doesn't want to lose everything, but how everything wants to lose her, and that she's sorry.  Rad began to talk some sense into her self, how she needs to fight, and how she needs to find MaTSix...

An Audience with Woops

(The events of this video predate the current log, please, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N-KXhS8K24)

Back during Ashunera's wedding, Joey and Woops met. After meeting privately on the Hanabi River boats, in the presence of Shimakaze, the two formed an alliance. Joey even got to see the Team Five HQ, after being held up at gun point by Drekwiz, with Laughing Jack settling the situation. Things almost went bad as SpazKoga, a literal Cycle Ender, grabbed the base's only nuclear missile.

Several other questionable people were present, like Shizzuie, Tosha, and even Andis. Joey had his rainbow child run to the bunker with out looking back. Andis ran for their life, as gun shots whizzed by her head, with Joey trying to find the sniper. Panic broke out as someone attempted to take the Rainbow, Tarkova, Drek, Gambit's and anyone elses' lives, with Joey rushing to protect the small Rainbow, as a nuke went off by Lolathon. Nurfee and You'veGotTheTouch appeared on the scenes, armed to the teeth, as Joey ran inside to protect Andis.

As LoudMute played with Andis in the Team 5 HQ, Drek suddenly appeared behind Joey, holding a red gun, chanting "WAA WAA" as Artsy, Shizzuie and several others tried to stop him. With a single shot, Joey turned into a Knuckles.

June 6th

SciFri and Lanfear

The Arc-Angle met Lanfear on an odd, floating island, wishing to speak to him. The Neko thought for a second before writing that she'd first like to talk about how is Chipz after his little outburst at the club. SciFri stated he's fine. Lanfear stated she worried about him.

Lanfear stated she was worried about him when she was not around, and was sure SciFri noticed, to which the Righ Hand Man agreed. Lanfear went on to state her sister is afraid of him now and what he might do. Lanfear revealed that Oathmeal told her something about Chips. How he's changed since taking KimplE's test. 

"Yeah, the test changed all of us...Me and VII, we're affected, but it affected him a lot more." SciFri stated.

Lanfear revealed her parents took the test as well, in a past Cycle. SciFri asked if they were the keys to the previous cycle, Lanfear shook her head. "They won but wished for our (Lanfear and Oathmeal's) survival and made a deal."

"They gave their lives?" SciFri asked shocked, as Lanfear sadly nodded, as SciFri pieced it all together.

Breaking Point

Lanfear continued to write: "Now things have become unstable" The Neko looked down as SciFri grimly agreed. Lanfear stated she must make a decision, but she's conflicted. 

SciFri eluded that KimplE told him Lanfear's heart is the one he doesn't understand. 

Lanfear sadly wrote she wished to be seen as, and cut herself off. SciFri told her it's hard to listen to her heart, especially when it's tearing in two. 

"It's..." Lanfear wrote but then paused. "Breaking..." The Elder Neko wants to know that she's...She cut herself off again, in tears.

SciFri stated "You want someone that makes you feel special?" Lanfear nodded, as she wrote 'Their one and only.' and how she wants to give her heart to only one. SciFri told her she needs time, to figure it out, but in that time, people may get hurt, and that Lanfear doesn't want that. Lanfear expressed her concern that Joey doesn't see her as his true love, only something on the side. This was clearly false as Joey gave her his everything.

Joey and Chipz: Weighing the Options

Lanfear started to weigh her options, as Chipz was brought up, SciFri mentioned he's been hurt before, and his obsession with Lanfear. The Neko stated she feels like she needs to be with Chipz to keep him stable, how she wants to talk Joey, but she fears it maybe too late, but has to try because she fears he is also becoming unstable.

SciFri nodded at the concerned cat. He expressed that Lanfear alone isn't enough to fix Chipz's heart, too much pain, too much heart break that he needs to deal with first. The Angel told the Neko to speak to both men, let them both understand what's going on in her heart and her locket. Lanfear said she tried, but the two stubborn men won't listen.

"If Chipz really cared for you like I think he does, he'd listen." SciFri said, after saying both of them were being foolish due to all this.

"I will Keep trying even if it means I might break..." The Neko sadly resolved. "I don't want people hurt."

SciFri mentioned the war is getting closer, every single day, every minute. People are forming grudges, gathering more people to solve these grudges, (Team Five vs Team Seven, Kuri and Don), and that it becomes more then just two guys and a girl. SciFri seemed to be at wits end.

Figuring Out

Lanfear, still conflicted, was told by SciFri they're on the same side. "I maybe Chipz's right hand man, but I want what's best for everyone...

Lanfear expressed she needs to be near Chipz until she can speak to Joey, with SciFri saying if he becomes unstable, or even hints it, for Lanfear to find him. 

Spaz appears

SpazKoga is indeed confirmed to be getting involved now. It is unknown what role this chaotic entity will serve, but it is known she devours bodies AND souls, and leaves the souls in an endless cycle of being tortured. She should be considered very dangerous.

The Poison

LuLu suddenly appeared, marching back and forth, gesturing to herself. Foxe suddenly was right in front of her, as LuLu shimmied in place. Foxe asked how things were in the A.L.A Base.

Foxe brought up Zentreya having a lot on her mind, something bothering her. LuLu just danced to themselves, hearing music in her mind? Foxe, being able to see into Zentreya's dreams, inquired why LuLu was in this place. Foxe brought up Joey, with Foxe explaining how she thinks Joey's on the right side. The Kitsune told LuLu to do 'what she thinks is right' and to leave Zentreya out of this.


LuLu then brought Foxe into a realm of fire and brimstone. LuLu insisted that Foxe sit in a chair marked "25". She then, after gesturing, reached her fingers into Foxe's skull. The kitsune asked what the hell the Fear did, and asked "You brought me to hell, haven't you?"

LuLu then brought the unsuspecting Kitsune to her residence. Suddenly, Crumbster appeared. Crumbster noted LuLu is too hyper, and offered her a whole bottle of Aderal. She downed the entire thing.  While LuLu brought Foxe to a Fever Dream, SpazKoga began to explore Club Rogue. Foxe and LuLu continued to explore the Fever Dream.

Back to the Writing Room

LuLu dropped a portal for herself and Foxe, going into the Presentation Room. LuLu wrote "You're in my world..." Foxe seemed confused. "Let's play a game." LuLu wrote.

LuLu made the Kitsune choose Life or Death. Foxe 'won' the first round. The second round was 'Death or Die'. LuLu kept going on and on with her 'games'. Foxe made sure nothing bad would happen to Zentreya, and Foxe was sent back to their Dreamscape. As the Fox left, LuLu wrote that the 'Key= Zentreya, LuLu'

In the Club

Lanfear suddenly appeared, as SpazKoga, who before, bit her child, seemed on friendly terms with the Neko. Chipz and Lanfear spoke, as Chipz broke down. Lanfear stated she'll protect him, as SpazKoga, a complete unknown, tried to rush the Ship, as Roflgator got by VII. Rolfgator spoke to Chipz privately, as SpazKoga and Lanfear conversed. The two became friends, as Zentreya tried to summon Lanfear. Chipz and VII and Kenny broke SpazKoga's attempt to make Lanfear her pet.

The Path

Zentreya and Gilgamesh started to converse, how Joey was drunk when he kissed her, confusing Zentreya. The Red Devil claims she took advantage of him. "Lanfear trusted me..." The red devil wrote. Gilgamesh stated that she trusted her with Joey's pain, that she caused, saying Lanfear is huge problem, always beating around the bush over who to choose and be up front about it. 

"Because she's trying to save us..." The Leader wrote. Gilgamesh asked about saving us from a war, which she's starting, and inquired if Zentreya was hiding information, to which the Red Devil ran, shaking her head. Zentreya wrote, that she wasn't sure what Lanfear was anymore.

Gilgamesh asked what their master wanted to do, with Zentreya writing she doesn't know what to do, for the first time. Ashunera entered, asking why Zentreya isn't pulling a gun on her. Ashunera asked about Zen's plan, to which the red devil responded. "I gave up after Joey gave up on everything."

The Siblings

Ashunera and Zentreya continued to converse, with Zentreya writing she'll never hurt Ashunera( Zentreya previously pulled a gun on her sibling.). The two Siblings embraced, crying. Ashunera sadly stated she'll always protect Zentreya no matter what happens, knowing that she's confused. Zentreya wrote she's not confused anymore. "I have a heart now, and part of it is Joey's..." Zentreya wrote. Gilgamesh stated it's disgusting. Zentreya then wrote 'I love him'. Zen wrote that she now knows what it's like to love.

Ashunera began to think about the Prophet incident, how there was no logical way for Zentreya to miss. (She had the gun facing right at her stomach) And how she summoned Gilgamesh. After questioning Gilgamesh, Ashunera found out the truth about Zentreya, saying they will love her no matter what. Zentreya finally came clean, saying she holds the powers of the Devil. Ashunera finally revealed that Kuri wanted to talk to Zentreya.

Chipz and Lanfear

After Drek chased Chipz around, demanding to be touched, Chipz sought a private audience with Lanfear. Chipz brought Lanfear to the Boss Suite, asking to talk about someone. SciFri was brought up, pissing Chipz off.

Lanfear only simply wrote: "He cares about you..."

The two walked out of the boss suite, with Roflgator and VII saying Lanfear gives Chipz nothing while Chipz gave her everything, as Chipz came in to defend her, as Roflgator laughed at the whole ordeal, as VII ran away. Roflgator was kicked out of Chipz's bar, as Lanfear was sadly looking down. 

Lanfear told him to find and speak to KimplE to try and understand. SciFri tried to talk to Chipz, getting cold responses. The Neko and Vampire continued to talk. 

Devil Inside

"I don't want the devil inside anymore..." Zentreya sadly wrote. "The only thing I want is Joey...

Kuri suddenly appeared, talking about how Zentreya was an empty shell of her former self. Kuri continued to egg on Zentreya, to the point where Gilgamesh stepped up to protect her. 

"This isn't the Zentreya I know..." Kuri said. 

Zentreya sadly wrote, after Kuri went all out on her, "I only want a family, with Joey, and peace. " Kuri just coldly laughed at her, calling it despicable. Kuri began to openly mock Zentreya, saying she never makes the correct decisions. Zentreya wrote she's still strong. 

Kuri said no, and Zen demanded to fight Kuri, threatening to kill him. 

Grassy Field

Zentreya took Gilgamesh, Kuri and Ashunera to the Grassy Field, where Gilgamesh said he better not be disappointed. Zentreya and Kuri squared up. Zentreya fired her first shot, then stabbed and shot Kuri again. Kuri began to dominate Zentreya, throwing her to the ground. Kuri lifted her, healing her. After their fight, Gilgamesh challenged Kuri. As the two exchanged insults and empty threats, Kuri told Zentreya she has more potential then she thinks. And not to cloud herself. Zentreya reached for the moon, thinking. Gilgamesh said it was time to start training, as Zen threw her weapons away (for like, the eighth time.)

Lanfear and Chipz (III)

Lanfear explained to Chipz that her family made a deal with KimplE's, and that they should talk to KimplE about it, and that she can't say more, just to know that she cares about him, and that she's here with him. After staring into Lanfear's eyes for a few moments, Chipz began to cry, as Lanfear wrote:

"We do need to deal with Zentreya's intentions for you." With Lanfear saying she worries. Chipz went to the Meeting Bunker, trying to contact Zentreya. 

Chipz and Zentreya (II)

Zentreya cautiously walked into the Bunker, Chipz walking behind her as she wrote. Zentreya wrote: "If I take Joey, will you take Lanfear away as well?" The two discussed how Lanfear loves Chipz, and mentioned KimplE told Zentreya everything, and how Joey shouldn't matter.

Chipz tried to turn the same tatic he used on Lanfear on Zentreya, playing the two wives and won't pay attention to her card. Chipz went on to rant about how this was completely "f*cked". Chipz began to rant about love being between a man and a single woman, (despite having a harem for his second season.).

Chipz hit Zentreya with the hard truth that he doesn't think Joey is capable of chosing one.  "He told me, I'm the only one..." Zentreya wrote, as Chipz went insane, crossing out MaTSix and Rad, and sparing Lanfear. Chipz went on to explain what he did in his season 2. Chipz went on to state he will win Lanfear over. Chipz asked if they kissed, Zentreya sadly nodded. He asked if she thought Lanfear and Chipz kissed, Zentreya nodded, as Chipz hinted that he was waiting for the special moment, almost blaming Zentreya now for everything.

Zentreya asked what she should do, as Chipz began to show his unstability, and following his heart. And if he loves someone, he won't let anyone tell him what to do. Chipz went on to explain, and saying, the sad truth is they're always alone by the end. With a Thank You, Zentreya confirmed that she's done playing games.

A.L.A Base

Zentreya came back where Gilgamesh confronted her, as she wrote Chipz is no longer an enemy of the A.L.A, throwing Joey's trust out the window. If a war breaks out, the A.L.A will be the wall between the two. Gilga asked if the other generals knew, and let slip that LuLu maybe up to something. Zen then questioned what LuLu was up to. Gilgamesh asked what was with 'the butcher', the fabled sixth general of the A.L.A, to which Zentreya stated she thinks she vanished and is on a mission. The two continued to discuss the 'Butcher' or 'Blonde God'.

As of now, the A.L.A have become neutral. Kirby came in later to confirm he 'killed' Touch. 

Meeting Bunker (II)

Zentreya took Kirby to the meeting bunker where, as his sister, and general, asking if they'd like a high priority mission. Kirby asked what the mission was. 

"Capturing of a target." Kirby asked who. The target in question was the Blonde God. 

KimplE awakens

KimplE came instantly to Club Rogue, meeting SciFri, Mimika, Satchi and Ashunera, stating that she sensed a disurbance. KimplE found Chipz and Lanfear in the red room, where Chipz instantly told her she pisses him off. Lanfear insisted that KimplE come clean with the whole Cycle and Keys thing. Lanfear stated that they should take Chipz to where it started.

KimplE opened the portal to the Singularity.

The Singularity

Chipz, KimplE, and Lanfear came into the Singularity. KimplE began to explain, that the previous cycle's memories are here, and how Lanfear and Oathmeal are the keys for the cycles. KimplE went on to say how in the previous cycle, Lanfear and Oathmeal's parents were meant to be the Guardians, but couldn't, how if Lanfear breaks, the Cycle will be wiped out.

Chipz asked what happened to old cycles, and how new ones start, getting the answer that KimplE's the key to a possible timeline. KimplE explained how if she's unstable, EVERYTHING would be wiped out, family, friends, and goals would be gone. 

"And right now, the situation is quite difficult...Her heart is at it's limit..." KimplE explained. According to KimplE, Lanfear's heart only has one chance, not like others. It's revealed that some cycles, Oathmeal was in the same situation, but in this one, they are all in danger.

Chipz still didn't care. He went on say that he loves Lanfear, and it was simple, but Lanfear's heart was being dragged in two directions. And this was why Lanfear was under so much pressure, and Lanfear was at breaking point. Chipz didn't seem to understand that the Cycle was balanced before Lanfear met Chipz.

KimplE has stated she's afraid how Chipz would re-act if Lanfear left with another man (Joey), and her heart. 

The Archives

Lanfear offered that they should take Chipz to the Archives, where KimplE decimated him before. KimplE showed them the door to the Next Cycle, and needing the two keys, Previous and Current, and Lanfear was one of them. Lanfear wanted to tell Chipz about her parents. KimplE went onto explain. Her parents were tested to see if they could be the Guardians, winning, but for some reason, were not able to be the Gaurdians. She continued to explain that she was assigned as the Neko's guardians.

Chipz had two questions. 1: What happened to her parents, as Lanfear looked down sadly. "They betrayed their purpose." KimplE stated. The Neko's parents were trapped with the last Cycle, reliving it over and over, it seems. Chipz wanted to take the test, to help Lanfear at all. KimplE believed he wasn't ready. Chipz hinted that she should be prepared too.

Lanfear then said, she wishes to stabilize Joey's heart, with KimplE agreeing. Lanfear stated she wanted to fight for him.

Lanfear went to say she will not let anything else she loves be taken away. Lanfear then went to Chipz, as KimplE followed. (RP on KimplE's end was over.)

Red Strings

(Sadly, this one is not as detailed, as Observer was getting hit with hard lore from the Chipz/KimplE/Lanfear side of things.)

Kirby showed Zentreya his new powers, as Azreal came in and discussed things about the Devil. Zentreya then started to ponder a possible future with Joey, saying that her love with Joey will balance out her Devil side. After retreating to her base, she drew a giant heart, Joey and her name in it, then an equal sign, writing 'child' and then writing 'burden'.

Suddenly, the Observer's feed was cut.

June 7th

Zentreya Arrives

Zentreya suddenly walked into the club after being dropped off at the club by Minerva. Ashunera and Kenny greeted her, along with VII, as Lanfear and Chipz ran at her presence. Egg and Nimewe were there as well.

Zentreya took Kirby and Ashunera to privately talk. Zentreya tried to converse, but she was the mute out of the three, so she choked both of em. The trio conversed, as Lanfear suddenly appeared. Lanfear told the Red Devil how she wished to talk to her later. Tension between the two was high, as Lanfear walked away with Zentreya actually drawing her pistol on the Neko, but controlling herself. Ashunera then called Lanfear a thot.

Ashunera began to hint that Prophet and Zentreya should get back together.

Chipz and Zentreya (III)

Chipz came up to Zentreya, asking her to please speak to Lanfear. Chipz mentioned if she values any friendship with Lanfear, she'd speak to her. When they entered the Red Room, Zentreya was told that what she's doing is going to kill part of Lanfear. 

Chipz explained that it'd be better to hear it from Lanfear herself, as hearing it from him would 'be bad'. Zentreya agreed, then walked up to the Boss' Suite. Minerva tried to get Zentreya's attention. 

Zentreya and Lanfear

The Neko appeared wanting to talk, as Roflgator came into the club. Lanfear dropped a portal to the Presentation Room. Lanfear started to write they're being told somethings she needs to hear from Zentreya, regarding her conversation the other day.

Lanfear wanted to know what the Devil and Chipz spoke about. Zentreya paused, before writing, 'Nothing', lying to the Neko. Lanfear saw through it, asking directly if Zentreya planned to keep lying to her, as the devil sadly turned around. Lanfear even threatened to bring Chipz there.

Zentreya just simply wrote she wouldn't like the outcome. Lanfear asked if she was right to assume that she has chosen a direction then, and told the devil to stop lying.

Devil's Confession

"I'm tired of seeing Joey like this." Zentreya wrote, asking why Lanfear started this whole thing to begin with, as Zentreya began to get mad, Keys, Cycles, War.. "It's so... I don't care anymore...You, Chipz, making me doubt my 'heart', it's beating." Zentreya kept writing, saying because of Joey, her heart was 'found', and she will take him away from all of this.

Lanfear started to write she heard about her and Joey, his confession and the kiss, wondering if his life is any better with Zentreya. She saw him the other day, drunk and miserable. Before Lanfear could finish, Zentreya snatched her pen away, angerly writing.  "Who are you to say you have a right to say that even after all you've done!?"

Lanfear sadly wrote "I have made mistakes, however, it seems the doubt that started all of this maybe true." She intends to talk to Joey and get answers. Before she started to write 'I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME!"

Standing Up for herself

Zentreya almost smiled, writing "I knew you were still in love with him, you better stick to those words, or I will take him.. "

Lanfear sadly wrote that it's all up to Joey in the end. Will he be willing to change, or will he go after any girl. "Either way, I want answers."

Zentreya wrote if she does succeed, everything goes back to how she wanted it, but if she hurts Joey again... Zentreya suddenly drew her gun on the Neko, holding it under her chin.

Lanfear wrote she understood, however, everything is black and white. 

Zentreya replied, she knows more then Lanfear thinks, little key. "Then you should understand or do you not want to?" Lanfear asked. Zentreya wrote she doesn't care about Cycles, because: "We'll just have to finish this book."

The Conversation Continues

Lanfear suddenly asked if Zentreya wished for destruction. Zentreya countered "If that's what it takes to find love, I'll risk everything and more." Lanfear paused, before writing.

"There are some similarities between us." Calmly smiling at Zentreya. "I too am willing to risk everything, but our goals are a bit different." Zentreya smugly replied. 

"Perhaps...Either way... one of us gets what we've been fighting for.

Lanfear simply put, "I have something I want you to think about. What happened when you tried for Chipz? Did he go off with you? Like Joey did? Or did he know how he felt?" Lanfear continued to grill Zentreya, as the Devil backed away, clutching her head, with the Neko asking if she's fine, wondering if he'd be off chasing another girl.

Devil and Neko

"No, because I have fight in me, loyalty, and beaten into me are no more doubts" Zentreya simply put, how she'd be with him until the end, and that, for how long Lanfear could hold onto this red string, until it rips? That the Red String of fate has two ends, and it's ripping.

Lanfear wrote she knows, but until she gets the answers she needs, she will fight for what she loves. Zentreya then threatened to steal Joey if Lanfear keeps hurting him, she'll actively hunt Lanfear down. Lanfear asked her if she decided, to which Zentreya wrote "Fate decided, and that  I pray you find your answers. Before it kills you..." Zentreya sadly responded.

"Not again."

Lanfear wrote how she will not let what happen a second time, before gently caressing Zentreya's cheek, walking to the portal, turning back once, smiling, before walking through it. Zentreya, stewing in her thoughts. Writing Lanfear, underlining it, then writing enemy A.L.A, then adding a question mark. The Observer's feed of Zentreya cut out. 

At the Club, again...

Roflgator tried to confess that he killed Mishtal, as KimplE arrived. All while Lanfear played with SpazKoga. KimplE arrived, talking to Lanfear, as Rofl tried to convince Chipz he killed Mishtal. Chipz went to speak to KimplE and Lanfear, talking about stuff, while exchanging pleasantries with Laughing Jack. KimplE, after vacantly staring off, asked questions.

KimplE and Chipz (Part IDK)

Chipz seemed to be under the impression Lanfear chose him, but KimplE, lightly putting it, trying to explain that Lanfear is chosing to stay with him so he doesn't go insane. It seems it was too late, as he seemed unhinged in his conversation with KimplE. The Kittybot asked him how he feels about friends, saying 'some people do not appreciate things until they're gone'. 

"You're acting like I'm in the wrong here..." Chipz got angry.

"Even in war, we all need rest."

Lanfear appeared, writing "I asked someone to keep an eye on Joey if anything happens. Now it may cause a war, and danger to you", saying she'd protect Chipz. KimplE told the vampire to take care of himself first, as Lanfear agreed. 

Almost as foreshadowing, SciFri came up, saying his girlfriend dumped him, after he told her to make a choice, and he wasn't the right choice. 

Afterwards, Chipz and Lanfear privately spoke on-top of the ship, where Chipz, once again, tried his luck at confessing to Lanfear. The Observers couldn't see this however, but it's assumed she responded with 'I worry for you, and will protect you'. 

Crossover Chronicle Part 5

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  • No one in this RP is the antagonist, and are actually the victims here. Please, remember this. Also, Lanfear has openly stated she does not want a harem of Joey and Chipz.
  • Zentreya was absent for most of this RP, as she took a day off to hang out with her friends (that couldn't get included in the RP) and her chat. It's advised that all RPers do this once in a while, as constantly RPing day by day can actually ruin you emotionally, especially with such an event like this.
  • The 'seeing this happen before' from KimplE means she has seen this played out a number of times in past timelines.
  • After the RP, KimplE, Prophet, Minerva and several others began to explore the VRChat world.
  • At no point did Lanfear get called a PeePee Target by KimplE.
  • Zentreya revealed that she's literally, a devil. She speculates that her devil side with Joey 'good' side will bring her balance, and if a child would be born, it maybe a burden.
  • Azreal, Ashunera, Gilgamesh, Zentreya, and Kirby all broke character when Ash mentioned something about chainsaws.
  • The mentions of previous Keys were mentioned many times. It's possible these were actual objects, with Lanfear and Oathmeal being the first 'organic' keys.