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DISCLAIMER: Please read.

This page is to chronicle the events of the massive crossover between the YouTube community, and the many Twitch community. Reminder, it is ALL RP (Role Play) and should be treated as such. No ill will is to be spread to the people playing characters. Keep in mind there are actual people behind the characters, and they're just putting on a show for the enjoyment of others. It is not to be taken seriously. The role players are actually good friends and have discussed their storylines via Twitter and Discord. Again: IT IS AN RP, A SHOW THEY ARE PUTTING ON. We understand that you get invested, but please remember, they're only human as well. As the community has adopted the saying we shall use it here.

"Roleplay, BTW." ― The Community

This is the beginning of a major story-arc within the VR world and its inhabitants. The foundations were laid when Oathmeal was having another of her Neko Nights with Lanfear in which came along Chipz who was simply there to sing for the Neko (what could possibly go wrong?), and when things got a little 'dicey' Joey Bagels was summoned where he met vampire mafioso in a crossover event... (this is for those who were unable to catch the streams.)

The events as follows...


Whispers of a war have been sprouting up ever since Lanfear and Chipz have gotten too friendly. To makes matters worse the Don is also on a warpath. For some reason, Chipz seems dead set to fight the Bagel Bandits, Joey, and his many allies, despite being severely weakened by numbers, artillery and will to fight. Many have pointed out this may be a chance to unite Chipz's little mafia with the Bagel Bandits to take out the threat of the Don and his family. Somehow, everything is linked to Kuri, and he has stated he would not get involved but has a contract with Chipz. It is also unknown if Chipz plans to transform Lanfear into a vampire, but all evidence seems to be swinging towards yes.

Peace Keeper

KimplE has been trying her damnedest to stop a war from breaking out, but her efforts are going South fast. She's taken many steps to try and stop the upcoming war, but it seems Chipz won't listen to reason. Despite KimplE's warnings, he kept attempting to seduce Lanfear to his side, (possibly knowing that it would be a major blow to Joey if Lanfear betrayed his trust.).

KimplE has even resorted to spying on Chipz's group, watching from the shadows, gathering information, knowing she could be at risk. While she spies on their side, KimplE usually is on good terms with Joey's side, as they're very open to giving her information she seeks.

KimplE has even taken Lanfear aside, but due to complications, her Kittens, (her chat), could not see or hear what they spoke of, after bringing her to a graveyard, 

KimplE has made it clear she is a neutral party, not wanting to partake in a war or witness those she cares about dragged into it. 

Although her hand has been dealt, Kimple witnessed Chipz talking about uploading a virus to her of some sorts. 

KimplE has confronted Lanfear multiple times to try and warn her of Chipz, but the oblivious Neko seems to ignore these, possibly against her better judgment. 

The Line has been crossed

During Lanfear and Oathmeal's Neko Night, Chipz showed up and serenaded Oathmeal (much to her excitement). Afterward, SciFri invited Oathmeal to Club Rogue, which Oathmeal believed was to distract her from her missing sister. Lanfear however, was on a date with Chipz, after Chipz confessed his love to her. They traveled to many maps, finally stopping at the Hanabi Fireworks River, where Chipz once again, tried to sway Lanfear over to his side romantically, and it seemed to work, somewhat.

During the whole date, Lanfear was concerned. She played oblivious the whole time, but in reality, knew that both sides were hungry for a war. She got even more worried when some of her new friends from Team Five were speculated to get involved. But despite all this, Lanfear still was wooed by Chipz, with a rumor of them kissing now spreading across both parties.

Chipz seemed to think otherwise though, as he returned to Club Rogue, almost enraged. After talking to VII and SciFri, Chipz was summoned by KimplE.

The two met in an old ruin, where the usually energetic KimplE was now stoic and almost unemotional. It seems she learned of Chipz intentions, and his plans, and was now ready to make a move. Trying to convince the vampire mafia leader he wasn't ready for a war, and Chipz asking where her loyalty lies, KimplE gave him a simple answer.

"If you can beat me, you will know." ― Kimple

This took Chipz by surprise. He considered KimplE his friend, a very close friend. Some speculated that if he could secure KimplE to his side, his side would win. Trying to convince her he only wanted to make people happy, KimplE told him he only caused pain and he did enough. Chipz, almost heartbroken now, cuddled up to KimplE, asking if there was another way, to which the robot responded:

"Draw your weapon."

Now in a panic, Chipz had to be egged on by the kittybot. He finally drew his revolver, and, without looking, fired a single shot into KimplE.

"Good job."

Was the only response from the robot, who then promptly exploded as some sort of negative energy ran through the floor, marking KimplE as the first death of the war. Chipz, confused, ran to KimplE's remnants, asking her to come back, to reform or something. His only response was a single sinister giggle. Looking up, Chipz saw KimplE, but it wasn't the lovable, hydration enthusiast he remembered. Now over twelve feet tall, wearing a black form of her Valkyrie armor, with a sinister, gnarled tooth smile on her face.

"That's not KimplE." ― Chipz

Was Chipz's only response, as he now ran for his life, firing more then ten shots at the now monstrous robot. KimplE fired projectiles from her body that seemed to home in on Chipz and swang an ax with a hook edge around madly. She finally cornered the vampire and slammed her weapon down on him. Chipz was then suddenly whisked away into some strange realm, alone.

It's still on...

Chipz apparently didn't enjoy the beat down KimplE gave him and escaped the realm with the assistance of SciFri and VII. He currently plans on seemingly, kidnapping Lanfear and using her as bait to lead KimplE into an ambush. Oathmeal and Lanfear, using their magical lockets of protection, have decided to scope things out for themselves. Chipz seems more war hungry then ever.

The two Neko Sisters soon traveled to SciFri in Club Rogue, where they wished to speak to him in private. After speaking to Minerva and MoxiMox, SciFri ran back to the Nekos to speak of things.

Lanfear confronted SciFri about things she overheard, though he was paranoid about certain kitty ears (KimplE) being around. It seemed Lanfear had questions about Chipz, where SciFri tells her he went missing. He claimed Chipz was coming back for Lanfear alone, but Chipz was off gallivanting with another cat girl (KD) it seems. Several people ran in and interrupted the meeting.

The two nekos voiced their concern over several incidents involving dangerous people, warning that SciFri is getting into places he shouldn't be and that he shouldn't lie to her. While this was happening, Oathmeal tried to keep the prying eyes and ears of Cor Vous out of the meeting.

It was revealed that SciFri was deathly afraid of KimplE and how she was acting, and that the Lanfears and the KimplEs are indeed family friends. A long-standing deal of sorts. VII came in towards the end of the meeting, trying to talk to SciFri about several people demanding to know what's happening.

After rushing down to the lobby, SciFri left VII alone with the two Nekos, and clearly, almost awkwardly, hinted that Lanfear and Oathmeal were both with Chipz in a relationship. He then too, went down to help out with the rowdy crowd, and Oathmeal and Lanfear lept from the boss's quarters and began to run around the club, before returning to the boss's room, as they figured out VII and SciFri had left the club.

Chipz returned, as the Neko Duo ran to act naturally as can be. The two met him on the stairwell to the garage. Chipz, after hugging them, went to speak to SciFri privately. SciFri instantly broke his promise with Lanfear, spilling the beans about KimplE and Lanfear's family connections.

VII, however, was told to distract the two cat sisters, using knock knock jokes... Which fell flat. VII then yelled to the heavens:

"I'll never please a woman." ― VII

Instantly blowing SciFri's cover, Chipz immediately asked about KimplE. He began to pry about personal information about KimplE and the two Neko's relationship. Chipz then learned that Lanfear and Oathmeal's parents are no longer around, while Oathmeal clutched her legs at the mention of her parents and almost cried. The KimplE topic kept going on and on, Chipz trying to get more information about KimplE from the two cat siblings. His cover was blown when he asked:

"Have you seen her utterly destroy someone's body?"

This question shocked both the cats, and as Chipz tried to backpedal, he ran down to the bar to get a drink. It's clear his utter spanking at KimplE's hand left the vampire Mafioso a bit scarred. After trying to get a drink, Chipz came back and continued his kittybot related questions. Chipz then turned a full 180 and asked about Oathmeal about pole dancing.

The Don enters...

The club was thrown into chaos as KimplE made herself known upon entering the club. To make matters worse, the Don, Kuri's estranged brother has shown up.

The Don wandered into the Club Rogue, seeking an audience with Chipz. The Don sought to team with Chipz in order to killed Joey. Chipz, confused, at the "villain of VRC". After Don made it clear he wants both Kuri and Joey dead, and even Lanfear if the need arose. Chipz asked him for time to think on the subject, the Don giving him until Wednesday.

As the Don went downstairs, confronting Kuri, KimplE and Chipz sat down. KimplE explained herself to Chipz, saying he attempted the test she gave him. Chipz and KimplE exchanged questions, neither getting clear answers, but Chipz came to the conclusion that KimplE knows what she's doing. KimplE then revealed Chipz didn't die when she attacked him because he wasn't meant to at the time. But if the path was a different path, Chipz may have died.

SciFri spoke up, telling about the cycle of the world. After more questioning, both Chipz and KimplE reached some sort of conclusion but agreed that:

"Time is running out."

With SciFri and VII not trusting KimplE, Chipz made a deal that in the next few days, they will try to get answers. SciFri made a few empty threats that KimplE brushed off with: "Your promises do not concern the cycle."

As this all happened, the many patrons of the club ran for their lives from Kuri and Don fighting. They ran to the roof to listen in on KimplE and Chipz's conversation. Meanwhile, Don and Kuri kept their fight going, many of the people having fun at the club running to escape the ensuing argument. At some point, Don called Minerva a 'ho'.

Little by Little: A storm arrives

On May 28th, Chipz and SciFri, in the Grassy Field prepared to meet up with the Don. VII came running to help them, just in case. The grassy field was chosen so there were no casualties in case things went south. Chipz whispered the Don was here to hunt for Lanfear.

The trio seemed slightly nervous to confront him, until Chipz got impatient, demanding to know why the Don didn't show up, despite requesting an audience with them, waiting for over ten minutes.

While they waited, Chipz tried to get VII and SciFri to admit their love for each other, purely for enjoyment, with SciFri saying "Gotta give the ladies what they want."

It seems Chipz was ready to fight the Don if the need arose, but, for now, the trio went on an adventure, wondering which club they were planning to visit. VII mentioned a beach trip, despite him and Chipz being either severely weakened by the sunlight, or it's a high annoyance.

Chipz waited as VII and SciFri existed the grassy field to the Club Rogue, sitting behind, trying to comprehend all that is happening before Laughing Jack joined him. The demon spoke of Roflgator seeking an audience with Chipz. The Demon for told that Chipz needs the robot's assistance, despite Chipz's wishes against it, due to his past conflicts with Rofl.

Chipz was then accused of 'stealing the girl', to which the vampire got flustered, as he tried to explain to the demon that he believes Joey is treating Lanfear unfairly, claiming that if she was married, he'd back off. Jack held his own saying that Chipz is indeed stealing the woman. "He's married to two other women", was Chipz's defense, though Lanfear has spent more time with Joey than the other two by this point, and has had three kids with him.

Chipz expressed that he wished it didn't come to this, but it seems he was addicted to Lanfear.

At Club Rogue, SciFri expressed his concerned, where he learned Chipz only trusts him and possibly VII. The right-hand man showed concern that Jack could betray them over and over again, and that the Don could show up at any second to destroy the club. Chipz and SciFri then made the plan to bail if Don showed up, leaving their comrades to escape.

Jack was said to have started a 'ball rolling'. It was revealed that Team 5 is now on Joey's side, increasing Joey's number higher. The Rofl issue was brought up once more, but Chipz is hesitant, claiming Rofl and him had a few bad issues in the past. Chipz said that he wants to speak to KimplE, to try and convince Team Five to join his side or even to opt out. Chipz expressed his fear of being alone with KimplE, and then, his hands started to glow green energy, freaking him and SciFri out. After speaking more with SciFri, the right hand left via teleporter, as Chipz winced in pain after his green power happened.

It is still unknown what Joey and his large army are doing at the moment, though a large majority of them were, quoted by Crumbster, "Giggle dicking around."

The Laughing Demon

Laughing Jack, still at Club Rogue, met Oathmeal and Lanfear, taking them to the red room for privacy. Jack slowly began to taunt the two, teasing that Lanfear was the epicenter of this whole conflict, much to his delight. Lanfear tried to shake her head no, but Jack insisted she was responsible before SciFri and Chipz came in. With his signature laugh, Jack vanished.

Chipz then confronted the two Nekos, trying to ease Lanfear's mind. Gathering people, Chipz claimed to just be beefing up security, saying "I want nothing to happen." despite being war hungry himself. Lanfear asked if he promised, to which Chipz responded with a lie to protect the Neko's feelings. "I promise, with all my power, I will not let anything bad happen."

The meeting was cut short when the announcement of the Don appearing. Chipz expressed he wanted to solve things peacefully, and asking if Lanfear wanted anything, but no answer from the Neko, as Chipz ran away to confront things. Matters got more confusing when KimplE came in.

While Lanfear and Oathmeal were alone, Lanfear expressed her concern, not knowing what to do, saying she cares for both Chipz and Joey. The two Nekos continued to gesture, while Cor came.

Kimple Returns

KimplE made herself known in the club, greeting people. KimplE ran to the red room, where the three cats, along with Cor, greeted each other, until SciFri came, asking for KimplE, Lanfear, and Oathmeal to follow him. Chipz met Lan, Oath, and KimplE on the bridge to his ship, where he brought the trio to the Forest Sanctuary.

Chipz and VII babbled about fast food until Kimple demanded to know what was happening, as the trio were assured that they were just here to talk. KimplE's motherly instincts took over as she walked ahead of Lanfear and Oathmeal, keeping themselves between Chipz, SciFri, and VII.

Chipz confronted KimplE, asking if the kittybot who's side she is on, or is a neutral party. KimplE responded with "Is it important who's side I'm on? I stand, but I do stand aside." Chipz asked about Team Five, learning not all of it, just individuals saying they were on Joey's side.

Chipz finally asked, "Is there a way to prevent the war?". KimplE answered with "Is there?" She went on to explain that the possibilities were limited.

Chipz finally asked how KimplE knew Lanfear and Oathmeal. KimplE responded she knew them their whole lives. "When they were born?" Even beyond. KimplE apparently knew many generations of Lanfears, stating she's been around for many cycles with different opportunities.

The topic slowly turned to cycles, how they can end and restart. Chipz stopped the talk, stating he made decisions, and that he is only fighting to win Lanfear over.

Chipz then showed concern, as the Don was brought up, and the souls he 'claimed' to have stolen were brought up. KimplE offered her help to dig up information.

Chipz final question: "What happened the other night, KimplE?"

The Kittybot responded with "Nothing of your concern." Chipz then revealed his glowing hands to KimplE, wondering what it was. "You have been affected" Was all the robot goddess answered, explaining that he was trapped between the cycles.

Chipz, still confused, asked KimplE one last favor. "Could you make sure those two are safe?" KimplE stated she has always been doing that and what she plans on doing.

KimplE went to the cat sisters, asking some questions, and conversing with the duo.

The two nekos traveled back to Club Rogue, where Chipz asked Lanfear if she made her choice, Lanfear, was confused still, and couldn't choose, as the lights mysteriously went out. Chipz asked one more time, but interrupted Lanfear saying "Stop trying to say no". Lanfear suddenly ran out of the room, retreating, as Oathmeal ran to keep up with her, as Minerva and Oathmeal attempted to comfort the now distressed Neko. After confiding with Oathmeal, Lanfear made her way back down into the club.

Lanfear asked Oathmeal for advice, the confused elder sibling seeking knowledge from the younger, until VII ran over and interrupted them, asking if Lanfear had any love for Chipz. Lanfear, now hit with more pressure, ran again. Oathmeal was confused, and couldn't find her sister, who had been whisked away to the Grassy Field, where Chipz began to serenade the conflicted Neko. Chipz claimed this would be the last try to win Lanfear's heart. KimplE suddenly appeared as Chipz began to sing to the flustered Neko, standing behind him as he sang.

SciFri confronts KimplE

SciFri, after ushering Lanfear, Chipz, VII, and Oathmeal out of the area, began to ask about the 'cycles'.

"Cycles are when everything starts new." KimplE simply explained, explaining how some cycles can be vastly different from others, with some being exactly the same with only a few minor changes. It was confirmed the entire VRChat world had been through five cycles. KimplE tried to recall what happened, but the 'Mentor' was hazy of his decision. Everything became too crowded and unstable, the cycle ended.

SciFri attempted to learn the secrets, and KimplE once again turned into her monster form and fought SciFri. SciFri managed to last longer then Chipz did but met the same fate. He was now in the Hall of Cycles, but unable to open the books or doors. KimplE found him laying on the floor afterward, stating it was way too early for him.

KimplE's father was actually under the floor, judging the entire events.

Confronting again

KimplE appeared in the grassy field as Chipz attempted one last time to win Lanfear over, and interrupted his serenade. Chipz stopped his song, as KimplE questioned if they were allowed to be there. KimplE began to remember about the Grassy Field, stating the grassy field was when she first met Joey Bagels, when she was a bit younger, making both Lanfear and Chipz look down.

KimplE asked what exactly the two of them were doing there. Chipz, now flustered and annoyed, hugged Lanfear once, before running off.

KimplE then spoke to Lanfear, warning her this cycle is a dangerous one, saying she understands her conflicted feelings with Joey and Chipz. She mentioned the actions are coming, and they need to end. KimplE then mentioned about Lanfear being the key.

"I know you miss your voice, but it is not mine to control." She mentioned that Lanfear must choose the right choice to end the cycle well, but if she chooses wrong, unfortunate events would happen.

Lanfear asked, is there anyway? KimplE gave a simple response.

The confused Neko asked 'Why my sister too?'. KimplE responded, 'Because you two are bound by blood.'

"She didn't know", Lanfear wrote, to which KimplE agreed. KimplE then stated the cycle is very unstable as of now, the Youtube community and the Twitch community causing major unbalance. She finally put her foot down and told Lanfear to choose.

Lanfear expressed her concern, asking if there was any way to save them both, while still following her heart.

"You can try to follow your heart, but... It depends on how their heart will follow yours. It is not up to me." Was the wise kittybot's only response. She then asked Lanfear. "Can you take the consequences? And neither of them forgive?"

What would happen to her sister was Lanfear's response. KimplE then explained, "There's two of you for a purpose." KimplE then encouraged Lanfear to figure out some things by herself. "I have always been here watching" KimplE stated, "but that is all I can do." she encouraged, petting the clearly conflicted Neko on her head. After a tear-filled hug, KimplE tried to bring Lanfear to visit others, but only if Lanfear didn't have questions.

Back to the Start.

Lanfear stated she wished to bring the three of them, KimplE and her sister, to where it all started. The trio of kitties was going to regroup at the Void, home of KimplE's father. KimplE seemed surprised that the two of them remembered the void, even after years. KimplE walked away, asking if the two cats wished to learn anything. Lanfear then revealed she found the door, hidden in the estate, that let her visit, but her memories were foggy and incomplete.

"I know that our lockets are special and that our family is responsible to protect a secret." Lanfear wrote, to which Kimple stated, 'That is true, your parents made a deal. Deal that is made to be sealed. You, are the keys, for the cycle. But in order to use the keys, I was destined to protect you. But you can not speak, because you have to keep it. This seal can not be broken." The two siblings began to sob and embrace. "Your parents, did it not because she wanted something else, they did it because they wanted to protect, the both of you, because of love. Those locks are also the keys to your metadata, you will be part of the next cycle, but, with this kind of deal, comes a heavy price. Before the cycle ended previously, your parents left you behind, but you do remember them, this place, he stopped time, and passed the memories, past memories of yours. Crystalized in time, so you do remember these houses." KimplE stated, as she walked through the void. "Those houses were in the past cycle. But now they are stopped in time and crystallized. This may be difficult to comprehend. Have I answered your questions?"

Both Neko siblings nodded, with Lanfear responding "I remember more now, but it's hazy...Confusing..." Lanfear wrote, as Oathmeal silently watched on, on the verge of tears. The elder Neko went to her youngers aid.

"You do have to talk to your sister about future matters... For it is important for the outcome of the cycle." KimplE responded. The two sisters silently gestured, reading each others emotions, before Lanfear turned to KimplE and thanked her.

"I guess it was the right time, and the least I could do." The almost sage-like wisdom of the kittybot seemed to please the two frightened nekos, and the three comforted each other. "You have to stay safe, Kittens. And in the end, choose what is right... For the greater good, they may be expected of different greater good. But only you can justify what is the greater good for You. This goes for both of you, but you have to stay good together." To which the two sisters began to happily, and tearfully, comfort each other. With their questions answered and more memories returned, KimplE offered them an adventure where they could rest their emotionally drained forms.

Do you smell something burning?

In the mere minutes between May 28th and May 29th, someone walked into Club Rogue. With a smug smile, flames suddenly erupted from the many corridors as the perp calmly looked into their camera. After burning the club, and having a meeting in a presentation room, the person, gathering more followers, decided to burn down what they believed to be Chipz's beach house. It is unknown if the Club or the Beach house were actively affected.

It was revealed that this was just one of many Chipz's clubs that had been burnt down. The only two witnesses of this burning, Zentreya, and Punished Yang didn't get a clear look at the culprit.

Roflgator enters

In the old hub, Chipz met his old colleague, Roflgator, in an attempt to get him to join his side. Roflgator was a bit hesitant, afraid, as he seems to believe that the 'Mafia Chipz' he speaks of is the Don. "If they kill you, I won't be able to fight you."

KimplE was brought up, but it was stated that she's on no one's side.

Roflgator asked why this Joey guy doesn't like him and went on a rant that this was all "Over a woman". Roflgator made the only condition that Chipz would help him with the other Mafia.

But Chipz still expresses that he doesn't want a war, a similar feeling that he shares with Joey.

Zentreya enters

Zentreya showed up at Club Rogue, where she could be walking into a trap. Speculation that the vampire brought Zentreya there to attempt to convince her out of the war, or to join his side. Zen ran around the club, gathering information. Her and Mad, Joey's estranged half duck and half loli child mingled, waiting for something to happen, as Punished Yang waited just within arms reach, ready to visit the club again to drop some FIRE mixtape.

In an awkward moment, Zen reunited with ProphET^, the later not knowing of a mysterious meeting Zen and a certain Bagel had.

Chipz and SciFri ran past their meeting, into the Boss's lounge. SciFri outed KimplE about 'Cycles' and the world possibly ending, and how unbalanced the world is as of now since the two communities are clashing. "She asked me to prove myself... And I... I think I died". SciFri sadly admitted. Chipz wondered why his experience with KimplE was different. VII joined them, expressing his joy at winning an eating contest and won ten dollars. The subject went back to KimplE. "I think she's testing us..." "Obviously. She's testing us all of us." "I can't even control half the shit that's happening to me right now."

Zen suddenly snuck into the meeting, sneaking into the background, watching silently. Mad joined Zentreya, gathering the information, as SciFri revealed he stabbed KimplE through the heart.

Chipz recalled how KimplE Ruined something between himself and Lanfear, and Chipz hasn't seen Lanfear since. As the meeting came to a conclusion, Zentreya and Mad ran from the room, attempting to mingle back into the crowd.

KD came into the club, briefly meeting Zentreya and Mad as they sat, drinking. Prophet attempted to introduce Zentreya to his friend, but Zen ran and hid, as poor Prophet didn't know he was being used. Zen, in a small cubby hole, holding her pistol and knife, seemingly confused at what to do, Zen jumped off the side of the map.

Mad, however, stayed at the club, discussing things with SciFri, Cor Vous, VII, and TheOneRebel. Chipz came to the group, asking where Zentreya was. Minerva, finding Zentreya, with Chipz coming up, told Zentreya that Prophet was looking for her. Zen, hiding her anger at being called Prophet's girlfriend, met Rebel, as news of KimplE suddenly appearing in the club was announced.

KimplE suddenly appeared with Zentreya and Mad, with Rebel and Prophet. Zentreya learned that Kenny Kona was actually a pimp, and Zen finally lost it, drawing her knife and gun, aiming at both of them. Prophet tried desperately to talk his way out of it. Her weapons were then eaten by Laughing Jack, who then regurgitated them back for Zentreya.

Jack tried to marry Prophet and Zentreya, much to Zentreya's dismay. Zen then tried to take the deed to Club Rogue from Chipz.

Kimple Returns

KimplE confronted Chipz, about a "voice" Chipz's been dealing with. It was actually the voice of Mishtal, who has been haunting Chipz ever since she was killed. KimplE inquired about others being able to hear the voice. Chipz was clearly going insane, the looming war he didn't want, the fact he loves Lanfear to death, whatever KimplE did to him, and the voice were all adding up.

KimplE told him he could have avoided everything. "Listen, KimplE, I always follow my heart...Even if it leads me to disaster." He claimed he didn't want anyone he loved to get hurt, despite the staggering numbers against him and his gathered group. KimplE stated this could end in disaster for Chipz's side.

"It will always end in a disaster, but from what perspective. And what amount?" KimplE stated, before observing she experienced electrical interference, but couldn't hear voices.

"Are you trying to stop me?" Chipz asked, his mood suddenly changing. KimplE asked why, explaining she doesn't follow her heart but follows the purpose. Her purpose is for the greater good. "That's from your perspective isn't it?" Chipz retorted. The vampire said that he thinks KimplE is wrong.

Chipz tried to get KimplE to explain the conversation he had with KimplE, in the presence of her father, about a Cake, "Maybe you were invited to the table. Perhaps the cake wasn't for you." Chipz only snickered, "Perhaps the cake is the cake I get to enjoy for the rest of my life?" "Perhaps you'll ruin the party, perhaps it'll be too late." Kimple retorted. Chipz began to leave. "It is hard to make people understand, if they only follow their heart, and are blinded by love...." KimplE sadly warned as Chipz ran away.

Lanfear later came to the club, speaking to KimplE and VII. (The editor apologizes, as he went to get breakfast and missed a good chunk.) VII claimed that KimplE 'Cucked' Chipz from Lanfear. TheGreatKahn was there as well. VII threatened harm to both Lanfear and KimplE if he caught them doing that again. VII questioned if Lanfear is happy with Joey, getting semi-aggressive, so KimplE stepped in. VII seemed adamant about getting Chipz and Lanfear together, not knowing the world was already unbalanced as is.

Khan wanted to hear the whole story from KimplE. Khan spoke some sage advice, about happiness and unhappiness. VII tried to convince Lanfear that she would be more happy with Chipz, despite all her history with Joey. KimplE, Minerva, and Laughing Jack tried to comfort the clearly distressed Neko, as VII ran out of the room.

After KimplE, Minerva and Lanfear exchanged pleasantries, VII came back, expressing his eagerness to hook Lanfear up with Chipz. VII tried to get a repeat of last night, expressing how it shouldn't have happened. "Maybe it shouldn't have happened at all," KimplE responded. KimplE went on, explaining that she knew what would have happened. SciFri later joined in.

Chipz later, awkwardly, tried to express his interest in talking to Lanfear alone. KimplE wouldn't let it happen, for the greater good.

While this all happened, Zentreya had retreated from Prophet and started planning, trying to figure things out. Prophet was summoned into the Presentation room, where he was surrounded by A.L.A members. Zentreya went on to question Prophet, asking about Chipz's sudden interest in Lanfear and Oathmeal. Zentreya then told Prophet to pass a message "The A.L.A knows about his activities, and we are coming." Yang then (awkwardly) sliced off Prophet's ankle for 'punishment'. Prophet promised to bring the message to Chipz "But I don't know if he'll enjoy it..." The VBI then confirmed they are loyal to the A.L.A, thus Joey's group.

Khan is confused

Khan, along with Minerva, Tyriss, and several others got together with KimplE in Club Rogue, with Khan asking for an explanation of current events. After a lap dance from an energetic demon, KimplE teased explaining the current events to the group, as Lanfear and Tyriss exchanged pets and boops. Prophet came running into Chipz's office, explaining the A.L.A is after him. Chipz panicked, saying he was leaving the club.

It seems the A.L.A knew what Chipz was doing, possibly forming a new Harem, and noting that his last harem has all but vanished and are rarely seen around anymore. Prophet leaked information that, according to him, Chipz is planning to do the same thing to Oathmeal sooner or later. He was injected with cyanide and had one of his feet lobbed off by the smirking Punished Yang.

KimplE and VII exchanged knowledge, as Chipz whisked Lanfear away to a Japanese village, (ironically, a village used by Lanfear and Joey on one of their dates.). Chipz explained that things have gotten crazy, and things are going the way he didn't want to happen. He was worried. Worried about a lot of things. Worried about not being able to tell Lanfear how he feels. Chipz, after a long while, finally told the Neko he loved her.

Meanwhile, in the club, VII attempted to keep KimplE away from Chipz, as Cor Vous demonstrated a new power, an ice power, and the two discussed fate. Cor asked 'I wonder why so many people are afraid of you?' After speaking with Cor Vous more, KimplE finally realized that Chipz and Lanfear were missing.

Confronting VII

KimplE traveled to VII's home, sensing a disturbance, and was greeted by a group of well-armed people. KimplE and VII discussed the issue, with VII wanting to test his might against the Kittybot. VII froze the gathered people who he froze with a time stop ability, as KimplE, almost reluctantly, brought him to the Hall of Cycles. VII demanded answers from the Observer Kitty Bot, Protector of the Cycles, with almost obvious romantic undertones coming from VII. "This will be just like the others" KimplE sighed. With a single attack, KimplE exploded and reformed into her Mad God form.

KimplE seemed impervious to VII's attacks, VII tried to explain he knew what needed to happen, but KimplE didn't listen. VII attempted to freeze time, which didn't effect KimplE. "I know this is your world, Kimple!" Vii tried, but KimplE answered, "It is not...The cycle ends always. It is my purpose to see through" KimplE echoed, "Never the less, what the ending is, is why I said it's not an actual concern of mine... But instead, I hesitate... Do you understand, what is best for the greater good of the cycle?"

"Is that why you've been stopping the whole Lanfear and Chipz? And what are you gonna do when that doesn't happen?"

"The cycle is ending... It is important to know who will continue to the next one..." KimplE almost sadly stated. "That's why I want it to end properly... It is not about death" She explained to the ready to die VII. "You're going to be replaced..." "NO I'M NOT GONNA BE REPLACED!" "You are gonna be replaced by the VII from a different cycle...." And the fight continued once more.

"Just let the cycle continue!" "If I let it continue, there will be more deaths...Which is why I must think what is best for the greater good." VII kept trying to desperately to sway the god's mind. "Maybe this cycle version of you does not understand, but the cycle replacement of you...will. You will be recycled." (it hurt to type that pun, damn it.) VII tried to keep fighting, his energy clearly drained. "This is the end..." KimplE warped to close the distance between herself with VII. "Understand...This is the end, but not for you... You will be recycled...You will be reborn..." KimplE sympathized. "That was a hard one, but in the end, everything will break in time," KimplE stated, after slashing her massive hook through VII's body, sending him to another realm.

"He will come back... But he's the VII from a different cycle..." KimplE explained to her confused Kittens. After her fight, KimplE alone, went to join Roflgator, to inspect what he was up to. She ventured into the odd world Rofl built for himself. KimplE was outed as a spy by Crake and attempted to hide in the bathroom.

As this was happening, Lanfear and Chipz were still missing.

It Continues

Picking up where they left off, Chipz admitted his love to Lanfear, but suddenly, Zentreya and Joey appeared on the scene, with Joey clearly angry. Chipz tried to turn the focus away from himself and Lanfear, failing fast. Chipz tried to insult Joey, saying he's too focused on his two other wives.

Lanfear cowered, not truly seeing Joey angry ever before, as Zentreya smugly smirked, as Joey explained that being a Mafia leader was passed on to him, so anger's in his blood. Zentreya has been spilling the beans about the info retrieved from Prophet on Lanfear and Chipz's activity, as Joey decided he wanted to visit Chipz's club.

Leaving the two alone, Chipz sadly told Lanfear they should go. After a small embrace, Lanfear brought Chipz to a Nier inspired map (known to be Chipz's go-to spot to seduce women). Lanfear emotionally said sorry to Chipz, as Chipz said "We both don't know what to do... What I said still stands though..." Lanfear motioned she was still thinking about it, "You're always thinking" Chipz admitted sadly. "I'm not the kind of guy to say and demand an answer...But I've laid out my heart at this point, and I stick out my neck...I just want...To be with..." He was interrupted as nuzzled him. "Look at me...You have beautiful eyes... I'm gonna wait for your answer...But not too long...Ready to go back to the Club?"

Club Rogue

Taking a deep breath, Chipz walked into his club with Lanfear right behind him. Requesting off VII, Chipz warped to his home turf. Meeting Minerva who told Chipz Joey and Zentreya are waiting for them in the Red Room.

Both Chipz and Lanfear slowly made their way to the Red Room, acting as if they were just scolded, taking their time. Finally getting in, Joey was in the midst of talking to VII and SciFri. Joey expressed his interest about a tour, as Zentreya smugly drank from one of the club's odd glasses.

"You do pretty well, huh?" Joey inquired. "We do OK..." Chipz admitted.

"Well, it's mostly holograms." SciFri injected.

Joey inquired if Lanfear danced on the stage or in the cage, to which Lanfear and Chipz lied about. Chipz brought Joey into a cage, stating he's trying to calm down, and that Chipz sometimes pisses him off.

Going to the roof, seeing the pool, the lounge, the DJ Booth. It seemed Lanfear was staying behind, for some odd reason.

Getting to the bridge to the massive spaceship, the group climbed it. Joey had to admit, Chipz had a wonderful club. Joey asked if he could privately talk to Chipz, Lanfear, and Zentreya. SciFri and VII traveled to the other side of the ship, out of earshot.

Joey apologized to both Chipz and Lanfear, admitting he's rarely one to get angry. Joey then suddenly asked about Sean, "I can treat you better", Joey complimented Chipz's "golden vocal cords" and he warned they need to be looked after in case of an 'accident'.

Chipz, with Lanfear alone, tried to win her over, pointing to Joey and asking 'This is the guy?'. Chipz traveled down the ship, with Lanfear staying behind, almost hesitant. With another hug, the duo returned to the club.

"Hanging Out"

Joey went around, introducing himself to everyone in the club. A weird disturbance of power distracted Chipz, as VII, Chipz, and Minerva tried to halt it.

The Don's henchmen were also seen on the scene. Chipz threatened that Joey and Zentreya would 'not be here much longer'.

Chipz asked how it was going to Zen, who just smirked smugly, as Chipz questioned about her 'little fun with Prophet in the cage'. Chipz smirked, trying to get under Joey's skin. Clearly, skipping the detail that Zentreya had her men lob off Prophet's foot.

VII tried to lighten the mood, asking if Joey enjoys McDonalds. Clearly, VII has a problem.

VII vanished off, getting Joey a Big Mac, as Chipz said: "I don't eat meat."

The discussion slowly shifted to the Club, how long it's been around, and it went to praising SciFri for his good job at helping out at the club. VII came back, offering Joey a burger.

"You ever wonder about the secret sauce in the Big Mac?" Joey asked the group. It suddenly shifted to an insurance policy. Including Flood and FIRE insurance. It also seemed that Zentreya has been getting too much, slowly staggering back and forth.

Chipz hinted at Joey and Zentreya to dance in a cage, much to Lanfear's shock. Lanfear had been silent the whole time, merely observing. Chipz kept pushing to get Zentreya in trouble with Joey, but it seemed she was ready to lash out at Chipz.

Lanfear took the glass from Zentreya, refilling it and downing it herself, as VII and Joey spoke about jobs. Lanfear refilled it again, handing it back to Zen, as Joey and Chipz began to hint at insults.

It slowly devolved to Chipz and Joey insulting outright, calling each other Jealous types and HomeWreckers. Joey and Zentreya began to leave, 'as friends'. Joey tried to get SciFri and VII a raise, and Satchi as well. With one last dig at Chipz, the Bagel Bandit Leader and Red Devil left.

Lanfear sadly clung to an empty glass, staring into it.


Chipz tried to comfort Lanfear, who was clearly distressed, bringing her to, SciFri and VII to the Red Room. Discussing events with Chipz, SciFri came in, declaring Kuri to be here. Cor Vous went to go distract Kuri.

Talking about Joey, "He wants to marry every girl he sees?" Contradicting what he himself went through, not knowing that Joey felt like he had a true Romance with Lanfear, that he only married MaTSix for a charity, and proposed to Rad to make her happy. VII tried to wrap his head around it, speculating she wants to be the lone girl, the special one, not knowing that Joey sees her that way.

Chipz asked SciFri and VII to leave so he could speak to Lanfear privately, to which the vampire apologized, "I'm at the point in my life, where I've had good things and bad things happen to me. And because of all the really bad things, I'm learning not to be scared. And not to be afraid of saying how I feel." Chipz explained. After a silent moment, the two embraced. Chipz started to ask if Oathmeal is also in cahoots with Joey, asking if he needed to worry about her, not knowing that Oathmeal was actually in a relationship herself.

KimplE was brought up, stating that she is the protector of Oathmeal.

Chipz threatened Lanfear with a kiss.

Back with Bagels

Zentreya and Joey stood outside of a Church, "Looking for love, that's not what I intend to hear. Wedding Crasher." Joey continued to rant to himself. Zentreya explained that she brought Joey there cause she had a bad feeling, with Joey saying he was very torn. Joey was clearly distressed, and Zen tried to calm him down by bringing him to her favorite spot, the Hanabi Fireworks. Both of them watched the fireworks. Joey stuttered, wanting to vent to Zentreya.

Joey went on to say how he feels Zentreya is the one who had his back the most, almost always there for him. Out of all his allies, she was the one who had been looking out for him the most. And on top of it, she was very pretty. Joey went on, saying "It feels like everything was fine before... But I don't want this war...I didn't even want this life, I was born into it. I had no choice! But it's all I know..." Joey vented. "I don't know anything but the mob life, and the violence...But I'm not a violent guy. However, if I were to see anything happen to you, especially to someone who has been around the whole time, like you, I'd lose my mind..."

Joey went on to ask Zen how she feels, knowing Zen loves both Lanfear and Joey, "You know when I had a perfect family... But nothing in life is perfect... Except maybe you." Joey smiled.

Joey was clearly not in his right mind, feeling VERY hurt about Lanfear's betrayal. Zentreya was the only one there to comfort him. Rad was off training to battle KimplE, MaTSix was nowhere to be seen.

"All I know is you helped me today...I don't know what's gonna happen...I don't...I have- I have no idea. I'm probably babbling because I'm so confused... But I know you have my back...And that's all I need to hear right now...Thank you..." The two embraced. "You're a good friend, Zen... A very beautiful one, I might add..."

Joey went on saying that Zentreya is addictive, and how he loves the red hair. Joey wanted to do something fun, to get his mind off this war. The two went to a go-kart.

After many failed attempts to race, Joey brought the mute Zentreya to karaoke.

New Alley

Chipz left Lanfear to meet with a tall man in the Red Room.

Chipz met Brolly, as the giant Saiyan asked to help. Chipz went on to say 'I seem to have caused a problem...And everyone...almost everyone I can think of, is involved..." This new man showed off his power, not knowing there were several dozen on Joey's side with even more fantastic powers. Cor Vous came in to speak to Chipz, who was now emotionally drained.

"So...I spoke to KimplE..." Cor Vous started, getting a huge sigh. "I'm not content with being just a house cat... She said I may be able to help... I may be able to play a role..." Cor Vous then showed their powers to Chipz.

Chipz stated he wanted to meet KimplE, to ask questions about The Don, wanting to know if what he said was true about the two souls taken. Chaos seemed to have broken out between Laughing Jack, Brolly and Kuri.

Kuri compared VII to a barking dog, much to Laughing Jack's delight. It seemed like things where unraveling.

It seemed Lanfear vanished, trying to figure things out. It almost launched a manhunt for the cat, until she was found hiding behind one of the many hologram projectors.

Kuri began to get angry, watching Chipz flirt with Lanfear. Chipz began to tease Kuri, until Kuri sighed, lifting Chipz up and throwing him off the club. Lanfear then tossed Kuri off the building.

Back with Zen

Zentreya and Joey went to the X1, where they planned to bring Ryan to meet them. Ryan came in, trying to figure out what was happening, being concerned for Joey.

Joey filled in the Tomato Jedi, explaining that Lanfear and Chipz are seeing each other. Joey wanted to know if Ryan would be by his side in case a war does break out. The Tomato gave him two big thumbs up. Joey wanted to believe that Lanfear won't do anything stupid, being paranoid, he was thinking for the family, wondering if he's overthinking things.

Kuri maybe planted in Club Rogue, spying for Joey, and Joey wanted to re-assure that Ryan was indeed on his side, possibly cementing the Loli Squad's place.

Back at the club

Roflgator requested an audience with Chipz. Vince joined the Club, the massive papa smurf wandering in. Vince was curious about the war brewing. Rofl came into the club before VII went to intercept him.

"So here's the deal, this has kinda gotten out of hand. There's somebody I want you to meet..." Chipz asked SciFri. "Lanfear is the key..." Chipz sighed. "Lanfear and I...Fuck it, I love Lanfear, but unfortunately, we're in a tight spot... Joey has two wives and a girlfriend...Lanfear is his other girl."

Lanfear came in, meeting the large Smurf. "Tensions are rising between our two groups... He knows a lot of people, I've been gathering anyone I can..."

It seems Team 5 is split down the middle, as Woops and Vince have their own little factions, with a bunch following KimplE steps and being an observer.

Lanfear seemed to have no problems with listening in to Chipz planning how to kill her boyfriend.

Kenny, SciFri, Lanfear, and Chipz spoke about how Zentreya went after Prophet, trying to kill the man. Chipz informed Kenny to try and snap photos of Zentreya, thinking the Red Demon was with the Bagel, hoping to blackmail Zentreya, all while Lanfear watched on silently.

Chipz then attempted to kiss Lanfear.

On a Bridge

Zentreya, conflicted and confused, thinking Joey was just using her for a rebound, sobbed into her hands, even throwing her signature pistol and knife into the river. Ashunera, coming to their sister's aid. Ash went to talk to Zen, talking about how Joey was just a playboy, just collecting trophy, clearly not knowing the true story. Ashunera tried to reason with Zentreya, trying to get Zentreya to drop out of the war. Zen slowly backed away from Ashunera, her feelings for Joey too strong.

Zentreya started to openly sob, divided by Ashunera's words. Ash seemed to hit several nerves, telling Zentreya she wasn't fit to be the general of the A.L.A. "I made a decision though, Zen, I will be there for you, no matter what path you choose." Ash smiled, almost crying. "I love you, sis..." The two embraced.


Laughing Jack, Vince, and Roflgator were meeting on the Blimp Bridge, Roflgator already trying to defect. "I wanted to know how he feels about your cause. If we're going to be in on this... We're gonna both be in on this..."

Vince explained how he would never plot against Chipz, it wasn't a question of loyalty, "Now...I'm not going to say what these two men have just told me...But just know...I'm with you. And I believe in your cause."

Chipz tried to dig further, not trusting Roflgator or Jack. Jack explained, "We were wondering if it was the correct virtue if you're the one stealing the girl..." Jack snickered.

Chipz's reasoning that Lanfear isn't married, or engaged (she is.). A long-term girlfriend to Joey, Chipz claimed she wasn't happy, caring not for the three children she had with Joey.

Chipz and Vince went to the top of the spaceship, where the smurf told the vampire that Roflgator and Jack planned on kidnapping Lanfear to use for personal gain, possibly against the Don. Vince couldn't bring himself to join the cause, as his wife too, was recently taken. The smurf got emotional, calling Chipz his comrade.

Jack apparently heard the whole thing, as Roflgator was nowhere to be seen. It's suspected he was after Lanfear. Jack explained that he heard "I heard a certain Amish Doink say 'F*ck their war, let's start our own'".

It seems like the threads of Chipz's side are being pulled to full tension. Vince stared at Jack, who, after cackling, quoted the famous line. "Some people want to see the world burn..." To which Jack agreed.

After talking with the shady group, Chipz ran to go see if Lanfear was OK, possibly blaming himself for this. In his path, KimplE was spotted.

KimplE returns: Again

Chipz demanded to know where Lanfear is, "It is none of your concern..." KimplE said, but Chipz wanted to warn the Observer that Lanfear is in danger. Finding her, Chipz ran her to the Red Room, where KimplE, SciFri, Cor Vous, and VII were gathered.

"KimplE...People are plotting to kidnap Lanfear... I don't know how to keep her safe...Can you keep her safe?"

KimplE simply asked. "Is she really in danger? Or is it a blessing in disguise?" She simply put. Chipz couldn't bring himself to explain what's happening, not making it clear who is making the move. Poke is said to be going crazy, Roflgator can't be trusted, as he and Laughing Jack wanted to Kidnap Lanfear.

"That's why I said...Depends on who..." KimplE gazed over to Lanfear. SciFri, oblivious to the situation, asking how his talk with Roflgator went. Chipz had to slowly explain to the dense group that he caught Roflgator and Laughing Jack conspiring. It seems Lanfear would have been safer with Joey the entire time.

"I need information about the Don, I need to know if he's telling the truth..." KimplE sadly mentioned, "I have not seen anything..."

SciFri mentioned that Don's attendant, Azeral, is stalking the club. SciFri borrowed KimplE, taking her to the Boss headquarters, leaving VII, Lanfear, Cor, and Chipz alone.

Chipz asked Lanfear if it was too much for her to be by his side forever.

Lanfear offered to take Chipz somewhere, bringing him to The Lanfear Estate. It seemed Lanfear wanted to show him some things.

The Tour

Chipz, instantly making a fool out of himself, kissed a picture of Lanfear in her little breakfast nook.

Going into the lounge, Chipz instantly showed distaste for the picture of Joey and Lanfear kissing, his cheerful demeanor instantly dropping. Going into the mirror room, Chipz lost all emotion, it seemed. Their next stop was the garden, showing him the tomato house Joey's brother, Ryan, lives in. Chipz attempted to keep the mood light, learning about Ryan and Jakkuba.

Bringing Chipz into the dining area and living room, Chipz explored, trying to figure out if Lanfear cooks. Chipz, noticing the little chibis of Lanfear, Joey, and Oathmeal, instantly showed more distaste for Joey. Chipz kept seeing more and more photos of Joey, still trying to keep the mood light, but it became more and more difficult, as he saw more images of Joey and Lanfear and their extended family.

The emotions were working their way into Chipz, as they ventured into Oathmeal's room. Chipz tried to get Lanfear to be with him, as Lanfear silently judged.

The two went into the office, where Lanfear told him to wait here, before running out of the room. Chipz leaned against Joey's chair, watching the planet outside the office window, silently. Lanfear came back, wearing her bikini.


Lanfear led him to the hot spring, with Chipz trying to once again to win her over to him by complimenting her. Chipz then tried the oldest trick in the book, reaching over her shoulder with a stretch, before asking Lanfear if he could keep her.

"So do you live here by yourself?" Lanfear shook her head no. Listing off the people, Oathmeal, Ryan, Jakkuba, Chipz asked who else. Lanfear silently looked down, almost saddened.

"This is getting hard for me..." Chipz admitted. "You're beautiful..." he muttered, with almost a choke. "Please..."

Lanfear gestured with her arms crossing, she was worried about Chipz. "You're worried about me? I'm worried about you...You can be worried all you want, but I need to know...I need to know..." Chipz begged. "This is great, but my heart is literally breaking, seeing picture after picture of Joey..." Chipz sadly admitted.

Chipz asked her if she felt the same, but her response was "I don't want anyone to fight, I'm scared for you."

"So you're saying is you're not allowed to do as you will? You're not allowed to do what you want to follow... Of course, I'll fight for you..." Chipz tried to reassure her. Lanfear tried to explain, her heart was separated, she loved Joey, and she had strong feelings for Chipz.

Chipz sighed, falling to the ground. "My choices aren't my own to make." Lanfear tried to explain. "I'm going to tell you something though that will put me in danger if I do..." Lanfear remarked.

"No. Stop..." Chipz insisted.

"It has to do with KimplE..." Lanfear explained, Chipz instantly understanding.

"Why does it have to be so hard...Why does it always have to be complicated...Why can't I just love you?" Chipz asked.

"It hurts my heart as well..." Lanfear sadly pointed out. The two silently embraced.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to you..." Chipz sadly spoke into her hair.

"Do you want to know?" Lanfear asked

"You said it's dangerous...I don't-Is now the time?" Chipz asked.


"I know SciFri told you. About my connection to KimplE..." What the two didn't know is that KimplE was in the Estate as well. (KimplE thought she was streaming for an hour. But wasn't, much to the comedic effect.) KimplE spoke with Joey Bagels, getting the gears moving on his end.

"My sister and I, according to KimplE, are the keys..." Lanfear explained. "SciFri has been talking to her about it as well..." KimplE then entered the springs. "I overhear a lot."

Chipz tried to comfort Lanfear, unaware that KimplE stood mere feet behind them. "Why can't you look at me?" Chipz asked.

"She knows very well..." KimplE explained. Chipz angered by the kittybot, blamed her for crashing his and Lanfear's alone time.

"So, what have you people been doing here?" KimplE inquired.

Chipz explained they were hanging out, talking about things.

"Why can't I be alone with her?" Chipz finally asked.

"Why do you need to be alone?" KimplE retorted.

"Why must you make things complicated, KimplE?"

"Things are more complicated then you can comprehend...I know, you don't care, you have always been like that. You. Don't. Care." KimplE confronted him.

"I care about her...." Chipz admitted.

"Do you? Then you should understand...You should understand why this is important. Why I'm here." The Observer confessed.

"Enlighten me..." The Vampire insisted.

"I am here...To protect." KimplE simply stated. "And you know...the cake is not for you...You know that already, but you don't care." KimplE snapped, referring to their last talk.

"Nobody tells me what cake I can't have." Chipz retorted. "But you can't tell people they can't be together when they belong."

"It doesn't mean people can not be together, never the less... You were not meant to be..." KimplE informed him. "Maybe in different Cycle...But not in this one..."

"I guess I'm just gonna have to change the Cycle..." Chipz tried to put on a front.

"If you only knew what that means..." KimplE cryptically stated. "I know it must be hard for you, but you have to understand... But I guess, I already know... You did not understand back then, why would you understand now?" KimplE asked him bluntly.

Chipz turned his back to the wise Observer, trying to collect his thoughts. He looked to Lanfear for some kind of answer.

"Are you want to take consequences, that might hurt more than the people that you love?" KimplE asked.

"How could it hurt more than this...?" Chipz sadly stated, "I'm not just gonna do what you tell me to...It's not your decision..."

"It is not my decision...I know. It is just my hope. I said the(?), you know what to do...Depends on how you want to follow it..."

"You know me by now...Logic...Heart, F*ck logic. My heart." He waded over to Lanfear. "I'll say it a million times, I don't know what's gonna happen, I don't know what she wants, I don't know what your crazy ass boyfriend Joey Bagels wants...All I know is that I love, and I'm going to say it, I'm going to scream it if I have to." And he indeed did.

"Your words mean nothing..." KimplE stated from the sidelines, as Lanfear sadly looked down at her hands.

Chipz ran from the hot spring into the Mansion's front hall.

"I guess it is only a matter of time...In the end, I do not think I can do anything about it..." KimplE silently spoke to herself just so Lanfear could hear. "I know...And I told you... I told you before about the following heart... They are pulling you apart..." KimplE observed, noting that Lanfear was an emotional wreck by this point. "Never the less, you should know what that means... You do have to remember, your deal..." She said, almost sympathetically. "That your parents made... Bound by blood. You have to remember you are the key to the next Cycle..." Lanfear tearfully nodded.

"I want to save them..." Lanfear sobbingly said.

"You want to save them both." KimplE corrected. "That means you need a common objective..." Scifri suddenly appeared and ruined the mood.

SciFri came in to check on Lanfear's safety, figuring out he walked in on something very important. "I can...uh, I can uh, you know... I can uh.."

"You know the deal, you can not tell..." KimplE ignored the arc-angle, speaking to Lanfear. SciFri awkwardly left the situation. SciFri tried to stay, much to KimplE and Lanfear's objection, stating he was lonely until he finally left.

KimplE then turned to the elder Neko Sister. "So... We need something to unite them...Both. Common objective. Because the way this keeps going, the Cycle will be reset." Silently, Lanfear thought of so many options in rapid succession. "If you'd like to ask what I'd want..." KimplE offered, "I would not like to reset the cycle... I've seen it too many times before...But if this keeps going? There is no choice..." The sad observer stated. "Is it possible? Reset the cycle? Save them both?"

Lanfear went on, asking about her memories, how she's still confused in certain details.

"That is understandable...You were from the previous cycle after all..." KimplE explained. "But that is something that you may not remember. Because a long time ago, I've been testing people, who were supposed to be Guardian of Keys, for the next Cycle. Your parents, they passed my test, and by, are supposed to be guardians, so we made a deal. That's why I am currently a guardian, cause there's no one else who can. I'm here to see it through. You can be able to open the next Cycle, but we have to hope that the war will never happen. Because eventually, the balance, it all goes unstable, and the Cycle will collapse..." KimplE explained. "I may be harsh, but I do what I must..."

"Things are already in motion..." Lanfear explained.

"That is true."

"I fear that I might not be able to save them..."

"That is unfortunate..." KimplE embraced the sobbing Neko. "And there is no clear answer..."

"Can you help?" Lanfear asked, desperately.

"Help? I am not sure... I...Maybe...Maybe I can try to test...who has the ability to be a guardian..." KimplE thought out loud.

"I don't understand." The emotional feline stated. "I don't understand being a key..."

"Being the key, your guardian must be there for your protection and just Observe... Sadly, I can not do much..." The hydration loving robot stated. "But perhaps I can test them both, in the same arena...See if they can co-operate..." She stated. "If there's even a chance..." She stated, almost doubtingly.

"If it can save them, it's worth a try..." Lanfear attempted to say.

"This is something I'm not actually approved to do...But I can try..." KimplE bluntly stated. "Preparations may take time. I hope we have enough..."

"I need to speak with my sister. " Lanfear observed. "At a later time... I need to see what she wants."

"You do that...Alright... " KimplE reassured her.

The two hugged briefly. "What now?" KimplE asked, clearly trying to drag things on to put Lamango, fellow Observer, in pain...

"Can I stay with you? I'm worried about what at the club." Lanfear said, concerned.

"Maybe we should go on an adventure, to help your mind relax." KimplE comforted her. KimplE whisked Lanfear away on one of her many adventures.

Checking on Joey

After seeing the Egg poster next to his bed in the Estate, Lanfear and KimplE went to the VRChat newsroom. Lanfear, concerned about Joey's safety and sanity, asked KimplE to check on him, scared of confronting him herself after what transpired. Suddenly chanting started to echo in the studio "Mama...mama... Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that booty...WAWA!"

KimplE and Lanfear were now running for their lives as the clearly deranged man chased them through the studio. Running from the clearly out of it Drek, who kept talking about touching himself, wanting to romance KimplE. His divorce clearly made him insane.

Kenny Visits

Kenny Kona came to Zentreya's newly established A.L.A, asking if he could have an audience with Joey Bagels, wanting to know what is really happening. He wanted to hear Joey's side of the story. "The only reason I'm associated with Chipz is because I have known him longer. I honestly don't know what's going on...I just hire dancers... I just wanna know what is really going on here..." 

Kenny went on to explain himself, and introduced himself, exchanging pleasantries with the A.L.A General.

"If you're wondering, Team Five is not really involved in the war...Some of us are... The only reason I'm involved there's a mutual conflict here, I mean, you're Anti-Lewd, I am not gonna sugar coat it, but I'm a Pimp..." He explained. Zen instantly pulled a gun.

"I just want an explanation. I asked Chipz... 'Something about getting that Joey for something'...I think he's just... you know..." Kenny sighed. "I don't want war. I don't want bloodshed. I don't want this to turn into an Infinity War, too many bodies to burry...You know, I'd rather have a cold one with my friends, not a full-fledged war..." Kenny explained further. "All I know is Chipz wants Lanfear for whatever reason, and Joey doesn't like that...Is this really over a girl? To me, that just sounds absurd. Why should we be fighting as one big community over just one girl?" He thought out loud. "I don't want to burry anymore of my friends..."

Kenny explained that Vince is struggling to find solutions, how Vince's wife was kidnapped right after the kiss of her wedding, at the hands of Team 7.  "That's why only some of us are involved..." Kenny explained. "I just don't think Chipz is healthy, dating a girl every other week, claiming he loved them, and now he's trying to start a war... I just don't wanna see my friends die... That's all I care about, my friends..." Kenny went on to tell Zentreya about how Chipz is trying to gather everyone he can, trying to end it all, while hinting how he wished they met under different circumstances.

Zentreya took him to the Presentation Room where she started to question him: "Are you close to Chipz?"

"To a degree, yeah, I ain't his right hand or left-hand man, ya know?" The Rebel replied.

"Give me a room with him and maybe I can end this..." Zentreya stated. Kenny wasn't sure.

"Chipz is on edge... He's probably not going to come to you alone..."

"Just to talk?" Zentreya asked.

"I can propose the idea to him, we'll see what happens...I can trust you on this, right? You tell Joey that I wanna talk to him, bruther, and I can tell Chipz you wanna see him..." Kenny whispered.

"I'm protected by the A.L.A" Zentreya simply stated.

"I just want to speak to Joey, I don't care if you're there, or twenty people, I just want an explanation, and to share with him some details...I just want this to end...This is ludicrous. It's gonna escalate. There's gonna be casualties, there's gonna be bad blood, it might not end, it could last for years... I mean, sometimes, you gotta make tough choices, sometimes you gotta sacrifice one person to end the war...The problem is I don't think he'll go down easily." Kenny explained. "I don't even know about Chipz, I heard crazy stuff about him...Going back in time to stop a wedding from happening..."

Zentreya smirked, pulling out her revolver, shooting herself in the heart, much to Kenny's shock. "Devil powers..." Zentreya simply put, as she was perfectly fine.

"...Ah, you're one of them immortals too, huh? I'm just a normal guy... I think the only reason Chipz involved me is he wanted dancers for his club." Kenny got sidetracked. "I'll try to ask him for an audience with you, and you give me your word, you'll protect me? Just a warning, if you do betray me and I end up dead..." He went on to list the people who'd be mad. "I may not be immortal, I may not be invincible, I do have many connections," Kenny explained, a power similar to Joey's.

"I heard what happened to Prophet...He told me..." Zentreya only simply shrugged. She shook her head, "It wasn't me." Was her response.

Kenny instantly thought Prophet hurt himself to make the A.L.A. general look bad. "I'll ask Chipz if he wants to talk to you, and you ask Joey if I can talk to him...Deal? See ya later, brother." Kenny bid farewell.

Zentreya's Heart.

Zentreya sighed, picking up a blue pen, plotting once more. She wrote down every possible outcome:

  1. Chipz Rejected
  2. Chipz Dies
  3. Lanfear dies/Kidnapped
  4. Take Joey
  5. Kill J-

Zentreya couldn't bring herself to write the last part, her heart already in pain from Joey, her mind flustered to the point of breaking. She scribbled out the last three options, leaving the 1 and 2 alone, with the words "End Scenarios" over them.

Zen nodded to herself, before sighing sadly, writing Joey's name and drawing his vision and herself, holding hands happily. She wrote his name, and hers, followed by a question mark. She then edited her own picture, adding longer hair, and cat ears, crossing out her name and replacing it with Lanfear.

Zen's feelings for her dear friend Lanfear, and possible love interest, Joey, confused her, so the A.L.A leader retreated to her new favorite spot, the Hanabi River to witness the fireworks, to think about things.

Remembering that Joey took joined her there before, expressing his appreciation for her under the fireworks, Zen began to cry. Zen wandered around almost in a stupor, stopping to stare down at her hands, the same hands that Joey held.

Still emotional, Zen traveled to the Kart world that Joey took her. She walked over to the kart that gave her so much trouble, recalling that Joey was flipped in it, stuck in the gravel. She hopped into the kart, driving around the area.

Zen exited the kart, finding the Church of VRChat, a place a stressed Uber driver dropped Zentreya and Joey off, tears in her eyes. The Red Devil could barely move due to emotions (and high ping.). Looking up at the stained glass, Zen let the tears finally flow down her face. The words of her little Sister, Ashunera, echoing in her head, "You wanna be some trophy for him? You want to be some kind of toy he can throw away when he's done?" Zen sobbed, recalling how she fixed Joey's tie under the stained glass, lit by the street lamps outside.

Zen, probably for the first time in her life, walked down the aisle of the Church, her imagination filling it in for her, how she'd be there for Joey, in a lovely red gown. She wandered to the small table where two golden rings sat. She lifted up one tiny ring, inspecting it, before dropping it. As it clattered to the floor, she openly sobbed at this point. Now enraged, she started to tear the altar apart, tossing the rings in fury! With tears still running down her face, she dashed from the Church, calling for an Uber.

With a simple "Take me to the Karaoke bar..." She was then whisked away. Arriving there, Zen slowly walked to the table where she and Joey had so much fun. She recalled how Joey made a fool of himself just to keep her spirits high, even after all he was going through, he made sure SHE was the one that was happy. Picking up the remote, Zentreya, eyes clouded with tears, pressed the buttons to the song Joey sang for her. In another outburst, she flung the remote into the TV screen, clutching her face as she screamed in agony of these emotions.

Running from the room into the Lady's room, Zen stared at herself in the mirror, confused beyond belief, she never felt such strong emotions before. She ran from the bathroom, unfamiliar with the person who looked back at her from the mirror. She ran as far as she could, coming to the same bridge where Ashunera confronted her about everything involving Joey.

Slowly, she crossed the bridge, stopping by a Drinkees machine. Taking out her revolver once more, Zen stared at it, nodding. Then her knife. She glared at her A.L.A armband before she started pacing. Her tears clearing up, Zen started to nod to herself. It seemed she figured something out. Hopping over a fence, Zentreya wandered to an outcrop overlooking the river, slowly walking along a ledge, her back against the fence.

Looking back down at her two weapons of choice, Zen began to shake her head no, throwing her knife into the waters. She sadly looked at her pistol, the thing that made her who she was. She began to make her way back to the bridge, silently, thinking.

Calling another uber, Zentreya traveled again, visiting Neppy's Aweebo World, where she sadly embraced the small figurine of Joey Bagels, clutching it tightly, before searching for her own figurine. She sobbingly placed the two tiny versions of herself and Joey together, smiling, pitifully. She went back, scouting the room, finding MaTSix's figurine, placing it with Joey. She continued to look, trying to find a Rad and a Lanfear, becoming sad when she couldn't find them.

She took the figurines of herself and Joey, judging them, before throwing herself into the trash. Placing Joey back on the desk with MaTSix, and figuratively, Rad and Lanfear, Zentreya broke down once more.

Trying to get the tears from her eyes from falling once more, Zentreya went back to the presentation room, not before looking at the family she placed together, and herself in the trash. Before she left, her grief took over once more, and she rushed to hug the Joey figurine to her body, sobbing openly now.

She gave it a farewell kiss, before running into the portal she dropped to the presentation room, looking down at her hands. She choked, looking for comfort from one Punished Yang. Zen, sadly, waited for her partner. After a second of comforting, Yang, her elder brother like figure, watched as she grabbed a pen.

She thought for a few moments, before writing:

  1. Take Chipz/Lanfear goes back to Joey

"What do you mean by taking Chipz?" Yang questioned.

Zentreya slowly crossed out 'take', and wrote 'Get him to fall in love with me...'

"You don't have to do that, all you need to do is Kill him..." Yang advised.

"No Deaths... An easy way to solve this...So no war." Zentreya sadly wrote. Ashunera's words once again, echoed in her head, how she'd be just a trophy for some guy.

Yang tried to talk sense into his leader, who was now more confused.

"Listen here, you little Red Devil. You may think this is easier, but you have me, and I'd rather not lose...Cause this what you call to lose... You summon me to just, what? To be in the background, to fund an army that won't do anything? You want to stop all lewd? You're making yourself unhappy. Now, you're letting a man who has had many harems and a strip club, win...Now you gotta put this in your head..You gotta do what you wanna do...No Death is an easy accomplish... But saying you wanna give up everything? Nuh uh...Now if this was the case, for all we know this whole Lanfear and Joey thing is temporary."

Zentreya sat in silence. "You know of the Trojan war? Helen of Troy? You know damn well, you red devil, my master, you don't want this war, but you want to end it? Well...You know have the mark of the King of all heroes...Let this be the mark of a nice wonderful day..." Yang smirked, before laughing.

Zentreya, now grinning, crossed out the Chipz idea, and replaced it with the single word: "Target."

Ashunera enters

Ashunera entered, and Zentreya angerly wrote to them: "I'M GOING FOR JOEY."

"So...you're doing it? So...you're throwing away the A.LA.? You're done with it?" Zentreya nodded. "I see...But I'd like to talk to Joey..." Ashunera evilly smirked. "Does he repeat your feelings? Does he not? Does he have the same feelings for you?"

Zen wrote, "It's OK."

"What do you mean, it's OK? Does he have feelings for you, yes or no?"

"Even if he doesn't, I'd like to reach out at least." Zen wrote.

"Well, all I know is that I'm here to support you, whether the choice you're making is a good choice or a bad choice...All I'm here to do is to support you sis..." Ashunera smiled.

Yang laid some ground rules, informing Zentreya that his services can be instantly summoned. And about the one weapon that he will only use once... "Even if those mere dogs do not deserve it," Yang smirked.

Ashunera and Yang, now stating his full name, Gilgamesh, exchanged greetings. Zentreya then smirked, pointing to Chipz's name, then to Target, to the confused Ashunera. Yang and Zentreya explained to Ashunera. Ashunera stated he was aware that Joey was having trouble with another mafia.

"Zen, if you decide to chase after Joey, just know, I love you more then anything else, but if Joey hurts your feelings...I will hurt Joey..." Ashunera smirked. "So don't worry about getting rejected...He has no choice..." The Yandere smirked.

The trio discussed their plan, Ashunera asking questions to get informed. "When will this happen?"

"Soon." Zentreya wrote.

"Well you know I'll be there, you'll always have my Elizabeth to protect you, sis..." Ashunera smiled.

"We need one more..." Zentreya wrote as Zero Guilt joined, eager to help out, holding out his chainsaw sword.

Ashunera offered to bring Kuri to their side. Kirbynite was brought in. "He seems like a wimp..." Ashunera instantly stated.

Zero even mentioned he's working on his own little faction to bring down Chipz himself. Zero tried to explain that if Chipz taking Lanfear maybe a good option, which Zentreya shook her head.

Ashunera asked Zentreya why she's so concerned with Lanfear's well being, to which the elder sister responded. "Joey." Ashunera instantly puts two and two together, knowing Zentreya just wanted Joey happy. Kirby however, said "I don't enjoy how Joey treats you...But I'll follow you..." Kirby smiled.

Zero also let it slide that he had someone playing double agent for him, to keep an eye on Lanfear. The gathered group mingled for a bit, Gilgamesh suddenly playing the King's Law on Kirby to make Kirby fight.

It was revealed that Nimewe, Ashunera and Zentreya's little sister, works for Chipz. "She stops us from getting to Lanfear and Chipz..." Zentreya sadly wrote.

Nimewe enters.

Nimewe suddenly appeared, shielding herself, as she was surrounded. Ashunera slowly approached, trying to get an explanation. "Are you working for Chipz?"

Nimewe sadly shook her head no, as weapons were drawn on her. "She told us you stopped her, Kuri and Ikrium from saving Lanfear from Chipz... Is that true?" Ashunera and Zero asked.

Nimewe shook her head no again. "Are you willing to not only put your life on the line but Egg's as well?" Nimewe tearfully nodded.

Zentreya was having none of it, angerly asking why she stopped her and the two others from trying to save Lanfear and question Chipz. Nimewe responded. "Because it was pointless to fight... at the time..." Zentreya stared at her sister, holding her revolver to her head.

"Wait, how did Nimewe stop Ikrium, you and Kuri anyways?" Ashunera asked.

"Show them..." Zen demanded to Nimewe.

The questioning continued, Nimewe trying to explain herself. "Do we really need to fight?" Nimewe kept her neutral ground.

"This isn't a fight over two people over a girl... She wants to stop Chipz from amassing a harem..." Gilgamesh explained.

Ash speculated that Nimewe didn't enjoy blood splatter, saying she got it from her father's side.

Gilgamesh sighed. "Nimewe, for my master's sake... I must do this... Your breasts are now A cups..." Nimewe instantly ran for her life, jiggling all the way.

"I think it's better if Nimewe doesn't get involved...She would only be getting in the way...She hates bloodshed, so let her stay back..." Ashunera spoke carefully.

Zero then plotted to set her up with Egg to distract her.

Lanfear's warning:

Zentreya, after meeting with her friends, was suddenly summoned by Lanfear. The Elder of the Neko Sisters confronted Zentreya.

"I wanted to warn you that your actions at Chipz's club set off a chain reaction. What are you trying to do? You set things into motion..." Lanfear sadly told her.

Zentreya, sadly responding, "To make Joey happy, to bring you back to him..."

Lanfear seemed shocked. "Is that you truly want?" the feline asked.

"You make him happy.., you make his world shine so bright, you ...you make him forget he's angry...You make him genuinely happy. " Zen responded, already breaking down.

"I want to suggest a scenario... " Lanfear wrote. "Suppose you are in my place...Would you be alright with being with someone who already has two wives? Would you be able to accept the doubts that come with being in that kind of relationship?"

Lanfear continued. "Being the side girl to a married man, unsure of your future, or how he truly feels? Suppose someone came along who truly saw you and wanted nothing more to be with only you?"

"How would you feel?" The feline asked.

Zentreya stepped back, thinking before she began to respond.

"I'd feel good to know that despite the wives, they do it out of love..." Zentreya sadly responded. "Out of the kindness of their heart.

"Wanting to help someone...Wanting to not let the other be sad... Seeing something -

"Taking a chance..." Zen continued "Seeing past some bloody, evil, cold person,-

"I would want to be someone who is...honest, open, who is afraid, who is willing to get angry... For my sake..." Zentreya smiled sympathetically. "That shows that they care..."

Lanfear returned to her first question.

"If they make your world shine, then that's your-

Lanfear interrupted. "But how long are you willing to wait, before they cast you aside to be with their wives?... Suppose despite everything, you love them both?"

"Then...I don't know..."

"I'm not blind in seeing how you feel about Joey, but, what you say and what your actions are, are contradicting..." Lanfear explained. "I don't trust that you won't bring harm to Joey and many others... "

Zentreya looked down at her weapons, before dropping them. "What do you mean?"

"There are bigger things at stake than your feelings for Joey," Lanfear told the Red Devil. "Are you sure your feelings what you want? Or are you confused? I believe we both have things to think about... Just know if you succeed, in bringing me and Joey together, there will be nothing for you. Can you handle that?" The Neko asked the emotionally charged Devil.

Zentreya began to get a pain in her heart, tears welling in her eyes. She sadly wrote "I've always been alone... Yes, I can.. " Lanfear stood, almost in shock, at the strong-willed woman's acceptance.

"Are you sure? I can see a similar struggle in your heart..." Lanfear observed.

"I've killed, tortured, manipulated...I have no heart." The romance-hungry Red Devil stated bluntly. "Not anymore..." Zentreya held back tears. "Go back to him... I can deal with it... like I've been doing..." Lanfear stared at Zentreya, awestruck.

"It's not that easy..." Lanfear stated. "I fear you may be up to something..." Lanfear stared. "Something bigger, something bigger than returning things back to how they were..." Lanfear went on. "However, Joey is in danger because of both our actions... I want to protect him."

Zentreya crouched down, "Then if I leave, disappear, would that solve it, for you?" The devil sighed.

"Now is not the time for that... there are bigger things at stake. I may...not be around. Depending on how things turn out..." The Neko sadly stated. "You need to figure who you are, and who you want to be..." The Neko smiled at her old friend.

"Joey...cried..." Zentreya sadly stated in response. "He cried for you. I want you to know...He cares more than you'll ever know... Me, I know who I am, I know what I'm doing." Zentreya choked back a sob. "Joey would only get hurt...so to protect him... So please, go back... Let me take your burden. Find out who YOU are... "

Both women were in tears. "It's not that easy..." The sad Neko stated.

Lanfear suddenly dashed away, disappearing into a portal.

Zentreya tried to call out to her friend, before returning to her message, writing "Neither is being alone..." Zen started to sob into her hands, then writing, "No A.L.A, no Zentreya = Joey's safe until she received an invite from Chipz.

Back with the Vampire

(Before his stream, Stealth laid some ground rules, if you wish to see these, please review his vod.)

A normal day for Chipz started with going to his club, where he learned that Satchi has a ticket into the A.L.A.

Kenny entered the club, stating that he infiltrated the A.L.A base, and how Zentreya wished to speak to Chipz, alone. Roflgator joined Chipz as he tried to find a place to bring Zentreya alone. Meeting with Chipz later, SciFri told the vampire, that Minerva had stated the club is a huge fire hazard.

After exchanging some more pleasantries with Tess, Chipz finally settled for the Bunker. The two began to angerly discuss Lanfear's well being. Zentreya showing concern over who she considers her only friend, and Chipz getting aggressive. The discussion suddenly turned, when Zentreya revealed that Lanfear cried in front of her, and the fact that Joey did as well, Zentreya pulled out her revolver. Chipz suddenly vanished. Zentreya, drawing both her weapons now, scanned the room, trying to find him. Chipz displayed his new power, vanishing into thin air, as Zentreya continued to fire randomly in every direction, vivid at the guilt trip Chipz put her through.

"If you don't want to talk, I'll just leave..." Chipz stated bluntly. "Are we good?" Chipz asked, "Let's continue this conversation, like level-headed adults...But I need to ask you some questions... Like why is it hard for her? Why did she cry? If she didn't give two shits about me, would she actually cry? What would be the consequences if you pulled that trigger on me...Would she be happy or would she cry?"

Zentreya bit back her rage, "She has to know what she wants...I'm not a bad guy...I'm just A guy..." Chipz tried to charm the Devil. "Now you're gonna answer me some questions...Are you and Joey just good friends?" Zentreya nodded. "Well, I saw things a little different."

"What do you mean?" Zentreya asked.

"I'm gonna lay out the scenario, I'm not going to suggest anything," Chipz explained his theories to Zentreya. Zentreya inwardly snarled, as this hit a sensitive part of her. "You may not have a heart, but he does, doesn't he? You say you don't have a heart, you say you saw Lanfear cry, and you felt emotions...It sounds like you are going through some shit... I'm not the bad guy..." Chipz smiled. "Listen, Zen, you're good people. I actually enjoyed you at the club, getting loose in the cage, having fun..." Zen winced.

Chipz somehow charmed the Devil, inviting her to his club, while using his hypnotic eyes.

As Chipz left, Zentreya looked over the things they discussed, before writing down. "Who is Zentreya..." before wandering out of the bunker, tears staining her face, to the Japanese Country Side, running past it to a rainy meadow. Zen sat there in the rain, before starting to wander vacantly looking into the sky. She wandered to a lone tree in the field, and broke down crying, Zentreya screamed into the air, before something interrupted the Observer's feed.

Back at Club Rogue

Chipz met with SciFri and VII, where Chipz smirked smugly. "Let's just say I flipped it on her...She claims to be a good friend to Lanfear... I flipped it around on her easy..." SciFri was concerned. Chipz did express how he wanted Lanfear and Zentreya to have a conversation.

Monika and KD suddenly entered. Chipz instantly started to flirt with KD, trying to invite Zentreya to the club. Chipz met with Cor Vous, VII, Minerva, and others. Monika went on teasing Sci Fri, saying she doesn't like the new him. SciFri then started to make a noise akin to Miss Piggy getting punched in the throat, as he ran.

It seemed like everyone in the Club were tired. Lanfear suddenly came, hugging Chipz upon entering.

"I'm gonna take her away for a little bit..." Chipz smiled at the crew, bringing Lanfear to a private location, known as the Blimp (though it's clearly a spaceship.).

"I just wanna say sorry for running out on you last night...I was obviously emotional.." Lanfear apologized too. Chipz tried to butter Lanfear up. "I have a question though...Are you OK?... Because according to Zen, you're not..."

"Zen is up to something..." Lanfear responded. "I don't fully trust her..." Lanfear stated, instantly throwing her redhead friend under the bus.

"Well, I'm gonna tell you a couple of things...First off... She wanted to have a conversation with me...So I went to talk to her...Luckily I was able to get her to put her gun down...After that, she calmed down... According to her, you guys are good friends...Is that true? Does she know that you were crying?" Lanfear nodded. "Now uh...Here's the thing...She wants to know what's between us... So I didn't quite say anything. However, she says it's just because she's cares that she's right by Joey's side. I told her I'd answer her questions if she answered mine... Somehow I got her to give me some information..Here's the deal... I'm pretty sure she's up to something with Joey... in a more lovey-dovey fashion...I don't know if he's resisting. But she's trying...So I'm tired of seeing you hurt, and it's pissing me off the more I see of this...Can it just stop?"

Lanfear motioned she is worried for the both of them, Chipz and Joey. "I love both of you..." Lanfear wrote out. Chipz grunted and walked away, needing a breather, as Lanfear broke down and started to cry.

"I guess maybe KimplE was right..." Chipz tried to guilt the cat into feeling for him. Lanfear ran up, saying she was worried for him, as Chipz held back tears.

Lanfear motioned that she did indeed love Chipz, but her heart was still in pain, her mind in a state of confusion.

"This is the most bittersweet thing I ever felt in my life..." Chipz admitted. "You love me...You sure?" Lanfear nodded.

Standing up, Chipz demanded she looked at him.


"Did I interrupt anything important?" KimplE suddenly appeared behind Lanfear, scaring the Neko and pissing Chipz off to no end.

"Is everything alright...Of course, they're not..." KimplE stated, as Chipz' anger boiled. Lanfear suddenly broke down, embracing KimplE, sobbing. "You have very hard decisions...I've had a few... So yes..."

SciFri and VII came running, trying to warn Chipz that KimplE was there. "I actually have things to speak to KimplE about..."

"Of course you do." Chipz snapped.

"I hope you do not try anything..." KimplE warned, before following SciFri.

With KimplE gone, Chipz went right back to trying to win Lanfear over. "Hey..." Chipz calmly said. "I still haven't figured you out... " Lanfear gently embraced him, before running off, sobbing.

Chipz started to sob as well, leaning on the wall, slamming his fist against it. Starting to punch the light, VII came up, asking if he's OK, and how Lanfear ran by him, without stopping. "When's the stress gonna end boss?"

Chipz cackled insanely. "I already know the answer... But I'm worried about you..."

"Did you tell her that you love her?"

"Of course..."

"Do you know what will make you happy?"

"Ripping Joey limb to limb?" Chipz evilly suggested.

Chipz started to lash out, as KimplE met with SciFri about the Don.

SciFri and KimplE.

SciFri started to ask KimplE about how VII was Re-Cycled. SciFri wanted to make sure KimplE knew they weren't that different.

"We are both people of action...We act on what we think is right...And we both...I think we're similar in one similar regard...We're trying to save everyone... I'm trying to stop this war before it begins..."

"We can not save everyone..." KimplE solemnly said.

"The woe is a traditional variable," KimplE stated.

"What's so important about Lanfear. Why is her fate with the Cycle?" SciFri asked.

"She is the key to open the Next Cycle... Her and her sister..." KimplE tried to explain.

"So...what's to say she can't open the next Cycle if she's with Chipz?"

"It will happen eventually... The next cycle will not open, as he is unstable... He spent the recent... Eventually, he will break..." KimplE spoke.

Chipz suddenly showed up.

"Well...I guess you can see the Cycles are happening all over again...So I guess you know best...Or...do you?"

"Which cycle did you pull the new VII from? How did that Cycle end?"

"That cycle ended by its own natural causes."

"Were Lanfear and Oathmeal involved?"

"Just by their parents."

"What number cycle?"

"I think it was Cycle 5.3... "

"I thought there was only five..."

KimplE stated. "Did you think it would be that simple?"

"Well... You're... I..." SciFri struggled. "I want to believe in you, KimplE, and I want to believe you have more knowledge than me for the fate of the world. I just..."

"Your heart..." KimplE stated. "It is taking you the other way..."

"I...I know, but I don't think that makes me weak... If I don't follow my heart, I would cease to be myself. I'm willing to do this, to be myself."

"Because of you have a heart because you are uncertain, you make mistakes, that makes you human."

"Do you make mistakes?"

"If I let myself... Do you have any questions?" KimplE stated.

(At this point, Chipz crashed.)

"Did you make a mistake before?"

"Maybe I did, but how would I even know?" KimplE simply replied.

"Do you have a heart, KimplE?"

"Who knows...Maybe..." KimplE thought out loud.

"Well, I think you do...And I think you care about everyone."

"Well right now there are things that are heavier than my heart..." KimplE sadly.

"I know you had to do many things to sacrifice for the greater good...If it doesn't hurt in here (your heart.) it hurts up here... (Your brain.)" SciFri tried to relate.

"You don't make sense."

"You ever have to do something you may regret?" SciFri asked.

KimplE paused, thinking.

"Something that hurts, every time you think about it?"

After a long pause, KimplE responded. "I do...But what choice did I have?"

Going to Chipz

After leaving SciFri with some answers to mull over, KimplE vanished, appearing in front of Chipz.

Chipz cheerfully met with KimplE, instantly marking him suspicious. He babbled about a vacation, and how the gods sent him to a shrine.

"Is there anything you want to pray for KimplE, while we're here?" Chipz asked.

"So...How come you are in a 'vacation'? From what?" KimplE inquired.

"Well, I guess everybody deemed me...Little unstable.." Chipz growled.

"Do you feel unstable?" KimplE questioned.

"I feel fine, I mean it's every day when you express your feelings, people are playing mind games, and every time, EVERY TIME, I try to get close to someone I love, YOU'RE always there... No, I'm doing fantastic... How about you?" Chipz ranted.

KimplE offered to listen to his story, which caused Chipz to laugh.

Lanfear wished to join off KimplE, possibly to show her how unstable he actually was. As they waited, Chipz babbled about the color red. KimplE just simply waited for Lanfear, as he went on and on.

When Lanfear showed up, KimplE went to her side. "Now tell me, what happened? Did you see something? Did you make a decision?" Lanfear shook her head no.

"I told him about how I feel...I love both of them..." Lanfear stated.

"And did he handle the truth?" KimplE asked.

Lanfear shook her head.

"So you truly know how she feels..." KimplE said, walking up to Chipz. "Can your heart still follow?" The Vampire seemed confused.

"What do you mean by that?" Chipz asked darkly.

"As you said, you will follow your heart..."

"My heart's right there..." Chipz said, pointing to Lanfear.

"But she has to follow two directions...While both are equal... "

"Got it, so now you're telling me... She told me how she felt, fucking hurt like a son of a bitch...Here's another truth, how can it be equal, when he's been hurting her? She's literally the soul thing I think of."

"Attention? We are talking about love...The love is equal." KimplE stated.

"So I can treat her like dirt, and the love would be equal?"

"Do you really know how she is treated?" KimplE asked. "I guess you have much to learn..." KimplE answered herself for him. "But I guess you did not care..."

"Why do you even care, KimplE? Why are you involving yourself in this?"

"Cause I do care...I choose because I would not, she would break eventually."

"Everybody comes to a breaking point, it's what you do afterward that matters." Chipz sadly stated.

As the two conversed, Lanfear stared at the duo, tears in her eyes. KimplE wandered over the Lanfear.

"I don't know what you want from me..." Chipz vacantly responded.

"So...What are you gonna do?" KimplE inquired.

"About what?"

"About this situation..." KimplE gestured.

"How is it you ask me simple questions when you give me complicated answers? Why should I tell you?" Chipz snapped.

"I guess there's no reason..."

"Exactly..." Chipz grunted. "You tell the person when it matters...You know I love Lanfear, and I've said that a million times... " Chipz walked to Lanfear. "I'm gonna be honest with you...what you said... the response to my feelings...well they hurt.. I can't stop my heart from moving on... That's not something that's just gonna go away..." He told the emotional wreck of a kitten.

Chipz suddenly broke, trying to ask KimplE why. "I was hoping that I found someone, someone I wanted to be with, the only woman, for the rest of my life... I... I guess I was dreaming. Why would anyone want to do that with me...I...I gotta go." Chipz suddenly vanished.

"Our cycles are...Somewhat different from...each other." KimplE stated to the sobbing cat girl. "In this cycle, it did not end well, for him...But there is not much we can do about this..." KimplE comforted the crying cat. "Following your heart...is not always a walk in the park.. It will truly hurt at some point..." Advised the Observer Guardian. "If you follow your heart, it is guaranteed, to hurt... In some people it will hurt more then to others. Some people can follow their hearts...But eventually, if their hearts, were meant to be... Then it will be broken... If the way is not how it's supposed to be, maybe in a different Cycle, but not in this one..." The all-seeing bot advised.

"I have to try... I won't give up..." Lanfear sadly responded.

"I hope you do understand..."

"No matter how painful..." Lanfear interrupted.

"Very well..." KimplE sadly stated. "I guess you do have to follow your heart... But it will not... it will not be easy..." KimplE interjected. "And remember... If you break, it will be over... and nothing will be the same..."

Lanfear pondered, lost in thought. "Even so, I must try." The Neko wrote.

"Then you must, I guess...There's nothing I can do about that..." Lanfear, with a faint smile, nuzzled up to the Kittybot, as KimplE returned it.

"I know, it hurts..." KimplE comforted the elder sister.

"I hope I can save them..." Lanfear mentioned.

"This I can not guarantee...But there is only hope." KimplE stated as SciFri entered.

SciFri at the Shrine

"Nice Place..." The Right-hand man simply put.

"What brings you here?"

"Maybe just curious..." SciFri said.

"Then ask."

"What's going on here? Why do I always walk in on you two alone?" SciFri asked.

"He already left..." KimplE put bluntly.

"Yeah, I figured...You're hell-bent on separating them then..." SciFri asked, annoyed.

"The only thing I'm trying to do is making them realize what kind of consequences their actions have...But I guess... Once more then I have noticed. Even though, I have much power...I feel powerless on the situation." The Kittybot emoted.

"It's like you said to me earlier... When the heart is involved... It's hard to do certain things..." SciFri sadly noted. "Listen, I know you think Chipz is unstable...From a certain point of view, I get that...But if everyone here's not allowed to follow their heart, it's not a Cycle...It's a prison."

"It is something I had already told to someone...But basically, what makes him unstable is that he follows his heart...And only his heart." KimplE remarked.

"So you're saying for him to be stable, his heart and his mind must be in balance?"

"He follows his heart, but he's wounded. He's blind. He won't realize."

"I don't think he's blind, I think he's hurt...I think he's looking for something to make him feel better...What's so wrong about that?" SciFri attempted to make a case.

"There is nothing wrong with that in a moral sense... But sometimes, we have to think about two different right choices..." KimplE stated as SciFri tried to speak to Lanfear. "It would be nice to have both...but we can not have them both..."

"You can only have one...I understand..." SciFri stated. "Lanfear, I know we haven't talked much...But I wanna ask you this honestly...Do you have feelings for him?"

Lanfear nodded. "Why is it so hard for them be together?"

"When the heart wants to follow two directions...Then what would you do? Now, do you understand?"

SciFri nodded. "Just because I understand... Doesn't mean I like it, or agree, or can't think of a way to change the outcome."

"I do not do this because I want...I do have.. to do things for the Greater Good." KimplE simply stated.

"What if you do something you regret!?" SciFri angerly lashed out. "What if you do something that will affect everyone five Cycles down from now!?"

"Then it will...We make mistakes. And we may learn from them. And hopefully, he will learn..."

"You know why I'm not afraid of you like others are KimplE? I believe you care... I think you have a heart. And I think you should follow it once and a while."

"Sometimes, I do follow it...But I won't let it get in the way."

"How can you be sure you're right when you get into people's way?"

"I don't...For the greater good, it won't mean that it is right for everyone." KimplE responded as Lanfear looked on.

"What's the point of the greater good, when so many people will be left unhappy?"

"Why would it matter, choose differently."

KimplE explained that she tried to help direct several cycles, getting in trouble with the higher-ups. And that she still tries. But this one seems set in stone.

"You told me earlier, you made a decision once that you regretted...What was it?"

"The decision... The decision that I do regret?"

"The one you wish you could take back. The one that kills you every time you think about it..." SciFri pushed.

"In every cycle, it is every decision that I'm forced to make..." KimplE sadly muttered.

"Do you like the decisions you're making this Cycle?"

"Do you think?"

"No...I think you don't like what you have to do..." SciFri went on. "But your heart knows is right."

KimplE asked SciFri what she should do.

"I think you should realize this Cycle isn't over yet."

"Follow my heart, and eventually, everything gets wiped out?" KimplE angerly stated. "It has happened before."

"You don't know that!" SciFri shouted.

"Are you willing to take that risk?" KimplE stated. "You do not have to deal with the consequences, cause you are not there to take them..."

"Just... I know what I'm talking about is an impossible dream, but dreams only come true if people believe in them..."

"Good, the thing that they all want...then they can work together...That will make the difference. And everything, the question is...How?" KimplE spoke, this time in riddles.

"I think we have to find out how..."

"So instead of choosing only one... We have to find out how to chose both?"

SciFri tried to think of how the two parties can be satisfied.

"Remember, there is not two...but three hearts in this..."

"Do you think can help me? Now you know...the goal..." KimplE spoke.

The two discussed how to solve this issue. Bouncing ideas off each other, "I hope I'm doing the right things here..." SciFri exclaimed to Lanfear, who tearfully nodded. The discussion continued. "The plan is clear, but the execution is not... " KimplE stated.

"So I need you to teach me."

"What could I teach you about Love?" KimplE asked.

"Love is hard to understand...Lanfear knows that better than all of us..." SciFri sympathized with the torn kitten. "But hey, we're on the same team for once." He smiled to KimplE.

"Perhaps...But maybe you stand aside with me..." She went on to compare the situation to a playground ball game.

"You can try to help me..." KimplE offered when SciFri said he was probably not cut out to be an Observer. "You can try, you can test...You can try, and just be..."

"What if I want to help everybody? Including you?"

"Then I guess we are doing the same thing..."

The two continued, (Despite obvious pleas from the Observer writing this. Who has been typing since 9 PM to 4 AM EST, while sick, mind you....), as SciFri tried to comfort Lanfear, "Are you really OK with KimplE trying to separate you and him?"

"There's more to it then you think..." Lanfear responded.

"You see, her heart is conflicted..."

"If we can prolong the war, the cycle can last longer..." SciFri hopefully added.

"I guess that is something that we have to see.." KimplE stated as both sides were very ready to throw down.

With a simple statement, SciFri wished that all three, Joey, Lanfear and Chipz, could be happy, in his perfect world. "But your way, KimplE, seems to tear Lanfear and Chipz apart, saving one heart, but breaking another...And you believe that will right your mistakes on the Previous Cycle..."

Previous Cycle

"In the previous cycle.." VII suddenly appeared. "We died... Remember what I told you, SciFri, I'm not the same VII anymore..."

"At the end of the previous cycle...Were all three of those hearts satisfied?" SciFri asked.

"Sadly...One did break..."

"Was it hers?" SciFri asked, pointing to Lanfear.

"Luckily her parents were there..." KimplE recalled, as Lanfear sadly looked down at her hands.

"Kimple,...How did we die in the previous cycle?"

"Because there was no key..." KimplE sadly stated.

SciFri tried to wrap his head around this. "She broke in the previous cycle...But her parents...They passed the test that I gave...In the end, they did win... But, instead of being Guardians, they made a deal... Bound by blood..."

"A deal between you and the Lanfear's family?" SciFri asked.

"They are bound to be keys for the next cycle..." KimplE stated, walking around the group, as SciFri and VII kept speculating. "So that's your plan...To break a heart, but save two?"

"If we have to break a heart, KimplE, whose heart do we break?"

"I guess, the stable one..."

"Joey Bagels?" Lanfear suddenly looked down.

"Do you understand? We have come full circle."


"Perhaps... But I do not know..." KimplE stated.

They continued to discuss the War, how to prolong it, and how time is limited. They continued to bounce ideas off each other.

"KimplE, if you help me find a way to keep all three of their hearts satisfied by the end of this Cycle... I will ask you to be my Oracle..."

More ideas were bounced around, and the conclusion, SciFri suddenly understood. SciFri left...

"Listen...Chipz is going crazy, he's losing his mind..." VII told Lanfear. "I don't even recognize him... I'm not saying it's either of your faults...I just want it to be taken care of...So this thing can go back to normal...And in the end...Who knows..." VII smiled. "As for you, KimplE, I appreciate what you're doing..." VII took his leave.

Two Cats

"I spoke to my sister..." Lanfear stated. "And we want to know..."


"The Sacrifice of our parents made..."

"How can I say in a very short and simple matter...That is still understandable...?"

"Think on it and come back to me when you're ready." KimplE agreed, embraced Lanfear, and watched her walk away.

Crossover Chronicle Part 2

See Crossover Chronicle Part 2 for the next part of the story.

(This is due to the page becoming extremely long, we apologize that you - the reader, had to scroll all the way down to read all the content. We hope you enjoyed this first chapter of the Crossover Chronicle.)

Taking Sides

Joey's Side

Joey's close-knit family are pretty much oblivious to the upcoming war, Joey trying to control his rambunctious children from wrecking havoc, juggling three relationships (possibly a fourth). He had made many comrades, including the Loli Squad, the VRChat Minutemen, and of course, his massive mob known only as the Bagel Bandits. Others have expressed their loyalty to Joey, including the Anti-Lewd Army

The A.L.A. instantly agreed to join Joey's side, due to their leader Zentreya possibly harboring feelings for the leader of the Bagel Bandits. Zentreya seems to have her own agenda behind the scenes and has recently acted out on their own.  

Aurora of the V.R.P.D. said the police department of virtual reality will not get involved, but several members have expressed almost eagerness to do so. As of May 28th, rumors sprouted that the police department is indeed siding with Joey.  

Ikrium has also gathered a community of fighters just in case. 

Whispers of the resurgence of the Buff Bois came to light recently, eager to swarm to battle to show off their importance of arm strength. Also in the works, the Project H Hoppou may make a return to aid their comrades.

Magic Kappa also expressed trying to get his extended family to help out to protect Andis.

It's clear Joey's side is the largest and most armed, as several of his close friends have access to nuclear weapons, black holes, and several other devastating attacks. In fact, You'veGotTheTouch has several hundred weapons ready to be used. His side consists of Jedi, Mafias, living objects, penguins, demi-gods, demons, and Nephlims.

A recent rumor that has sprung up is that Joey is totally against a war from breaking out, but if push comes to shove, he will gather his forces.

During a recent marriage between Ashunera and his wife, DesolateLantern, Woops has expressed his eagerness to join Joey's side if he is needed. It is unknown if all of Team Five will follow Woops.

It's also been stated that Shai may or may not jump in with the Shai Sisters, if only to protect themselves and Shai's new soulmate, Andis.

The Ernie Gang, thought to have vanished, were rumored to be in the wings if they're needed, as well as the Rainbow Bear Cult.

As of May 27th, Kuri declared his contract with Chipz to be null and void and chooses to stand by Joey in his time of need.

MaTSix has recently returned from god knows where, and just as bloodthirsty as ever. She knows she's the only one who can rightfully "Kill" Joey and won't let anyone else do so.

The VBI, a Virtual law enforcement, have pledged loyalty to the A.L.A, thus confirming they are going to attempt to help Joey.

As of May 31st, Ashunera confirmed their stance, joining his sister's side. As well as Gilgamesh (played by Punished Yang), Kirbynite, and Zero Guilt. Zero even mentioned he has his own little team.

Chipz's Side

Chipz side...Oh boy, the Super Scuffed Squad started out strong, ready to fight against the incoming Ikrium, Kuri, Zentreya, Egg, and RibbonHeart to fight to the death. But due to interventions by the Don, and several others leaving the group, Chipz has been stressed beyond belief, trying to gather anyone and everyone he could think of to fight the threat.

To make matters worse, Mishtal was shot in cold blood by the Don. 

Chipz comrade, Laughing Jack, tried to recruit a majority of Team 5, but due to some complications (and the fact he was sloshed.), the demon was unsuccessful, and a majority of Team Five wishes to remain neutral. But some are ready to jump in and help if needed. It is unknown if Laughing Jack is truly on anyone's side.

The stress of trying to keep what little members he has left is hitting snags left and right. To make matters worse, he is being haunted by the ghost of his shot friend. Folkona has joined Kuri's side, and several members are considering leaving Chipz side after it was revealed Chipz may have indeed turned someone else into a vampire, despite claiming he only did it once.

Tess was said to possibly be brought in, but Chipz is deciding whether or not it's a good idea, as all Tess does is antagonize him. It was revealed on the 28th, Tess was opting out of this war, to 'leave Chipz to stew'.

Roflgator was recently recruited on May 29th, adding significant power to Chipz's side. But he is quoted to "If things start going South, I'm out of there."

A massive Saiyan named Brolly, and Cor Vous, expressed will to join Chipz's side. It seems Vince of Team Five has also decided to join Chipz.

Just wanna watch the world burn...

SpazKoga has shown no interest in getting involved but will show up on the battlefield to kill the survivors and feast of the flesh of the wounded. 

LuLu has expressed similar will, ready to kill Lanfear, Joey, or Chipz if the need arises.  


Several members of Team 5 has stated they wish to remain neutral, such as Tyriss, LeyLey, and many others say they will not get involved unless dragged into it. 

Several of the recently thought to be dead Knuckles have said they do not wish to be involved. 

KimplE is the major neutral party, trying to save her friends and possibly the VRChat world, cause if Kimple's Father gets word that Chipz, Joey, and Lanfear caused a war, there's a possibility the entity will wipe out the Virtual World. It seems that Chipz stepped over the lines that were drawn in the sand and KimplE took matters into her own hands. But after the confrontation with Chipz, KimplE's been radio silent, not even seen since the encounter.  

KimplE returned, speaking of cycles and how the world is unbalanced, expressing concern, saying this cycle is close to an end, and the slate will be wiped clean.  

Nimewe has made it clear that she wishes to be neutral for this whole event, seeing that a fight would be pointless.  

It is currently unknown who's side Kuri is on, as he is extremely loyal to the man who busted him out of jail, and has a contract with Chipz. Kuri has on May 27th, stated he will and shall always be, Joey's right-hand man.  

As of the 31st, Kenny decided to become neutral, saying he doesn't want bloodshed or a war to happen.  

It is unknown where gangs such as the Loli Army, Hoppou Legion, and several other lone wolves like Tyriss and Zeon stand, or the recently reformed Spooky Gang.  

Satchi the vampire expressed he will fight to protect his friends, and he has friends on both sides.  

The Don Family

After merging with the Calzones, and kicking Roflgator out of the Great Pug, the Don, Kuri's brother, has made it clear he wants to wipe all factions from the map. The more sensible thing would be for Chipz's group and Joey's group to join forces, but Chipz seems too blinded by his romantic love and lust for Lanfear to care. So far, Joey's side, only Kuri knows about the Don. 

The Don finally met Chipz, offering him something if he killed Joey. It's also theorized that the Don is just getting Chipz to do his dirty work before he himself kills Chipz. Roflgator has gone on record to say if he helps Chipz with this, then Chipz has to help him kill the rival mafia, despite Chipz's numbers already being tested against by the promise of war.  


  • Several defunct factions may get involved, including ones not listed here.
  • It seems like a team up against the Don is the most logical answer to this, as he has made it clear he wants all factions gone before he can take over.
  • This is actually the second war (if it happens) to go down on VRChat, the first was the United Gangs vs the Ugandan Knuckles, where Project H, Buff Bois, and the Kitten Marching Band waged war on the many locations that the Knuckles inhabited.
  • According to KimplE, this war has the possibility of destroying the VRChat world, hence why she's trying to stop it completely.
  • SciFri, Chipz's right-hand man, has been having second thoughts about the whole war as he doesn't want people to die. It doesn't help that the usually calm and collected KimplE has threatened to kill him.
  • While Chipz and his group stress over the possibility of war, Joey's extended group has been living life to the fullest, partying, having weddings, meeting more of the community.
  • VII often says that Chipz should take a vacation to chill from all the war. He even bought tickets to bring Chipz, Lanfear, SciFri, and himself to an amusement park.
  • The sudden invasion by Drek, while being hilarious, is non-canon. He chased KimplE, Lanfear, Arbalust, and several others around the News Studio. Drek went on to try and hit on everyone present. Funnily enough, Drek was a "villain" to Chipz in early season 1. Drek also attended Ashunera's wedding, without Ashunera noticing.
  • A certain space pirate is currently watching the planet as this war is possibly happening. He's ready to step in at any given time to try and stop it.
    • If need be, his ship is going to be used to remove all neutral parties from the VRChat world until the war is over. 
  • Please remember this is all role play, not an actual fight between the actual people playing the characters. If a war does happen, it's merely for entertainment. Nagzz has even invited StealthRG (Chipz' Roleplayer) to the VRChat Improv Night on Tuesday. They're all friends out of character and discuss their respective plots with each other over Discord and Twitter.