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The Cross-Allied Forces is a transnational government made of several member states across the known world. Founded in 1855, 256 years ago, after the Dark War ended, made up of peoples from all backgrounds- regardless of cast, creed, race, species, or religion. Their headquarters is in the city of Ancestra on the continent of Svellheimr, though they operate out of many cities across the world including Concordia. Since then the CAF has continued its efforts to unite the world and maintain global peace to the best of their ability with moderate success.

Charter of Ancestria

The founding document of the CAF is the Charter of Ancestra, is a post war agreement to prevent disasters and unite all the races in a common cause and purpose. The Charter of Ancestra was created by the Allied Forces to to align with the purposes of the CAF and their subdivisions and to protect all the people within the CAF, make sure everyone had a voice and a way to protect their people as well as containment and destruction of Dark Forces that would threaten them. It was signed after the Dark war and it remains in effect today.


Research Division

ARI Sign.png

The Antumbran Research Initiative, named after a fallen city near United Sanctuary during the Dark War, is a division tasked to research the containment and destruction of dark forces. The research division has many divisions and subdivisions and its funded by all the members of the CAF.

Known Members

Intelligence Division

The Intelligence Collection Department. This department focus on intelligence gathering, and protection as well as identifying potential threats inside and outside the CAF.

Known Members

Instructional Division

CII Sign.png

The Cross Instruction Institute is in charge of managing the many Academies across the world, guiding their curriculum and providing funding and support. Created to provide a way to maintain and and train future officers. All members of faculty at the Academies, including Ascension Academy, are members of CII.


CROSS Sign.png

The Collective Response Officers Security Squadrons (C.R.O.S.S) are squadrons tasked specifically with preventing dangers and external forces disturbing the peace and security of CAF members in accordance to the Ancestra Charter.

They generally operate in squads of 6 and they are tasked with high risk missions that the CAF deem necessary to solve. These 6 person unit form the bases of high level deployments into unknown and emergency locations within the known world. The soldiers within the squad are deliberately keep varied so they can react to rapidly changing situations.

Common troops that fill the CROSS department are usually donated by different states members for the CAF. Institutions like Ascension Academy forms officers to be up to the division standards and its not rare for excellent students to be recruited as a squad leaders for C.R.O.S.S squad. Being in C.R.O.S.S its an honor, a privilege and a responsibility.

Known Members


The CAF trains it's officers at various academies across the world, though currently the names of the majority of these are unknown. What we do know is that Ascension Academy is considered one of if not the best of it's kind, being entrusted with safeguarding the Darkness itself under it's facilities.

Known Academies under the CAF



  • Higher ranking officials in the Cross-Allied Forces wear blue uniforms. White uniforms have also been seen but whether those signify a rank higher or lower than those in blue is unknown.
  • While the CAF was originally founded to combat the Darkness, they have branched out a great deal since the end of the Dark War to handling other global issues.