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CrazyMango is a quirky mute that frequents Gator Crew lobbies dancing in fullbody, usually on a stage. She virtually never stops dancing, akin to ShimmyTimmyJerry.

She is known for being extremely fit and taking home the win in most mute competitions that she participates in.

History and Biography

Mango was invited by MurderCrumpet in April 2020 to The Royal Gator bar, where she was promptly adopted by Golly as his "personal mute". Prior to that she was reportedly with Drekwiz until he went absent.

She participated in the April 24th Mute Pageant but lost to Firefox Blue.

Mango's relationship with Golly was sweet but short lived, as on May 15th 2020 he had a quest to get laid, or leave the lobby. On this fateful night Golly decided to release Mango from their contract, thinking he would not be able to complete the quest. Later in the night however Golly and Mango were coaxed into bed together in a last ditch effort to save Golly. Whether he planted his seed or not is up for debate, but after this night Mango could be seen traumatized for days.

Mango was quickly adopted by DrunknDuncan in time for the May 18th/19th Mute Pageants, where they claimed first place in the charades competition on the 19th.

At the May 26th dirty streets mute dance battle, Mango was impressed the judges enough to be awarded 2nd place, that became 1st after the original 1st place contender "MsLuciMorning" was revealed to be LethalLexi's alt account. Mango was also injured in this competition, but recovered quickly.

On June 5th 2020 she participated in the Iron Jew Elimination Dating game-show hosted by Roflgator where participants vied for the affection of IRON$JEW. She was eventually eliminated but made it to the second stage dancing throughout the competition, without speaking like the other contestants.

Dancing with desktop Dotty during the election

On June 19th she participated in the Bricktown Election 2020 as Dottys VP but instead of making a speech like the other contestants she just danced. Although not exactly forming a political foundation they did gather some votes regardless.

Mango started streaming on July 12th 2020, broadcasting herself dancing in VRChat as well as art/variety streams.

Unveiling her evil plan with Dento

Alongside her business partner Dento, she participated in the evil arc where she left her talker and close friend IronJew to seemingly work as an undercover agent against MurderCrumpet. It was revealed on September 9th that Mango wanted Roflgator to have part-ownership of the bar again, and she convinced Crumpet to relinquish complete control of the bar, thus ending the dispute between the evil council and The Crimson Crumpet.[1]

She participated in The Golden Gator Fashion Show showing off her outfit but lost to Dotty.

Participated in and won first place in Mute Olympics 2020, taking home most wins in all the competitions.

Alternate character personas

Retired Cousin Reb

Cousin Reb

The retired cousin of Roflgator and a member of the Bobu family. He can't seem to do many things properly, keeps falling over and injuring himself while acting very strange. He is still loved by his family of fellow Bobu's though.

Officer Mango jailed

Officer Mango

A police officer working for the Bricktown PD.

Succubus Mango... uh oh

Succubus Mango

A very seductive Succubi, very much in contrast to the wholesome mango.



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