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Cornelius is a large dragonoid type creature that works for the Masaru corporation as their head of security. With their altered body, Cornelius will try to keep The Undercity in check with an iron fist. He is portrayed by Cece.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Being a draconic-looking humanoid sorcerer he used to run his own shop "The Golden Crown" in The Row. He comes from a rich family which sheltered him most of his life because of his draconic features.

Wanting freedom, he estranged himself and eventually found work at Masaru in the Draconic Research Division. Cornelius came across an ancient Tablet piece that could potentially prove the existence of dragons and fled Masaru to hide in the Undercity.


Season 2:

After spending time in the Undercity, Cornelius was presented an opportunity to come back to Masaru by Friend. Negotiations to work under the current overseer of the undercity, Norman, were going smoothly until he attempted to assassinate Cornelius in the lab. Cornelius barely survived, losing an arm in the process. After receiving an apology from Damien the CEO, Cornelius was paired with Friend to oversee the Undercity in Norman's place.

Overtime he went on numerous excursions and missions with Masaru, one notable encounter being invading the Necromancer's lair in the Undercity. From that mission Cornelius was able to harvest parts of a gargantuan dragon skeleton. Using these pieces he was able to work with  Avalon to grow his arm back into a more draconic one.

As the month progressed he became close to his Masaru compatriots, his allegiance strengthening with the company more than the denizens of the Undercity that were kind to him during his stay. With the death of Jeremiah, the Head of Security at the time, he no longer wanted to be weak so that he could protect his friends. Cornelius underwent an incredibly risky gene altering procedure using the pieces of dragon skeleton he gathered to turn him into a brute of a man. His form had turned mainly draconic and humanoid, sporting armored skin, claws, and a dragon head.

With his newfound power Cornelius risked his life along with others on the Space Mission to fight off the aliens, losing it but reviving due to the Lazarus process.

Cornelius is now the new Director of Security and Emergency Responses, ready to enforce order in the Undercity with an iron fist.



  • Major - Altered Body: In Cornelius’ lust for power he has utilized Avalon's gene manipulating technology to augment his physical body. With the dragon bone pieces gathered from the Necropolis, Avalon was able to meld his part dragon-blood DNA with full blooded dragon DNA. His body is now larger, acquiring increased physical strength. His scales act as natural armor(Corporate grade approved by Shinikami) with his claws being armor piercing natural weapons. Cornelius’ previous heat resistance and ability to breathe fire are retained and improved.
  • Minor - Enhanced Senses: Due to the further alteration of his body, Cornelius’ sense of smell has been increased. He has synesthesia for his magic sensitivity.
  • Minor - Draconic Metabolism: Cornelius’ body can break down poison and regenerate moderately faster than normal.


  • Major - Draconic Pride: With his new form and embracing of his childhood transformation trauma, his sense of pride is unmatched. Cornelius will not back down from fights or challenges and will make an effort of instigating fights if he feels slighted or offended Not only is he more prone to violence, he will make an effort to make an example of his perceived foe.
  • Minor - Hatred of Cold: Cornelius takes increased damage from cold magic, and is notably affected by cold temperatures.
  • Minor - Justified Superiority: Due to his ascension to a more draconic body and all the power that comes with it, Cornelius feels he is better than practically everyone else around him. Especially those below his authority and those who are not corporate.


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