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Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Cornelius Crown is a draconic-looking humanoid sorcerer who runs and owns his shop "The Golden Crown" in Callous Row. He comes from a rich family which sheltered him most of his life because of his draconic features.

Wanting freedom, he estranged himself and eventually found work at Talaris in the Draconic Research Division. Cornelius came across an ancient Tablet piece that could potentially prove the existence of dragons and fled Talaris to hide in the Undercity.




  • Major - Draconic Bloodline: Cornelius is able to exhale a gout of intense flame from their mouth in a frontal cone and has a natural resilience to heat.
  • Minor - Eye for Value: They have an uncanny ability to determine the worth of objects and items.
  • Minor - Magic Affinity: Fire


  • Major - Dragon’s Greed: The desire to attain more wealth overwhelms the character’s judgement. Even if a decision may result in the character’s harm or death, his motives will always shift towards profit regardless of moral implications.
  • Minor - Fragile Reality: Cornelius is prone to shutdown upon receiving physical trauma or having his blood spilled. Through many years of perceived supremacy, he views himself as almost invincible, but in actuality he is as mortal as the rest.
  • Minor - Once Royal: The character does not enjoy getting their hands dirty, preferring to not participate in physical labor or tasks but will if greed overtakes them. If given the option, the character will hire others to do the work for them.


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