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Conrad Ludovic is the Division Head of Operations for the TRIDENT Corporation on planet Hellion. A prodigy in social media, he used to be a News Anchor with connections all around before climbing the corporate ladder. He's known a cult classic in Salvation City.[1]

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Being independent most of his life after parents passing in his late childhood, Conrad was a prodigy with networking in the Upper City. With high charisma and pinch of manipulation keeping himself alive, he was able to become a social media accountant for Trident heads. Him managing their accounts coincidentally helped him find scoops on things that most wouldn’t see. Due to that, he eventually became a news anchor for them as his actions formed around Trident and Trident only. The transition to head news anchor was a quick rise as they formed a whole new life for him with riches and comfort. Struggling to keep a fake facade, he tries not to show his pessimistic personality.

Lately, through multiple critical situations including an alien invasion, he has risen to the rank of the Head of Operations for his division of Trident.




  • Major - Trident Networking.
  • Minor - That’s a Zinger!
  • Minor - Always Listening.


  • Major - No Longer Perfect.
  • Minor - A Fake of a Fake.
  • Minor - No Objections, right?
Season 2 Traits

These may no longer apply.


  • Social Networking Pass - Access to character info (w/ permission) & Media Pass.
  • Flying News Drone - Camera drone that flies around him as he does his job.
  • Zap Microphone - Microphone Taser that zaps foes whenever they get too close.


  • Debt to Trident - He keeps close to Trident and Trident only. Won't be swayed.
  • Pacifist - No fighting abilities besides using the Taser.
  • Dual Personality - Will sway between his fake and real personality, sometimes at random.


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