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Clowns of The Roundtable (Also known simply as The Clowns), is a friend and creator group that was founded in 2019 by JordonAM and appeared in VRChat.

Who are the Clowns of The Roundtable?

The Clowns of The Roundtable (Abbreviated COTRT and sometimes CLWNS) was created in October of 2019 by JordonAM and a collection of his friends. This group is aimed towards being extremely satirical and goofy along with having serious moments and conversations, which is shown in JordonAM's "No Tomfoolery" and Channel Trey's "After Hours" podcasts. The group is mainly found on JordonAM's YouTube channel but they are also found within their own forms of social media, which each one having a different style of videos or streams. For example, odii gii's YouTube channel is based around streaming music production while Channel Trey's channel is based around commentary, podcasts, and IRL stories. The group fluctuates in the number of members in the group and are seemingly hand picked as a collective decision. The group originated from Fortnite but had grown to a variety of games, including Among Us, Monster Hunter, Spellbreak, and now VRChat

Clowns of The Roundtable in VRChat

Despite the group being formed in 2019, The Clowns of The Roundtable did not play VRChat until 2021. This came to be when JordonAM feigned interest in playing the game the year before while building his new computer although he watched videos in 2017 and 2018 from the creator Jameskii. He eventually found Roflgator's YouTube Channel in January and, after being satisfied with his build, began playing the game.

JordonAM started off the game pretty slow. He wasn't used to the social experience type of play and wandered several worlds to find new people. He finally had his first social experience in the world "Bricktown 2021" in a public world where MurderCrumpet, Vincent X, and others were in at the time. He didn't talk to them, instead he sat at the bar and met what would be his first friends Njago, Bagsy and Nebby. After that he became invested and started hanging around people in Bricktown when public lobbies were full. This is also where he met Blackwater and LHVISION later on who would become close friends as they traveled to different worlds together. JordonAM eventually invited Blackwater to the Clowns of The Roundtable. Blackwater accepted and became an official member.

After a bit of convincing, JordonAM was able to get Channel Trey and Erziehen to play the game. Seeing the other members join the game, odii gii and RoseQrow also checked out the game as well, meaning that the majority of the Clowns had joined VRChat. They began to meet more and more people as well, which led to the amount of people that were friends and associated with the Clowns growing.

Main members odii gii and RoseQrow eventually left the game to play others. However, JordonAM, Channel Trey, Erziehen, and Blackwat3r have continued playing the game.

The Clowns And Other Groups/Users

After a while the Clowns became associated with a few people from other groups. JordonAM has come across MurderCrumpet and Vincent X several times, but they have not officially held a conversation with each other. JordonAM has stated though that he would very much like to. Although the Clowns like to keep within their own groups and travel among themselves, they occasionally join WalterHugs and his community to hangout and chat. They also hang around Aiden's community where they RP at Bricktown 2021 there as frequent guests meeting others and offering them a tour around the town. There they encountered Taiga and Kyokeru during one of Aiden's shows. Another one of these RP nights, the Clowns ran across Sn0wBreeze, the creator of Bricktown and hung out with her for a brief time. She was invited by Snakevenom so the group would be able to meet the creator and thank her. Later on, JordonAM met with her again and befriended her as well as Azeila, and meeting Lanfear and KuriGames during an RP event. Oathmeal was also met in an isolated event. JordonAM and EveBolland later on befriended ShimmyTimmyJerry as well after giving her ice cream during her JoJo dance. Sniklefritz and JordonAM also have come across XconSniper, NotoriousNorman, HappyThoughts, and Crazy Mango.

The Clowns hold public sessions sometimes at various locations, leaving it open for people to come and hangout and become friends and potentially become a part of the community, which they call Camelot's Carousel.

Jesters of The Joust

Official Logo for Jesters of The Joust, a subsidiary of the Clowns of The Roundtable

A rule was made that there can be no more than 9 Clowns on the Roundtable, so it was decided that they would create a lower branch called The Jesters of The Joust which has less power, but are respected members in the community. This branch can hold up to 15 members max and are advised by the Clowns of The Roundtable. The Jesters are primarily made up of newer friends that are considered close and trustworthy. They participate in decisions around Camelot's Carousel and can suggest actions to the Clowns of the Roundtable. They also participate in votes to add a new Jester as well.

Camelot's Carousel

Camelot's Carousel Logo. It has a vaporwave aesthetic and their main two colors, Green and Pink.

Camelot's Carousel (also called Camelot for short or The Carousel) is the overall name of the community, which is overlooked and advised by the Clowns of The Roundtable and the Jesters of The Joust. Camelot's Carousel includes anyone that's accepted into the friend group and hang out frequently. They are also anyone that associate and are friends with a Clown or Jester. JordonAM overlooks the VRC side of Camelot.

Rules and Morals of the Clowns

The Clowns are a relatively rowdy group of people. They're known to cause a stir in certain public situations in a joking manner. They practice a variety of humor, including some which are edgy, dark, and risque. Despite this, they are a caring group and at times courteous of other creators. However, they have sort of a running joke against "TTVs" but only applies to Twitch Streamers that have "TV" or "Twitch-" in their in-game names.

Being a mainly Black group, they heavily use African American Vernacular English (or Ebonics), which leaves a few people uncomfortable and sometimes end up getting blocked as it happened around two times when they were world hopping. This however, doesn't dissuade them from using it.

Because of their rowdy and wild nature, they were surprised they even became associated with as many people as they did. They don't wish to social ladder climb, and only focus on becoming friends with anyone they deem nice and willing to be friends. They also quickly remove members if they deem an issue to the community.

Although the Clowns make risque and edgy jokes, they do not tolerate unironic hate speech and dangerous activities. For example, they do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc along with doxxing, IP leaking, targeted crashing, and targeted harassment. They also have a vendetta against scalpers as well which was shown when they cut off a person who confided that they had a history of doxxing people and scalping products.

They also do not ask extremely personal questions unless the bond is extremely close. They also will not ask personal questions directly upon meeting a new person and prefer to let people naturally confide and reveal more personal information they they deem comfortable sharing to make a stronger connection. Otherwise, the Clowns are there to have fun and "wild out".

Official Members (Clowns/Camelot)

Clowns of The Roundtable in VRChat
Members in VRChat Position Status In Game
JordonAM Co-Founder, Clown Active
odii gii Co-Founder, Clown Inactive
Channel Trey Co-Founder, Clown Active
Erziehen Clown Semi-Active
RoseQrow Clown Inactive
BlackWat3r Clown Active
Gamernuts Jester Active
EveBolland Jester Active
Ogduma Jester Active
Snicklefritz Jester Active
Vinslad Jester Semi-Active
Bkoor Jester Active
LHVISION Jester Active
Nnezuki Jester Active
Camelot's Carousel in VRChat
Associates in VRChat
Shmooll Shy Boi

Media In Game and Out of Game

TikTok Clips In-Game

TikTok Clips Out-Of-Game


  • JordonAM, Bkoor, and EveBolland are the most active Clowns/Jesters in VRChat. They are usually all three seen together. JordonAM and Bkoor are seen together the most often.
  • Official members are called Clowns, Jesters, and The Carousel. With Clowns organizing the events and Jesters recruiting and moderating the rest of the group and friends, known as Camelot's Carousel.
  • Clowns of The Roundtable is Quest-Friendly, traveling to worlds that are Quest compatible for their Quest friends to accompany them.
  • The name Clowns of The Roundtable was coined as a name by JordonAM. The explanation for this naming was when Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 launched in October of 2019, he and a collection of his closest friends all came together to play. Being a casual session, they goofed around the game and in their group calls which led to one of them saying "We're such clowns". This pitched the idea of making it into an official group. JordonAM, liking rhyming, decided to add "The Roundtable" at the end as he thought "It had a ring to it." It stuck and became the official name after two videos of the group all together.
  • The Clowns have no interest in becoming a competitive gaming group, despite JordonAM being a collegiate esports player and odii gii being a High School esports player. They believe having fun is the most important part of having a group at all.
  • Through playing Fortnite, the group has a joking vendetta against Twitch streamers which would normally defeat them in multiple games. They were usually tagged with "(Name).ttv" or "ttv-(name)". The inside joke is ironic, considering their members Erziehen and RoseQrow are Twitch streamers and JordonAM has befriended streamers such as FoxBoxChaos, WalterHugs, Hi-Rez game streamers Onylight, Fazion, and Ronberg, and the late FPS streamer PreFirezTV.
  • The largest member of the Clowns is JordonAM, with a total of 3K+ subscribers on YouTube. However, he treats everyone including the other members of the group on equal ground and refuses to call himself the head of the group, which is the explanation of why the Clowns of The Roundtable don't have a specified leader, only "Founders" which is only a label in itself.
  • The latter part of the group name is a reference to Arthurian mythology. This also appears in their community name "Camelot's Carousel".
  • The group is mostly an African American group. Which leads to them casually using African American Vernacular English (AAVE). However, they do code switch when it comes to creators that they like or when they meet with a larger one that doesn't feel comfortable with the dialect, although the Clowns themselves don't feel comfortable code switching.
  • Their least favorite games are League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Overwatch.
  • Their favorite genre of music is Hip-Hop/Rap