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Cleo Patnya is a Tabaxi who lives in the slums of The Row. She works as an exotic dancer as a dayjob but in secret pilfers extra profits by stealing.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Cleo has a love for and an obsession with jewels and her stealing got her kicked out of her home and was even banished. She ended up in The Row stricken by poverty but was found by Kee'Ra dancing on the streets. She offered her a job so that she could at least afford a place to live in an apartment. As of Season 3, she has taken over for Kee'Ra as the new Madame of the Dirty Diamond.


Episode 1

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Episode 4: Somethings not right...

Rook came by the brothel asking to be shown the back rooms and which security they had there. In order to not arouse suspicion Cleo was paid as if he had received a normal "servicing".

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  • Cats Meow: Being a tabaxi, Cleo has enhanced agility, being able to keep her balance and climb her way up walls at a alarming rate. Her tail helps her keep her balance and along with this she is quite flexible, slinking her way through tight spaces when needed.
  • Claw me up: Cleo has really sharp claws, with a little bit of work they can get through robes, but they do have a tendency to get caught in clothing.
  • Kitty Purr: When she starts to purring it can help calm others in a close distance enough to hear it.


  • Shine bright like a Diamond: Since Cleo isn’t exactly rolling in riches, she often finds herself getting envious and distracted by jewels and gems. Because of this she has this uncontrollable urge to steal it, even right out of the hands of others.
  • Maybe later: Cleo has a tendency to be very lazy, she enjoys dancing but outside of that she doesn’t want to do much else.
  • Don’t need you: Hostile to the idea of getting help with her living situation out of stubbornness and pride.


  • Her avatar on the first hosted session was a placeholder as her avatar wasn't finished yet.


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