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Clayton "Wrench" Brohdey is an Augmented Human working as a Street Samurai. He is a former Synthetic Engineer for the Galactic Union.

After the Starship he was serving aboard was destroyed and the Galactic Union had surrendered, he returned to his home planet without a purpose, passing the years by building his business. But it all came crashing down on him again, as he had to watch it burn to the ground. With almost nothing left after hunting down the ones responsible, a news transmission gave him new purpose once again. Using all of his remaining credits, he made his way to Corvanis 3, searching for anything to do with the old Galactic Union he used to serve.

He is homeless.




  • Major - Mech Head - His long time as an Synthetic Engineer on a starship means he has insight and experience into how to effectively repair, modify, and maintain a synthetic's materials and chassis. Given enough time and the proper materials, he can usually repurpose an existing synthetic into handling personally designated tasks.
  • Minor - Fine-Tuned Hands - Basic Military CQC suited for ship-bound combat.
  • Minor - Thermals - His synthetic eye has basic thermal imaging with a short range, allowing him to see through one singular object or wall.


  • Major - Onboard Servers - Due to the damage to his cortex, he has had a cybernetic implant placed there to help his brain, but it also acts partially as temporary storage for his memories. This means that, if his limited memory banks were ever accessed directly, someone could theoretically 'see' his memories within an allotted time.
  • Minor - Cyber Impaired - If an EMP is used near Clayton, his old cybernetic implants would temporarily short circuit and render him inert until they have rebooted.


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