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Who is Chomei

Chomei is a short mouse girl who explores VRChat. She aquired her vr and started playing in March of 2018, and has been around since. 

She has mentioned wanting to get into streaming and content creation sometime in 2019. 

She likes running around, having fun, being cute, and snuggling into peoples laps due to her short stature. She will deny the cute part. 

History and Biography

Chomei is the Comarè, The Godmother of the Mouse Mafia.


  • During her first encounter with Lanfear at the Estate, the neko chased the mouse for twenty some odd minutes, before eating Chomei.
    • Chomei has since been revived.
  • During Kirbynite's wedding, Chomei's head was compared to a 'Lucky Emblem' when the mouse found out she couldn't jump.
  • Chomei made the mistake of joining Oathmeal and Lanfear's Christmas party, where the two cats pounced her to snuggle her.
  • Chomei has declared 2020 to be her year.